Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #211 – They Believe In Progress & We Believe In Allah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people in their church are becoming more religious and outspoken, leading to a resurgence of pride and fear. They also mention that people are becoming more religious and outspoken, leading to a resurgence of fear and abandonment of religion. The speaker invites people to reflect on the signs and reflect on the history of Islam, as it has been a blip in people's minds.
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You know, some people out of their arrogance, they assume that faith is just going to eventually be stamped out, right? They kind of say, either explicitly or implicitly, that Oh, once you guys just sort of keep on going through history that you're going to stop believing in God. And you're going to realize that the real the real world is just you know about science and materialism and all these sorts of things. And then this is just going to be a fable. Well, sorry, it hasn't happened yet. Right. And that should tell you something, because this is something that people have been saying for a long time now. And in fact, we see the opposite happening. Here. We see people entering into

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Islam and becoming more religious, not just not just Muslims, but also other people. Right, there's been a huge resurgence. People are very arrogant, and they're very stupid. Because they don't they see the whole world crumbling, right? They see the pollution, they see the depression, they see the loss of purpose, the fragmentation of family and culture and society and all these things, and yet they think that we're progressing. I would say that your God has progress. And you don't realize the kind of abyss that you're hurtling towards. Right? Because if you look at things with sober eyes, you will actually see that it is the abandonment of faith and the abandonment of morality and the

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abandonment of religion that has hurtled us down this path, where we could even conceive of destroying the earth in the way that we're doing, or killing each other in the way that we're killing each other, or all the other sort of, you know, sucking everything that's meaningful and enjoyable out of life, like we're doing when it comes to the unfulfilling nature of our families and our relationships and all these sorts of things. Is life really that great right now? That's the question that we would ask to somebody who really, they have taken progress as their God. And they imagine that progress is just going to keep marching forward until nobody believes anymore. Is that

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really a future that you would want the way that we're going right now? First of all, probably not. Second of all, it's not accurate. People are entering into Islam and other and getting more religious day by day. And so this is something that we invite people to reflect the signs are there, you know, Islam has always remained will always remain. It's gone through worse than this. And this will just be a blip in history at the end of the day.

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