Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 23D Sad 1 44

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and impact of the message of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, including its depiction of the Prophet sallama and its use as a symbol of satisfaction. The importance of preparing oneself and avoiding mistakes is emphasized, as well as the need to learn to be honest and not forget about mistakes. The segment also touches on the concept of the "brane" that connects people to Allah and highlights the importance of learning to be honest and not forgetting one's mistakes. The need to be patient and avoiding reaching out too early is emphasized.
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This means,

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man, you're

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Oh, come

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Why don't you

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walk on?

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pseudopod Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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Vic Bella Deena cafaro fear is that you wish you

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luck now alakina min cobbly him in Cornyn Fernando, one of the Hina manasse. In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, saw by the Quran containing reminder. But those who disbelieve are in pride and dissension. So they refuse to believe, how many a generation have we destroyed before them, and they then called out, but it was not a time for escape. And they wonder that there has come to them a warner from among themselves, meaning a human being from among themselves, like them from their neighborhood from their city, and the disbeliever, saying, this is a magician and a liar. Has he made the gods only one God? Indeed, this is a curious thing. This is

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something very strange. And the eminent among them went forward saying, continue, continue in your shidduch Be patient over the defense of your gods. Indeed, this is a thing intended, this is a thing intended, meaning there's something fishy over here, the real intention of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is something else, meaning he's not really concerned about telling us about the truth. He wants to destroy us. It's a plot to destroy us to gain superiority over us. They said, We have not heard of this in the latest religion, meaning what we have always been upon, we've never heard about this, that there's only one God, this is not but a fabrication. Has the message been revealed to him

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out of all of us, meaning, if it had to come, it should have come upon a rich man, a wealthy man, why Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Allah says, rather, they are in doubt about my message. These are all excuses. The real problem is that if they truly understood the message, they would have believed they would have believed in Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. The fact is that they haven't understood the message. And since they haven't understood it, this is why they're coming up with one excuse after another one objection after another. Rather, they have not yet tasted my punishment. And this is why they're not even bothering to pay attention. This is why they're so heedless, or do they have the

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depositories of the mercies of your Lord the Exalted in Might the Restore? Meaning do they decide when and how much rain should fall? No. So why should they decide who the prophethood should be bestowed upon? Or is there is the dominion of the heavens and the earth? And what is between them? What do they own? Are they the masters or the servants? They're the servants. Then let them ascend through any ways of access. Meaning show us your might, if you've got any gentlemen who nanika mazuma Mennella, they are but soldiers who will be defeated. They're among the companies of disbelievers. Look at the people of the past, the people of New denied before them and the tribe of

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odd and fit our own the owner of stakes, and the tribe of the mood and the people of loot and the companions of the thicket of the forest. Those are the companies each of them deny the messenger so my penalty was justified and these disbelievers await not but one blast of the horn for it.

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There will be no delay. We'll call Laura banner I Jelena Kanako Bella yo Melissa, and they say Our Lord, he said for us our share of the punishment before the day of account. This is extreme foolishness that a person demands punishment in this life. The Prophet said a lot of sentiments comforted over here is bitter. itma kulu Kowloon, be patient over what they say, Be patient over what they say, so important to remember. Because you cannot change the speech of other people, nor can you put a seal on their mounts, nor can you forcibly change their opinions about you. But what you can do is be patient over what they say. Be patient over what you have to hear.

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And what is it that the people said about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, all of these ayat that we have read earlier? That is he the only one, his intention is something else. And people will question your intentions, that he's a magician that he's a liar, unless as Be patient or what they say. What karamba de nada. Whoo. And remember our servant that would the possessor of strength. Indeed, he was one who repeatedly turned back to Allah. take a lesson from the wilderness. The Wilderness Adam, who was he an ordinary man, remember, he was in the army. Under balut. He killed Jalil. And Allah gave the wilderness Salaam Prophethood. And also kingship, what was he before an

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ordinary person for money is ye but Allah chose him. So Allah can choose whoever he wants, because sometimes people say, Who are you? What are you? What have you done? Look at your past, what have you accomplished, your nothing. They ridicule you, they look down on you. But the fact is that Allah can choose whoever he wants, for whatever blessing that he wants to give to that servant. So Allah chose that wilderness and I'm also until today we see that there are people who refuse to believe that the wilderness and I was a prophet by for example, the WHO THE Masada. They believed that he was a king, but they don't believe that he was a prophet. Till today he is rejected. So Muhammad

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Sallallahu sallam, yes, he was rejected. Allah says, Remember that would in who he used to turn back to Allah repeatedly, always, every now and then again and again. He will think about Allah, he would talk to Allah, he would worship Allah, He will praise Allah. And this is something that brings comfort to the hearts, that when you are disturbed when you're upset when you're hurt when you're rejected, no matter what's going on in your life, turning back to Allah is something that will bring from Nina comfort and assurance, do your heart. Indeed, we subjected the mountains to praise with him, exalting Allah in the late afternoon and after sunrise also. So these two times that will the

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restaurant will do the speed, and the mountains would join him. And the birds were assembled all with him repeating praises. So what should we do at this time, morning and evening, we should also do this be the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, The reciting of the zoo was made so easy for those who are listening, that he used to order that his writing animals be saddled, meaning they should be prepared and it takes a couple minutes, it takes some time to get them ready. And he would finish reciting the zip code before they were settled. And he would never eat except from the earnings of his manual work. You see, the thing is, we think liquor is going to take a long time, this beer in

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the morning, or 100 times, I'm so tired, I'm so sleepy today, I can't do it. Right. But the one who tries Allah subhanaw taala makes it easy for him. The other is and I would recite the entire as of all in how much time in the time that his horses would be prepared. That's it. And really, I mean, it takes a few minutes, but it doesn't take hours to prepare horses for riding. Because in the morning, they're awake before you they're ready to gallop before you're ready to go on them. Right? So it would take few minutes. And literally sometimes all you need to do is just make yourself sit down or tell yourself that now I'm going to walk and I'm going to do my best to be 100 times on my

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fingers and you just have to start develop the habit and Allah who will facilitate this for you that before you know it 100 will be done. Before you know it, you'll be done with one after the other. But you have to start you have to develop the habit and unless you do it, you will not find joy and comfort in your heart. You will not find pleasure in your life you will not find sukoon in your life no matter what you do.

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Remember this because this is what brings the cone to the heart. And if a person tries to get sukoon through sleep, no way. If a person tries to get sukoon through rest through shopping impossible. This will bring you such a sense of accomplishment that sense of achievement

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But nothing else brings. And this is what brings Baraka in your life also.

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And especially when we're stressed out when there's so much work to do, then what happens? What's the first thing we leave the

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thinking that perhaps the two minutes will bring us extra time? No, it will not bring us extra time. Recently, I was reading an article about chefs that how we try to learn a lot from chefs in terms of how they cook and what they prepare. But we also need to learn from chefs their habit of preparing their meals on plus Misa plus is basically getting everything ready. Before you start cooking. Like for example, for three hour dinner service, chefs will start preparing six hours in advance six hours of prep, prep, prep time. Why? So that when you have to cook everything is within your reach, invest those six hours to make these three hours productive. You are women, you know exactly what

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I'm talking about is before cooking, you don't have everything in place, what's going to happen?

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What's gonna happen, before you can find the tongs to turn over your food, what's going to happen, it's burnt, isn't it. So before you put the food on the pan, what do you need on the side, your tongs have to be there.

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If you start chopping your tomatoes, when you have to put them in the dish, what's going to happen, the onions are going to burn. You have to have them ready from before the cook is of exact same importance. You have to do the from before you have to reorient yourself, you have to focus yourself, you have to discipline yourself, you have to prepare yourself and for that preparation, the most important is the preparation of the heart. And that comes with the dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala. And that requires time. It requires time. And we strengthened his kingdom and gave him wisdom and discernment in speech. And has there come to you the news of the adversaries when they climbed

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over the wall of his prayer chamber meeting the elderly center when he was worshiping Allah in his prayer place, and what happened to people jumped over the wall in order to ask him about some dispute of theirs. When they entered upon the road, and he was alarmed by them. They said Fear not, we are just two adversaries, one of whom has wronged the other such as between us with truth and do not exceed it and guide us to the sound path. Indeed, this My brother has 99 us sheep, and I have one sheep. So he said, Give her to me. And he overpowered me in speech, that wilderness the lamb said, he has certainly wronged you in demanding your sheep in addition to his sheep. And indeed,

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many associates oppress one another except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, and very few are the ones who listen, I'm sad this, that we became certain that we had tried him and he asked forgiveness of his Lord and fell down, bowing in frustration and turned in repentance to Allah. So we forgave him that and indeed for him as nearest to us and a good place of return. Meaning on the Day of Judgment, though, they're innocent and will be more caught up servant of Allah. Now we see over here that the Buddha s&m was brought this case when he was engaged in Riba. And what happened here bidding this case that was brought to him, and the answer that he gave the verdict that he

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gave, this reminded that we have a previous case in which he had made a mistake. Now what exactly it was a low, Artem. But what happened right now reminded him of his past mistake. So immediately upon realizing his past mistake, though, there is an app, he sought forgiveness from Allah, and he repented. This is the believer that even if, after 10 years, he realizes I was wrong, I made a mistake. I shouldn't have done this. I shouldn't have behaved in that way. I shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't have treated my children like that this morning. I shouldn't have been like that with my husband two weeks ago. Right? When a person realizes I made a mistake, then what does he do?

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avalere. He immediately turns to Allah, begging His forgiveness, repenting to Allah. And you see, sometimes, this is a huge blessing from Allah, that we see something happen, and it makes us realize our mistakes. We remember our mistakes because of what we see. Nobody's coming to us and telling us You should not have spoken to your husband like that. But what happens? What happens? You read an article, and in that something is mentioned that reminds you of how you speak. Or for instance, somebody else brings a case to you seeking your advice. And then that reminds you have your own mistakes. Something happens in your life. You don't even realize you've made a serious mistake. You

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go and listen to Quran and you feel as if the author about you. This is a blessing.

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from Allah, when our mistakes are pointed out in a way that only we see them, only we recognize them. People around us don't even know Allah conceals our mistakes from others, he only makes us recognize them understand them. So this is a huge blessing. And this is for what purpose so that we turn back to Allah. The Wilderness Salaam fell in frustration in recor, thanking Allah, that thank you Allah for letting me see my sin, so that I could leave it and I could repent to you. And this is all of the ways of the righteous, that when they receive a blessing from Allah, what do they do they prostrate to Allah. And this is also an I have said, in a hadith return a bursary the holder of the

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Longhorn who he said that I had a dream once I saw what only a person who's sleeping can see meaning I had a dream. And that was that I was under a tree. And I heard the tree reciting sort of thought, this wasn't his dream. I mean, in a dream, anything can happen, right? So he said, I heard in my dream, this tree reciting sort of swath and when it reached this ayah the recitation of this ayah the tree fell in frustration. And it said Aloma fiddly Bihar, Oh ALLAH forgive me because of it mainly because of the sajida Allahu Akbar nibio Islam, Oh Allah removed from me because of this sujood a burden from the meaning of burden of sin from me. What are the Bihar schuco our Taco Bell

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harmony Karnataka belta Minogue de cada Buddha said that the who that Allah accept from me my such that also the way you accepted from your servant, that wood to the tree said this now Oh, sorry. Hold on. We said when I woke up, I went to the province of the laws and when I told him, he said Oh, sorry. Did you also do set to the meeting when you heard the tree reciting? And when you saw the tree prostrating Did you also do it? I will say he said No, I didn't. The prophets of the laws and I'm saying you are more worthy of doing jute than that tree you should have. And then the prophets Allah Lawson and recited Saud slott. And when he reached this ayah, then he frustrated and

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frustrated. So these verses basically they illustrate to us the gratitude of the wilderness and that it was so uncontrollable, that immediately he fell into situ. And the prophets of Allah Islam also did that. That when he would receive a blessing that really made him glad he performed. So Jude have a shocker. And this is something that we can also do. Yeah, there would in Niger anagha Holly fatten Phil have we said odo? Indeed we have made you a successor upon the earth. So judge between the people in truth and do not follow your own desire, as it will lead you astray from the way of Allah wa tiberi Lauer for you we'll look on civilian. This is something that we need to mark for

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ourselves. If you follow your desire, it will lead you astray. It will not let you remain on Allah XPath Indeed, those who go astray from the way of Allah will have a severe punishment for having forgotten the day of account. Because when a person pursues his desire, then he forgets the item. And when you forget the law, then he will do wrong, and this will ultimately lead him to punishment.

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Well, mahalo. A while, although my baina Houma belt Lila, and we did not create the heaven and the earth, and that between them aimlessly velika one nullah Nina cafaro, that is the assumption of those who disbelieve so what are those who disbelieve from the fire? Or should we treat those who believe and do righteous deeds like corrupters in the land? Or should we treat those who fear Allah like the wicked Kitab unzila who la This is a blessing Book which We have revealed to you mobile cone, it is bless it Leah de bottle at so that they reflect upon its versus Walia to the color, oral Alba, and so that those of understanding would be reminded This is the purpose of the book of Allah,

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that it is meant to be recited. It is meant to be reflected on, understood, acted upon. And how is it possible that we benefit from the book of life, we don't even open it. We have to open it. We have to read it we have to know its meanings, and not just learn its meanings, but also reflect on the Quran. We think that studying the Quran is a goal and once we have completed the study of Sudoku ness, you know, if I had to announce we've done our duty to the Quran, no, it has just begun because now we can actually reflect on the Quran because once

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We know the meaning, then we can reflect as we listen to it as we read it. And to the world we gave Sulaiman an excellent servant. And notice how at the end of the previous, Allah says Walia Raka al Bara. So the intelligent one is the one who remembers the book. He remembers the book on in his mind, on his tongue in his actions, and to the world. We gave Solomon, an excellent servant. Indeed, he was one repeatedly turning back to Allah mentioned, when there were exhibited before him in the afternoon, the point standing raised horses, meaning in the evening, his horses were brought to him displayed before him so that he could see them. The horses were made to march in front of him. And

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he said, Indeed, I have loved these good things for the remembrance of my Lord. Meaning, the more I look at these things, the more I remember Allah, I love this well, for the sake of Allah. Why? Because these horses when I look at them, they increase me in gratitude to Allah, they increase me in remembrance of Allah. So here we need to see that what is it the girls me in my love for a less penalty, because such a minor is Sam, he is growing in his remembrance of Allah by just looking at the things that he likes. His horses have not been a job until the horses galloped away, going out of sight, meaning they galloped away until they were out of sight. And what happened. So the minor

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listener is admiring them, remembering Allah, increasing in his remembrance of Allah, he said, return them to me, and he set about passing his hand over their legs and necks, meaning over the legs and the necks of those horses admiring them. And this is also interpreted in a different way, the details of which inshallah will keep for another time, but the lesson we learn over there, is that the blessings that Allah has given to us, do they connect us to Allah? Or do they disconnect us from Allah, things will always be a part of life, the things that we like the things that we enjoy, the people that we love, the things that we love to look at, we love to use there will always be

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part of life. They should be a means of drawing closer to Allah, not a means of forgetting Allah. Allah god fatahna Suleiman. Well, Elena, Allah Kersey, he just had an Samana, and we certainly tried to lay man and placed on his throne, our body, then he returned, he said, Oh, my Lord, forgive me, and grant me a kingdom, such as will not belong to anyone after me. Indeed, you are the Restore. So on today, man, early synonyms, thrown his chair, what happened? A body was placed on it. What was that body? Allahu arland. This has been interpreted in different ways. But again, what we see here is that by looking at that body, so the matter is an unrealized his own mistake, whatever that body

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was, he found something on his chair. And because of that, he recognized his mistake. Now the details of that body Allah has not told us about. But what he has told us about is the fact that today manner they said and remembered his mistake. And this is true for us. Also, things happen in our life, the details don't really matter. What matters is, do we reflect on our actions? And do we remember and notice and recognize our mistakes? Are we that honest with ourselves that we recognize our mistakes, because sometimes children tell us about our mistakes, the way they speak in front of us, they remind us of how we speak, the way they behave, reminds us of how we behave, this is

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something that should really make us repent to Allah and that is what Sulayman are they surrounded, that is what the Buddha is surrounded previously also.

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And then Sulayman are listened and prayed to Allah, he said, Oh Allah, grant me a kingdom, a kingdom that is so unique, that will not be given to anyone after me. Indeed you are allowed to have, can he? There is no limit to what you can ask Allah for. So they might as I was asking, give me a unique kingdom, unmatched kingdom, you are allowed to have look at the faith that he has an Allah, Allah you can give with what determination do we make the law? So we subjected to him the wind, blowing by his command gently wherever he directed. You see today, Monterey, Santa. He asked Allah, He passed a test he sought forgiveness, he corrected himself and he made the law and Allah look at the avenues

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that Allah opened up for him that the wind is subjected to him, and also the devils of jinn, every builder and diver and others bound together in shackles. We said this is our gift, so grant or withhold without account, really no measure, no restrictions for us.

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Lay man, do what you please, all of this extra service, were in Allah who were in the analysis of

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cinema. And indeed for him is nearest to us and a good place of return. You see the stories of the prophets they really deserve contemplation. What were their lives like? How were their personalities? Why Allah chose them for what qualities? What work Allah took from them, and what he blessed them with in this world, even with every prophet is an unusual miracle. Why? Because of his his loss, his sincerity, sincerity to Allah, what karamba Donna you and remember our servant, a YouTube when he called to his Lord, indeed, Shayla Vaughn has touched me with hardship and torment. Because many times more than the physical pain and the financial loss, what is extremely heavy, is

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the was was out of shape on the negative thoughts that come to your mind that passed through your mind. Negative thoughts about Allah? So he said, this shape on he has really touched me with hardship and torment, that constantly bad thoughts, negative thoughts come to me. So what happened? He was told strike the ground with your foot. This is a spring for a cool bath and drink. Meaning here's your shift app, here's your cure right under your foot. And what is it water? And sometimes, what happens? The cure? The solution to our problems is also just this far away. But why is it that we don't see it? Why is it that we don't benefit from it? Because Allah subhanaw taala did not will

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at that time, because you see, sometimes you have your prescription, you have your medication, you're having it but it's not benefiting you. It's not helping you. Why? Because we're being taught that the medication is not the cure. The Cure comes from who? Allah subhanaw taala because if Allah wishes to cure you, your cure could come from literally beneath your foot. And it could come from something as simple as water. And what do we think that the cure solution to our problems has to be something you know, so complicated and detailed and all of that? I mean, this is simple shifa, a human a son was sick for over 18 years. According to some reports, 18 years, he suffered physically

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a physical disease, so much so that his family left him his children. His wife left him eventually, and his friends his acquaintances abandoned him, he lost his property, he lost his children they died. Imagine and what was the cure in water under his foot? Simple, because shifa comes from who Allah solution comes from who? Allah subhanho wa Taala. So before we look around seeking, what is it that I can use? What is it that can benefit me, the first thing we need to do is ask Allah reach out to him. And we granted him his family, and the like number with them as Mercy from Us. And a reminder for those of understanding, we said and taken your hand a bunch of grass and strike with it

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and do not break your old because he had sworn an oath when he was sick. That if you were to get better, he would strike his wife with 100 lashes must have been angry with her over something. So he was told, just take a bunch of grass and striker with that, but don't break your oath. Indeed, we found him patient in now other than a whole sobre la, near Milan. We found him patient, what an excellent servant in the hood, a word indeed he was one repeatedly turning back to Allah, constantly remembering Allah, over and over again, turning to Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the prophet was ill for 18 years, and the near and far relatives and acquaintances all left him and then

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Allah inspired him or called village lake. So Allah removed his illness completely, and he became more beautiful and handsome than before, and alesund clouds on him that rain, gold and silver upon him. You see, there is no limit to Allah treasures. Just we are being tested. What is our faith in Him? What is our hope in Him? What do we expect from Allah, that is the real treasure. It is with patience, it is with hope, reliance on Allah faith and Allah will open the gates of his blessings when you remain hopeful when you remain firm on your principles. So, in the meantime, what is it that we need to do keep avoiding how long until Allah opens the halaal for us, but what do we do? We

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become impatient and we reach out further, how long does it ever happen that when you're stopped at a traffic light and you're like, when is it going to turn green? The moment you think that is when it turns green? What does it show to us? That relief is certain it is coming

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Just be a little bit more patient. don't reach out for the home. Claire is coming it will come when the time is right

Juz’ 23: Ya-Sin 13-83 – Az-Zumar 1-31

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