Taimiyyah Zubair – EP 24 – Surah Al Baqarah – AYAT 47 to 48

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of balancing is discussed, including the Day of Judgment and inter acknowledge. The difficulty of claiming to be okay on the Day of Judgment is also emphasized. The importance of preparing for the Day of Judgment is emphasized, and anyone doing harm to another person will face consequences. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being aware of one's actions and intentions to avoid wasting time and benefit later.
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Now Allah subhanaw taala addresses them and he Israel again, Yemeni Islam, Albany, Israel, old Kuru near Mati, remember my blessing allottee and under Aleikum, which I blessed you with which I favored upon you, only I gave it to you. And I gave it to no one else but you special favor upon you. were unbelievable to calm. And indeed I preferred you football to felt bought land fertile. fertile is an extra favor that is given to someone surplus. They're not necessarily deserving of it. It's an extra favor, even to them and not others. Excellence favor special favor. So we're only for balticon I preferred you on an army above the world. What does it mean by amin over here, that all the people

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have the words, meaning all the people of that time from all of mankind, Allah subhanaw taala chose who the Bani Israel how that he chose them. And he sent the prophets from among them, he chose them and he sent the books to them, not other nations were underneath I'd love to come and arella mean, and this shows to us that the blessing of the the blessing of a man is a huge blessing. It's a huge blessing which a person cannot gain just by himself. It's a favor of Allah subhana wa tada and that Allah reminds them what the coup Yeoman and fear a Day fear that day. What the Who have the power of and what does it mean by having the power of something that you do what is required and you stay

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away from what is forbidden. So what the poor young man fear that they take a shield against that day, so that you can be protected and saved on that day. Which day is this? The day one letter jersey? Yo, by the way, some letters Yeah, well, me and letter jersey it will not avail that jersey? Jean, say yeah, Jersey jersey, which is to recommend someone you know when we say jezza Killa halen or jazak Allahu khairan What does it mean? May Allah give you just that may Allah reward you. So desire is what recompense either reward or punishment either depending on what the person has done, and depending on what the desert so what the coup Yeoman letter to Z, it will not recompense,

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meaning it will not reward it will not avail it will not benefit who knifes on any person or unasyn from any other person shape and anything, meaning no person can avail another person on that day. Anything at all shayan Shinya Hamza thing, no person can aid another on that day. Which day is this?

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The day of judgment on the Day of Judgment, no person can aid you. No person can save you no person can rescue you. In this world if you're going through a problem through a difficulty Can somebody come and rescue you save you avail you benefit you in some way? Yes, they can. If not a lot at least a little bit on that day, no person can help you. Well, are you Kabbalah minha Scheffer atone Willa Yakubu, you have balamb COBOL and COBOL is to accept la Yakubu it will not be accepted minha from it meaning from any person Shuafat on any intercession. shefa is from new machine fat rain. Have you heard of the term shift?

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What does it mean? When somebody appeals for another on their behalf? For example, a person was unable to take their test on time. The teacher says that's it. You can't take it again. So that student goes to another teacher and says, Can you please request her to take my return? Can you please request her? So the teacher goes and does Jafar, for the student. You understand what your fire is? No. So what do you mean Harsha. On the day of gentlemen, no intercession will be accepted from a person. What does it mean by this? Meaning on the Day of Judgment, intercession will be not accepted for the one who does not deserve it. It will only be accepted for who for those who deserve

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What's the intercession that could be done on the Day of Judgment for what for what need for what purpose? That for example, if a person is destined to the Hellfire, that's where he's going. shofar would be that he is not sent to the hellfire. For example, a prophet of Allah requests Allah to not send that person into hellfire. Secondly, if a person is to enter Paradise, Shiva would be to enter him Veritas without any difficulty, so that person is admitted immediately. Similarly, if a person is already in Hellfire shofar would be that they are removed from the Hellfire, but will allow Yakubu minha Pharaoh will not be affected

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On that day for the one who does not deserve it,

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whether you are lumen hatia, whether you are domina, ardalan, nor any compensation will be taken you, Hamza ha, that and other are in the lab. What is the other mean? How do we know the word as justice? How do you generally understand it? Justice balance, but the word or the literally means the equal of something over here it gives meaning of compensation. If a person is accused of a crime, and they are to be in jail until their case is resolved, they're supposed to be in jail. What do people do? They request for a bill. Have you heard of the term bail? What is that, that for example, if a person committed a crime, the family the supporters are to bring up a certain amount

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of money, for example, $20,000 $50,000, to assure that this person is not going to do anything wrong.

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Now, the bail, it varies for one criminal, it could be $5,000. For another criminal, it could be 10,000. For another criminal, it could be 20,000. For another, it could be 50, for another could be more millions even. And for some it's not given at all, it's not allowed at all. They have to stay in jail. So while

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on the Day of Judgment, no compensation will be taken. No person can say, Oh Allah, take all this money, take all this wealth, and please release me from the hellfire. It's not going to happen. Well, I mean, how are they don't know a person can ransom himself on that day.

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No person can ransom himself on that day. Allah says, Well, our human soul and they will not be held in sorrow noon, sodre they will not be assisted. What is it reminds us that if a person is doomed to punishment, that's it. They're not going to be helped. They're not getting out of it. If you are in any difficulty today in this world, what are the ways of getting out you either find someone who can help you or you find somebody who can request for you or if you are capable yourself, you give money, so that you can be saved.

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Think about any scenario any difficulty that you could be in these are the three ways of getting out

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that a person comes in helps you or shahara is done or an adult is taken. But on that day, nothing of this will work. Nothing at all will work. Why? Because every single person will be concerned and preoccupied with his affair, his own affair, he will not care about any other. Allah says in the Quran in surah moonjune I have 101 that far either and if you have a Sunni fella and cervena, whom Yama even, that when the Trumpet is blown, then no relationships will remain between people. In this world what happens a father will do anything to save his child. But on that day, all the relationships will be finished. A father will not care where his child is. If he's okay, if he's in

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danger if he's in trouble. No. incidents are Bossa we learned liquid livery in Yama in in Shannon, uni he, every person will be occupied with a shotgun with an affair that will make him forget other people.

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A father will run from his child, a mother will run from her son, just imagine

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every person will leave all others, he will be concerned only about himself.

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lethargy is enough soon enough, since

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no one can aid you on that day, no shofar will be taken either will be accepted either will or you inherit alone and no compensation will be taken. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever has done an injustice to his brother, whoever has done any injustice with his brother with regard to his honor, or anything else, you've harmed another person you've been unjust to them, he should seek to be absolved by him before the day of judgment, meaning you should seek His forgiveness when before that day of judgment where there will be neither the now nor that hung on that day. If a person you've wronged comes up and says oh a lot this person was very unfair to me, I

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want my right back. And if you say here, take all this money,

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no dinner, no there have no currency will work. No money will work.

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If he has some right actions, the person was done wrong. If he has some good deeds, they will be taken away from him. Why? to counterbalance any injustice that he did. So in other words, on that day, the only currency that will work is what good deeds. If you've wronged someone, you cannot give them money. You know what you give them your good deeds.

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And if your good deeds are not enough, you know what happens, their sins come on you the punishment that they were supposed to suffer, you will suffer now, what are you doing? How are they doing? Well, our human saloon, and they will not be helped.

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The Day of Judgment is a very, very seriously. But unfortunately we don't think much about that day. We learned earlier that the Muto painter who will karate one up No, they believe with certainty about the Day of Judgment alladhina yo noona anomala corabi him, there are certain about the meeting with their Nord. Our problem is that we live in this world, and we forget about the hereafter. We are very, very negligent about it. And what shows that is our actions. If we are careful in our actions, that means we're careful about the Day of Judgment, we're concerned about it. And if we are negligent, carefree about our actions, the nachos we don't fear the Day of Judgment. But that day is

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such a day when you will be on your own. No friend will aid you. No government can aid you, no police can aid you. No army can help you. No neighbor can help you, no friend can help you. Even if she's best friend forever, she cannot come in a deal.

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You're on your own you and your deeds. And that's when you meet your Lord. And that's when He will judge you. So if we're not preparing for that day, if we're not serious about that day, then we'll be in serious trouble on that day.

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While our human sorrow, they will not be helped. And this is a fact or reality. Because every single person is going back, not even one is exempt.

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And that means all of us are going there as well.

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So we better become careful and rectify our hearts, rectify our intentions, rectify our actions, our behavior with other people, the rights of Allah, as well as the rights of people. Because otherwise, we're going to be in trouble.

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What will help you on that day, your deeds, your email, your actions, if they're the right guide, if they're accepted, then you're a winner.

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And if they're missing, if they're the wrong kind, if they're useless, then we're in trouble. Think about it. Every single day, we're given 24 hours. And think of those 24 hours as 24 boxes. And you have been told you have 24 boxes in one day, fill each box with anything that you want anything, it's up to you your choice. And then at the end of the day, you ship those boxes to your future house. And when you get there, you open up the boxes. What would you like to find?

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Just packing material. You know, sometimes you get a parcel that's huge. And there's a small thing in it, and the rest is stuffed with this packing material. Is that what you would like to find useless stuff? Would you like to find some boxes empty? Would you like to find some boxes full of garbage?

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Full of snakes, full of roaches. Would you like to find boxes that are full of empty bottles? Or would you like to find boxes that are full of good stuff? What would you like to find? Something that's good?

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Has it ever happened with you that you're traveling from one place to the other? You backup your bags? And when you get home, you open up your residence? What was I thinking? Why did I put this hotel soap in my bag? What am I supposed to do with this now and then you throw it you don't end up using it.

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At that time you put it such a burden, such a waste game all the way. And then you open it and then you throw it you get rid of it.

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This is what we're doing with our lives. Every day. We're given time. It's up to us whether we spend that time in doing useful productive things, good deeds, or we waste that time to sitting looking in space, daydreaming. Thinking about our problems thinking about our worries. Thinking about the things that make us sad, being lost in our own world or wasting our time watching what other people do.

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Like for example, somebody who's renovating their home and somebody is buying a new house and somebody's selling their house and somebody's cooking something and somebody is buying clothes and we watch them on the television for hours.

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Nice choice. Nice that nice. That's nice that is it for you is it for them? It's for them. So what have you find out about it? So what if you see it? Is it going to help you in any way? No, but unfortunately we waste our days doing these very things. But remember that we have to unpack these boxes when we get there. This is what we will find. So be careful about what you put in your boxes. Be careful about what you back in your bags because on that day only

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Good deeds will help.

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The more knowledge we're gaining, the more accountable we are becoming, meaning Allah subhanaw taala will hold us accountable. This knowledge should not just be increasing in our information, it should be transforming into action. Every single day, we should analyze ourselves, we should check ourselves, what have I done today to show on the day of judgment?

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What am I prepared today, for my tomorrow? Is there anything that is presentable, that can save me? Or is there nothing that is of value?

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The question is, if we know that we're not able to do everything that we have knowledge about doesn't mean we have to stop gaining knowledge. No, it means that you keep learning, and you keep trying. And you keep doing Saba. And you keep asking for others help. Because the solution that are lost the final thought has given over here was very noble somebody was right. This is not just to deal with difficulties, and problems and trials. If you look at the context of Bani Israel, their scholars are being told to add a lot of knowledge who weren't practicing that knowledge. So you may know a lot and you should keep learning. But it doesn't mean that you forget action. In order to do

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action, you asked us help. Whenever you learn something, Victoria, Allah, please give me the ability to do this as well. And you try consciously yourself as well. For example, we learned earlier about the importance of spending, right when we model the economy and the home of a person says, Oh, I don't spend a lot of money because I don't have much. So I shouldn't learn more on because I'm still stuck here. Know what you should do is make the firm intention that you're going to give something, even if it's one cent, even if it's five cents, and you make a conscious effort. Just like you put the money in your wallet, when you're going to school that this is going to be my lunch money. This

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is gonna be my bus money, you keep separate money for sadaqa make a conscious effort and this is what sobor and at the same time you may as well.

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Don't waste your life. Use that to do something that will benefit you later.

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So panicle locomobi humbucker Misha de la ilaha illa Anta Mr. Federica wanted to break

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