Ramadan 2022 #05 – Expecting the Best from Allah SWT – Great feelings when you know His Wisdom

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi over I get one of the things that really benefited me a lot going through my year of excruciating pain and physical disability was to read the stories of those who coped with their own challenges with positive attitude, a smile on their faces and plans for the future. I used to question myself How could they deal with these massive problems in life and still keep a positive attitude? Then I had my conversations with my mache mentors and supervisors, and it came to the following realizations and understandings I'd like to share with you in today's episode in sha Allah Tala. Number one Allah subhanho wa Taala never test the believers with something that

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they cannot bear. Whatever challenge you may face a life. Remember it is a challenge that is tailor made for you to bear and to cope with the Prophets Allah Allah Allah Selim was asked by one of the companions who amongst people that are tested the most with the most challenging and most difficult trial ever, so the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the prophets, the prophets of Allah were giving the hardest tests in life. And since you and I will never reach to the level of the prophets, in their piety, in their commitments and so on, we will never be given tests that are equivalent to theirs, then the Prophet saw some said thermal and fell fell anthem, then those who are nearest to

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them, those who are nearest to the Prophet SAW Salem in terms of piety and so on and so forth. And then those who are needed to them. So the higher your level of Eman, the harder the test and the harder the test, the higher the reward. Remember this number two, Allah subhanaw taala will always test you gradually, he will send you these challenges in stages, he will never send them all at once. We may describe things in an exaggerated manner. But that's not the reality. Allah subhanaw taala will gradually test you with a small test, you cope with it, you demonstrate patience, acceptance, I'll give you a harder one, and so on and so forth. The main reason behind this is to

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elevate your status in Jannah because the Prophet saw some said, even a thorn that may poke you, it's an expiation of your previous sins that you have committed. So Allah subhanaw taala want to cleanse you before you meet him before you pass away and depart this dunya number three, even if Allah subhanaw taala struck you with a calamity all of a sudden you will not prepared for it and you demonstrated patience and perseverance, acceptance and contentment in the heart, because you trust Allah and His wisdom. Allah subhanaw taala and this is the beauty of this, Allah Subhana Allah will grant you that feeling which can never be described or even shared, but a feeling that you will

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definitely experience and this is now for those people who have gone through similar experiences, those feelings will comfort you those feelings include feeling the presence and the company of Allah subhanaw taala because in Allah ma Sabreen because Allah subhanaw taala is with those who demonstrate patience and you believe that wholeheartedly, you will now experience the presence of Allah subhanaw taala How does it feel Wallah? He no one can describe it. If I asked you to describe what is the taste of an orange or an apple? What would you say everyone has his own words to describe what they eat. But can we really describe the vivid taste of any food that we like or that

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we eat? It's impossible. Similarly, can we really describe how it feels to be in the company of Allah? subhanaw taala? Can we describe how does it feel to accept the color of Allah with a happy heart despite the difficulty or the challenge that you are going through, it's difficult to describe it. But those are the feelings that are guaranteed if you are struck with a calamity that you are not ready for. Yet you demonstrated patience and acceptance and contentment in your heart. I remember one of my machines one day called me when I was really sick and he started making dua for me and so on. And then he reminded me of something that was desperately need off. He said that

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Subhanallah when we experienced pain, we immediately call upon Allah to remove the thing. We pray for the removal of the pain for getting the reward of paying if we demonstrated patience for getting that if the pain persisted, and if we were happy with it in the sense that we are content we are satisfied. We are asking Allah subhanaw taala to reward us because of what we feel because of the physical pain, emotional pain, whatever pain that you may go through and also asking Allah subhanaw taala to reward us for our patients that we have demonstrated as a result of that pain. We forget that part Subhanallah

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So which is better to remove the pain and don't get reward or be patient, be happy, trust the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala and receive tremendous reward as a result of that pain. We all remember the lady who was experiencing episodes of epilepsy and every time she explains those episode, she would fall down and her garment would be lifted. So she asked the Prophet SAW Selim to help her make dua to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to cure her. So the prophets Allah Allah sallam said, if you wish, if you wish, I will make dua for you and you will get cured. But if you want to be rewarded, and to attain Jenner, you be patient. So I chose to be patient, look at the look at the different

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mindset that people had before. That's why we have a lot of stories where people even did not pray for their eyesight to be restored. They said, my love for the color of Allah upon me is better or more beloved to me than my own eyesight. Why? Because they wanted to attain the ultimate reward for being patient for demonstrating that quality of waiting a little bit longer, until Allah subhanaw taala decides our affair. So once you understand these points and the wisdom behind these events, you will start enjoying them rather than torturing yourself as a result of what's happening and cursing everything around you. You will start looking at them with a different mindset, you will

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start using these testing time for worshiping Allah subhanaw taala and getting closer to him rather than becoming despondent or displaying the quality of the disbelievers because Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, non despair from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala except those who have no faith, but Hamdulillah we are faithful believers