Taimiyyah Zubair – EP 23 – Surah Al Baqarah – AYAT 44 to 46

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Jewish population has experienced transformation over the past few decades, including a culture of " fluacy" and a deception of the Prophet sallahu Sallam. The culture is deceptive and should not be read like that, and is used to avoid leaving a message in public. The importance of staying patient and not giving up is emphasized, along with the need to control oneself during difficult situations and pray. The upcoming interviewer, Alenia Luna, is also discussed, along with her body language, fear of Islam, and actions.
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Okay, let's continue the vs I number 44 the bunny is slightly older further addressed at that moon and NASA will busy what am Sona and full circle for anthem that lunar kita flr chiune the Bani Israel especially their scholars, now they're being addressed that do you order righteousness to the people and forget yourselves while you recite the scripture? Will you not reason that?

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I thought Madonna Madonna Hamza me brah I'm an amorous to command to order. So after morona do you all order Do you all give instruction to who do anassa people,

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you order the people to do what Bill bill Lee with the piety with their raw data is used for good deeds, righteousness, piety, and from the same root is the word buff, Balala buff, okay, from the same root, their raw with a shadow on it burn. And burn is used for land load on facade to feel very well by binary opposite of sea. So land.

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If you think about it, on a piece of land on land in general, are there different different types of plants, different types of trees, different shades of grass, different types of soil even? There's so much variety. So bear is understood as good deeds, but not just a one kind, but a variety, and many. So you tell the people to perform good deeds, not just one, not just two, but many and you tell them to do different different types of good deeds. Whereas at the same time, what then Sona and full circle and you forget yourselves? Then Sona noon scene yet? nesea. This yarn, do forget that a person knows about something but he forgets at that time. or Miss Yeah, and is also used for

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ignoring because when you have forgotten something, you're not going to pay attention to it. When you're ignoring something, you're not going to pay attention to it. So then Sona and fusa comb you forget yourselves and unforced is the plural of naps. So in other words, you go on telling people to do good things, but you yourselves don't do it. You tell other people to do good, but you don't do it yourself. You don't practice what you preach. You say something else, and you do something else. You say something else, and you do something else? What then Sona and Prosecco.

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And we learned that the Bani Israel this was something that was very common in them, especially amongst the religious folk, the religious people, their scholars, because they had all the knowledge and they would tell the people, this is right, this is wrong. This is what you should do. This is what you should not do. But at the same time, they will do the worst of things are you're familiar with the story of Santa Ana fantasy, they'll do a lot more on how he converted, how he was in Persia. He was a fire worshipper as a child. And then he came across a group of Christians were worshiping together. So he was very impressed by them. And he felt that that was the truth. So he

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left his family, he left his ways. And he went with those Christians, and he left Persia and went elsewhere so that he could practice Christianity with them. And he remained with one priest after another after another, why in order to learn Christianity from them in order to practice in order to be a righteous man. And eventually, he was coming to Medina where he was sold as a slave to a Jewish man, because he was going with a group of people. And why was he going to Medina, because the last priests that he was with, he told him that you go to this land, you go to the city, because I believe that last passage is coming there very soon, the time has come. So this is why he was going

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there. So anyway, we learned about tunnel fallacy that he said that while he was with one of the priests, he was learning from him. And he was practicing, you know, Christianity with him, he was close to him, this priest, what he would do is that he would tell people give charity, and the people will bring charity. And you know what he would do with that money? He would hoard it, he would keep it with himself. And he would not give it to the rest of the people, the needy, the poor. And so now Pharisees saw that himself, and he knew that he was a corrupt man. So when this priest when he died, when he passed away, the people were very sad, and you know, they were crying and

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everything. So somehow fallacy told them that look at this man, he was a priest, but you know what he did in reality, he commanded you to give charity, but he hoarded all that wealth. So this was something that was common amongst the Jewish leaders as well as the Christian leaders, take the money and hold it with themselves. Has anyone read the poem, perhaps in school, Bishop patto. I remember as a child, we

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We learned about the sperm Bishop pattern. He was a bishop and he would hoard wealth. And he hoarded so much wealth that people were hungry. They came to get money from him to get food from him, but he called them into a barn that come here, I'll give you food. And he said, all of them on fire, he killed all of them. And then it is said that how so many rats they came into his house and you know, they ate him up alive, and it's a story, but it tells you about what they used to do. Because the story is a reflection of what happens. He was a bishop, not an ordinary man. So anyway, this was something that was common amongst the Jewish leaders as well as a Christian leaders that they will

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tell people do good, do good, do good. But at the same time, we're the worst criminals behind the doors behind the scenes the worst criminals, so a loss of peloton is reprimanding them over here that you tell people to do good and you forget to do good yourselves? What then Sona unphysical. As if you don't need to do good. And what do you call this kind of attitude, hypocrisy being double faced? And this kind of attitude Allah subhanaw taala hates because this attitude is of what deception that a person is deceiving other people he's trying to deceive Allah, but in reality, who does he deceive himself within Sona and fusa? Calm?

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And we learned that at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well. There was a young child who was Jewish and he used to serve the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you can think of it like a servant. Okay, perhaps he was hired or for whatever reason he would come and work for the prophets on the lawn, isn't it? So this boy, he became extremely ill and he was at the verge of dying. So and he was at the verge of dying, the prophet SAW the Lotus and I went to see him and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam urged him at that time, believe, just say that Illa Illa believe, and the boy was a little hesitant because his father was also Jewish, obviously was standing next to him. So the

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child the boy, he looked at his father, as if seeking his approval and the father told him up there about Qasim obey our costume meaning the prophets are allowed to obey Him and believe. So the boy He said, The kalama he pronounced the kalama he became a believer, and then he passed away. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was very happy that he was able to save one person from the hellfire. What do we see in the story? that the Father Himself does not believe? But what is he telling his child I believe, so you tell people to do good but you don't do it yourselves? What is this hypocrisy? What are these double standards? I thought morona NASA been busy with them Sona and full circle. And

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you're not doing this out of ignorance. Allah says we're unthemed that lunar keytab and you recite the Scripture, that Luna that Luna the lamb well, de la wa NT lava is recitation in this word is specifically used for the reading the recitation of divine scriptures, because the way divine scriptures are read the way they're recited, other texts are not read like that. The way you read the Quran, do you read other texts like that as well? Do you know we say Alhamdulillah Europe Bilaal, I mean, do we say all praises to Allah, the Lord of the worlds? We don't do that? And we don't focus on every letter that it has to be pronounced properly and correctly. And you have to

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pause at the right places. No, but when you're reading the Quran, you read it within our city lava is different from Terra. Terra is just reading. But tilava is recitation that is only for divine scriptures. Okay, so what until and you all that luenell kita. You read the book, you recite the book, which book is this, the Torah, the scripture that they had. So in other words, you are knowledgeable,

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you are knowledgeable, you know that the you know what you're supposed to do and what you're not supposed to do. You are more knowledgeable than the rest of the people. But despite having more knowledge, you do less you tell people to do good, but you don't do it yourself and you have more knowledge than them. So the rest of the people they would be in a way better than you. They don't know much but at least they do something you know so much but you do nothing.

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What does it show to us that the state of an alum who is later Amil meaning a knowledgeable person who's later on with me who doesn't do much action who doesn't perform much is worse, worse than a person than an ignorant person. We take a lot of pride in having a lot of knowledge I've taken the full courses have taken early though courses I've taken on courses, these courses, I'm trying to get my ijazah in this mighty jazza in that I've studied this classical text, that classical text, we're very proud about these things, but we should look at our actions as well. Because we look down on other people who don't have much knowledge of the deen. But you know what, even if they know less,

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perhaps too

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doing more than you. So ultimate lunar kita you read the book if anyone is expected to do more, who is he? Someone who knows more.

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But you don't do it well until the Kunal kita Allah questions FLR therapy alone do not reason do not use your mind. There are no nine cataflam aka intellect, and our cola literally means to tie to tie a knot. You may have heard of the Harley's in which a man came up with this camel and he did not tie the camel and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked him that What about your camel? He said, You know, I trust on Allah that Allah will keep my camel here, the camel will not go anywhere. So what did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say to him? era? What our

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error call iron Koffler meaning tie the camel first and then trust in Allah. So Allah means what? To tie to join one thing with the other to connect the two together. And if you think about it, our reason? What does it do? It connects the dots it connects the bits and pieces of information that you have all together. The information that a person has is not fragmented anymore, but rather he's able to join all of it together. This is what Apple does. This is what intellect reasoning does. And ultimately think about it Apple should connect knowledge with action. If a person has reason he is thinking, then his knowledge should be connected with what his action. Allah says FLR alone. Do not

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use reason do not use your mind as if what is wrong with you, you're telling people do good and you do nothing yourselves. What do we learn this ayah

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about the foolishness and the evil nature of the person who tells others to do good, but he does not do it himself. And remember that this act is hated to a loss of paneled Allah. Allah subhanaw taala hates this action. Allah tell us in the Quran, limit Hakuna Matata

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limit Hakuna Matata further, why do you say what you don't do? Why do you tell others to do something when you don't do it yourself capitalise on mactan or in the LA heat and the Hulu meloetta ru grid is hatred with Allah for what that you say what you do not do. So when a person has this behavior when a person does this, then Allah subhanaw taala hates that action couple of doctor, he becomes very upset, very angry. And we see that this is something that is punishable even this is a great crime. But you tell other people do good but you don't do it yourselves. How do we know the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said on the night of Mayor Lodge, I passed by some people whose lips were

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being cut with scissors made a fire

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because he was shown a lot of the unseen as well. And part of that was the punishments that are to be given to people in their wards that are to be given to people. So on the night of the ascension of asthma, some people whose lips were being cut with scissors made a fire. So I said Who are you mean, what's going on? Why? Why is this punishment being given and they're applied, we used to command others to do good and refuse to do it ourselves. We used to forbid others from evil, but we did it ourselves. We don't people do good, but we never did it ourselves. We don't people don't do bad, but we did it ourselves. It's a great crime, a huge punishment after death before the day of

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judgment. And even after the day of judgment in hellfire. The Prophet said a lot of them said a man will be brought on the Day of Resurrection and he will be thrown into the fire. his intestines will fall out and he will continue to circle where in the Hellfire pulling them bind them just as a donkey goes around a bowl, walking round and round two. This is how you'll be running around in the Hellfire with his intestines trailing behind him and the people of the fire will go to that man and ask him what happened to you? How come you're here? Did you not use to command us to do righteous deeds and forbidden from committing evil? You're the one who used to tell us do good and don't do

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evil. He will say yes, I used to enjoin righteousness, but refrain from performing righteousness. And I used to forbid you to perform evil while I myself did it. I told you not to do bad and I did it myself. We should become very, very careful because as we are learning the deen as we're increasing in our knowledge, many times it happens that we find other people making mistakes. And we tell them don't do this. Don't listen to this. Don't watch that. Don't say this, get up and pray. But at the same time, our actions contradict our words. Many times it happens that parents will tell their children don't listen to music, get up in persona, but at the same time those parents what are

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they doing the same thing. An older sibling will tell a younger sibling. Don't do this. Don't

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Do that, and they're doing it themselves.

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double standards and we see the children, they don't even listen anymore.

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Because your actions they speak louder than words.

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Particularly This is about religious matters. But it doesn't mean that we don't care about other things. Like for example, if you tell somebody don't bother me, and then you go on bothering them, this is also not right. This is also having double standards. So we should become careful in our day to day matters, and especially with regards to religious matters.

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What's their job as somebody was sought to

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seek help through patience and prayer?

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Is it difficult to do good? Is it for example, we learned about your karma to Salah establishing the prayer, which means that you pray at the right time in the right way giving it its proper Do you? Is it difficult to do that? Honestly, I'm asking you, is it difficult to press on our property? For most of us, it is a challenge. Because acaba de Sala includes concentrating in prayer fearing a loss of handled on a prayer we that other people have who have who shoe. And there we are standing and all of a sudden we're thinking about what happened at the grocery store.

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That I should have bought that and left that I should have cooked it this way and not that way. We're human beings, right? It happens similarly without other people, or we make a promise with ourselves that we learned about them and that what had happened earlier will be my can we actually born? Can we make a promise with ourselves never going to lie. I'm not going to break any promise any commitment whatsoever. But we're human beings, you make a promise, you make a firm resolve, but then you slip. I'm not saying it's okay to do it. But I'm saying it happens without you even wanting it. Because many times it happens that when a person learns the deen, they're afraid to tell other

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people about it. Why? Because they're afraid that I'm not doing it myself perfectly. So how can I tell other people? Have you ever experienced that? The thing is that we are weak human beings to do good. We have to strive to stay away from wrong again, we have to strive. And we can never ever reach a level where we can say yes, I am perfect now and I can tell other people, no, we can never ever reach that level. And if somebody claims that they're lying,

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or they are thinking wrong about themselves, they're being foolish. So we can never ever reach that level. But unless the panel data gives us a solution over here, seek help of Allah through patience and prayer. To do what to do good to stay away from evil. Because remember who is being addressed over here the allama of the Bani Israel, their scholars? Are they being told that you should stop telling people to do good because you don't do it yourself? No, keep telling them and also do it yourself. Now how do you make sure you're doing it because you're weak as well. seek Allah's help. Was there enough somebody was Santa? Is there enough? Rain well, noon we learned earlier? Yeah.

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Cannot we do what Erica mystery is Donna yesterday needs to seek help on rain well known help. So seek the help of a loss upon Darla with regards to all of your affairs, but especially in the matters of the dean, especially in the matters of the dean. How should you seek His help? By doing nothing? No. The Sabri with patience was salah and prayer. Somebody saw the raw, what is our mean? Can you describe patience to me. So for example, at a time of hardship, a person does not complain, but he has a positive attitude. To be consistently hopeful, to be consistently positive to be consistently staying away from bed. Any other way that you can describe patients, when you're

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extremely sad, still have faith and contentment in your heart that whatever Allah decided is best for me. Do not lose temper. Silver literally means have some naps helps to control yourself. self control, in other words is what some

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and remember that sovereign is in three ways. First of all, at times of hardship, when there is a difficulty that you're experiencing, what do you want to do? What does your knifes want to do? Scream, yell, cry, complain, give up. That's what we want to do. What is software at that time? Throw yourself Don't get angry. Don't start yelling. Don't start screaming. Don't show any negative reaction. This is what controlling yourself. Secondly, solver is also over doing good. You're trying to do something good, but it gets a bit challenging. So you say I want to give up no summer. Keep doing it. Keep doing it. For example, we learned about joining relationships with their relatives.

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Is that a good idea?

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Yes, it's a good deal. Now you're being nice to them every time you call your relative, they say something nasty to you. And you said that's it last phone call, not calling them again, I've had enough. What is sour at that time, be consistent with that good deed.

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Be patient, don't give up, keep doing it. Thirdly solver is also in staying away from RC and staying away from acts of disobedience. For example, you tell yourself, I'm not going to listen to music, you make up your mind, I'm not going to do this again, I'm not going to listen again. But then he looked at your iPod. And it just happened to go on the playlist. It just happened to go on a particular track. And you want to hit play.

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What is summer at that time, hold yourself back. Don't hit play, don't play sub. Control yourself, hold yourself back. So you understand what it is now. Primarily it is to hold yourself together to control yourself at a time of difficulty at the time when doing good at the time when your attempt to do something wrong. So it is to stay firm. In other words, so Allah subhanaw taala says was there you know the slavery you're trying to do good. Seek help out by being patient, don't give up, you're tempted to do something wrong, hold yourself back. Meaning you have to put in the effort. If you want to do good, you can't just do good like that. What do we want? You know that one day will come

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when my son I will become perfect that one day will come when I will start praying regularly and properly and I will have no difficulty. You know what if you keep wishing for that one day it will never come.

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You have to strive, you have to put in efforts in order to get there in order to become like that. Similarly, we think one day will come when I will stop listening to music, when how you someday a miracle will happen. You have to do something, you have to strive to get there. It won't happen just like that. Because Allah is telling us seek help through patience. What do we do seek help, by sitting on our hands. That's what we do. Whereas we're told, be patient you have done ask Allah for help perform the salah and seek Allah's help.

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And we see that the way of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was like something challenging something difficult. take time out, to pray to nothing even and the work will become much easier for you. Because Allah subhanaw taala has helped will be there. And when you will do it, you will see the Baraka you will see a loss of Hamilton has helped. So was there you know, the slavery was Allah, but Allah says we're in the hair and indeed it What does have our address to the Bani Israel you and Allah subhanaw taala is specially inviting them to the worship of Allah to following the belief in the messenger sallallahu wasallam and following him as well following the Quran. So after inviting

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the entire mankind, Allah subhanaw taala especially invites him for them to pray, except for who Illa Allah Hi, Shireen. Except for those people who have who Sure. Hi, Shireen is a Florida. Hi, Sharon. How are you somewhat familiar with it? The bunny is not you are the descendants of your Kubernetes Allah, Who is your Kubernetes and the son of his helper Hassan who was the son of Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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Remember, we learned at the end of the story of Adam and Islam that Allah subhanaw taala said when he sent Adam and her work the same time he looks here, looks there skips a surah and then quickly goes down. Riku gets up quickly does not perform the Rico or any part of those who sure is genuine fear, real fear, such fear that will also affect your body that when you're standing, you don't stand up as well. Not that you're fixing your pants from here and you're fixing your shirt from there and you're moving and you're scratching and you are bullying and you're attacking and you're doing this and that. That's how

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they realize the greatness of the meeting that they're having at that time. The meeting with who? Allah subhanaw taala

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he's being interviewed. How will he be in his body language? very casual. No, he'll be very, very careful about how he picks up a thing how he puts it down, and he will one whose focus is what is who Allah subhanaw taala he's afraid because of that. He is humble in his posture as well as in prayer. Prayer becomes much easier. But when you're distracted, that prayer becomes very, very long.

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Isn't it amazing that when in the month other kids standing at the back rows? Very difficult for them? Why? What's the difference? Is it just a difference in age? No. It's the difference in fear person who does not fear of law

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Does not fear accountability in the hereafter does not care much. So obviously there will be a difference in their actions. So what in the * aka vibrato? Illa? idle ha shareen?

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What does this ayah show to us? What does it teach us? that whenever we are facing a difficulty, no messenger came from the children of Israel and Islam except for Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he came after 1000s of years, 1000s of years. And when you pray, Allah will also help you.

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And then we also heard in this ayah, that good deeds are difficult to perform, except for who those who fear Allah. When a person has fear of Allah, then performance of good deeds becomes easier for him.

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Who are new blood? There's some words in the Arabic language that have completely opposite meanings. What does it mean by that, that in certain contexts, they will give one meaning and in other contexts, they will give complete to assume something, but when the word one comes with another, do you see an over here? Yes, oh, no, no. And now home, when the word one comes with under that it means to be certain to be sure. So alladhina Yo, noona unknown, those people who are certain that indeed they will, moolah corabi him moolah coup is a plural of moolah came from the root letters land mafia luckier who robbed him their Lord was unknown and indeed de la yo Roger rune to him they

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will return. Roger rune is a Florida Roger la Jean marine back to Allah. Well unknown la de la de Rouen. Those are the people who fear Allah. And those are the people who find scene, Santa will be easier for them, performing good will become easier for them.

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So Alinea, Luna, and the homeowner could have been here or unknown, Ella here, Roger.

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And the thing is that when a person is certain about his meeting with Allah, that he is going to stand before Allah one day and Allah is going to question him is going to because Allah is what we're talking to Allah. We're praising Allah, we're glorifying Allah. We're seeking his help. We're seeking His protection. We're begging His forgiveness. We're talking to Allah. This is what Salah is. So it's like a meeting, before they have that final meeting with Allah, because they're very afraid of it. This Alenia Luna under whom Allah Pura became for unknown, la he, Roger. And the fact is that everybody has to leave one day. Nobody's staying in this world forever. Whether we prepare

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for that meeting, or we don't prepare for that meeting. Are we going back to a law? Yes, we are. Are we going to be asked, Are we going to be questioned? Yes. So we cannot ignore this reality.

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We can never be negligent about it.

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We're unknown la isla de Rouen to Allah, we are going to meet him, he is going to question us, he is going to ask us then what should we do today?

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perform proper actions must have fear of Allah subhanaw taala. Because when we know we are going to meet him, we should be afraid.

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Think about it. If you have to go meet any important person and we learned about a little earlier just an example to understand the concept. If you have to meet somebody important. Are you afraid? Yes, you are. Are you nervous? Yes, you are. You count down the days, 60 days, 59 days, 58 days, 57 days, every single day your word. Secondly, it means that we should become careful with respect to our actions. Because that meeting with Allah is not just for nothing. He is going to question us about our deed. He's going to inform us about what we have done and judge our eternal and based on that. So we should fear Allah with respect to what our actions

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Secondly, we should be careful with respect to our actions, that hardly anything. Are we going with deeds that have been nullified? Are we going with a lot of burden of sin? Or are we going with heaps of good deeds? What are we going with? What are we taking with ourselves? For example, when you go for a job interview, what do you take with you, your portfolio and your portfolio? What does it have just random things, things that are not relevant? No, you take the best work that you have done the best.

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And thirdly, it means that we must have higher of Allah we must have China's what we do.

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