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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi nine. Firstly a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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We start a new series today on Sunday ambia Allah Himself to Salam on the prophets, on all the messengers that allows or that has sent. Now we're going to start with an introduction today. And then from next week, we will start with other Ali salam, and continue as far as we can go. All the way to Risa Elisa Lam with Mila.

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And then after that to start the Syrah of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. So

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the MBR Allahu wa salatu salam, the messengers, they are the best of all people, they are the best of all people that have been chosen by Allah azza wa jal have been selected. Specifically, they are the best of all human beings. Imagine if you were to select right now in front of you know, different people have different things. So if you if you say, for example, all the people who play football, who would they select in terms of having the best of, you know, footballers, then in the eyes of those who support football, they'll be able to say, well, these are the best players, and they'll be able to find some legend, legend, legendary sort of players, all the people who who

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follow or who know about arts, and, and about, you know, pictures and drawings and so on, they'd be able to pick a range of people in the past, who are the best artists, the best people who have left something in the past. Now, this isn't in accordance to people choosing allows the region he has chosen, he has chosen specifically certain people. So if you were to ask Allah, Allah Who are the best of all people, and Alaska has told us through the way through the revelation, that the best of all people are the MBR and they are the prophets. So this is Allah the Creator, who is the the V being who has created everything, whom we have to go back to, who has told us who are the best in

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terms of example, now, one of the greatest things that allows those are one of the greatest reasons why he has quoted or he has talked about the NBA or the Prophet is that they are to be followed. Now, across the whole of the world, you go to get many people who are going to follow for many different reasons, different individuals, okay, there are people who are who will, you know, naturally Allah has endowed in every single being the, the, the gift to follow somebody else. This is a thing that you will see when kids you know, when when kids grow up, you'll see all kids, they like to copy all kids they like to copy and having this inside them, of wanting to copy somebody

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else is a gift from God because if children didn't copy the, you know, the people around them, they wouldn't become like any human being whatsoever, they become some sort of creatures, some, some aliens, that you wouldn't, you wouldn't be able to, you know, so live peacefully with. But Allah Zola has, has kept that in children, when children grow up, this thing doesn't grow out of them, their direct changes. So when we are adults, we also have something inside that we want to follow somebody. So it's up to you who you want to follow. Everyone in the world is following somebody else or is inspired by somebody else, or is getting their habits and things molded by somebody else.

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Everyone that right up to the greatest of you know, politicians, they also have, you know, like a politician might look at, they might look at Lincoln them I look at Abraham Lincoln, the maloca others before them how they run America, and even Lincoln himself. He had individuals who he was inspired by and he looked at now Allah azza wa jal is saying that if you want a formula for human beings for you as a human race and you want to know the best of all people to follow, and then my ambia there my profits. Now this is one of the main reasons why Allah Azza wa Jalla has told us stories now there are many other reasons I'm going to come to why Allah has has told us about the

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NBN about the prophets. Now the prophets are people whom Allah azza wa jal has said Allah who your stuff even in Malacca, this is what Allah himself who chooses who they are, this is in Surah, Hajj, which is the 22nd sort of the Quran Ayah number 75. And he will choose from the angels as well whoever he wants Blue suelen wamena, Nancy, in the last 10 years, Allah would choose first from the from the angels and he will, he will

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have them as a messengers coming down to the earth with certain certain you know, messages he wants to send to the human race, and he will choose from amongst the people want meanness from whoever he wants. So these people whom Alonzo gela has has chosen, they are the best of all people into the many different classes. Why

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One of the greatest things is when you study the lives of the NBA, you can see that they are the people who have the greatest connection with Allah, the greatest connection with Allah and when you find and it inspires you to see to say to yourself well, you know if I'm giving that out then I want to see you know, you look at you look at the story of Newell Islam, you think wow, this individual 950 years, and he didn't stop. Allah gave him a life that was way above 950 years, but 950 years he continued to call his people to the to the deen and Allah Allah azza wa jal You know, he mentioned that in the Quran in surah booth. But we know from the sources of the of the sooner that only about

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70 people accepted his Dawa from 950 years of Dawa. Now what does that do to you? If you are an even then, you know, his own son didn't accept Dawa, his own wife didn't accept this data. So when you read this, you, you get no and you could be any individual in the world and you think, well, I want so and so to accept Him and you get inspired. He thinks to Allah, if Allah has done that with saving and more, who's one of the greatest prophets, you know, who am I to complain to Allah? And I should take an example of you know, how persistent he was. And you know how persistent he was in in continuing in his Daraa. Anyway, Allah azza wa jal has has made these individuals those who will

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give us the good news of the future and those who will prevent, you know, tell us about the evil of the future. No one, you know, he has chosen him to do that. So he has called a MOBA. Shireen Oman. Vereen, Machina means those who give good news mangina means those who warn us from the evil that is lying ahead. And if you look in Surah Anam, which is the sixth floor of the Quran, and number 48, Allah said woman who salaamu Selena la Machina woman, I have not sent any of the messengers except that I sent them as people who give good news. And those who won't new femen airman, whosoever will believe will ask the heart and whosoever will change themselves. Now there's two things Allah said

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that you have to believe in what you hear from their lives and you have to change yourselves in terms of your life for Allah Hoeven, Allah, Allah Hassan, you will have no fear in the next life, and you have nothing to grieve over. These, this is not to become a prophet is not something that you can just choose and just one, you know, one day say, Well, you know, I can do the same thing, because we know that Allah azza wa jal has has, you know, cut off the whole Ye, with the demise of Muhammad Salallahu alaihe salam, he that's completely cut off, the only thing that remains, which Rasulullah sallallahu said on his deathbed is our ruya salejaw is that if you have a good dream, if

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you have a pious person who has a good dream, and that dream will tell him something, again, that does not become why it doesn't become revelation, but it's for him and message for him. And he's supposed to keep it to himself or to the individual that concerns he's supposed to report it. But again, those individuals don't have to act upon what he says. They don't have to act upon what he says. So Rasulullah saw some on his deathbed, according to his body, he said that everything from Nevada, everything from the prophethood has seized, except when a man gets a good dream or a woman will get that a very good dream that might be something from from the mobile era, from the good news

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that Allah gives them to direct them in their life. Now, on this point, what I want to say to you is that if anyone starts saying, you know, there's so many of these texts and emails and messages that go around, you know, like the amount of heroin he's he's, you know, satin from the Kaaba. And he dozed off. And he saw the prophet in his dream, and he told him, this is going to happen, and the gel is coming out, and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. And the best part of this, this message, really, the worst part of the message is when they right at the bottom, and he said that who ever spreads, this message is going to get this module. And if you don't, then you're going to get the punishment

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of alarm you and then you start finding work, you know, people who go to work on Monday morning, they start getting the photocopier jammed, because of the amount of papers that are coming out of it. Right. photocopying this message. Now, to report something first is, you know, for you to, for you to say something for what it is that you report from the province of Alaska from a hobby, if you see a good dream or where someone's seen it is to yourself Is it cannot become binding on anyone else colors. That's what that's what it is. You can't not become an agent say, well, I've got all this revelation, I want to start telling you all you people what to do that that's the next thing.

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Now the other important thing is that even if you see it see a dream, no one know where I'm telling you No, where will the profit now go against his own words, which he said while he was alive, which is that there's going to be no No, no, he's not going to use any human being to send new messages to the earth. So why would suddenly any man have a dream in which he knows reporting from the Prophet and the Prophet is telling him that that you better tell people and you better report this all people and everyone who gets better reported, otherwise there's going to be punishment that would never happen. And if you actually

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Knowing the sender, there is a hadith Mata Latina Matata is the strongest Hadith that rasulillah said man Casa de la Mohammedan whosoever will lie about me intentionally forgettable wa macabre whom in a nod, he should find his final destination, and he should seek for his final destination in hellfire. So to report again, you know, when you get Hadith, please verify the Hadith on your phone, before you send it out there are sometimes fabricated a hadith that people said, and you just you just want to send it out because it's a good message. It sounds really good. But did the professor Lawson say you have to be very careful, you know, in this. So anyway, we're going to break off for

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the event. But what I will do is that there's a there's a whole introduction and I'm going to use in this a few books. One is the you know, the famous alumni of Nicosia, his book on the costs intervene on the source of profits. And there's this other book which I found very beneficial myself is by

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Dr. Or is by Shafi arkiv abdelfattah favara, Chef afifi abdelfattah tabara is called mal MBA

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is with the prophets in the Quran in the Noble Quran. And what this book does, which many other books don't do is that it concentrates on the lessons that you can derive from the actual stories of the prophets, which is the most important thing. You know, we're not sitting here just just tell stories, we have to derive lessons from there. And I'm also going to use a third book when it comes to the geographical locations of where the profits were. There's been a very good study done from rehab on the on the actual geographical locations of all the profits. So we're going to use that as well. And shall I'll bring that in from next week. I will carry on after the conference.

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Okay, we should know hunter Hamilton, let me know salatu salam, ala Muhammad wa COVID-19. We continue from before the Shah Salah. So the prophets that there are some that are known as ambia narrabeen. And there are those who are known as Russell Russell mousseline. Now, one has the three root letters of known by Hamza nabba. And the other one has the root letters of raw seen lamb. Now one's called a NaVi, and one's called the Russell one's called a profit as we, as we say, in our, you know, we try and say profit for NaVi and we try and say, messenger for Rasool. Now, the difference between the two, they've said is that Nabil, for example, some have said that Nabil is

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somebody that Allah has told him,

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that he is a prophet. And they said that he he is someone who has to follow the message that God has told him.

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And sometimes, so he has to He is known as an abbey. And he has then been told to try and tell a few people to follow this follow up, follow whatever he's been told to follow.

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That's that's one. That's one, according to this one, what will happen is that the nubby himself the Navy is the one. So if I if I start again, sorry, NaVi is the one who has been told that he has to follow something himself. And the rhassoul is the one sorry, who Yeah, the suit is the one who has told me and told to tell others about the message that God has sent them. Now, this is a weak sort of view, a strong view is that Nabhi is the one who was told to follow the message that the prophets before him were following overtone. So he himself is not given an actual rissalah or a message from God. He doesn't come with a new legislation from God.

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But the resource that was there before him, he is the one that he was the result, but this new prophet will be somebody who is known as an amoeba not not not so for example, Lu tala salam, he was around the time of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam in Ramallah Salam got a message from God with the new legislation. Salut Allah Salam was following the message that Ibrahim Alayhi Salam came with, but luthra salam himself, didn't get a new legislation. So therefore, he was a prophet, and he Rama, Salah mosaic Rasul. So this means whenever you find a person who the lawsuit is also a prophet, he's also an OB. So Abraham, in this case would be a Rasool and he would be in a V as well, whereas

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Luther Ezra would only be a Nabhi. So this is this is another understanding.

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And this is strong opinion. But another opinion is that

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the Navy simply is somebody who's just conveying some news. And the real soul is someone who's conveying a message.

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Which has a larger picture the news so for example, if I was to tell you some news from before, if I just told you that this is the news this was happened, I'm just conveying to you news that has had already happened. Where as opposed to as opposed to me coming to you and saying, you know what, you guys this this is what needs to be done, this is the plan. So I'm not just giving you in I might be giving you news from the past, but I'm now giving you something extra I'm saying now, this is the plan for this is what we have to do. So now we will simply come to the third view and nabee would be somebody who is just simply giving you news of what has happened beforehand, but I resolved with

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somebody who would be coming with some new aspect to that message that news and he would then be telling guiding people to know what to do I actually prefer this last one and there's a reason why is because if you go to the if you if you take the other opinion and said the other strong opinion I said which most most

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you know scholars who have written on the books have about the prophets their preferred the other one and the reason why the preferred one is B is because you simply say well every rule came with a new message and so Mohammed Salah Salaam came with a new mitt legislation he was a lawsuit and he was a newbie he Salah Salem came with a new message new legislation so he was a Russell and an abbey unlike that musasa like that.

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You can say others who came down like new Harrison and so on, but what they what they fall into a little trap with some qadiani is pull out to try and divert real Muslims toward communism. Now Guardian ism is hardly any sort of religion is not Islam according to what we believe because they believe that they've got a another prophet after the profit or loss of limb. But one day slyly pull out is about Izmaylov a salon is according to this last strong opinion. I said it's Miley la salud salon was supposed to be just an AVI, he never came with the new legislation. Right? He never came with the new legislation. However, Allah says in Surah

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Allah says in Surah, Maryam, he says wacana Rasulullah nebia Allah says he was a Rasool and a prophet. So what the Guardian is to say, look, this is now you know, this this is this can be true according to what you believe because this smile wasn't given get given a new a new legislation. So why is the law calling him a rule? So then they twist that meaning to get to them meaning that you know now the bill other qadiani was a prophet, it says a long thing that I'm not going to get to it. But to cut to the chase, this opinion of some Allah is more preferable because what that means is that it's mine is that I'm now was in nubby, because he was given news of the past. And he was a

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Rasool in the sense that he was given certain guidances of what should should happen. So when he was left in Makkah alone, he was able to save from the war here from the revelation that Allah gave him to people about the planning and what they you know, what they should do as a civilization. Nevertheless, one thing you will find is that you will get people knocking your your Eman, right, one of the things that you will get is people knocking at you, man, one of the big things they try to do is knock your Eman on the fact that these people were prophets, you know, were they real prophets, and you'll get these documentaries, you'll get these books written in the future, you

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know, they've always been written and they will continue to be written to knock your Eman in his profits. And they'll say, well, these must have been clever people, they must have been people who sat there and you know, thought like Aristotle, or like some other, you know, no, you know, great person in the past. And they came up with, with, with thoughts that are beyond the human normal human reasoning. Now, we don't accept that we don't say they were, they were people who just sat there who thought about things and allows them to gel made them you know, sorry, they themselves were clever, intelligent people who they came to certain conclusions which were, you know, super

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sort of, you know, human, you know, theories. We don't say that we know they were clever, all prophets are people whom Allah has endowed with with intelligence, he has made them that these are these are the cifar he would have made them intelligent. He has made them

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people who had German who had beauty because you can't have a prophet who people will look and say, you know, say What an ugly person you know, you can't you can't have that Allah Allah has never made a profit never sent a profit with that. Where they could just look at the front and say, you know, this is what kind of what kind of person is this based on the on the appearance of Rasulullah sallallahu when he came to Medina, the Jews who saw him one of the first things they said they said, this is not the face of a liar. Just by looking at the the Knoll and the light and the radiance and the way that his face was shaped. You just look at that and say, Wow, you know, what a what a

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brilliant person. And there are people like that. So that's one of the one of the things I like gives them. Another one is intelligence. Another one Allah gives them is that they will

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Never in the past to anything that is that is sinful. Now if you look at the total you will find they have you know, they have changed the meaning of what Allah has sent. And they have done all sorts of horrible things, you know, the poor all sorts of horrible prophetic stories is that inside the, for example, one of the things they said was that Luther iserlohn apparently he slept with his daughters. Another one they they they've got inside the Torah which is Harun Li Salaam, he called the he called the son of the Jews to come along with him. And to worship or, you know, there is the Israeli in which is the children of Jacob children of Ayahuasca, he called him to worship the calf

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along with him. Now, that can be that can happen with a prophet, worshipping idols sleeping with his daughters. Now, another one is, you know that there's one in the beginning of the Genesis, where jacoba Isilon and Alibaba, he gets drunk, right? When he gets drunk, he starts to, you know, say foul things to God. Now, again, I'm saying, may Allah forbid us from this. So he's saying things to God and God say how you behave. And then you know, more or less, you know, you behave? And then he's saying, Well, you know, what do you want to do you want to challenge me? And God says, Well, yeah, I can challenge you the command and Yaqoob says, Come on, come on, fight me, right. So now we will

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add, then God, now we will

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send the ladder down. And then he himself steps down all the way to the bottom, and comes to Jacob oyako. And then he starts fighting with him. And then Jacob then overthrows God again. Now, may Allah forbid us from this right throws him onto the ground, and he has gone on to the ground. And he's, he's kind of punching him. Right? So things like this, no, it's beyond your reach. How could a prophet you know ever come down to that, or, for example, so Devon Hassan, he, he worshiped the idols just to just to make his his wives happy, or the fact that that would have killed one of his soldiers, because he fell in love with the one of his wives, and it killed him just to marry that

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just to my that, that, you know, life of the soldier. Now, this is all according to us. This is all made up this all fabricated we will never believe in this. So Allah azza wa jal will never send probes like that. And if a false prophet comes out, the first thing that you do, the only thing you need to do is to look in their life in the past and you see, clearly they will have something sinful in nature. It's clear, I mean, with Guardian himself, his own mother narrates stories when he was young, and his she says that you know, how his son went to the marketplace, stole some sugar came back and so on small things, but there was sinful, you know, and there are there are great things

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that, you know, others have reported where we're qadiani or Willa, Mohammed qadiani, has slept with his mistresses. Right. And his mistress has became pregnant from him, and fingers who are not really married, married to him, those women who are around him and so on. So the point is that you will never find any of the prophets ever have any sin attributed to him. In fact, Allah says, and so the use of Cavalli kaleena superfan who saw our fascia is not that I turned the profit away from the sin, sin, but I turned the sin away from the Prophet. That's what allows it. So it's even a greater, you know, greater run from his terms of sin away from the Prophet. The Prophet alayhi wa salatu

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salam. And so we don't take it that you know, this is this is coincidental that they sat there and they and they thought of this No, but Allah azza wa jal, he has chosen and he will choose whoever he wants. So according to the Allah and Ron, the third surah number 33. Allah said in the last of Adam oh no how Allah has chosen Adam he has chosen nor he has chosen the family of Ibrahim and he has chosen the family of Iran over the rest of the creation of Allah azza wa jal says in the Holy Quran, Surah Surah. Number 14, the 16th suit of the Quran And number two, he says unison melodica will reward Allah Allah He sends his his,

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his angels,

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he will send them with with ye and with with revelation, and he will send them to whoever he wants, whoever he wants, so he was chosen. Now we know the proper system is the last messengers, according to

00:24:16--> 00:24:29

according to Surah hazare and number 14, Allah has called him called him Hotham, Hartman levy in his column, the seed of the prophets. Allah azza wa jal has said that in every single in every

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the sort of the first thing I should quote here is Rasulullah. sallallahu himself was said according to Surah Yunus, Allah told him to say so to Yunus and number 15, Allah said, say Maya coonley nombre de la who I have no way of changing the message that has been sent to me, Allah azza wa jal will choose what he wants to send. Now one of the key things you find about this is of the messengers sometimes we're told off by Allah through the way and we've got a we've got the example in the Quran, where Rasulullah Susan was told in a couple of times, and I shot on the

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alumna she says that if the Prophet was going to hide anything from the revelation that came to him, and he was in charge of what he should reveal and why he shouldn't reveal, then what he would have done is he would have changed two places the Quran. One is when he got told off by turning away from the blind man who came, right this is sort of obvious even read about that. Surah number 80. You read that in the beginning, you will find Abdullah never remember too many came to him. Rasulullah saw some turned away from him, because he was giving Dawa to others. And a second one was his marriage. His marriage to the wife of his adopted son Zaid, which is mentioned in Surah azab. The

00:25:36--> 00:26:13

33rd surah we'll get to that inshallah. When we get to the zero the process of lesson but it was it was, it was hurting the profits or loss of a lot that he had to do this go against his entire culture, his whole tradition, because it would be almost like you marrying your daughter in law. That's how they saw it. But it wasn't because it wasn't his real son. It was his adopted son. So that's that's another thing that he would have hidden so they have no charge whatsoever in what they can do in the revelation that comes to them. Now, Allah has sent messengers to every single community of people that has been mentioned in Surah, tuna hell, and number 36. So surah number 16.

00:26:13--> 00:26:49

And number 36, Allah said Allah Akbar Snuffy, Cooney, mature Rasul, in every community of people, I have sent a messenger, what that means is, every country of the world wherever populations existed before Allah sent messengers, though we may not know of them, so England, Britain, Canada, America, wherever they were people, so maybe the red Indians when they were there last send messengers to them, there's never been a group of people on the earth according to this ayah, but alas, and the messenger to them, and he will send a messenger Billy Sonico me, Allah says in Surah Surah, he will send them with the tongue of the people, so they will know their language, they will grow amongst

00:26:49--> 00:27:31

them, they will be the best of them. And they will then grow into you know, amongst them, and then tell them about the truth and say that I've got some, you know, revelation from God. Now, this is another thing that we believe in Allah azza wa jal has, has sent messages to every part of the world. And he's never chosen one specific sort of people for a messenger. This is in contradiction to what some, you know, Jewish people believe which, which is that messengers will only be sent to them. Now, why are they sent? Well, they're sent for a few reasons. And I'm going to start, you know, telling you the reason one is Dara Eman they have to call people towards a man to faith.

00:27:31--> 00:28:11

Number two is they will, they will tell people about the next life, the afterlife. And the last day number three is they will tell people about legislation and about how to guide their lives. Okay. Now, according to number one, what we know is that every human being has got a fitrah, we've got we've got a natural disposition, but what happens is human beings, you leave them in any state, they're gonna start thinking, Okay, this must be good, that must be good. And that must be even better. And they can start to, they can start to move the natural disposition slightly more towards the right or slightly more towards the left. In fact, some can go to extremes. So what was really

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good, they will call evil, what was evil, they may call good. prophets are sent to make sure that measure and that balance is there, in a lot of one's think, says that this is good, they should be good. Allah said, this is evil, this is evil. So for example, the marriage Where did marriage come from marriage is something that all the prophets have practiced. And they have told all the people to do so what you do is you take one woman or you take an individual and you basically say, Well, I'm now tying myself to this individual and the whole community knows so it's like me and her we're not going to allow anyone else to sort of sleep with a couple that are getting married and that the

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children come from there we'll have a true lineage. Now this helps to protect the society to then go against that like what we live in today and say our doesn't matter you know, you sleep with whoever you want sleep with 10s of women before you get married. You know, this whole thing that started and what has corrupted the society a lot more in the in the near near sort of past is

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having the option to abort children, which is something absolutely abhorrent, having the possibility to stop stop, you know, the fetus from developing or having you know, a child preventing pregnancy and so on. This is something again that has made so people so many people go dark now it's come to the stage where people are living lives and they're sleeping with whoever they want multiple people they want, but they will they are not getting married. Now this is something against not that they now think that this is good. They think that is fine. You know, I live in a single life. I live in a box room. I've got no no other you know, worries. I meet her when she meets me when when she wants

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when she doesn't want she goes into a little cave and I go to my little cave in my little box room. And I you know, I work like a rat and I pay for my bills. And whenever we want to enjoy one another. We'll meet on a Saturday.

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

I read on Friday night. And that's it, you know, we live live as human beings that this, this world is going to hit a serious iceberg in terms of the population crisis, which is already is going towards is, you know, already this country is worried about their own population. And they kind of believe that, you know, these Asians and Africans are going to fill their countries up and whites are going to recede and all that. I mean, come on, who told you start opening the other of these other doors and telling people they don't have to get married? So you know, you can live as a partner with another person you're not married to and all sorts of things. So the prophets have come

00:30:36--> 00:30:44

to tell us what is right and what is wrong according to what Allah says the Creator Himself not according to a human beings thing, what is right and what is wrong.

00:30:45--> 00:31:20

About the next time no one can sit down and start thinking, Well, what is the next life and you know what's going to happen in the next step, no one no one would even come with a theory of the next slide if it wasn't for the profits. And this is serious thing because once we go back to Allah, this world will be nothing itself. The third thing I said to you was to tell us about the Sharia, and with the Sharia, every single new community will get a new legislation. And the best thing about ours is because we've got the Quran the Quran is such an old Quran is the biggest ever living miracle because you don't need to go to a second source. You don't need a new Prophet, you don't

00:31:20--> 00:31:58

need a new book to find the legislation because the same Quran the same words can be relooked at re examine, and you will get new legislation coming out from the same book. This is this is something absolutely. You know, it's amazing. It's just like, it's, you know, it's something that you can't really comprehend. It's a miracle in itself. It's a miracle in itself is almost like Zamzam. Where does it come out from where does so much water come out from where does it go? How come so when people can benefit from that just like that the the amount of legislation that can come out from this one book is absolutely amazing. So again, the next debate then comes to about how many prophets

00:31:58--> 00:32:14

and how many messengers now Eliza gel has gotten many, many he has said in the Holy Quran rusu la casa de la there are some messages I have narrated to you. And there are some messages I haven't told you about. This isn't suited to Nyssa surah number four and number 164.

00:32:15--> 00:33:06

But Allah azza wa jal has told us about 25 in total in the Quran, 25 agreed to be messengers and prophets. These are the names I'm going to say. And these are the ones we're going to go through in Sharla number one is Adam alayhis salam then Idris the No. Then hood, this is an actual order. Okay, so Adam Idris, no hood, Sala Ibrahim loot is married his heart yaku Yusuf Shai, are you little cave Moosa? Harun, Dawood, Suleiman lilias, Elisa, Eunice zecharia yahia Risa and Muhammad Ali hemos salatu salam ala zoodle sandies please Peace and blessings on all of them. Okay, we have to believe in all of them. One thing the Quran says that we do not distinguish between any of the prophets. We

00:33:06--> 00:33:48

don't say, Well, he was and he wasn't. This is one of the things that Lazarus has said in the Holy Quran in surah, Baqarah number 285 surah number two and number 285. We believe in all of them, all right, and that's that's the best thing about this oma that we don't differentiate another is Surah Baqarah surah, number two, and number 136. And these messages that have been sent, Allah azza wa jal has said that some of the prophets he has made them greater than others. Right? This is in Surah Surah Surah Surah saw the 17 surah and number 55. He said Lockhart, Fabiana. Baba Nabina Allah that we have given preference to some prophets over others. And the greatest of all of them, Allah azza

00:33:48--> 00:34:20

wa jal has made is the old ulasan the people those prophets of absolute determination, he has mentioned that in sort of a half, sutra number 46 and number 35. First we'll cover some of them have patience, just like the people who are the people of determination, they had patient beforehand from the from amongst the profits. Now their patience level is beyond measure. Who are they allowed the gel has mentioned them in another part of the Quran. And he has mentioned five of them. They are new hooray Salaam

00:34:21--> 00:34:28

Ibrahim, when I said musala salam is Elijah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. These five are known as the old Asan

00:34:30--> 00:34:40

and I'll give you the yes the reference for that. If you look at sort of Surah Surah, number 42 and number 13 and number 13. Okay, now

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

the next thing is that these these prophets, Allah will save them himself from sin and from other defects throughout their lives. And the evidence we have for that is sort of tool, Sudoku and number 48. Okay, so the tool

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

is the 52nd sort of the Qur'an and number 48 was weird lack of Europe makeup in a caviar Union have patience for according to the injunction of your Lord, You are prophet You are a quote, you know you will be looked after. According to what we are, you know overseeing we are overseeing you musala. cinemas told the same thing as Surah Taha is number 39 while E to SNA Allah I need your whole life, the way you've been nurtured is under my eye, meaning under my supervision, I have been looking after you. So they are people whom Allah will rear himself and sometimes they will have people believe in them but doesn't matter, guys, you have to understand there will be many people who will

00:35:39--> 00:35:57

disbelieve in Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. But we will try our best to give them Dawa. But it's not it's not our loss is their loss. We don't want to see them as losers. We have pity for them. Allah azza wa jal has said in Sudan, Sudan, I'm sick surah number 89. And number 90, he has said

00:35:59--> 00:36:37

it would be hard for Cordova Navajo Malays to be happy caffiene Allah said if these people they denied Don't worry about it, I have made other people who will believe in this message. And Allah said the reason one of the reasons why they come is that they will they will be people who've been inspired with fellow hierarchs with the with the best of sort of actions a karma Salatu established pres eat as a car to to make sure that the poor people are going to do the due right. Well, Kaduna, Abilene and they will be people who will be worshipers of ourselves this is surah ambia surah 21 and number 73.

00:36:41--> 00:37:21

Okay, now, they are guidance for people this is in Surah Surah number six and number 90 Allah Allah Deena ha de la hufa Buddha de casa de these people, Allah says, I have guided them, and according to them, you should be You should also follow them as guidance. So the Prophet was told to follow all these prophets and thus we are told to, to follow these prophets and to follow profit and loss in particular, this isn't suitable as an animal third, suit number 33. And number 21, Allah said, suasana He has made our Prophet sallallahu wasallam the best of all examples and in our prayers every single day when we say surah, Allah Dena and Allah him, we are saying to Allah, Allah guide us

00:37:21--> 00:37:32

or guide me to the path of those whom you have favored. Who are those people who molars favorite they are the profits first. And the sedition the truth, who runs through hurdles were martyrs and Salaheddin those who are righteous.

00:37:35--> 00:38:13

Right now, how do we know that their profits one of the one of the ways we know that our profits apart from all the other things that I've said is that they will come with more desert, they will come with miracles, and all these different prophets, some of them, we will see how they have come with miracles that people a miracle is something which you can start practicing yourself and start doing is different from magicians. See a magician, division between a magician and a prophet who produces a miracle is a magician can do it again. And again, you can do the same trick again and again. Because he has practiced to do that. A magician also has got, you know, other people can copy

00:38:13--> 00:38:42

the magician in what he does. But when a prophet comes or came in the past, and did it perform a miracle, no one can produce that. So what one great one is when musallam is in front of those magicians, the magician throws ropes and they throw sticks and the people's eyes are mesmerized, and they see snakes that are sort of you know, moving about, and then the mesmerized by this. And suddenly when musallam he dropped his staff on the ground, it was so large and he just suddenly just start

00:38:45--> 00:39:19

swallowing all the ropes and stakes and tasting inside Muslims touches the his his nose, the snake, or the serpent. And it turns into a staff not to the magicians is like, Whoa, forget him challenging us because if it was another magician, it would have been well, he throws the star. And he's one is also moving like that, and ours are moving. But the magicians know they can see ropes and they can see sticks. And they know end of the day when the trick is all over. They can just grab the stakes and grab the ropes and go back home. But what it moves on, I said I'm doing musallam then he produced one that was huge. And it just

00:39:21--> 00:39:29

sucked in all their ropes and stakes. And when musasa touched his one, his position we look around thinking where's our ropes?

00:39:31--> 00:39:59

Where's the magic stick my magic wand. He's just like swallowed my magic bone in his magic one man that is not magic because you can't do that. In the in the according to the codes of magic. You can't do that this is beyond magic. So when they will come with one it will be many various forms and we'll see when musala salon, some of them are with with going against you know scientific things. So to have an Iraq in the middle of the Egyptian desert musala Islam just just hits that rock and that rock

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

springs out 12 different springs of water, this is you know again against the normal scientific things that you you sort of study and know of over musasa when when sorry, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam split the moon in half or when when he Rama Salaam he fell into or he was in the fire, and the fire didn't burn him. These are things you know, we'll study these inshallah one by one, but these are something that you cannot in any way challenge, our miracle today. Now we're gonna say, well, there's no profits today. So how do we know there's a miracle? Our miracle is the Quran. Why? Because the Quran says and the Quran challenges again and again, come, come and bring me something

00:40:40--> 00:41:03

the like of this. And people haven't told today, what an says Allah says the Quran, try and change my word. And they try again and again and again. And again. Now there's been times in the past where in India, for example, has been tired rulers who came in and they started to burn the copies of the Quran. This is in like 15 century, they start burning copies of the Quran

00:41:04--> 00:41:15

before the time before the Mughal sort of took over the power. And then one scholar came one day, and he bought two young boys in front of the time ruler.

00:41:17--> 00:41:38

And he said, I just wanna I just want to show you something. He said what he said, he said to this kid, he said, read from the seventh use of the Quran, and he read from seven years old. And then he told this boy said, you read from this part of what I've read from that particular. So you said to that king, he said, Listen, King, is that you can go and burn as many copies as you want. But how many of these kids and how many of these people are you going to kill?

00:41:40--> 00:42:16

When Allah azza wa jal has taken upon himself to protect the Quran, you know, you get young kids who don't even understand the Quran, but they memorize the entire Quran, it's a miracle. You think about you know, you know, the non Muslims, when they hear this, they can't believe this. Because, you know, there is a tradition in the Jewish thing that they do memorize the Torah, they're still up to today. It is an oral tradition was some of the very few of them memorize the Torah, of Bihar. But these are kids who were taught the language of Hebrew, they learn it from very young age, they know the meaning of it, and they learn it by knowing the meaning of the of the Torah, but our more desire

00:42:16--> 00:42:51

is that we have so many whoa phenomena is wonderful to have a half is who knows the Quran as well. And that's what they should be. But we have so many of us across the world who don't even know what the whole karate say, but then memorize the entire ad. And that in itself is a miracle that is harmless. Another one is the Quran isn't the wording itself, you know, we're going to come to some of these inshallah, later on is not the time to go into it. But one of the great miracles of the Quran is that you can say the same thing in so many different tunes. And guess what, even if, even if I asked you, let me ask you a simple question here.

00:42:54--> 00:43:02

How many of you can say, how many who was sitting here? How many of you can say that, you know, you've let's first start off with something, right?

00:43:03--> 00:43:16

You had a favorite story when you were young, or you have a favorite in a passage, right? Or something that you read that when you were young, or favorite film or whatever it was, okay. Now, how many of you can say that you never ever, ever got bored of that?

00:43:17--> 00:43:23

By watching it or reading it so many times? Put your hands up? Never ever got bored even till today? You're not bored of it.

00:43:24--> 00:43:46

No one can say that it kids they sometimes they watch the same movie, they'll watch it 20 times 30 times. They love it. But eventually, they can't carry on right. Now you tell me since Yes. since we were young. Till today. We've been reading and hearing Surah Fatiha every single day yes or no? Yes. Have you can say that you are bored of sort of idea.

00:43:48--> 00:43:48


00:43:50--> 00:44:29

isn't that miracle? You've heard every day you read it? Every day you read about 20 times in all your sellers, 2030 times whatever it is every day. You never get bored of isn't that a miracle? We should just go and just tell all these you know your colleagues and your co workers just go and tell them man look, I've got something that I've never got bored of. And if you want to know what it is and you can't say nice Did I just plain sort of factor on a CD is playing nice to the fata and they need to listen to it in the nice Kara's one is, is mesmerizing. If you listen to it penetrates through the heart. So we've got so many things to talk about about the miracle of the Quran. But

00:44:29--> 00:44:31

it's not the time to go into all of that.

00:44:32--> 00:44:59

I just got a few more things to say. And one of the things about the Quran. So one of the things about the about the stories of the Prophet is that Alaska has made this a source of why he is made the source of revelation right from Allah azza wa jal now what he will do is he is he beautifully relates to us the stories and he has called in our for example, pseudo pseudo into the use of his called the story of usarla sometimes call it Arsenal casas is calling the best of all stories.

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

Now in giving us these stories, no one would have known the depth of some of these stories. This is Suda hood surah number 11. And number 49 Allah says Tilikum in america he knew he had like Giza from the revelations of the unseen that I'm telling you macaroon tatara Lemma and tala homecoming Katya you didn't know this oh prophet needed to do people know that no of this before this. So one thing is that we are getting worried from this. Another one is that you will find that the Quran is not just giving you a story or giving you history is giving you history fine, but it's really giving you religion, and it gives you every story in every part of the Quran is related in such a way that

00:45:42--> 00:46:20

gives you a new thing. And we're gonna we're gonna discover this in the series, because otherwise some stories in several parts of the Quran, and so is the prime minister, but everywhere Allah mentioned it or musala Salah for example, is in 137, his net name is mentioned 137 places. Now, why did I learn not just choose like useful? I said, I use what I said. And for example, His whole story is in one go in in Surah, number 12, you find a hole from beginning to end in one place. Allah could have done that with all the 25 properties that he mentioned. But he didn't. He scattered them all around. And sometimes he mentioned with all the other 24 profits, he mentioned sometimes long

00:46:20--> 00:46:54

passages about the life sometimes short passages, sometimes he mentions few things, sometimes many thing, sometimes he went into specific parts, sometimes he went to general things. Why do you do that? Well, if you look at the context of the surah and you look at the reason why Allah revealed a surah you will then understand why Allah did that and inshallah we will discover this thing. So there's a reason why Allah mentions the story of the Prophet again. It's not just merely just telling stories. Some people like to sliminess even Bangladesh and others who have written they have said that we need to replace the stories that are at the center archaic, the things of the old and

00:46:54--> 00:47:32

past, we need to have new stories, maybe they want stories of the I don't know American history, or the one things that the Bangladesh history inside the you know, Allah Harlem, but now we like Gary, how can you ever if they didn't understand this was you know, the stories are not there just so stories, they are there because they do several things to you. One thing is that it gives you meaning in life doesn't matter which part of your life you're in. If you're a skate, it's got meaning in life for you. For example, we've got suffer Academy over here. And we've got children here, one of the things I've done in the syllabus is I've heavily dominated with stories in the

00:47:32--> 00:48:12

first part of the, of the series of the syllabus, why? Because children love stories. And one of the ways that you can teach children is to teach these stories. And one thing you should do and and we all should do is, you know, young children, they want some some story bedtime story. Please don't forget that the best bedtime stories you can give is first of the MBR or the prophets, then you give them of the Sahaba. Right the companions of the Prophet Allah and then you give them of the pious people. And he obviously just you know, some things that I'm going to relate to you in the stories in the next few series, just take bits of them and tell them as stories to your children. And give

00:48:12--> 00:48:48

them the lessons of them they will be fascinated by and I sit with my with my child. And I talked about advice and about what happened and he believes in, you can tell him again and again. And they love the stories that that's when a child when you grow up when you were a young adolescent, and how were the two people who got sent down to the earth, and then they got Toba, whatever, police came and you know this, you know, sorry, when you grow up, there are so many deep meanings because you then revisit other malesan How can you see Wow, this is this is now what's what's, uh, you understand whisperings in your head and you understand how a human being who's an adult can go

00:48:48--> 00:49:10

astray. And you understand how, how do they manipulate a prophet? Well, he told me he gave him promises that were not true. And he told him that you're going to become this, you become an angel living forever, or you live forever in this journal. So what promises is this shaytan giving me right now, one of the promises is giving you right now is you're not going to die tomorrow.

00:49:12--> 00:49:56

You're not dying in the next 10 years. You're not dying in the next 20 years. You're not dying in the next 3040 years. You're dying Far, far, far, far, far, far away. Don't worry about it. Enjoy life guy, enjoy life, do what you want. So this is what you still relate to, as my son was willing to think. Well the first was was I was on this grounds that he was going to live forever. That the hope of living for a long life is the beginning of you. Moving away from the concentration of Allah and singing the hope of you having time on your hands being what do you want doing what you want roaming forever, how you like this was the grounds for other one I said I'm getting his vice versa.

00:49:56--> 00:49:59

Because he made he said that and obviously Otherwise, the most

00:50:00--> 00:50:30

tricked in another way because the shaytan said one lie he, I'm telling you the truth. That's what he said to him. It's about lies where I'm telling you the truth. And that's another thing because otherwise I've never heard. He never heard anyone lying with a last name and he took it as the truth. And we have to understand that in our lives, there are many messages because there are people out there who are taking God's name and telling us lies. The taking God's name the same Bismillah and they're telling us lies. There are thieves out there who before they do the theft, before they go out in the night they say Bismillah

00:50:32--> 00:50:49

they say Bismillah there's people who take God's name and they do evil and we have two options so what are you gonna do is from a different level, so you got to understand the plan will not just sit there telling you stories is telling you deepening inshallah Bina we will visit these and

00:50:52--> 00:51:02

the other sort of last thing I want to say is a loss of Job says in the holocrons is Surah Surah, number 11. And number 120, Allah says wakulla nakasu Allah common

00:51:03--> 00:51:19

man who said b2b for adeq well jack if he had his woman Reza vikhroli, meaning Allah says in Surah Hood surah number 11 item 120 says every single story of the property every single one that are related to you

00:51:20--> 00:51:24

from the stories on the news of all these messengers is number one

00:51:26--> 00:52:12

a bit too big for that to make your mind your whole mind to make it something that is you know, stable to stable your mind you know, if we didn't have these stories of the prophets we wouldn't be guide we know our mind will be all over the place. So Allah says no Sabbath to actually make your your mind and your thinking and your inside your psyche to make it firm. I have related rated these sorts of problems because you then say, Well, actually, new adolescent said this is reminiscent did this season a hula Salaam said this and I'm finding myself in the same position today. So I need to do the same thing. So he guides you. Then he says what Jaffe Have you have? And in this, the truth

00:52:12--> 00:52:49

has been revealed. Truth is there more ever, it's a counseling to you. If you want counseling, if you want to, you know people pay money, big bucks to go and get counseling. Allah says your counseling is in the throes of these profits with vichara. And a reminder to the believers about the belief and who they are. They're their makeup. Allah azza wa jal, it says is for this Suhana line as him you know, may Allah azza wa jal makers, you know, be those of those who benefit from the stories of the prophets who take the right benefits who see the guidance in the in this allows Young Makers from all the you know, all the reasons I've said analyzers and makers of those people who, who, who

00:52:49--> 00:53:26

become people who do that. And, you know, one thing I want to say to you is that we all look forward to on the day of judgment when we come up, right? We want to meet these prophets. We want to meet this man, you want them to be the first people to meet inshallah bimala amongst Mohammed Salah lasallian big it's gonna be, it's gonna be an event, greater than anything else ever has happened. That the people who come on the Day of Judgment, only a few selected people are going to come under the arch of Allah, the throne of Allah and be in the company, the profits. And our our aim is to be with them so that those who follow them, those who take guidance from their lives, they're the first

00:53:26--> 00:53:33

to be with them on the Day of Judgment. Some advisors don't make that come true. They have no hierarchy, blah, blah, blah.