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– Miracles & the Boycott

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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Okay, the objectives for serum or others. In this lesson, we're going to look at a few lessons from the reversion of Hamza Rama that we didn't take in last session.

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And then we're going to look at a few miracles that happened in that time period between the fourth fifth sixth seventh of prophethood because that's what we're up to.

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And finally, we're going to discuss the boycott itself,

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which occurred in the seventh to approximately 10th ie profitable

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We know Hamza Rolando became a Muslim because of the actions of which imbecile

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Abu Jamal, Abu Jamal, right, he thought he was so wise because he had the nickname cam. But in fact, it was Abu Jamal, the father of ignorance really, what happened? He tried to harm Rasul Allah. And what ended up happening was that he harmed himself. We know Hamza came back from a hunting trip that day, and you heard what happened to his nephew in which he was humiliated, and even in the correct Abu Dhabi over his head, and it was a big hit as well, right. And he decided to bleed and because of the animosity he was showing, towards his nephew, he accepted Islam to show spite. And however, although he did that initially, not for the right reason, he went home that evening, he praised the

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heart and asked the left, this is the right decision opened my heart to it. The next morning, he found he was accepting of this religion. So he stayed on Islam with hamdulillah. So that's a very important lesson my brothers that don't doubt, the Divine Decree of Allah, things may look bad, but in reality, there's a lot of good behind it.

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Sometimes a trial calamity or affliction.

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seems bad. seems difficult, seems hard. However, there's much good in it for you, even if you don't say, like medicine. Medicine is bitter at times, but you take it anyway. Why?

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For cure, you take it despite its bitterness because of its advantages. So likewise, sometimes your test is quite bitter. You're going through a bitter sour experience, but it's necessary, she can reap the benefits from Mike was when you take your child to the doctor, they have to get that needle they Kabbalah I don't want it. But you know, as a parent, and the doctor knows that it's far better for that child to take that injection despite some harm. So likewise, Allah azza wa jal at times may affect you with harm, a trial a calamity is difficult to bear. But know that bad that Al minha the scholar said, after the affliction, there is a law granting Allah gives you gives you together with

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you love, you got to go through that with you. Hey, that's the son of life. So now of life. You say? Yes, sir. You're saying Brother Mohammed, even the fifth and it's happening in Bella Sherman, the massacring slaughtering of the Muslims. That's better for us. In one way, it is why, Papa he purification. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he had he oma to mahoma laser La da da da, da, da da boo happy dunya he sets a lot of Selim this nation of mine is a nation that's forgiven by Allah. No punishment for it in the hereafter. Where is its punishment? Here? So is it okay for your Salah hell, he said Abra was the natural pattern, fit and trials tribulations calamities xlsm.

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Also trials and tribulations also earthquakes, cotton massacring of its people. In other words, what's happened to our own man my brothers is actually a good thing. Good thing. Allah azza wa jal is purifying the belief is now so there's no punishment later on was for the kuffaar Lodge with the grandson ease, luxury, opulence, affluence, don't think it is good for them. The only DNA graves deeper just like in Serato feel, if you recall, where a lot of gel could have destroyed the army early on. But he left them so they can amass their world. Ms. The army secure the funds, secure the training make all the way to Mecca, and then they were destroyed that is far worse, more of a

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punishment than if they were destroyed earlier on because then they wasted all of their resources. Likewise, America and these so called Western superpowers, they funding these armies to wage these wars. So they end up losing the wars and their money and then they'll be defeated. And when they die, they'll go to the hellfire. So the moral is, despite how bad a situation may be, don't despair, don't despair. You may not always trust the plan, but always trust the planner, Allah azza wa jal for the fire didn't Bernie blow him. The knife didn't kill is married. The well didn't use and the water didn't

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Mussa. The lesson is be with Allah. And Allah will protect you always rely on a larger region, despite your terrifying experience.

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In fact said, you know, when you throw a child up into the air, the child loves, despite the terrifying experience to like was when you're going through a terrifying experience, love as well. Right have assurances that the child has assurance that the parent will catch him, you have assurance that the laws of mercy will catch you.

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And life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, but it's your decision, whether you scream or enjoy the ride. So don't worry, be happy, don't stress because stress never has never was and never will be a factor that actually removes your calamity. Or if I stress more, the problem is going to go away. No, it actually makes things worse. So power law.

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And also Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important. Capture the good times. And if things don't work out, take another shot.

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That's how you should view life. And hamdulillah be positive, don't be negative. Instead of looking at the cup as half empty, look at it.

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have full effect look at as always full. Be positive, right because you can't lead a positive life with a negative mind. Negative thoughts are like weeds. If you don't extract them from their roots are going to keep on coming back. have always a positive mind. In fact, those people are positive. They have the best lives because he can't bring him down.

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So that's a very important lesson from the reversion of Hamza. As for the revision of Mr. One man, my brother's one man changed Mecca entirely. Even Mr. Rhodes said we were able to write the Kaaba tour Ahmad accepted Islam. He was such an asset, that the Muslims situation changed dramatically after his reversion when Hamdi laid down, I mean, so what's the lesson you may ask? One man can make a difference. So that's the lesson we're going to show later on. In the boycott how one individual changed the situation of the embargo, one individual, one person can make a difference.

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In terms of the miracles, there were many miracles that occurred during this time period, as we said, fourth, fifth, sixth seventh, he probably would have done with the lessons from the revision of Hamelin amo

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there was a man in the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam katakana.

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Rue Khanna was the famous wrestler of Mecca. He was the heavyweight champion of Arabia, this guy held you know, the WWF title, this guy held the wrestling title of Arabia. This guy was the undisputed champion and King, no one can beat him. In fact, no one has ever put him on his backside before. This guy was unbelievable. And he was a gaffer. One day he wanted to humiliate the Prophet Mohammed Salim you claim prophet you claim you got support from God. Okay, I'm going to challenge you to wrestling match me in your one on one man Oh, man. Oh, let's see what you got. And the winner gets 100 camels?

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Why not? What are the Prophet do? Please, Hamza you take over? I'm not No, no, no, you're on right. You're on. The prophet SAW Selim accepted his challenge. Now this gaffer wanted to challenge you might to humiliate the profit margin that he wants to humiliate. He wanted to put him on his head. The prophet SAW Selim begins wrestling. The Prophet picks him up and dumps him on his back.

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This man was sitting there.

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I suck. No one has defeated me before. In fact, no one has even put me on my back before he was shocked. First time ever in history, the prophet alayhi salatu salam had the strength of 30 men. As per the authentic narration miracle. He said round two again, I'm not going to accept the Prophet does the same thing for a second time. Round three. Let's go again. He does the same thing Allah He sought to same three times in a row the Prophet picks him up and dumps him. After that, he said before today your face was the most despised face to me. And before today,

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no one has ever defeated me. In fact, no one has ever put me on my back. I shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa Anika Rasulullah. This was a miracle. How can this man have defeated me just like that three times. He had the strength of 30 min Ali so to speak. So that was one of the key miracles the wrestler named rocchetta was defeated by the prophet three times in a row. So did the Prophet win the camels? He sure did. So did but did he say hi, Luiza and

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that was also law.

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The brothers asking was that before betting was how long it was. The Prophet won the camels and then he gifted them to Canada. That was the province.

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What a man, his character was unbelievable and brothers, his character cannot be faked. You know when a person wants to get married, they can put on a show they can fake it for the first three months. Sociologists say that you cannot put on a fake persona for more than three months. A true character is going to come at Habibi, it's going to come out sooner or later. The Prophet Allah His Word to slim character was sublime. A Lazarus praised him a certain column we're in NEC Allah Allah, holo pin alim common translation, you are on an exalted centered character but it's more to it well in that good they'll keep kid conformation guarantee assurity no doubt you are similar in nega lol

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and not just Tyler, left Island. In other words, the lamb is also for the kid confirmation guarantee and other promise. There are a whole lot in your own character that would have been sufficient. You want good character, but I did have the great enormous character, sublime mahalo.

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What an area. Now, what's interesting, this is a pseudo column.

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We know sort of column was the early revelation or late revelation, early, early revelation. In fact, the pen one column is the first earth or last war by the first earth, you know what takes many oaths, or one laughs three, what DNA was a tune was very soft.

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The first oath was one,

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early revelation and what that tells us, that tells us this is how Rasulullah was, as a human being as a man, before he was molded by the revelation. This is just as he was normally, early revelation, you know, you think it was late revelation a lot praising him would have been after years upon receiving guidance or revelation from Allah, his character has been molded, by the way. No, it was too early days. If he was like that, in the beginning of Revelation, how was he at the end the revelation, he only got better with revelation. I think a better

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that just is telling us what brothers how he was as a person even before Prophethood that's how he was and the first people to accept Islam or who

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Khadija I will buck Isley his closest family members in you know, your wife is among your closest of people. And that's what a lot referred to the man woman as garments on alabaster. lakum went on, leave us alone, your garments for them their garments for you. Why? Why garments, just as garments clothing is the closest object to your body. Your spouse is the closest human to your life.

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They are the closest and that's why you can't pull the shifter on your wife, you know, you're right. And she tries to pull the shifter and you can just tell your eyes if she's gonna make up a story. Right? You can tell that's how close you are, you know the ins and outs. You know when they're uncomfortable? You know, when they're happy, you know when they're right. You can just tell us upon the fact that when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam proposed itself to her deja she accepted on the spot. Allahu Akbar. Is that not a testament to his character, Jr. He's not a liar.

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Imagine you came home tonight after Shere Khan. You said look on the way home all of a sudden was driving in on him highway this white light appeared. This angel said you are a prophet I'm a prophet of Allah.

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UFOs are you feeling are happy.

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So it's probably called the chef chef. What do you know what's going on? Is my husband possessed? What happened? Mia tonight? Did you have to take you seriously? No way. So either cleaver shaitan. Or else you think you're joking? Or you think you're sick or something right? One of the three? What is she going to think Really? She's not going to take you seriously heavy. But the fact that Rasul Allah proposed Islam, right to his wife, he accepted straightaway. He's best buddy who was a bobak except the straightaway his cousin, except the straightaway, he's closest to people to him.

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on the spot, they said without hesitation, that shows you they knew this guy is not a liar. He's not a liar. Even if I were to come in tonight, and the same make up a claim, right? Even though I'm being a teacher, if it was a outrageous claim, you say, Oh, I don't take that seriously. Right. This shows you how it was so wasallam. So even that is a miracle.

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Now also what happened in the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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This was between now between the minor hedgerow to where

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Abby senior and the reversion of Hamza and Omar, which occurred between the fifth and the sixth year Prophethood. This is the next miracle, which occurred between

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the fifth

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and sixth year of prophethood. What happened here?

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Quraysh requested a miracle from the Prophet as though the Quran was not miraculous enough.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam received from Allah jabril

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at the moon will be split. Allahu Akbar. What a miracle.

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They requested this miracle. The Prophet told them okay, I'll give you a miracle. The time was set, the believers gathered. Also the disbelievers gathered, everyone was there

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and right before their very eyes, on a clean night, the moon was split into two literally, literally not an optical illusion. So much so that it's not our best said in the narration that is found in Muslim that we saw one half of the movement Amina on this side of the mountain, another half on that side of the mountain. And Buhari said that this occurred between the fifth and sixth year Prophethood between the minor Hydra to Ethiopia and

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it's occurred between the minor Hydra and

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the Hamza and Ahmad accepted Islam. This is firmly established one brothers no doubt about it in Al Bukhari, and Muslim for those who still doubt it's even in Iran which Surah Al kamar, the surah of the Quran, it's called sort of kamar the moon aquatera bat is set to one shot called Kemal. The owl has drawn me and the moon has split. This surah used to be recited by the prophet SAW Selim regularly especially on eight solar, eight solar wire it solar, because this was such a clear sign. And aid is a clear paradigm for the believers. So the disbelievers can all hear this and none of them refute no no this didn't happen. They could hear the Quran this happened and they knew it

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happened allows you to sit next. Whenever they see us or they turn away they say this is passing magic haters, haters pawn a lot. Now they've been some reports that this has actually been identified and proven via some astronomers. However, until this is well established and it's proven a little island. We need to verify that news. But some have stated that this actual has occurred such a study and it's subjected to further research but either way whether they discover it or not. This has clearly been proven established in the authentic hadith Bukhari and Muslim and in Nakuru, Al Quranic follow de terracina. This is a mistake.

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If it didn't happen, Moldova say.

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So no doubt this occurred, this occurred. When this happened, the Prophet told us to hover. When this happened they were looking at he said bear witness to this, you know, witnesses and many narrations that this happened.

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So these are clearly miracles, there are others. We're not going to take every single one. As we continue in the sila. We're going to take more.

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Now what happened in the 70. After the miracles after miracles after miracles upon a lot of the kuffar

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they still not accepting Islam and Croatia becoming more arrogant. They were worried now. They said look, seventh year Prophethood Hamza has accepted Islam. Amara is accepted Islam, many ladies accepting Islam. And on top of this, the Muslims who migrated to Ethiopia What happened to them? Now this thing there is nothing there safely. We have to do something. There's only one solution if you can destroy the message, destroy the messenger. We have to annihilate this man Mohammed.

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They went to his tribe Banu Hashim and Ben rob them upon him, Ben Hashem and Optimizely All right, these names on the board in a moment is all in the cylinder

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and hand him over. Hand him over for the slaughter. What did they say? No way. He's our fellow tribesmen. Although there were

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a lot of metal Hashem a better optimal portable, Kufa. Panama, my brother's father had more loyalty in the zero for the filler Trojan, there are many Muslims today, but we're handing over their brothers for the slaughter. How many Muslims give up their brothers?

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They call him up. Come take him in, right as a terrorist.

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Look for stuff in law. How can they get it Banu Hashim who could fight at the time did not give up the Prophet Muhammad. And because of that, because of them not handing over their brother, their brother in not Dean in clean

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not the Brotherhood in religion but the Brotherhood in and tribes and of course, in plain their creation, right. There's two types of brotherhood, okay?

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Because I didn't hand over and they refused to hand over their brother, what happened? They will also boycotted and they remain patient or we can handle this boycott, give him up know there remain patient and persevere in the boycott. non Muslims are boycotted in order to protect the Prophet Mohammed Panama.

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Look at that. And many Muslims today can't even be a patient due to the minor test that they've experiencing compared to the Prophet Mohammed. Salah said this was a very difficult year my brother 70 up until the 10th year, somewhere, I should say two to three years of Danny in terms of the boycott, it occurred for two to three years, Alamo him.

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They lasted his boycott lasted for at least two years, sadly been accosted. The boycott was so severe, we had tea leaves to survive.

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Imagine that imagine you go home, there's no food for days, you go out to your backyard used to start eating leaves. You can't imagine that here in Sydney, Australia. I don't think there's ever been a day in our lives. My brother's we've opened the fridge and we didn't find any food or water. I don't think there hasn't been. And if there is, let me know. But I doubt anyone has here in Sydney, Australia. And if it is, it's very rare.

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But imagine that imagine eating leaves that had nothing, he said even got worse than that. At times, we had to eat the skin of dead animals.

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And we know the Mater is how long to eat from but in order to survive to have a little bit to continue. No problem. Of course, at times these dire situations require any ease as the famous spider rule in fitness in the dark and atossa when suddenly becomes restricted and automatically necessitates ease. That's the wisdom of the studio. So that was the statement of sad because we had to eat leaves with a skin of dead animals.

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So what happened during this period? Correct now you're not with other tribes. They said we're going to boycott you know Hashem albino Abdulmutallab, because you have refused to give up Mohammed, thus, this boycott will continue until you hand him over. And this boy called included the following my brother's three things. What were they no trade,

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despite Quraysh being business people and so forth, and many of the tribes of the Prophet Mohammed Salim being likewise No, no trade was to occur between them. Also, no dealings whatsoever. They want food, they want drink, provision, tough luck. And know

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what is it?

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Yes, no relationship, why marriage, I love to marry into them and I'm allowed to marry them off nothing. So

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these tribes led by Quraysh sort of to come together form this document.

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And they hung it up where?

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Inside the Kaaba right now there was a man and underlined his name by the name of

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he Sham ignore Harris.

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He Sham

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non Muslim.

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he was the most outspoken against this embargo.

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He wouldn't tolerate it. He'd speak up and say this is all oppression brothers, uncles, tribesmen, how can you do this? He's complained to falling on deaf is what he would do. He would secretly provide Banu Hashim, a banner Abdulmutallab with food and provision. He will go to the hilltop that was overlooking that area. He will load up his camera with food provisions, resources, and then he'll hit it on its way and will go down by itself and provide them secretly with food to power a lot non Muslims. He couldn't tolerate it. As we said, many of them had more loyalty and leota towards just basic human rights than many people today who are living in 2015. So called advanced

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civilization of the 21st century.

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Now one day he was fed up, and he decided to do something about it. Two or three years have passed now. He one day goes to his mates by the name of zohaib. Even Abby omega

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So hi, Abby, Amaya

00:24:20--> 00:24:54

was a close friend of his. He approaches him one day, he says does it please you as you eat will drink we'll live well dress well, while our own nephews and uncles are being boycotted. This is oppression, we have to do something. He says what can I do about one man? Perhaps if you have another that can join me, then I'll go about abrogating these documents. I need the boycott. He says you do have another man he says Who? He says me. He's okay Bring me a third who has very well.

00:24:55--> 00:24:59

He Sham goes to more time even a day

00:25:03--> 00:25:33

he punches him says the same thing as it pleases you. As you drink Well, he will dress well while our own uncles and nephews are being boycotted This is oppression and boom have to do something about it. He said What can I do about one man? Perhaps if you bring me a second, I'll go about destroying this document. He goes, you have a second Who me? He goes, bring me a third you have a third who Zhuhai is bring me a fourth in that case very well. He goes

00:25:35--> 00:25:37

and he finds Apple book that he

00:25:38--> 00:25:41

liked that name. a boon book daddy.

00:25:44--> 00:25:46

Same thing as it pleases you

00:25:48--> 00:26:00

that you are living well dressing or eating Lola own nephews and relatives being boycotted had that gorilla but one man What can I do? His pasty bear with me a second. I can help. He says you have a second dude.

00:26:02--> 00:26:08

Me? Same thing, right? And I'm not gonna say the whole story again. Right? It says, Bring me a third

00:26:10--> 00:26:19

guy. I'll bring you bring me a weave. Sure. I'll bring your feet. Finally, he goes to the semi semi

00:26:20--> 00:26:20

as well.

00:26:24--> 00:26:25

What does it tell him?

00:26:26--> 00:26:27

Does it please you?

00:26:34--> 00:26:40

Salafi in Arabic means you give me a headache. I have done my hair. And that's it. That's a good one done. We're heading good translation.

00:26:45--> 00:27:24

So he says Bring me a second, third, fourth, fifth grade. He says we've got five. Excellent. I agree. So spanners a sham is working, working, working. That's what Islam requires of us, my brothers, we need to work. I'll just sit there and have wishful thinking, I wish we can be like this. I wish we can go back to glory. I wish, I wish, I wish. However, you can just sit there and feel sorry for yourself and make good things a possibility. Or you can make good things a reality. Do something. The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step to start working, start working. And he asked you about luck, where you are today in terms of your knowledge, your aim and wherever,

00:27:25--> 00:27:45

you probably would never have thought about it that you'll reach this place in time one year ago. Right? It takes time you have to start doing something, just have to start doing. So. He showed that how'd it cost for this meeting with his formats. That evening, they're sitting together get tomorrow, this is the plan. We're going to do 123 we're gonna go to the Kaaba,

00:27:46--> 00:28:07

then you're going to perform the wharf and you're going to go to another one. What was the nightlife? Remember, early Sierra, the Parliament of Quraysh and najwa or the council, you're going to go you're going to speak up in a dress or nice for the occasion. And then a second is going to stand up and do the same. And then a third a fourth, and we're going to make it seem as though it's

00:28:08--> 00:28:52

spontaneous random event. not playing very well. They'll wake up next morning. They all go to the garbage Zuhair dressed in nice fancy garments, performed the walk around the Kaaba. He walks over to the network, the parliamentary Council and he starts going off about this boycott. This is an oppression same thing aren't tolerated if the ankles of Abidjan. I will hack me said the ankles of Abidjan were boycotted like this, then no one would have agreed to it. I'm not sitting until this document has been destroyed. So a second stands up because yeah, you know what I second that I agree. I never agreed to this boycott to begin with a third stands up Yeah, I agree with them two,

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and a fourth. They're all standing up one after another making it as though it's a spontaneous event that had planned the night before. And then finally, who stands up last?

00:29:01--> 00:29:42

He he stands up and he concludes with some remarkable comments, beautiful words. And then it's starting to create now some reaction amongst the people the mecca everyone's gathering what's going on. But I will hack him who was really Abu jihad. He was smart. He was switched on. That's why he said he was called I will hack him from hikmah get wisdom, but that wisdom didn't lead him to Islam thirsty and the nickname of Abu jaldi one of ignorance the ignorant one is a Lenin he was wise you switched on he said had a moron dubara filet This is planned. Surely? No way. It could have just happened spontaneous like this. You guys planned it. He'll switched on he caught on to the plan.

00:29:43--> 00:29:57

However, it was too late to contain or spreading like wildfire to everyone's gathering and people are speaking up this boycott after the militia. That Abidjan went to the cafe setting. No one's gonna go through this door. No one's going to rip up this document holla we've all agreed to it.

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Abu Talib was sitting there watching

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Everything at the corner of the masjid where and mustard Haram is today. The cabbie you sitting there watching the movie or eating popcorn watching like this, like, That was a good one. Yeah.

00:30:11--> 00:30:15

It was sitting there watching someone rush over rushes over to him. Yeah.

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Your nephew haematoxylin your nephew has just received Why? Why not? What what happened that Allah sent a colony of ants that have eaten up this document the whole thing. And it's left only one statement was saying was that this mikala home In the name of Allah. Abu Talib jumps up and he rushes to whether or not there was the parliamentary counsel and he says listen up, listen up. I've got the solution for all of this. My nephew has just received revelation.

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He said that this document has been eaten up by ads and it's only if Miss McCullough home. If it is true. Do you agree to end this embargo and boycott? And if it's false, we'll hand it over ourselves. Now, Abby Johnson that's a tempting offer. Surely this is a false fabricated story how it ends gonna end up this document only lists McCullough home now What happened? is okay, we agree they all agreed, let's see what happens to open the garbage What do they find? Exactly as the prophet SAW Selim had received in terms of Revelation, his whole documents enough, except the phrase bismack alone.

00:31:25--> 00:31:59

And thus, the embargo, the boycott was ended and abrogated upon a law. Only Allah knows his soldiers, what would you do that obika illa who these ads became soldiers of Allah, as my brothers, if an ad can be a soldier of Allah, the mobile head the moment the Muslim cannot? And of course soldier in many ways, soldier, a soldier in your either a soldier feasable soldier, in many ways, if it could be a soldier, this little creature you step on it guess? What about the believer who's honored already? Part of what

00:32:00--> 00:32:32

many lessons we can learn my brothers and I'll end with this, what can we learn from this boycott? This boycott started from one man, one man, he showed we said, in the reversion of armor, one man can make a difference. Also, even if he's a careful, one man can make a difference. Unfortunately, many Muslims today say I can't do it. Or what am I going to do? I'm only one individual, no one individual can make a difference. We have to come together and do something. Because vast oceans are made up of drops of water.

00:32:33--> 00:32:57

Vast deserts are made up of grains of sand. So when we all come together as individuals, we can do something. If one individual can do something. Imagine when we all come together. What Allah wants from us is just to take action. Allah is not going to ask you about the outcome is going to ask you about what you've done. That's what he was going to ask you about. Just plant the seed alone, make it grow.

00:32:58--> 00:33:02

And I'll end with this before I take you to questions. Musashi silom

00:33:03--> 00:33:50

when he was escaping from flower he reaches the ocean who's behind them the story and his army and the oceans in front of him It looks like it's a dead end right? So Ben Israel are complaining as usual in Morocco and with that follows, Moses says no, and colors to negate with harshness. No way What are you talking about? Kela in my Arab visa did my Arab is with me, not you, the doubt is with me. He's gonna guide me. Allah ordered Moosa to strike the ocean with this stuff what happens is split into 12 channels for the 12 tribes of Israel to pass through. They get yeah 1212 nam now based on the defeat of the 12 had to be at indicata

00:33:51--> 00:34:14

every tribe knew it's the only channel 12 they get to the other side most eyelids slam What does he begin doing striking the ocean with the stick right why he wanted to come down to there don't even pass but the ocean Have you been on like a light switch? Right turn? Now you hit it now it splits now you don't know it doesn't know. Right? It's according to Allah. So Allah as we just told him yeah Moosa.

00:34:16--> 00:34:17

Maybe I should leave it

00:34:19--> 00:34:26

I was waiting to the gateway right in the middle. There now What happened? strikes the ocean.

00:34:29--> 00:34:38

Now what I wanted to mention from the story was the following. Who is with the ocean the stick or Allah? Allah but why did Allah Tell him to strike the ocean?

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

scholars said Allah wanted him to do his part. You do your part yamasa will do the rest. Likewise, the believer don't think that one click on Facebook that like is not going to do anything now Habibi. If you're spreading hate do it. That one share do it. One sign of a petition. What's one signature gonna do? No, don't think like that.

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

As we said, Allah is going to ask you but what you've done and not about the outcome. ask Allah azza wa jal to bless all of her efforts and to protect us until our final breath, Jacqueline loffredo Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh