Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 04 – L048A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing a book and its success. They discuss the importance of good deeds and the need for good behavior. They also mention a woman named Moe who talks about her success and how she is a woman with a desire to be a woman.
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I said I'm really

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even kidding him, I'm about to lay him in a shape

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or beshara he saw that he was simply angry

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at me listening any

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open and Cigna in my

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lesson number 48 pseudo earlier and bond number 110 to 120

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Translation quantum, you were Hira best in Metin people

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reject it was brought forth. Lin see for the people

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that morona you will order bill Murphy with the recognized right.

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And then homeowner, you forbid, on from a monk of the recognized drunk

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well, and took me noona you all believe Billa he in Allah

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wello and if Elena, he believed, as new people and kitabi of the book like Anna, surely it was her urine best, the home for them,

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main home found them and me Luna, the believers, those who believe well, and accelero home, most of them and farcical those who disobey those who cross limits.

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Land whenever your boo come, they harm you in there, except either an injury or in an if you are to come, they fight you, you will lucam they will turn away from you about the backs. Some, then they're not used saloon, they will be helped

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worry but it was struck. I lay him upon them. A Villa, the humiliation, enema, wherever. So before they were found

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Illa except behalve Lin with Arab men from Allah He Allah wa and hublin iraq main from a nasty the people were bamboo and they returned or they incurred

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below bobbin with anger men from Allahu Allah were * but and it was struck or they him upon them. And Myskina the poverty

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there Lika that be under home because indeed they can. I knew they were Yuk furuno they disbelieve the iottie with vs. Allah He of Allah wa and yaku to Luna they kill ambia the profits below 80 without helping any rate vaniqa that Bheema because of what? So they disobeyed. What can do and they were to do they transgress

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lay suit. They are not so our equal men from a holy people, Al kitabi of the book on madonn a group are in Mattoon one standing one upright, yet Luna they recite it versus Allah He of Allah and dimes hours and daily of the night. For whom and they Yes, judoon they prostrate. You know, they believe biLlahi in Allah when the only and the day. And at the last well maroon and they order bill Murphy with the recognized right way and hohner and they forbid I'm from an monka the recognized wrong way you said Your Honor, and they hasten with each other fee in a hierarchy, the good deeds

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what will occur and those mean from a sunny hain those who are righteous, warmer and whatever, yes or do they do men from hiding any good finance so whenever you photo who they will be denied it

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will law who and Allah or Lehman always all knowing

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Begin with the thing with those who adopts the quad.

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In indeed, and levina those who care for who they disbelieved, learn will never do hernia, it will profit it will avail on home from them and while the home their wealth, their properties whether and nor Ola to whom their children, men from Allahu Allah che anything, what will occur in those as horrible our companions and nadie of the fire home they see her in it call you don't want to abide forever. Mr. Lu example ma of what Yun Fukunaga they spend fee in heavy this and hayati the life adonia of the world. Kamata Li like example reihen have a wind fee here in it sled run excessive gold or excessive heat

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cold or heat excessive cold or excessive heat.

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I saw that it reached How does the field harvest omen of a people run a moon they did wrong and fusa home to themselves for Elijah to so it destroyed it warmer and not one of my home he wronged them Allahu Allah, when I can but and force a home themselves you have removed they do wrong.

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Yeah Are you here? Oh and Medina those who knew they believed? Let do not that definitely do you all adopt you all take before Newton as close intimate friends,

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men from dooney comb besides you

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learn not yet Luna comb, they will fail you

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Habana any corruption any ruin

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What do they wished ma that which I need to you all suffered

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in fact, but that it appeared and Baba the hatred men from a for him their mouths warmer and what to see it hides it conceals. So do to whom their chests at about is greater. Or in fact by yen now we express clearly local for you is the verses or the signs in if quantum you were therapy alone, you understand

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her anthem, here you are Allah He or these are those two hip buena whom you love them? Waller and not your hip bone? acoem they love you.

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What took me No, no. And you all believe Bill kitabi in the book, Cooley he all of it was either and when Lacan they met you kalu they said, and we believe

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what either and when, hello, they were alone, or boo, debit la come upon you and anomala the fingertips. Men from Allah highly the anger, the rage, phone, you say Moo to you all die, belatedly come because of your rage or in your rage. In Indeed Allah Allah or Lehman, always following be dirty, with possessor a sudo of the chests in if themselves scum it touches you has an atone a good home it grieves them we're in and if to say become it reaches you say you atone an evil bad year for who? they rejoice, they become happy. Be here with it. We're in and if does the room you all in dealing with patients? What that the who and you all adopt the core law not your recoome it will

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harm you. Okay to whom they're plotting shape anything in Indeed Allah Allah Bhima with whatever Yama Luna they do moving upon one who encompasses

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the recitation of these verses.

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me know, let

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me know

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de la

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la la la

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Mina la here

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then he can be

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he Matsui at Luna de la yet Luna

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you mean Oh

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la Oh

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cannot led

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boo, boo,

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boo boo

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boo, boo boo cool Anna Mira Nina

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Olmo to be in LA LA movida

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says boom

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boom, c'est

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la habima

Al-Imran 110-120 Translation

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