Ramadan 2019 Reminder 03 – The Right way to Fast

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So I want a Kumara to La Habra cattle,

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as we said, in our previous two segments,

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preparing for Ramadan,

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as the scholars

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and the sages of the past would say

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in Rajab

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the seeds of Ramadan were planted.

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are the goals is the fruit, but the seeds are planted before in Raja

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in Sha ban,

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the month we're currently in.

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The seeds were watered,

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the plants grew.

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And then Ramadan was harvested.

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That's how they approached Ramadan.

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That's a very clear, planned approach.

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Roger has gone sharkbanz almost over. So what do we do now?

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Well, the best thing that we can do for ourselves

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is to understand

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the levels of fasting.

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Because fasting

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can be done on a variety of different levels as we

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human beings exist in a variety of different modes.

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Our fasting

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is supposed to affect all of the various modes of our existence.

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For the most part, most of us only fast on the first level, but even that first level, we don't do it properly.

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What is the first level, the first level is the physical level of the fast

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we comply with the basic rules of fasting.

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We don't eat between dawn and sunset.

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That's the basic rule, don't eat, drink, anything.

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That includes smoke, smoking, or any other

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thing which is ingested into our bodies.

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We may have to take inoculations and things like this. But to take a drip

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any of those types of things which are going to be putting things into your body to build and strengthen your body. This will break the fast. So we don't ingest anything. And we don't have sexual relations.

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We avoid them

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in the daylight hours.

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The nights are ours.

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But basically, the fast is not eating

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or drinking or having sexual relations between dawn and sunset.

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how do we begin the fast?

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We need to begin it

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in a way different from the way we have been doing it all along.

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How's that?

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Well, normally,

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when we begin our fast, most of us we prepare. So horror. So however, as a

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three course meal,

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eat up to where full to the brim.

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And then we enter into the fat we eat and drink as much as we can till we can't eat anymore. Oh, okay, that's as far as we can go. We stop.

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Now we go fast.

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But in fact, this was not the way of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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It's not to say if you did that it is haram. But the fact of the matter is that you're going to break the principles right right from the very beginning. You're starting on the wrong foot.

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You're starting

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On the wrong

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So then, what is the way of the prophet SAW?

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What was the best way? The example that he gave us?

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I'll talk about that. In my next episode

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ceramah salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh