Taimiyyah Zubair – EP 25 – Surah Al Baqarah – AYAT 49

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the birth of Islam in the Arab population and the use of early cinema in Egypt. The culture became corrupt and enslaved people, losing their respect for neighbors and becoming like a-they-on-the-war community. The use of "naive" in Islam is discussed, including the use of "harvest" in punishment and punishment for crimes, and the importance of avoiding bias and hostility. The speaker emphasizes the need for human responsibility and avoiding mistakes, while also highlighting the importance of fixing one's ways to deal with difficult situations.
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Are the billing and mission line rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim.

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In the previous verses we learned that Allah soprano Darla addresses the Bani Israel in particular, reminding them of the blessings that were bestowed upon them, in order to invite them to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala alone, and to the belief in who the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well as the Quran, where the money is valued, especially addressed because they were the previous oma, they were the chosen people before this oma. They were the ones who Allah subhanaw taala had bestowed many favors on and had given them the responsibility to follow the guidance that Allah had sent and also to tell the rest of mankind about it. But unfortunately, they had fallen short in fulfilling it. So

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Allah subhanaw taala took that responsibility that favor away from them eventually. Now, and this is that we will study today, more favors have been mentioned in the previous versus what was said guru near Mati, remember, my blessings. In these verses, we're going to learn about what those blessings were, what were those near? And what were those blessings that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed upon them.

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But before we study them, a little bit of background is necessary. Who are the bunnies for you? They're the descendants of your Kubernetes. Anna, I told you earlier that your Kubernetes and how many sons did he have 12 sons. And one of them was who use of early sun and who was also a prophet of Allah.

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He's a professor was very special. He was very different from the rest of his brothers. And his father, as a result had a very different kind of love and attachment with him. And his brothers felt jealous of him, they did not like him at all, out of the jealousy. They threw him into a well, to get rid of him to get the attention of their father. What happened to use of early cinema, he was picked up by a trade caravan travelers were passing by the victim of they found him they felt Oh, how lucky we are. They took him to Egypt, and they sold him there as a slave. And when he was sold as a slave, what happened? He was in the house of the Minister of Egypt. It is said that he was a

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financial minister, Alo Arla who he actually was, but anyway use it for this when I was in his house as a slave. And we know about his story as to how he was sent to jail unjustly and how he remained there for so long. And eventually, when the king had a dream use of Islam is the one who interpreted it. And he also gave the king a solution as to how to save the people of Egypt. And the people around Egypt from his seven year long famine, drought that was to strike that area. So in use of Edison gave that suggestion, the king was very impressed. And he appointed him as the one who was responsible of taking care of the food supplies of Egypt. So use of early Salaam, he was sold as a

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slave in Egypt. And now he was up in the government, a very high position he had, when he had that position, what happened eventually, his brothers also came to Egypt to buy food from there. And we know about how they came several times. And eventually he disclosed to them as to who he was, and he called his family to Egypt to live there. Why? Because you can understand Palestine, like a village, no worldly success, very backward, in a way. And Egypt, on the other hand, was very successful in world leaders. This is why he invited his family to come and stay with him. And besides, he had a very good position in Egypt. He was in Egypt, his 11 brothers and his father, as well as the rest of

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his relatives. They came and joined him in Egypt. So what was the original Palestine? How did they end up in Egypt, when use of early Ceylon invited them? Now in Egypt, they stayed there for many, many decades, for many generations, they live there. And obviously, since they were brothers of the profits use of Artesia. So as a result, the locals had a lot of respect for the money Israel.

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But eventually what happened to the money Israel, they drifted away from the religion, they just felt proud about being those on the right path. They just felt proud about being the children of the prophets, and they did not follow the teachings of the religion. And remember that when religious people become corrupt, their corruption is much more severe is much more worse than the corruption of people who do not have knowledge who do not have religion. So when they got corrupted, what happened, the people of Egypt, they wanted to get rid of them. They had had enough of them. And we can also understand this in another way that when a people only take from a society, from a city

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from a people, meaning they're just benefiting but they're not really giving anything in return, then the rest of the people get sick and tired of them. They become like a parasite community.

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sucking the blood out of the community taking all the benefits and not giving anything back. And this is what became of the money Israel in Egypt. They were very proud of being the religious people. However, they did not benefit the people fit our own, and his nation. What did they do? They enslaved them. They subjected them to slave labor. They were not the free people anymore. They were not respectable anymore. Nobody had any respect for them anymore. So as a result, they were enslaved. And you can compare this to our state today as Muslims. We are very proud of being on the straight path. We are very proud of being Muslim. And we say, and we believe that we are the ones on

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the truth. But what do we give to people? We look down on the rest of humanity. But what benefit do we give to them? If we don't benefit the people around us? They're going to get sick of us. They're going to get tired of us. And they're going to take their revenge against us. in this society that we're living in today, as well, in this city, only the rest of the communities and rest of the religious communities, how active are they? They have soup kitchens, they have so many different services to offer to everybody. And what do we do? We only serve Muslims. That is if we serve Muslims, we don't even serve our own Muslim brothers and sisters. We don't even help one another. We

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benefit but we don't give back. And when people become like this, the rest of the people take them as a burden. They don't like them anymore. The same thing happened to the B'nai Israel. Then what happened when further on in his people had enslaved them. Allah Subhana Allah sent moosari Center for the rescue, as well as their guidance to guide the Bani Israel as well as to rescue them from fit.

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And inshallah, in the verses that we're going to study today, we're going to study about how Allah subhanaw taala saved them, how he guided them, and what was the response of the money is for you in return. And as we study these verses, we should continuously examine ourselves, look at our actions, our behavior, what do we do, in return to the favors of Allah that He has bestowed upon us? So let's study. This will now hand over him. We're in the Jena coming early fit our own and when we rescued you, from the people off at our own, what if it gives the meaning of Oh Guru is meaning Albany, Israel, all of you. Remember recall, recall when we bestowed this huge favor upon you, with guru

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near Mati, what is the huge favor that We bestowed upon you that net Jaina comb we rescued you? We saved you from who? from the people of their own? The word net Jaina is from the root letters noon Jean well from the word najat. And what does it mean to rescue to save someone from a trouble that they're in from some difficulty that they're in that they're suffering from? So you're suffering? What slavery hardship oppression at the hands of who fit our own and his people and we saved you? We rescued you is Medina calm? From who Minh le fit our own from the people are fit our own? Are you familiar with the word l? What does the word l mean? followers family, we say this word a lot. And

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perhaps we don't realize Aloma suddenly Allah, Muhammad Anwar Allah, Allah Mohammed in Kumasi later, Allah Ibrahim varla, le Ibrahim, Al applies to the family of a person, but not just the family. It also applies to the followers, the people of, for example, the Al of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who are the Justice family know his companions, those who believe in Him, those who follow him until today until the end of time, so often our own, who are the end of our own, they were the people of fit our own the nation of our own, fit our own himself, his royal family included, as well as his armies, as well as his people. And what was their name? They're known as the coptics. The lift off

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who is found, by the way, is this the actual name of a person for their own is the title, title of who, ancient Egyptian kings, the ancient Egyptians, what were they what religion did they have? they worshipped idols. They were polytheistic people and they believe that their king, that our own was not just their political ruler, but also their religious ruler. They considered him to be God or manifestation of

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God or incarnation or something like that. They believe that he had some divine attributes as well. So men and if in our own, we know that for their own claim to be, Lord hon Komal Arla, this is what he said, that I am your greatest Lord, Allah subhanaw taala says over here that we saved you from the people of our own.

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Why? Why did we save you from them? Because they tortured you. They had enslaved you. They had humiliated the Bani Israel, they would use them for slave labor for very hard work. It is said that for our own had a great desire for grid architecture. So he used the bunny Israel to construct these huge buildings that were very, very difficult to construct. And if you think about it, the pyramids and not just the pyramids, but the rest of the architecture that also exists still today, the remnants are there until today, all of that fit our own had built with the use of who the buddy is.

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So mean and if it our own Allah subhanaw taala save them from the people of their own from their torture from their oppression. And besides Allah subhanaw taala also saved them from the people of Iran. Why? Because he assumed Muna calm, so an either they were afflicting on you the most evil type of tournament? Yes, una comida. Samana is from the letter scene while meme sound. And so literally means a very, what does it mean to take animals for grazing? To take animals to a field? Do an open space? Why, so that they can graze they can eat? from the same root? Is the word sad? Sad? Is anyone named Saima? This name, what does it mean? Are you meaning the one who is a shepherd, the one who

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looks after the one who takes care of who grazing livestock, and in particular, takes them for what grazing so that they can eat so that they can feed the word sown. The first being I told you, it is to take animals for pasture. So from this, the word Psalm is used for pursuing something, to pursue something in order to get it. Similarly, the word Psalm is also used for imposing a very hard and difficult task upon someone. Have you ever seen animals working in a farm? Not grazing in a very nice green field? No working? Have you ever seen them? Like, for example, an oxen or bull a huge animal, what they would do is that in order to grind, like, for example, wheat or anything like

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that, they would make a bull walk around the bowl, or whatever that it was tied to so that the gears would move. And as a result, the wheat would be crushed as a mill. So they would make bowls walk around. And imagine the bull is walking, and walking, and walking and walking for hours and hours and hours. cemetery to get water out, they will do the same thing. Because as people would walk, the bucket would fall and they would set it up in such a way that they would basically work as machines. Have you ever seen small animals like even donkeys carrying a whole lot of stuff on their backs? I remember once I was in Pakistan, we were traveling, and we happen to pass by a village and there was

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a huge cart that was full of stuff full. And there was a donkey right in front of it and he was trying to pull that cart. It got lifted up into the air. Why? Because their cart behind him was so heavy, that he could not walk anymore. Just imagine that poor donkey was hanging up in the air. Why? Because the way that it was falling was too much for it. He cannot carry it anymore. Animals are used, abused. They're made to do a lot of hard work in the heat of the sun against their will perhaps your su Muna console or the likewise you were being treated. You were like their animals, their cattle, their livestock that they abused, and they made you graze on nothing. But what evil

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torture. This is all that they made you eat, consume what he will torture suit from the root letter scene while Hamza and so is anything that could upset a person, anything that makes him sad, whether it causes some financial loss, some tangible loss or intangible loss. Anything that upsets a person and our lab we have done this word earlier is that what does that mean? punishment? What is a punishment? a punishment is a difficult task or difficult experience that is imposed on a person for a crime that he is committed. But other than the Arabic language is not just punishment also applies to torture. And what's the difference between torture and punishment the torture is given to even an

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innocent person, even a person who has not committed a crime. So they imposed on you evil torture the most horrible torture

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It was very, very painful for you to live in that way. And what was this evil torture they inflicted on you hard work slave labor. And on top of that, besides that, what did they do? You the behavior of

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you that behavior that they have you heard of the word that we have? What does it mean, the animal that has been slaughtered? so vivid is to slaughter. And behind you the behind that be is to slaughter, but how brutally because notice the word there's a shinda. So it shows that the slaughter was not ordinary. How was it? It was brutal, it was terrible. First of all, it gives a meaning off how terrible it was. And secondly, it also shows that the slaughter was at a large scale. So in other words, they massacred they killed the massive herd and a large scale you the homeowner, but who are the slaughtering? Who are they killing? Who are they massacring? animals? No.

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Your sons of Munna is deplore enough. Even we read the word bunny earlier, Bunny is also a plural and a venet is also a plural, and what's the singular form? Even for both of them. So they were killing they were slaughtering your sons. They were killing them How? By cutting off their necks, just as animals are slaughtered. This is how your boys were being slaughtered. Elsewhere in the Quran, we learned your de Lune which shows that they killed them, perhaps through some other means as well. Some this slaughtered and others they killed through some other means you the owner of an icon. And at the same time, Western Union nissa ocho, and they were keeping alive your women? Yes,

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the human hair. Yeah, yeah. We have read the word yesterday, he don't get confused between the two. That word yesterday is from the word higher on and what does that mean? shyness. This word, although it appears to be the same is from a different word. It has been derived from a different word. And what does that word hieght? What does that mean? Life hyak is life. So it's the here is to try to keep someone alive? to spare them to let them live. So yesterday, they were keeping alive who Nyssa acoem your women? Why were they keeping the women alive? Because the women did not seem to be a threat to them. And besides, when the men are killed, and the women remain, then what's going to

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happen? Are they going to be protected? Men participate in warfare. Men are the ones who protect their people. So when the men are gone, who's left women? And just imagine the women are unprotected? What kind of evils can be committed with them? how vulnerable they are? Just think about it. And they kept the women alive? Why? In order to keep them as servants in their houses. They kept the women as servants were in their houses to serve them. So they were like slave women, and also servants. And this is a great humiliation for people that their race is being wiped out. Their nation is being annihilated How? By the killing of the men and the keeping of the women

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because women cannot defend themselves. And even when women have children, whose children are they going to be? The Coptic the tip, not the Israelis.

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In this way, they were annihilating the entire race, the entire nation, the entire cone of the money, Israel. Why was their own doing that? Why did he want to finish the money slot you because it has been said that our own had a dream, in which we saw that an Israeli would destroy his kingdom would overcome him would defeat him. So in other words, he would lose his power and authority at the hands of who and Israel it. So he decided, Okay, finish the race. If I finish them, they cannot do anything to me. So this is the reason why he enslaved them. This is the reason why he inflicted great torture on them. And this is why he killed their sons and get their women alive. He wanted to

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finish them because he felt their presence as a threat. Another reason is, like I told you earlier that when the bunny is started, were there they became corrupted. And when a religious people get corrupt, they're much worse than non religious people getting corrupt. The money Israel, their scholars, what were they told that with a clonal kita. You know, the book, you read the book, and yet you don't follow it yet to commit these crimes, because a person who has knowledge and still he does not follow it, his crime is greater than the one who does not have knowledge, then he becomes much much worse than

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Other people, he goes farther astray.

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This is why when the bunny Israeli became extremely corrupt, he wanted to get rid of them. He wanted to finish them. And another reason is given as to why he was trying to finish them as a punishment. Why punishment for their believing in musala salaam when he came, when musala salam came as a messenger, the Bani Israel obviously believed in Him, they demanded their freedom. But for our own we learned through through our off I want 27 that will call and mela woman call me for the owner, etc musawah como who leaves you to fill out the way that aka what early Haddock the people have said to him that are you going to leave Moosa just like that, what has people are spreading corruption,

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and on top of that, they don't even believe in you, nor do they believe in your gods. So all of your own sets and we are gonna want to start

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that we're gonna kill their sons and we're going to keep their women alive. So as a punishment, to show that he had absolute control over Bani Israel, because he had power. He could do whatever he wanted to do Bani, Israel could not defend themselves. He abused that power, just because he could kill them. He killed them, just because he could oppress them. He oppressed them. And many times it happens that just because people have some authority, what do they do? They oppress other people. For example, there is a little child, can he fight against you? If you slap him? Can he slap you back? know, if you yell at him? You scare him? Can he take revenge from you? So many times, people,

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they abuse children just because they can just because the child cannot do anything in return. And this is exactly what found it. He was proud of the position that he had of the power that he had. Ola says wolfy Valley calm and in that, are you all Valley calm? What does radical refer to? That it refers to the torture that is suffered at the hands of fear? Or what was it torture? You soon wanna come? So are there you there behind an urban article? Where's the humanist article in that, or you all was what been on a trial, a test, it was a great test from who may not be come from your Lord, our Lehman. Very great. Or Lehman over here is a description of burnout, meaning it was a great,

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great trial for you all, what was a great trial, the torture, the oppression of their own. The word Bella is from the letters Bella. And Bella is used for a test, a trial that is very, very severe, meaning it's very difficult. It's very intense. And secondly, the word Bella is also used for a trial that could be through difficulty. And it could also be through ease. It could be through something evil, and it could also be something good. Have you ever heard money is a test? Money is a big test. But isn't money good? Don't you like it? Don't you benefit from it? Yes. So Bella is a test through something evil as well as something good through difficulty as well as through ease. So

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what does it mean by that, then? How was this torture? A great test? Understood, the torture was evil. So it was a very difficult test. But the good meaning where does that come in? How do we understand that? Some scholars have said that will feed early calm valic does not only refer to the torture the oppression of our own, but secondly, it refers to a loss upon receiving the money Israel, that in their saving in their najat when Allah save them, that was a great test. How can your rescue and your saving be a great test? How are you grateful? Or are you ungrateful? When Allah subhanaw taala saved them from fit our own? That was a great test. Because of Bani Israel. We're

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being tested. Now. What do you do? are you grateful to Allah? Or do you forget the favor that Allah has bestowed upon you wolfy Valley Kampala on Mira become early.

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What do we learn from this verse? That we are being tested all the time when a difficulty comes in? And when a difficulty goes out? When we're suffering from a difficulty, and when the difficulty has passed us at the time of difficulty, what's the test? Do we remain steadfast? Do we remain hopeful? Do we have trust on Allah? Do we seek His help or not? And when the difficulty has gone when the difficulty has been taken away? What's the test? Are we grateful? Are we thankful? Do we thank Allah for his saving us for his protecting us or do we forget his favors? A very important lesson that we learned from this verse is that being saved, being saved from the torture and persecution of an

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enemy is that a favor of Allah is

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Is that a neuroma of Allah, it's a huge, huge blessing that Allah has saved a person from the torture that he was suffering from the oppression of other people on him. It's quite possible that the oppression that a person faces today is not at the same level as that of Bani Israel, which they suffered at the hands of their own, any other oppression that a person faces at the hands of others, other people not giving rights to him, other people being rude and harsh to him. You know, for example, it's quite possible that you go to a school and you have that very mean counselor, or very harsh teacher, that the moment you see that counselor, the woman you see them, you start getting

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nervous, it's quite possible you have faced that bias, that hostility, that you go to work somewhere. And every time you walk in, you know that they treat you differently, because of your hijab. If Allah saves you from them, if Allah protects you from them, takes you away from that situation. That's a huge blessing. For many of us, before we came to this country, perhaps we were in a country in a place where our lives were in danger. If we remained there, we wouldn't know we were going to see the next morning or not, we perhaps feared the safety of our lives, the safety of our children, the safety of our wealth, but Allah subhanaw taala out of his favorite took us out

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from there and brought us to a place that is safe, where we are secure.

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So being saved is what a huge blessing of Allah, and we must never, ever forget that

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we must never forget that we must remember our past and be grateful for our present. Because it happens to us that as soon as our situation becomes better, it's as though nothing happened yesterday. It's as though we forget the favor of Allah. And we become very arrogant, and we become boastful, as if it wasn't a last favor on us, but our own achievement. Another very important lesson that we learned from this is that Allah is the one who takes us out of difficulties. Allah alone is the one who takes us out of problems. Think about it, a person could be in difficulty for only a day or two a week or two. Allah subhanaw taala takes him out. And another person in a similar difficulty

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is stuck there for how long? two years, three years, five years, 10 years. So if you got out of that trouble before the other person, Allah is the one who saved you. The bunny is right when they were enslaved. And when they were being persecuted. It was as though there was no hope. In a country in a place where there's democracy in a place where people can stand up for their rights where they can advocate their rights, their human rights groups, okay, if a person is suffering, can he at least voice his concern? Or his rights? Can he do that? Yes, he can. But for the bunny is like you who is going to lobby for them who's going to advocate their problems, who's going to go seek revenge for

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them from amongst people? Nobody was even the wealthy amongst the bunny Israel had turned against them, for example, borrowed was from the bunny, Australia and he was very wealthy, he was very powerful. But you know what he did, he left the bunnies, right? He didn't care for them at all. Instead, he was very oppressive. So Allah alone is the one who takes us out of problems.

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And this also teaches is a very, very important lesson, that no matter what difficulty we are in, never, ever give up hope. Never, ever lose trust in the power of Allah Subhana.

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Allah can save you a luck and rescue you. He can take you out of your trouble, anytime, even if it seems impossible. Think about the money in Australia, their sons being killed, women are alive, families are torn apart, enslaved, tortured, humiliated, no rights, no safety, no security, unless it was even a joke. So we must also expect help from Allah subhanaw taala and never ever lose trust in Him. A very important lesson that we learned from this verse is that when people are suffering from some difficulty, this is in fact what a trial from Allah soprano.

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When we are going through some difficulty, what do we do? We blame other people. See the Muslims are being treated in this way. It's a conspiracy. All of these people are turning against Muslims. This is what we say. We blame other people. We blame individuals. We blame governments and we say it's conspiracy. It's this. It's that but we never think about it. Why is this happening? Who allowed this to happen? any difficulty? Any test we're going through is in fact a test From who? Allah subhanaw taala even if it appears to be coming at the hands of the people who are in front of us. For example, a person might say my mother in law is the most horrible woman in the planet. She's

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very harsh with me. She's very tough with me. She never spares me, okay? But think about it. Why? When we're in a

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problem, you know what we do? We just focus on other people. It's because of her only if she could be out of my life, only if I could move away. Only if something would happen to her, my life would be so much better. But you know what? This is happening to you for a reason. Someone allowed this to happen who have lost?

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Because apparently it was for their own who was torturing the bunny Israel, isn't it? But unless as in this was a great trial from Wu, Allah put you in this test at the hands of her own question, why are we tested? Why are we put in difficult situations? Why? For many reasons, for various reasons. First of all, remember that life is a test. A loss of panel data tells us in the Quran that a lady Nakamoto will hire Leah Balu welcome,

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Allah, Allah has created death and life so that he may test you as to which of you are good in their deeds? Every moment is a test. If it's not one test, it's going to be another. Remember that? If it's not one test, it's going to be another. If it's not one trial, it's going to be another Ask any person in this world, are they free of problems? Are they free of challenges? No, even the most happiest person faces challenges. Even the most comfortable person faces difficulties, the most wealthiest people face difficulties as well. The person who could be the fifth richest, or the fourth richest man on this planet, could also suffer from cancer, every person, every single human

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being, so it's a part of life, except that difficulties are a part of life. This is why we are tested. And why are they a part of life? Because we learn from our difficulties. We learn from the trials that we go through, it makes us a better person. And besides, it's an opportunity for us to gain reward. If you didn't have a headache, and you weren't patient, would you get reward? If somebody wasn't mean to you, and you did not forgive them? Would you get reward? Would you get the same reward without going through that experience? No. So difficulties are a part of life. Why? So that we can gain reward, so that we can do something to prepare for our hereafter? Secondly, another

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reason why we are tested. Sometimes it is because of the crimes that we have committed the sense that we have committed the mistakes that we have made the errors that we have made a Lost Planet, Allah tells us in the Quran, insert assura number 30, that women are sobre como Sliva to fabby Mikasa that ad con, if you have a stomach upset, you wonder, what did I eat? Isn't it you don't say, Oh Allah, why is this happening to me?

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You know that your stomach is upset as a consequence of something wrong that you ate. Similarly, if you're having a problem with someone, it's quite possible that it's a consequence. It's a result of something that you did do them something that you said to them.

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If you do bad on a test, it's a consequence of what perhaps you're not studying properly. So, difficulties trials, what are they a consequence of our own bad actions.

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Third reason why Allah subhanaw taala tests us why he makes us go through difficulty in life, to shake us to wake us up to make us realize our reality, to make us reflect on our actions on our behavior, so that we made change ourselves before the final day comes before the last day comes. Allah subhanaw taala judges in the Quran that one of the cognomen or double Edna donor, they will act very larhonda who get to the Quran, certainly we will definitely afflict on them minor punishment before the major punishment. Why? So that they can take a lesson they can check themselves, they can analyze themselves, doesn't happen with you. You fall ill you hurt yourself and

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you wonder, what did I do? Did I say something wrong? Did I do something wrong? Why did I fail this test? I studied hard. How can this happen to me? Why did I hit my car? What did I do? Was I arrogant when I was driving? immediately what happens? You begin to reflect on your actions. So Allah puts us in difficulty. Why? To shake us to wake us up. realize what you're doing. seek forgiveness for the wrong that you have done. Fourthly, the fourth reason why we are tested

00:34:30 --> 00:34:32

to elevate our ranks.

00:34:33 --> 00:34:59

Allah subhanaw taala tests us so that he may elevate our ranks, he may give us a higher rank in His sight, in the hereafter in paradise. If you think about it, all of the prophets of Allah were they tested? Yes, we know about the life of Prophet sallallahu Sallam he suffered so much persecution in Makkah and Medina also so many difficulties, any kind of difficulty you can imagine he had it. Similarly for him or herself.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:21

He had to slaughter his own son. He had to leave his infant child in the middle of the desert where there was no water, no grass, no trees, no people. Use of Ceylon, he was thrown in the well. Your overall Islam was deprived of his son, a Uranus and

00:35:22 --> 00:35:51

he had wealth. He had family. He had a healthy body. All of that changed his wealth, he lost his family, he lost his health, he lost all the prophets of Allah, they were tested through difficulties. Why? Is it because they were sinful? We cannot even imagine that. Why is it that Allah subhanaw taala tested them, because they were patient, when they were patient, Allah rewarded them when you rewarded them. They're the legit, were higher.

00:35:52 --> 00:36:39

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the most in there suffering among the people are the profits, then the best and then the next best. In other words, people are destined according to the level of their righteousness. Sometimes they're tested according to the level of their righteousness. So difficulties, trials, dusts in life, they're not for no reason. They're always for a reason. any difficulty you're going through, reflect on your life, reflect on your actions reflect on your thinking, am I grateful? Am I ungrateful? And my obedient? Am I disobedient? Do I give the rights of people? Or do I deprive them? Do I obey Allah? Or do I disregard His commands? Do I submit or do I

00:36:39 --> 00:36:45

object? What do I do? I need to change my ways, if I want my life to be better.

00:36:46 --> 00:37:26

And the thing is that improving yourself does not mean that the problems will go away. improving yourself means that it will be easier for you to deal with the problems. jacobellis and I'm using our listener we can't imagine that they did something terribly wrong so this is why Allah subhanaw taala punish them but what happened they were able to cope with the situation imagine use of artists and it was sold as a slave if you and I something like this happened to us what would we do? What would we do? Think about it? We would rebel? We would scream we would shout we would fight with other people we would hit them and we would try to escape we would do one thing after the other we

00:37:26 --> 00:37:27

display impatience

00:37:28 --> 00:37:54

but use of our listener What did he do? He displayed patience he became a more sin when something bad happens to us we do more bad saying or bad was done to me. So this is why I am doing it. Use of artists and um the people in the prison with him you know what they called him a Morrison, someone who is very very good and kind and nice. Can you imagine someone in the prison is being described as a person?

00:37:55 --> 00:38:16

So when we're going through a difficulty, what do we need to do? reflect on ourselves and fix ourselves which will inshallah result in either ease or acceptance that will make the problem easier to deal with wolfy Valley Kampala on Mira become Arlene

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