5 Ways To Remain Steadfast

Karim Abuzaid


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Beautiful reminder by Karim Abuzaid

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Okay, I'm gonna give you five ways

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you know, the first one is be truthful

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because at the end of the day, the one who's gonna make you steadfast is rule.

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fake it.

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You know, I really want to be steadfast.

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The first step

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is alpha, a llama.

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Showing you bhavati with allowance, it comes to this subject, Yara, I can do it without you.

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Then the flat rate will match the one who will grant. You see, when you chew through the law, Allah will give it to you.

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But when you're faking it easy, you can be blasted with Allah because Allah knows the inner knows what you're thinking about you. You can fake it with me I can fake it with you. You're a human but with Allah

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the steadfast

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and if you want to have a curriculum that can help you to be steadfast you cannot keep up with it. There is too much work for you.

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First thing Monday Thursday fasting one day break and fast another day break the head good babe giving some sort of public if you want to, you can keep track of the means that can help you be steadfast but can I direct you to one thing

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because you stopped being one on one and higher America Masada but if you want something that can help you to stay on this theme to be steadfast is the five daily prayers Salah

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whatever you have

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and prepare for that Salah with a good way to do

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the companion is a key who you hanging around?

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Who you hanging around?

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What kind of friends do you have?

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friends that help you be steadfast on living they remind you let's go to the masjid tonight attend the lecture. Let's go on prefetcher Hmm. So let's go to the club. Let's go to the soccer let's go to the football and some of these things are permissible

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for doesn't waste amendatory act or something but

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the best people here when you look at them,

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they remind you of the hereafter.

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Just look at it when you look at the person. He reminds you

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of Leola. This is the type of person you want to hang around with. But somebody when you look at his face, he reminds you What man belly dancing reminds you the jazz rock, classic rock or whatever, that the guy that you stay with or gambling or you stay or the moment that you look at the guy that first impression. That's

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what sometimes sometimes I'm telling you something.

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Sometimes it's very difficult to find people who match your

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guess what? Open the books.

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Read about those who came before you.

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If you cannot find that companionship binary

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between the living family

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then there is a book by David dobrik called Sierra Nevada biography of the first second third generation of Muslims. Only the Apostle Paul are

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the students of the Quran. No

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more Listen, you're not the only one who can own the truth.

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People walk before you

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just read about them that will help you What

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if you cannot find it with the living? Then find it with those who walk before you.

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for a

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walk on paula deen, Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Haider,

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the disbelievers they said how

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The Quran was not revealed all at once like the tower like the gospel. Why the Quran is being revealed in 23 years

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gadalla Colleen who said the 3430

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so every time you read comes down to the portion that gives you up steadfast

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or coolin upasana come in

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yo Suleyman was happy to be here.

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Stories that will tell you about the prophets before no Mohammed it helps you to be steadfast on

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the final one which is kind of comprehensive

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in general,

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in ACU buying your knifes

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because if you do not occupy your neffs

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with the obedience of Allah, your neffs will occupy you with the disobedience of Allah.

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That your neffs must do something.

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Now, you're gonna take your naps To do what? What you want your nest to do? Can you train us? If you don't do this? Then your next is gonna get you up.

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And that takes a lot of

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of your wrongdoings what I'm doing

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on this one, I'm neglecting the salon. Okay, let's work on this. I'm running my mouth a lot. Let's

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let's get a comprehensive thing that you're always in a state of an assessment

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of your relationship with Allah.

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And how are you doing this? You're calling yourself door town. What do you learn roll your confession to admitted This is really a consistent or constant assessment of your relationship with a man every day.

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You calling yourself if 3d