Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 23C As Saffat 62 182

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of the "fitness of the tree of Z Den" as a means of punishment for the return of the gods to the fire is emphasized, along with the importance of following laws and not giving up on fear. The segment also highlights the need for patience and faith in oneself to overcome fear and loneliness, and the importance of sharing experiences and learning from others in achieving Islam's goals. The transcript also touches on the loss of people, the use of animals, and the importance of language in shaping human behavior.
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Law questions us, he says is paradise a better accommodation? Or the tree of Zaku? What is better? The home in paradise? the Newseum, the entertainment that Allah has prepared for its dwellers in general, or the tree of Zaku. What is the boom the profits are a lot of them said that if one drop of zacuto were to fall down on Earth, it would make this earth better. It would make the lives of the dwellers of the earth better, meaning everything would become better, you would not taste a thing except that it would be better it would be affected by the flavor of the spoon. So what do you think of the one for whom there is no food, except for the spoon? In nirjala, half it's not a live

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volley mean, indeed, we have made it a torment for the wrongdoers, meaning it has been created for the purpose of punishment. Indeed, it is a tree issuing from the bottom of hellfire. It's emerging fruit as if it was heads of the devils, meaning prickly, thorny and scary to look at ugly, and indeed they will eat from it and will fill their bellies with it, then indeed, they will have after it a mixture of burning hot scalding water than indeed the return will be to the Hellfire meaning back to the fire after their meal. Indeed, they found their forefathers astray. So they hasten to follow in their footsteps, meaning they found their forefathers astray and without even thinking

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they follow their ancestors. They didn't question they didn't wander that what is the truth? That if, if there's something that's very common in our culture, where did this come from? Is it something from the religion from the Quran from the Sunnah, or something that people invented? And their head already straight before them most of the former peoples, and we had already sent among them Warner's, then look, how was the end of those who are warned it Larry by the law Hill McCullough clean, but not the chosen servants of Allah, meaning Allah save them? Allah save them. Why? Because of their EClass Allah chose them. Why? Because they chose Allah. They made themselves

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sincere for Allah. May Allah grant us this kind of applause also, when a katana, Donna new Han, Fredonia, Mooji Boone. Now the examples of those who are chosen by Allah are given and know had certainly called us and we are the best of responders meaning we responded to the door of No. So Allah is the one who responds to the prayers of his servants. So what do we need to do? We need to call upon Allah Also, do we ask people to help us?

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Quite a lot? It could be something very small, even. Please, can you wake me up? Or sir, who isn't it? We ask people for help for little things. Can you show me how to get to this place? Right? We ask people for little little things, and also big things. But who is the best of all those who respond? Allah subhanaw taala. The prophets of Allah sent him said, Whoever have you, the door of supplication is open for the doors of mercy have been open for him, meaning whoever is able to make the law, then the gates of mercy have been open for him, because everybody knows we should make the law. But how many people actually make the law actually make the law? Like, for example, when it

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comes to breaking the fast, that is the best time of making the law. But how many people actually benefit from that time and really make law ask Allah for what they need? Usually, what is it that we're doing at that time talking, chatting, just looking, staring, preparing food, still setting up the table, doing those last minute things? That is the time of making the law, but we don't use these moments. So the prophets of Allah Samson, whoever a few, the door of supplication is open for him, then the doors of mercy have indeed been open for him. And Allah is not asked for anything more beloved to him than being asked for allow fear. Meaning, the best thing that Allah likes that he

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should be asked for is what our fear what is our fear, well, being safe safety. This is something that a lot loves, when a servant asks for, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, The supplication benefits against that which strikes and that which does not strike, so holdfast or worshipers of Allah to never give up. Making daura always, always make the when a Jaina Hola Hola, hoomin el COVID Arlene, and we saved him and his family from the great affliction and we

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made his descendants those remaining on the earth and left for him favorable mentioned among later generations, based upon new among the world's Indeed, We thus reward the doers of good in the human very bad in many indeed he was of our believing servants. So imagine Allah is testifying to the man of new Allah, his Sunnah, what an honor. Then we drowned the others meeting those who disbelieved. And indeed, among his kind was Ibrahim Ibrahim renesola was also on his type. How was he of his type? New Allah Salah was truly a servant of Allah. He made Dora to Allah and Ibrahim alayhi salam, what did he do? He also made dua to Allah, when he came to his Lord with a sound heart. And when he

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said to his father and his people, what do you worship? is a falsehood as Gods other than a lot that you desire, then what is your thought about the Lord of the worlds and he has to look at the stars and said, Indeed, I am ill. He said this to his people that I am ill. So they turned away from him departing, meaning they left him, they didn't take him along with them, because they were going for some festival. And he will, he ran his center, he was also required to go along with them, but he wanted to stay behind so that he could break the idols and he happened to be sick at that time. So he really took advantage of that. So they turned away from him departing, then he turned to their

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gods and he said, Do not eat what is wrong with you, that you do not speak, and he turned upon them a blow with his right hand. And then the people came toward him hastening meaning when they returned, and this other idols broken, immediately they went to Ibrahim, then the people came toward him, hastening, he said to them, Do you worship that which you yourselves carve, while Allah created you, and that which you do? They said, construct for him a furnace and throw him into the burning fire, and they intended for him a plan, but we made them the most debased, meaning their plan failed, they couldn't burn Ibrahim earnest and they could not harm him because Allah protected him.

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You know what's interesting over here, Ibrahima, listen him did not go to the festival. And what was the excuse that he gave over there? I am sick. Perhaps he was actually sick alone. Maybe he was. And if he was sick, look, he's too sick to go to a festival. But he has all the strength in him to break the idols. So we need to see that when is it that I feel strong and energetic? And where is it that I feel unwell and lethargic and tired and dead? What happens when I have to go to a party? What happens? You like for example, when people have to go for a fall somewhere? Then what happens? They've got all the energy in them. But when we have to go further away, then what happens? Where

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does our energy go? Isn't it amazing? That we'll go for a thought. And then after If not, we will leave the masjid. It's amazing. We will leave the masjid handy. This is shocking. It's understandable that if a person has little children or somebody's sick at home, or you know something like that, that's understandable that a person has to go. But is this correct that a person has all the energy when it comes to enjoying themselves when it comes to bodily pleasures, but when it comes to worshipping Allah subhanaw taala then we're like, dead and we're lethargic and we've got no energy in ourselves.

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So we really need to check who's sooner do we want to follow do we want to follow the sinner Ibrahim are listening, or do we want to follow the sun now the knifes right? And what is this a knob the knob set it that amount autumn bisou it orders a person to do evil. And you know what? It's all in your mind. Sometimes shaytaan the knobs makes you feel that you have no energy. But what happens once you start, then what happens? You have the energy you get the strength. This is just like before Salah what happens you're tired, you can barely open your eyes. But all you need to do is just make yourself stand and say Allah hookah and once you say Allahu Akbar, then you're in the Sala

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because remember that in the Muslim mouseover help comes with patience, meaning we have to be patient first, and then the help of Allah will also come will color in neither habanero besides Deen. Ibrahim said indeed I will go to where I am ordered by my lord in me that he won't be I'm going to my Lord, He will guide me. You see, they tried to burn him. It didn't work. They said leave or else he will be killed. So he had to leave. But when he leaves, he says I'm going to my Lord. I'm going to my Lord. Imagine somebody is being thrown out. And they're saying, Yeah, I am going. I am going you see how the negative is just instantly turned into something positive. He could have been

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saying right now Oh, you're throwing me out.

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No, he says, I am going to my Lord, meaning you can't harm me. You really cannot harm me. You see the prophets of Allah they underwent such great trials and tests in their lives, loss and vain and hardship. But look at how every prophet of Allah converted the negative in his life into something so positive. They said leave, he said, I'm going to my Rob, I'm not alone. Just like even Tamia went, the people said that they're planning to kill you, or they're planning to expel you, you're going to be expelled from the city. He said, What can my enemies do to me? If they kill me, that will be Shahada. If they expel me, I would like to travel. And if they imprison me, I'll have

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privacy. And that is all I want. Because for a believer, remember that a believer enjoys the times that he is all alone. He enjoys those moments when he's all alone. Why? Because then he can really talk to Allah and reflect on himself. really connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But what happens with us many times is that we find more comfort in talking to people than talking to Allah, Maliki bundeena upset, whoever does not find delight in the speech of Allah, and instead finds it in the speech of people, then surely his knowledge has taken a plunge, his heart has become blind, and his life has become wasted, who the person who does not find the light in the speech of Allah. He

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doesn't find the light in those moments of loneliness with Allah, but rather he is always craving company of people socialization. This means that the heart has become blind and the life is getting wasted. Ibrahima, he said I'm set or be heavily mean asylee hain you see the prophets when they're mentioned, their daughter also mentioned. And this really shows to us that more than anything, what we need to do is trust on Allah and ask him for what we need. Just fix our attention to Allah and Allah, I want this, and I want it from you. Be firm, my Lord grant me a child from among the righteous. He didn't say I just want a child any child am desperate. Anything. No, he says, a

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righteous child. What happens is that when our daughters are not being accepted, or immediately responded to, we lower the standard of our doors by for example, if a person wants to get married, they say, y'all grant me a good righteous spouse and when it's not working out, anybody, anybody anything. No, don't say that. I mean, that's when your conviction and Allah is being tested that with what determination do you ask a lot. And perhaps what you need to do over there is ask Allah for something even better, even more specific, that you really need to know what you want. Look at how Ibrahim ready Sam knew exactly what he wanted a lot be heavily masala hain, Lehane. So we gave

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him good tidings of a forbearing. Boy. And this didn't happen that he made the hour instantly, his law was answered, No, his the hours responded to after many, many, many years, many years.

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Which means that was accepted. He was just given a righteous child after some time. And remember that when we make the law, the law is accepted. Because the law is an action that is accepted when it's made with sincerity. with sincerity with the class, it's accepted, definitely accepted. Now it is up to Allah, what he gives us when how how much that is his decision. So never, ever stop making the wrong for what you want increase in making the wrong and look at the quality of his married or incident that's given here. Hola, Min haleem have a boy, that would be tolerant forbearing, calm, composed, patient understanding. And this is a big deal. Because generally, who is common quiet

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girls or boys? Generally girls are as they grow older, when they're a little different story completely. But as they grow older, who is it that learns to really control themselves typically, if the girls, generally boys, they're given that freedom. And that's also our fault, that we give them that freedom. For example, if there's two teenage kids at home, the boy is allowed to go and party with his friends and go to the mall. And the girl is not allowed. Is that fair?

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That's not fair at all. You should have the same rules for all your children, regardless of their gender. I mean, yes, there are certain things which are appropriate for boys and certain things which are appropriate for girls. That's understandable. But when it comes to certain restrictions, we have to be fair, because we're sending you know, mixed messages across to children. And this is really unfair. You know, so many young girls are coming to complain to me about this, that my brother has all the freedom that he wants, and I'm not

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allowed, my brother can go with his friends. And if I go for half an hour, my mother is upset with me. And she gave me permission in the first place. But then she gets upset with me. Is that fair? Either allow your children, all of them girls and boys, or don't allow them close, simple. But we have to be fair, anyway, would have been Halloween. So it's my reader ism as a boy forbearing obedient, compliant understanding for the show now who below Lamin haleem. And how was his hin really demonstrated? Allah says, and when he reached with him the age of exertion, meaning when he listened and grew up, and he was still a boy who could run around, he had some physical strength. So

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perhaps he was 13 years of age. He said, Oh, my son, indeed, I have seen in a dream that I must sacrifice you see what you think the dreams of the prophets are? Revelation command from Allah. So in it, he was being commanded to sacrifice his married our listener. So he asks his son, what do you think, and this is also something very important that we need to do, please let us not order our children. Ask them, discuss with them, let them decide. This doesn't mean that we let them choose to do harm. But what this means is that from the beginning, discuss things with them, so that they willingly choose to do what they want to do. Don't just order them around. Because when we order

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children around, they develop resentment for the parents. They're always on the opposite side, other side, and didn't want to listen to their parents. So we see over here such a big thing. And Yvonne here on Instagram says, I mean, this is a loss hook. And by the way, if he doesn't have an option is married or something doesn't have an option. This is a loss hokum is Marina has to be slaughtered. But yet, Ibrahim is an M says funds or mega Tara, this is a loss order. See what you think? What do you say? What should be done? And if a father has been treating his son like this from the beginning, hearing the child out also, what do you think? What do you have in mind discussing with

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them? Then what do you expect from such a child? He said, Oh my father, do as you are commanded. Do as you are commanded, you will find me if Allah wills of the steadfast now this is his help. This was the tolerance the composure of is my religion isn't isn't crying and screaming over here, my life, your religion, your profit or is taking over my life? What about me? My choices? No, look at his head over here. You see, sometimes we complain that Oh, we're so busy. We don't have time to talk to our children. Ibrahim, Hassan was so busy that he didn't even live with his married or his son. He didn't, he only came to visit a couple of times, who was really doing the tarbiyah it was

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the mother and the brief moments that Ebrahimi listener got to spend with his married listener, it really shows how he was that is my reader Listen, trusted his father. He didn't dislike his father. Our problem is we exist in the same space. But we don't communicate with each other. We don't really have strong relationships, even inside the house, we don't take interest in the lives of one another. You know, for example, the little girl she's got nail polish on and she's trying to show it, and everybody's just lost in their phones, or the mother is busy cooking, ignoring children, we don't even notice these little things that are very important to children.

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So even if it's little time that we get to spend with our children, it better be quality time. It better be quality time in which we establish trust, a strong bond, communication, friendship, so that all the Father has to do is share with the child. This is what we're supposed to do. And the child says, Yeah, of course I'm in this with you

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for llama, llama, what Allah Hello JB. And when they had both submitted, and he put him down upon his forehead, both surrendered and ismar a Learning Center he was placed on his forehead Why? So that he would not see his eyes and his Marian would not see Ibrahim an incident either. We call to him or Ibrahim, you have fulfilled the vision. Indeed, We thus reward the doers of good in hobbies, we learned that when he ran into them lay his marine on his forehead. It's either that someone was wearing a white shirt at that time, a white upper garment and he said oh my father, I do not have another shirt in which you could bury me. So when you're about to slaughter me remove this shirt

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from me so that you can shroud me in it. So Ibraheem alehissalaam reached forward to remove the shirt so that it wouldn't get stained by blood.

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And when he reached out he was called out from behind that, oh, Ibrahim, you have fulfilled your dream. And when he looked back there was a white big Warren Big Eyed sheep standing over there. And abroad, he ran his center slaughtered that in the head Allahu albala. Olmo been, indeed this was the clear trial, there is no doubt that this was a test. This was a huge, a huge exam, a huge trial. Well, Friday, now we'll be live Halloween, and we ran send him with a great sacrifice. And we left for him favorable mentioned among later generations. Bees upon Ebrahim, indeed, We thus reward the doers of good kinetic energies in morosini. And in this is a message for us also, because many times

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we're afraid to make a sacrifice for the sake of a loss upon author. We're not asked to sacrifice our children. Sometimes it's our ego, what we like, what we are attached to what we love, what we are very fond of, we have to give that up so that we can do something else in its place. But we're hesitant. But what does this incident show to us that it's all about that test? Do you pass in the test or not? Because Allah will not deprive you, Ibrahima Islam still had his smile either listen him after this test, isn't it? He didn't lose this listener, but he passed the test. And likewise, for instance, when we have to give up our sleep, it's not like we're not going to ever sleep again.

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We'll make up that sleep later on somehow it'll come. But the question is that right now, these 1015 minutes? Do you give up your sleep for our last panel taller or not? This is what the test is about. In luminary bed, Mini. Indeed, he was of our believing servants. And we gave him good tidings of his house, a profit from among the righteous, and we blessed him and his heart, but among their descendants is the doer of good, and the clearly unjust to himself, parents were righteous children became corrupt. This also happens, every child is not like is smart. It happens that despite one's best efforts, children turn out to be very different. And that is also by Allah as well. The

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prophets were tested in this way also. And we did certainly confer favor upon Moosa and Harun, and we save them and their people from the great affliction, and we supported them. So it was they who overcame, and we gave them the explicit scripture, and we guided them on the straight path, and we left for them favorable mention among later generations. Still today, these prophets are mentioned they're praised their examples I remembered. salmonella musawah, Harun peace upon Musa and Harun in Costa Rica Nigel Martini, indeed with us reward the doers of good in the moment, everybody knows what meaning indeed they were of our believing servants were in the Ilia salamina mursaleen. And

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indeed, ileus was from among the prophets, messengers, a messenger who was sent to the Bani Israel and he came to the Bani Israel at a time when the Bani Israel had begun practicing idolatry openly. They used to worship idols literally.

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When he said to his people, will you not fear Allah? Do you call upon Burn, burn was an idol and leave the best of creators. Allah your Lord and the Lord have your first forefathers and they denied him So indeed they will be brought for punishment. It Larry by the law Hill McCullough scene, except the chosen servants of Allah only they will be saved, and we'd love for him favorable mention among later generations, salaam Kannada le se in peace upon ilias in NACA Delica Nigel mazzini indeed with us reward the doors of good in the home and arriva meaning Indeed, he was of our believing servants. Were in nilufar laminal morsani. And indeed, Ruth was among the messengers. So mentioned when we

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saved him and his family, all except his wife, among those who remained with the evil doors, then we destroyed the others, and indeed, you pass by them in the morning, and at night, then will you not use reason? meaning all of these examples that are mentioned over here, there were nations, everybody was not saved. Allah selected a few more closely. And who are those people, those who chose Allah, Allah also chose them, Allah save them. And those who did not choose Allah, then what happened? They were destroyed. Allah says, you see their remnants, you see their houses standing till today, you pass by them, you learn about these people. Will you not learn a lesson with a

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universal Amina mursaleen and indeed Eunice was among the messengers mentioned when he ran away to the latest ship and he drew lots and was among the losers, because when UNICEF is on boarded the ship there was a

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They have to get rid of one person. So which person to throw off the boat? They had to draw lots. And when they did that, the name of units artists and I'm kept coming up again and again. So eventually they threw him in the sea, and the fish swallowed him while he was blameworthy, and had he not been of those who exalt Allah falola and who can Amina Musa behave? La la vida de Botton de la O'Meara soon, he would have remained inside its belly until the day they're resurrected. What does it show to us that this be? The spirit is coming again, you see, so many times the Quran we learned about remembering Allah, glorifying Allah, this B takes us out of our problems. If you

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decide Islam did not do this beer, what would happen? He would remain in the fish until the day of judgment, trapped, locked over there, unable to come out of that situation. So likewise, we cannot get out of our problems. Until and unless we revive the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala in our hearts, on our tongues, in our minds in our lives. We have to engage in the vicar of Allah, especially the spear. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when a servant sincerely says La ilaha illa Allah sincerely says La ilaha illa Allah, then the gates of heavens are open for it until it reaches the arch as long as a servant abstains from ship

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as long as he abstains from Shrek, so La Ilaha, Illallah and unistar. Listen, I've also said that La ilaha illa Anta su Hanukkah, in me contaminant volley mean. So he was taken out of the belly of the fish out of the problem that he was in, but we threw him onto the open shore while he was ill, and we cause to grow over him a gourd vine, meaning a plant grew over there, especially a Gordon wine. It has huge leaves, huge leaves, even like a zucchini plant. If you've seen it, it's got massive leaves, even bumpkins. They've got huge leaves. So we grew over him a gourd line to shade him. And we sent him to his people. 100,000, or more meaning this was the number of his people he went back

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to them, and they believed so we gave them enjoyment of life for a time for stuff the him a little bicarbonate, whatever mole by noon, so inquire of them, oh, Prophet. Does your Lord have daughters while they have sons? Or did we create the angels as females, while they were witnesses? unquestionably. It is out of their invented falsehood that they say Allah has been gotten, and indeed they're liars. Has he chosen daughters over sons? What is wrong with you? How do you make judgment, then will you not be reminded? Or do you have a clear authority, then produce your scripture if you should be truthful, and they have claimed between him and the jinn a lineage which

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they can use to make this connection between Allah and the jinn that they're related, but the Djinn have already known that they who made such claims will be brought to punishment, meaning they are law servants also. So behind the law here, I'm mostly phone Exalted is Allah above what they describe Illa iva de la hemophilus lien except the chosen servants of Allah, who do not share in that same meeting, they call upon Allah, how, with his most perfect names and attributes. So indeed, you disbelievers. And whatever you worship, you cannot tempt anyone away from him except he who is to enter and burn in the hellfire. The angel say, a woman in Atlanta who Mocambo Marlo alone. There

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is not among us any except that he has a known position. We're in London, no soft phone. And indeed We are those who line up, meaning we form perfect, complete roles. The angels have fixed positions and none of them moves from their positions, the profits or losses that have said there is not a space of one foot in the sky of this world except that there is an angel there, prostrating or standing, either prostrating or standing, meaning every every bit every portion of the sky, there are angels over there, and every Angel has an appointed place, and they don't move from it. And they form rules in their worship. We're international Musab beehoon And indeed We are those who exalt

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Allah. We do this be of Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was asked that which speech is most beloved to Allah? And he said that which Allah has selected for his angels, and what is that sapan Allah He will be humbly he Subhana Allah He will be handy he or subpanel Rob be will be handy. This is also what we learned that Suppan or B will be handy. This is what the angels say. So Hannah, Robbie

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What behind the IE, and indeed the disbelievers used to say, if we had a message from those of the former peoples lacunae, arriba de la Hill metallocene, we would have been the chosen servants of Allah, if only we knew. But they disbelieved in it now that it has come to them, so they are going to know and our word has already proceeded for our servants the messengers, that indeed they would be those given victory, and that indeed, our soldiers will be those who overcome so leave them for a time and see what will befall them for they're going to see frbr there have been a a star de Lune then for our punishment, are they impatient, but when it descends in their territory, then evil is

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the morning of those who are warned what they will learn whom had the pain and leave them for a time. Well, obviously, for so far you will say no Nancy for they're going to see as well because when someone is not believing, not listening, what are you meant to do? Leave them so behind Allah become a biller is that they are mildly foon, Exalted as your Lord, the Lord of Might, above what they describe, he is as he is free from the lies that are invented about him was Allah, Allah mursaleen and peace upon the messengers for they spoke the truth, they delivered the truth, while hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and praise to Allah, Lord of the worlds for he is the exalted

Juz’ 23: Ya-Sin 13-83 – Az-Zumar 1-31

As-Saffat 62-182

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