Moutasem al-Hameedy – In The Light Of The Quran – 26

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The host of a series of verses on the book "The Day of Judgment" offers advice on preparing for the upcoming day, emphasizing the importance of faith, preparation, and dedication. They stress the need to avoid missing the " "time tomorrow" and offer advice on what to prepare for. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing the names and attributes of Allah and benefiting from his teachings, as people have become hardened and become more aware of the names and attributes of Allah.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to your show in the light of

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today, we have a light that inshallah we hope will shine in our lives, and will help us really understand this world and prepare ourselves for the real life on the Day of Judgment. Actually, if the parable that alleges here and these verses, the light, the strength of this light and the beauty of it has the potential to help us really understand this world in a way that will make us work better, and prepare ourselves better for the day of judgment and make us better individuals. We'll see how we can get that inshallah. It's very important today. And these verses are I personally loved these verses so much and I hope that you will go to them and read them if you know how to read

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Arabic If you don't know how to read Arabic go to the translation of the meanings. Try to get you will get some of the meanings in charleville. These verses this light is so powerful social guy repeatedly recite these verses, because they are very strong, they touch the heart straightaway, they stay close to the heart, and they have a lot of influence a lot of potential in our lives. Let's start with a recitation Shall I spend some time with these verses? Then we will talk about the wisdoms and the life that we can derive from them

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you said before, if you want it when we want one lies ease, Hakimi.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We'll come back. Now these beautiful verses contain a very strong message, a very profound meaning. Allah starts by calling us with the name of faith, or you who believe or believers or you will be and we know that when once we heard the statement that there is a precious advice Allah is giving us Now Allah says oh, you who believe fear Allah have righteousness, have Taqwa feel the punishment of Allah protect yourselves from the punishment of Allah and let every soul look to what it has prepared for tomorrow. Let every one of you consider what he or she has prepared for tomorrow. Now which tomorrow is this is it the day that comes after

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this day? What kind of tomorrow and lights talking about here in these versus this tomorrow is the real tomorrow

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Now there is no tomorrow that we know that comes a day after the present day. But there is the real tomorrow that we should prepare ourselves for. This is the most important day, the most important tomorrow. So let's see what this real tomorrow is. The real tomorrow is the moment when we leave this world. The real tomorrow is the moment where we stand before our Creator. The real tomorrow is the moment where it will be decided for us whether to go to Paradise and dwell there forever, or to go to the Hellfire and be there and remain there forever.

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So that's the wheel tomorrow. So many people prepare themselves for the future talking. When you ask someone why they save a lot of money they say for tomorrow, meaning for the future, tomorrow, tomorrow. So many people so many people among us, they have plans, five year plan, a 10 year plan. Some people have a 20 year plan. Some people have a lifetime plan for tomorrow, some people prepare themselves for the future. But what is the real future? What is the real tomorrow? It is the moment when we will stand before our Creator and our destination, our destiny, real destiny will be decided. So Allah is saying to us, allies addressing us with the name of faith, or you who believe

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fear Allah, be dutiful to Allah, and let every soul look at what it has prepared for tomorrow. What have you prepared for that day? Good deeds, righteous deeds, wonderful deeds, what have you prepared for that day? Now we know once we read this verse, we have to stop, we have to take a moment with ourselves, we have to see what we have really prepared for tomorrow. Is there a lot of sacrifice? Is there a lot of striving we prepared? Is there a lot of charity that we paid for the sake of Allah? Is there a lot of difficulties that we overcome for the sake of Allah? Is there a lot of dedication, for the sake of Allah? Is there a lot of achievement that we made for Islam? What have we prepared

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for tomorrow,

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the real tomorrow,

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or have we wasted our time preparing for the day, for the days that are to come in this life. And you know, maybe you will prepare yourself for the years to come. And there's a possibility that you might never live, to reach those days, and to benefit from what you have prepared. But once you prepare for the day of judgment for real tomorrow, you will never miss you will never miss out on that. It will come to you. You will face it on the Day of Judgment. Then Allah says that Allah is very well aware with what you do. Allah knows what you do, and he will make you face it on the Day of Judgment. And Allah says to us, that's a very important morning, a very important like Allah

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says, that do not be like those who forgot about Allah, so many people live their lives unaware of Allah. They're unaware of the teachings of Islam, or the commandment of Allah, of the light that was sent to us by Allah, they're unaware of that. What happens to these people alone would cause them to forget about themselves how, by not knowing by misleading them away from what is beneficial for them what is really beneficial, not what they think is beneficial. So the people who are far from Allah, Allah will only lead them to what is evil for them. Look at the people of disbelief. Maybe they have a lot of wealth, they they pretend, or seemingly they enjoy their lives. But in reality, they are

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not the lives of miserable they're looking to fill the gap, the vacuum, the emptiness that is in the hearts. Why? Because a lot was going to forget about what is good for themselves, because they forgot about Allah. So the punishment recompense will be in accordance with the actions with our attitude. So let's remember Allah, let's be mindful of Allah all the time. So Allah will guide us to what is good for us, Allah we choose for us what is good. It's very simple. It's a clear equation. There's a lot of light and wisdom in these wonderful verses that Allah says, Now the people who have luck wasn't as good about themselves. These are the wrongdoers, they will go to the hellfire. Then

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Allah says the people of the Hellfire are not equal. They do not equal different products, the people of the Hellfire that people have found that are not equal. There's a huge difference between them. There's a huge difference between what is good and what is evil, through righteousness. And between wickedness. The people of Paradise will be in joy and blessings and ecstasy whereas the people of the Hellfire will be in the fire in the middle of torture and chastisement. Then unless his gives us a very strong parable, saying if we sent down this hole, and

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we said this hole and to a mountain or up on a mountain, it would have been Oh, you'd see it, you would have seen it humble and it would rent a Sunday it would crack and fall down because of the heaviness because of the glory of the hole. And so what's the matter with human beings we are hearing the Quran. We read the Quran but we don't benefit from it. So unfortunately the hearts of some people have become more hardened than rocks than mountains. Allah say

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Your fleet sent down the school lunch amount and you would have seen it humble, humble itself, because of the glory of this one, you would see it rent asunder and break down because of the weight, and the light and the wisdom of the plant. And the greatness of the words of Allah subhanaw taala. So what's happening to us? We are not benefiting from these words of Allah Subhan Allah to Allah and Allah says, such Allah gives the parables and dissimilarities to mankind in order to incite the thinking to make us think because examples help us draw parallels. So we start to think it causes us to think, to come to conclusions, real conclusions. So mountains would benefit from the

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court. And so why don't we benefit from that? Why don't we prepare ourselves for the real tomorrow? Then a last task to describe and talk about himself? And these are wonderful verses? Why did Allah mention these verses about himself, just after mentioning the example of the mountain, just to show us that we have to understand the names of Allah get to know him more benefit from these names and these attributes of Allah, Allah says that he, no one has the right to be worshipped but him, he knows everything he knows the members of this team and the unseen He knows everything. And He is the Most Merciful, that Allah says that no one has the right to be worshipped but him, he is the king.

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He is the Sovereign of the world. He is the most praised and he is the highest is the Most High, and he is the one who brings peace, and he is the one who brings security and he is the one who controls all the universe and has authority and part of everything that Allah says he is the Almighty, and he is the greatest than Allah says how hard a lot of lies above and exalted above everything they say. And Allah says He is the Creator, he's the one who gives you the images is allowed is everything, its shape. He has the most beautiful names. Everything glorifies him everything in the heavens and the earth, whether we see it or we don't see it, the plants, the animals, the rocks, the mountains,

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everything glorifies Allah because it knows that a light is its creator, and Allah is the Most High, Allah is the most wise analyzed, all mighty, these, this is the description of Allah. Now these verses contain a very profound message that we should prepare ourselves for tomorrow. How can we prepare, prepare ourselves, for the real tomorrow with the day when we meet our Creator is by understanding and benefiting from it and trying to do as much deeds as as many deals as possible, especially in the best quality that pleases a lot parents, Allah and all this we can achieve it through understanding the Quran contemplating it, benefiting from it from the light of it, and this

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is what the show is all about. And understanding the names and attributes of Allah and benefiting from the light and the light. They give us a lot of content to help us benefit from all of these. And until we meet with more light from the Quran, I leave you in peace and in the care of Allah subhanaw taala salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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