Taimiyyah Zubair – Bukhari 103 The Group Prayer Hadith 644 651

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of practicing jamara, particularly during the pandemic, in the context of group prayer. They emphasize the need for parents to be firm in their practices and avoid becoming too exposed to children. The importance of praying in a certain context, such as in a culture where children develop habits that affect their lives later on, and the need for men to show their value and perform healthy behavior. The segment also touches on the importance of not acknowledging negative comments and instead show the value of profits. The segment emphasizes the need for men to be encouraged to pray in jamara, and the importance of not letting people come into the church during the pandemic.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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solidaridad Oh sweetie, I'm getting another word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim furbish broccolis, fidelity were Sidley MD, Dr. Tommy Lee saniya Coco de probenecid nerima. So inshallah Today we will begin keytab of jamara

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above so that'll jamara will Eman keytab zolotow jamara the group prayer and the Imam. In some books you will find the separate kita and other books you won't find the separate kita but we see that the Hadith are the same, okay

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about would you be Salah till jamara the obligation of the group prayer, the obligation of the group prayer, meaning it is an obligation to perform Salah in jamara what kind of obligation what kind of verb is it is it felt Arina felt,

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felt a meaning it is obligatory on the individual which individual men,

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not women but men. So, it is an obligation upon the men to perform the prayer in congregation in which case in which case, in the case where there are two men or more by for example, if a person is traveling alone himself, or he happens to be alone somewhere and the masjid is an hour away, he goes there for work purposes. For instance, there's no other Muslim man nearby. And the time for prayer has come. If you drive to the masjid, he will miss the prayer. So can he perform Salah by himself? Yes, because there are a hadith from which we learned. inshallah, we will learn that the Salah of a person in Jamaica is more reward compared to his Salah in his home or in his marketplace. So it

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shows that a man is a meeting if he prays by himself, the Salah is valid. But in the case where Jamal is possible, how will it be possible that either there are more men, or he's able to go to the masjid than in that case, it is felt on him. In that case, it is felt on him to pray in jamara and this has proven from the Quran from the Sunnah. And also from the way of the Sahaba from the Quran. Where's the evidence? Well, Kamal salata will add to the CATA, worker through mercury doodle core, along with those who are doing record, Maria over there means at the same time, along with, so perform Salah along with others. And we also learn that in the Quran, where the fear prayer is

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mentioned, so that will have is mentioned, we're either going to feed him for a hunt, Allahu masala, the prophet SAW, a lot of them is told that when you are amongst the companions, and you lead them in prayer, and the process of the fear prayer is mentioned, then what does that show that in the case of fear in the state of fear, if the prophets, Allison was to lead people in prayer, that one group prays within wondercon and then goes back, and then the other group comes, performs a second record, and then goes back? Right? They will take turns. So if in the state of fear they're performing Salah in congregation, then what about in the state of Amman and security, then we'll

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then outperform Solon congregation, then they're more required to

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because if it was not obligated to pray in congregation, then the Muslims would have been allowed to pray by themselves in the state of fear. Isn't that true? But was that done? No. So we see that where people are together jamara is mandatory, but where people are a person is by himself, he's not able to join a group, then can he pray by himself? Yes. Is this Allah valid? Yes, we learned about a sadef will be held in the state of bad weather condition, where it is not possible for a person to go to the masjid, then the other end that is pronounced what is mentioned that pray in your homes. So, if a person is living by himself, no other man in his house, then how will he pray

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by himself alone. So remember that where jamara is an obligation,

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it is valid, meaning the fallout of a man will be valid when he prays by himself because of certain reasons. Okay. And we see that Firstly, in the Sunnah, there are many evidences that show that Jamal is an obligation, the way of the Sahaba. Also, we see that the Sahaba said that at our times, only he would refrain from coming to the masjid, who was either sick or a hypocrite. Only two people would refrain from going to the mosquito, either the sick or the hypocrites. It was mandatory, it was considered, it was understood that it's mandatory on men to come and pray in the masjid in jamara. And if you think about it logically

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Also, logically also when there is more reward for group prayer, and when this was the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to perform seneff together in jamara. Then it makes sense that the people of his oma should also perform sada in jamara

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Wakanda has an nl hasn't said this is an has an anniversary, that in Minato omo who if his mother stops him, I know arratia he from Russia filled jamara in congregation. Why? Why would she stop him? shefa gotten out of compassion. Let me let her he's not going to obey her over there.

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If the mother is telling her son, it's so late. It's so dark outside.

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Or you're so tired. So don't go pray by yourself at home. Will he obey her? No, he's not going to be here. Basically has an anniversary was asked about a man who fasts, voluntary fasts, and his mother told him that break your fast. So is he going to listen to her? So has an imbecile he said that? Yes. He should break his fast. Why? Because it's a voluntary fast. Okay. So he will get the reward of his fast Why? Because he intended to he started but he wasn't able to complete it. So inshallah Allah will reward him. And secondly, he will also get the reward off of beruwala, then then has an imbecile he was asked about a man that his mother tells him not to go to the masjid for a shot.

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So is he going to listen to her? He said, No. Why? Because that is valuable. That is an obligation.

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Now, you might wonder why would a woman stop her son? Why would a mother stop person from going to the masjid for a shot

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out of Africa? And you know what? I was telling somebody about this? And they said, but why would a mother stop? But the thing is that a mother, she's very compassionate towards her children. wife can be logical. Hmm, in the sense that so what if you're working nine to five, it's time for a shot, you have to go find the spot. Right wife can be harsh and logical and straightforward. But mother, his mother,

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even if her son has turned 60 years old, for her, he is still her son, her baby. And so she will say to him, that you're tired after the whole day, take it easy. It's okay. If you pray at home, you're sick. It's so cold outside, she might encourage him to stay at home. She might do so. So what should the son do?

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What should he do? He should say, yeah, it's okay. Doesn't matter. Are you talking to her gently and still go to the masjid to perform his or shall Why? Because it is necessary for him.

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You see if the father is going, Okay. And the masjid is not too far. If it's a safety concern, like for example, OSHA is late in the summer, like, let's say 11 o'clock, and your son is 12 years old, 11 years old, and he wants to go, and you say it's not safe, then either you take him, okay? Or you send him with somebody, basically, then, if you're going to stop him, and later on when he's older, then it'll be easy for him to stay back. There's some things that parents have to be very firm about, okay, because in childhood, children develop habits. And these habits will affect them for the rest of their lives. You have to sometimes, you know, hold yourself back and, you know, kind of

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force yourself to be firm with certain things. But remember, it's for the good of your children.

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I remember when we would when I was young going to school, there were times when in winter, every other day somebody or the other is not there at school Why? I was unwell. And I remember trying to stay home because mom, my throat is hurting, or I have a cold or this happened or that happened. And my mom would say No way. You have to go to school. It was not even an option for us to stay home.

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It was not even an option. Never. It was a must. Only in the cases where you know the sickness was obviously very severe. Only in that case, we were allowed to stay home otherwise not even an option. Never, never at all. I remember once I fell at school from the stairs and hurt my arm really bad. I was sent home by the school it was early in the morning, went to the hospital got x rays done and handled another fracture, just a sprain. And I come home and go to school, back to school. And I remember having that whole thing around my neck and going back to school because there was a test

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and I couldn't miss it. And this was fifth grade. But our problem is that we've become too loving and too kind towards our children.

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Then our children, they become over sensitive, then they don't know how to hold themselves to a higher level than they don't know how to push themselves forward, and to make themselves achieve something in life because they get hurt by every little thing. And sometimes, it's not just the parents, it's the whole family that is treating the children like this other become oversensitive people who cannot tolerate a word or two from a person, and who cannot tolerate a little bit of difficulty at work or in school. And as a result, we don't accomplish much in our lives.

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You see, if it is possible for them to go to the masjid, then they must go to the masjid. But if the muster this far, half an hour drive, 20 minute drive, 15 minute drive, and it would be difficult because by the time they go, come back, the children are very cranky the wife needs to get home, you see that then there's a whole effect right on on everybody else, then in that case, since the men are together, they can establish tomorrow at the house. But if the mustard is literally five minutes away, and all they need to do is just eat early, or eat quickly, or come back and have their dessert later than they should go to the mustard. Okay, every situation is different, and people are their

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best judge in the situation that they're in. So anyway, if a man is prevented by his mother, from going to the masjid for a shot, then he is not going to obey her. Now, if the mother will not be obeyed in this matter, then what about the father? Will he be obeyed in this matter? What if the father tells us? No, you don't go to the masjid. The son should say, Come on, dad. Let's go to the masjid. But let's say the father says no. You're not going to the master don't go? Should he obey Him?

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What if the child says the children start crying? Why are you going happens? The children start crying. Why are you going? What if the wife stops the husband? The come that's watch this TV show? Where are you going? At this time? Finally, the children have gone to sleep and you go for a shower, you're going to be gone for 45 minutes, and then it'll be too late. What if the wife stops him? What a friend stopped him? No. Because if the mother will not be obeyed in this matter, then nobody after the mother will be obeyed. Because from amongst all people whose level is the greatest in the sense that who is the person most obligated towards the mother, right? He has to obey her.

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Walk a lot of buka aletta boo Illa, Yahoo. Or bill well is a near Santa, right off the hook of Allah comes the hook off the parents and from the parents. The mother, remember the Hadith in which the man as the prophets of Allah is Allah who has the most right, your mother, your mother, your mother, and then your father. So if the mother will not be obeyed, in this case, then the rest of the people, not at all.

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Not at all. Now it doesn't mean that a person will be harsh with them, but that he's going to somehow figure out a way of going for a shot because that is necessary.

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He doesn't have to let him know use of color of Verona Malik and aboriginality ology and OB hooray Lata and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call well lead enough CB d by the one in whose hand is my sole meaning by Allah laqad hammam to certainly I intended an armada that I command behalf of in with some firewood, that I instruct that some firewood be collected for your trouble, then it is lit, meaning it is burnt, some ammo beside it, then I command that the prayer is begun for you as an Allah then the Adhan is pronounced for it, some amaura joelinton icommand a man for your own manassa then he leads the people in prayer, some hollyford ilardi journal and then I go

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after those men, which men,

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some men who are not here for who have retired or lay him boo to home, and I burned their houses on top of them. One lady nuptse b a d and by the one in whose hand is my soul, lo yarlung will hurt to whom, if any one of them knew and know who yeji do or are consuming and that he were to find a meaty bone or mid Martini or two hoops has an attorney good ones do good hoops, less shahidullah arratia certainly he would have come from Russia. If he was called for dinner at the masjid. He would have come right away, but because it is Russia, he is not coming.

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Now what do we see here? the obligation of performing Salah in jamara because if it was not obligatory the profit side of Allison would not have said such words. He would not have shown such disapproval for those men

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Who did not come for? jamara? Because you see, he is swearing an oath over here when leadin FC bi d. When is an awesome made in the Quran? What do we learn? A person is sworn, in which case in which situation?

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Okay to show first of all the umea the importance of what is going to be mentioned. All right, what else? What are the three reasons? One is to show the importance of what is to be mentioned. The second is, when the Mohawk of the one who is being addressed is in doubt. This is why in the Quran, there's so much awesome. Okay, there's so many odds, because the people had doubts about the hereafter. So for example, they doubted the Day of Judgment. So for example, in many soldiers, was the manual for a question she will do her will lately they OSHA. And towards the end of the sutra, what is mentioned, matters of the Hereafter, or matters of the certainty of the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam of the Quran woman who I believe has. So when the heart is in doubt, or the Mahatma is in denial, think about it. When is it that you have to swear an oath before someone when they're not believing you

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when they're doubting you,

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or when you want to show the importance of something.

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So over here, the prophets on a lot of time is swearing an oath why to show the importance of performing the prayer in jamara. Now, some people, they said based on this Hadees they said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam intended to go and burn the houses of the people who did not show up for Gemma, but he didn't actually do it.

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So it shows that it is similar to Britain jamara it is not fun, because if he had done it, then it would be definitely obligatory. But because he didn't do it, it shows that it's better if a person has any knowledge of the profits or losses life and words, he would realize that the prophets of Allah said have never said a statement such as this for a matter concerning which people had a choice. Because the prophet SAW that all the sudden he preferred ease over difficulty he said, Yes, Cyril wala, to assume out of two options, which one? Did he prefer? the easier one. So why would he say such harsh words concerning a matter in which people had a choice. And if really people had a

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choice concerning this matter, then he's saying all of this is expressing his anger, his disapproval would be useless. I mean, this is really not giving due importance to the words of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Consider the fact that he's swearing an oath and consider the fact that he is saying such harsh words. The prophets, Allison, who was so gentle, and kind, how can you expect that he would say such harsh words for a matter in which people had a choice? And okay,

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yes, definitely. He said this, but he didn't actually go and burn the houses of people. Why? Why did he not do that? Because, first of all, he had to leave the jamara. He had to pray himself and congregation. This is why he didn't. And secondly, because repeatedly the Prophet told a lot of them it is advised in the Quran to ignore the hypocrites, out of turn away from them, ignore them. Why? Because we are not to go and seek people in their sin. We're not to go and catch people in their sin. Right? We have been told to ignore fire fools, for who ignore, overlook the mistakes of others, even the sins of others. Remember, when the people came and confessed in front of the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam, I've committed Zina, what did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam do during this face away?

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Right, because if Allah is conceal your sin, I don't want to publicize it. I don't want to highlight it and throw it in front of everybody. Because the thing is that when people are confronted with their mistakes, then what happens is that their ego is hurt. And when their ego is hurt, and instead of realizing their mistake, and doing something to seek forgiveness for it, what happens, they become defensive. So this was not the way of the prophet SAW a lot of them that he would go to the house of people and look what they're doing inside. What sins are they committing, he respected the privacy of others. And this is something that we need to realize also, that sometimes it happens

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that you tell somebody about something, do this or don't do this, and you tell them once you tell them again and again. Now what is the next step? you humiliate them in public? What can you do? Then you have to ignore them. Okay? Because if you confront them and humiliate them, you know what's going to happen. They're not going to show up at all. They're just going to run away, they're gonna avoid you completely. Isn't that so? Like, for example, children, they're doing something wrong. You tell them once, don't do this. And they do it again. You tell them again, but they keep doing it. Then what

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You do? Ignore them, you know why? Because otherwise you're going to lead them into doing that behind your back, go deeper into the problem, analyze a problem, what is the problem? They don't understand. Because if they understood the seriousness of what they're doing, what they be doing it, no.

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So what is necessary that you tell your child don't do this, he's still doing it, you realize that he's too young to understand. So ignore him, ignore him. I remember once the pediatrician, they informed they taught us that there are certain things that children do, and you don't need to stop them from it. Why? Because with time, they will learn, like for example, which adult? Do you see eating food with, you know, their face dirty? Would an adult do that? No.

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This is something that people learn with age. So if a child is eating and making a mess, there's food all over their arms or their face, don't scold them over that, you know why? Because it will grow out of it naturally, naturally, they will grow out of it, but when you will yell at them, and you will tell them again and again. This will make them stubborn, this will make them parent deaf, right, this will hurt them, you understand. So we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam disapproved of this, that people are not coming for jamara. Yet he did not go and burn their houses down or confront them. Why? Because this would make people more stubborn. Because those people who are going

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to change what happens, they hear one instruction, and that is sufficient for them. One advice, and that is enough for them. By their companion, we learn about what really long here, and the prophets Allison said about him. And he's very good, only if his hair was not very long. And as soon as that companion found out instantly, instantly, he trimmed his hair.

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One advice was sufficient.

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So when you see that someone is receptive, and you've advised them once, twice, okay, it's working. But sometimes it happens that you're telling the person one way, another way, another way, it's not working, then you have to adopt a different strategy. And what is that strategy sometimes ignore them for a while, and then come back again. Ignore them for a while and then come back again. So this is what we see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did. And we see here that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said, and these words are really something that we need to reflect on what leadin fcba the Hilo urinal had a woman who he added to our consumption and what is our consumption and ALC is

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basically lamb and the meat that remains on the bone. Sometimes it happens that you take the meat off, but there's still some meat that will remain. So he said that if one of them knew that he would find Arkansas mean and a meaty bone, meaning a bone from which people ate, they took the meat off but still there's a lot of meat left. Somebody leftovers, they would come because the food is good.

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The food is good. Or mid Mauritania has an attorney do good hooves.

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Do good hoops he would find in the mustard to eat, he would come and we see this sometimes that there is a party a dinner party or wedding at the masjid at the masjid. And on that night

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100 people are at the masjid parking lot is full. But what happens on other nights, the masjid is empty. There's barely a roar to

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Most of the time he taught with his actions, right also with his words, but his teachings with his actions and when he did something and then said about it, and that shows more importance. That first of all, he's praying Salah in jamara himself and secondly, he is expressing his anger over the people who are not coming in tomorrow What does that show the obligation of jamara

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Bab fugly so that will jamara the excellence of the group prayer. So sometimes it happens people don't realize the importance of something, what is necessary that we remind them what the reward the benefit the virtue, now, which solar is to be performed in tomorrow with solar field. Now, what do we see amongst the Muslims which slaughter is performed in jamara?

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That are we

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right which is why we see that in the month of Ramadan for voluntary prayers in congregation the masjid this fall, but the rest of the year performing fall to prayer in congregation the masjid is empty. Hmm. With jamara is above

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the fold one because in Hades What do we learn? A person draws closer to Allah subhana wa tada with with actions

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Those that Allah has made mandatory on him. And then after that when he performs voluntary, then he attains more newness to the last panel.

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We see that for tarawih prayers, people will rush out of their houses, right. But otherwise, in general for Asia, there's no Russian over there. And there is no encouragement from the family either. It's also our fault, right? Because we as women, sometimes we become a reason for our husbands not going for Asia, we should be the ones encouraging them, motivating them,

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helping them but if the husband knows that I'll go and my wife will be angry when I come back. I have to do the dishes because she's put it on me tonight. You know, helping one another is important also. That sometimes the machine is avoided because of its politics. But the thing is that a person should go to the masjid for what reason for Salah just go pray and go back. If you don't like the politics don't want to get involved don't but go for the purpose of populating the masjid.

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Right in the mayor a little massage de la or monitor Masjid is something that the believers must do man Amman Avila, the one who believes in Allah must populate the masjid and mustard is populated out first and foremost with sought after drama.

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So bad from this lateral drama. What can I do and as well, either fat that will jamara when he would miss the gym or the habit MSG, then he would go to another machine.

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Why? Because he didn't want to miss group prayers. He didn't allow himself to pray individually. If he missed one tomorrow, he would go and try to catch another tomorrow

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was an Asana, a llama student and ns once came to the masjid, or the solia fee, in which Salah had already been performed. So what happened? He prayed by himself, no. And then he gave the event or a comma and he gave the karma was Salah Gemma, and he performed the Salah in JAMA.

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He got some people together and he performed in Jamal. Why?

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Because the seller believe that praying in Jamaica is necessary. They were eager to get the reward, they didn't want to miss out on it. Now, these examples they show to us that first of all, in one Masjid, multiple Jamaat may be performed how one after the other not simultaneously. In one corner, one Juma is happening another corner another another tomorrow, no, not simultaneously, rather one after the other. So for example, a Jamaat is performed at eight o'clock, and a person gets the most out of a 20 him and his father. So can they pray and jamara together? Yes, because mustard is a place of prayer. It's a place of Salah. So some people prayed, others came afterwards, they can pray

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together also. And especially when it's easy for people, then why not? Secondly, we also learned that with regards to then that if the ban was pronounced, okay, at a particular time, so that was established. And then a person comes after some time he didn't hear the other guy and he gives the other one again.

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Yes, because ns will be the one who did that. But remember, this will be in the case where the person didn't hear the other than himself. So for example, from this incident, we see that perhaps and assaulted or and who came from a fireplace, because if he was nearby, he would have certainly heard the other. So perhaps he was coming back from a journey, or in his journey, he stopped at this machine. So this is why he didn't hear the other. So in this case, he can give the alarm. But if a person is giving the event he should not give it an allowed speaker. So that the whole community gets worried that what happened or even in a massive vision are given on the speaker why because

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then people who are present in the masjid they will be worried as to what happened they will be confused.

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How does it Abdullah human use of color of war on Amharic or nafion on Abdullah him neuromotor another sola la Hassan Allahu alayhi wa sallam a call salado genericity the group prayer Duff Lulu salette. And for the Deaf Lulu, it is more virtuous than solid alphas, what is alphas individual? Five is known for it meaning of personal performance Lola himself. So performing the Salah in congregation is more virtuous than performing Salah individually by how much the server in worry shereena W by 27 times. Imagine 27 times more reward than praying oneself

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had does not have the law human use of a one on a lady had the liberal head and I've let him the hubbub and a be sorry they know who they are no semirara navitas Allahu alayhi wa sallam Maria Cole salado Gemma it tough. Bulu salette Alpha DB Hampson, we're actually in adalja

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In this narration 25 in one narration we learned 27 in another 25 and What's the reason? Why is it that a person gets more reward for jamara it's clear in this Hardee's had that Amazon is Marian Paula had gotten out of the warehouse, and an image called us America about saleha Nikolas America. A lotta yaku para su the life at Allahu alayhi wa sallam. salado Roger de fille Giamatti to bar for Allah Azza latifi Beatty, he was the Sufi that the Salah of a person in jamara is multiplied, meaning it is more reward compared to his Salah were alone in his house or in his soup in his workplace in his market in his shop by how much comes in we're actually in 11 by 25 times with

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ellika and that is why is it more reward to pray in congregation because I know that because first of all when he performs will do for Arsenal will do and he performs will do in the best way. So Maharaja MSgt then he goes out to the masjid lay off redo in the Salah, nothing brings him out except for prayer. The only reason why he's going out of the house is to perform the Salah. You know, sometimes it happens, you're going out, you're like I'm gonna go to the store. And then I might as well stop with the most adult so since I'm out anyway, the salary is not the first priority but for this person, the only reason is sala lamea. To hot water. He does not take a step in level

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four at level B had the Roger except that for it. Roger is raised, meaning for every step he takes adonijah is raised, his village is raised, we're hooked on will be healthier, and because of that his sin is erased. So imagine for every step, daughter raised a sin erased for either Salah. Then when he prays lamb does a little Mullah Ico. Then the angels continue to while he's performing the prayer. The angels continue to slowly early they pray for him. Mme a few Muslim now as long as he remains in his prayer place meaning after the fallout also, when he remains sitting in his masala the angels are making law for him. What are they saying alone will suddenly early alone what humble

00:32:18 --> 00:33:04

Allah send upon him your blessings Allah have mercy upon him well as a how to configure selecting mantella Sala and as long as a person is waiting for the prayer, he is in the prayer meeting he is getting rewarded for the prayer. The person might think oh, it takes me 45 minutes to go to the masjid pray and come back. Remember that those whole 45 minutes are as those spent in prayer. So anyway, in this hadith and the previous Hadith, what do we learn that jamara more reward? In some narrations, we learned 25 times more in other nations we learn 27 times more Why is there a difference? Why is there a difference? Because remember that when there's a difference 2527 What

00:33:04 --> 00:33:05

does that show?

00:33:06 --> 00:33:58

A lot of reward, nothing less than 25. It just shows a lot of reward. Like for example in the Quran for certain good deeds we learned 700 plus more right for others. Mangia Abolhassan it fella who are shoe I'm Talia. Alpha madatha. We learned about multiplied reward sometimes 10, sometimes 700 more or less. Because what does that show that the reward will be a lot. And increased reward depends on what the effort then intention First of all, the sincerity and secondly, the effort that a person has put in. Okay. And every person, his level of sincerity and his level of effort is different. Now, for example, if there's one person who makes it to the masjid before the event, and there is

00:33:58 --> 00:34:41

another person who makes it to the masjid, right after that attribute, we will there be a difference? Of course, there is a person who comes two minute walk. And there is another person who comes after a 15 minute drive. Is there a difference? Yes, there's one person who has been free all day. And there's another person who's been at work. And then he shoveled his driveway. And then he came for a shot. He still has to go have his dinner. Is there a difference? Yes. So depending on the effort that a person is in, that a person is putting in Allah subhanaw taala will reward him that sometimes people will go at 11 o'clock in the night just to get a drink or just to get a burger.

00:34:41 --> 00:35:00

Why? Because you're hungry. Their desire will you know, their craving will push them out of the house at a very odd hour in the night also. And like the Hadees that was mentioned Arkansas Amina, do good who's now what is that compared to 2527

00:35:00 --> 00:35:24

seven times more reward for every step, a sin eras for every step adonijah raised, I mean, what is more and better, and plus the angels are making Dora and the wall time that a person is spending, he is in the prayer. I mean if you compare the to what is better, but it is sad that people will go for worldly reasons, but not for

00:35:25 --> 00:36:07

reasons that mothers out of love. They want to keep their children with them. But the real love is that when you push your children to achieve these rewards, that are the rank meaning or rank in reward, in general, or rank closer to a loss of panel data. You see a Dell Louisville high recovery really, if you can't go yourself because you as a mother can't go, you have children at home, you can encourage the men to go you can train your son, that is in the situation where there is fitna for the women outside, okay, because we see that the prophets are also allowed the women to go for a shot to the masjid. And they would also come for fudger. But not all women would come. Not all women

00:36:07 --> 00:36:45

would come those who were able to they came and those who were not able to, then obviously they prayed at home and what's the best place in the home for a woman the most inner? Why? Because the innermost part of the house is free from distractions. If you're closer to a door or window, then you can see what's happening outside. Hide the noise. And imagine how houses were before you're more exposed or more is exposed you so you're distracted. But when you are in a closed place with the door closed, then you can have more for sure. You can concentrate more. Now. Remember it like I mentioned earlier, a dad will highly Coverity he many times it happens that women complain, oh, my

00:36:45 --> 00:37:26

husband doesn't take my son doesn't question. So what can I do? I want my children to go. But my husband doesn't take my children to the masjid. I know of a lady who used to take her son to the masjid. For Isha. She used to take her son she used to drive him and this was many, many years ago, when there were only a few massages in Mississauga, literally one or two. And she would drive him about half an hour, one way, half an hour the other way, just so that because he wanted to go so she would take him. And then what happened because of him, the father started going because of him the father started going. So you see mothers, they take their children to football, right to hockey, the

00:37:26 --> 00:38:01

library, the school, we can take them everywhere, we should also take them to the masjid. Mothers will learn how to drive just so that they can take their children to extracurricular activities. I remember a lady told me that they moved here from Saudi Arabia. And she said when they came here, obviously where they were living no Masjid nearby. And then eventually as you found out about you know, mustard far away, where there were activities for a boys for youth lecture here lecture there so she learned how to drive just so that she could take her sons do different classes, different lectures, different halaqaat and otherwise she was very afraid of driving that she would take her

00:38:01 --> 00:38:50

children and now 111 all her children are on this way Mashallah learning one thing after the other. So, mothers have to put an effort we have to and this will be a motivation for others also, if we help our children that inshallah through them, others will also benefit right you your effort will be an example for others inshallah Bab fugly. sonetel fecha de fija Martin, the excellence of doing the federal prayer in jamara the obligation is there, but the reward is also there. Because you remember that Allah is a shocker, right? very appreciated, very generous. So when he's made something obligatory, he also rewards over it so far this there but football is also there. But

00:38:50 --> 00:38:53

remember that whatever is more virtuous is also more difficult.

00:38:54 --> 00:39:39

Had the William any about an issue or Eva and his lovely he called it a cover and he said he didn't say Yeah, well, I will sell them at a lower abdomen. About hooray Allah. Allah Samir todo su de la hisle Allahu alayhi wa sallam a whole Deaf Lulu salado jamir ease Aleta haidakhan wider who becomes in worship reneges. W it is more virtuous what is what Etheridge emiri group prayer over what's that I had ecomondo over one of you praying by himself by how much becomes cinerary sharena just by 25 times more. What that stemmy romilda equal to layli omala a katana hair if you saw that in February, and the angels of the night and the angels of the day, they all gathered together at the time of

00:39:39 --> 00:39:52

solitude. So May Allah Buddha Allah insha Allah said read if you want in an economy that the Quran is witnessed, witnessed by who, by the angels, which angels,

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

the half of the angels especially right because of lost parents, Allah sends them one after the other right

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

In the Quran, what is mentioned about these angels were they mentioned at the angels coming in turns, where is it mentioned, you should know.

00:40:10 --> 00:41:03

Tell me the I Lahu, Mockingbird, mark the bat who are the marquee, but those were sent in succession, one after the other. So one group comes at a time, and they stay with a person until at some time their shift is over, they go to a loss account or to give a report, but it also time the other shift comes and they stay until Friday. So we see that at fudger time at arsal time, all the angels are present because one shift is coming and the other is going. So what does this mean? That those who are praying Salah at that time, for example, those who are in the masjid performing budget in jamara, or annual budget, there is there are then the angels who have come was the first thing

00:41:03 --> 00:41:32

that they're going to write jemar budget together and the angels were leaving, what's the last report that they're going to write off solar? So, from this what do we learn the importance of performing fragile in jamara as difficult as it is, but imagine if the angels are going to go and give this report that this level of yours Oh Allah was praying fudger in jamara.

00:41:34 --> 00:42:08

So, can we share this with some people, which people hmm the men of the family because it happens that they are motivated for a while and then that motivation dies down and then again, it comes again and dies down. So what is necessary that we keep motivating them encouraging them also. So we must encourage them and share this with the men of the family? Because, you know, I was reading as I was preparing today. I thought this is for men, right? Jamal praying in the masjid. This is for men. Why are we studying this? I asked myself why am I studying this today?

00:42:09 --> 00:42:33

What's the benefit? Because anything that you study it should be more natural for your ama. So I was thinking that How am I supposed to I'm on it. Okay definitely praying Jamal. But these are these are particularly about who men so what is necessary then share it with the man even if they're already a praying and jamara tell them why so that they're motivated even more

00:42:34 --> 00:42:41

that the women who are praying at home they should also recite more Quranic version, because in Nigeria Ghana Masuda

00:42:42 --> 00:42:49

an ad for an over here means the recitation, the recitation of regimen, their hesitation of solid budget,

00:42:50 --> 00:43:06

but obviously after Salah you should recite Quran also because you should spend some time reciting the Quran in the morning. For Allah federal budget is known by the recitation, and this is what we see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to do used to recite a lot of Quran in the federal prayer, up to 100 verses.

00:43:07 --> 00:43:33

Polish or even more had done enough, your honor and Abdullah have neuromotor color of blue hair be severian worshipping and Elijah in another narration. It is more than 27 Times had the center or most of you have seen Carla had definite Paula had definite airmesh Palace, America Salomon chorus America, una de de de PUE. She was saying the halali about the other day, she said one day that came.

00:43:34 --> 00:44:16

And he was very angry for all too. So I said my Alibaba, what's making you angry? So what is the role of the wife? At least pay attention to the husband if he's upset? Ask him what's bothering you. But unfortunately, we're so lost in our own lives, and our own work in our own computer, or dishes are children that we don't even pay attention to the husband who's angry. So she asked what's making you upset for color? So he said, Well, law he already fooled by Allah I do not know I do not see him an almighty Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the oma of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Shea and anything in that except under homeo soluna jumia that they just pray together.

00:44:17 --> 00:44:28

The only thing the only practice I see in the oma is what they're just praying together. Everything else they have forgotten everything else. They don't do.

00:44:29 --> 00:44:59

And this is in particular, with regards to the Sunnah, that the only thing I see in the oma today is that they're praying together. But how are they praying? They don't pay much attention to that. Are they following the Sunnah? Are they performing Sunnah With who? Sure. Are they performing Sunnah as it should be performed? No, they're not doing that. The only thing is that he has they are praying in congregation. And we see this that unfortunately for many individuals, the entire importance is on what praying

00:45:00 --> 00:45:15

In Java, that's it. Now, what is the person doing infinite looking here there? No, where are the hands? Is the mouth moving? What is being recited? How is it being recited? Are the cow there the Muslim?

00:45:17 --> 00:45:19

No attention is given to that

00:45:20 --> 00:45:40

the whole concentration is on display in jamara. And that's it. This doesn't mean that jamara is unimportant It is important. But besides that also there are many other things that one must pay attention to. But we see this that at least people are performing Sona in jamara because it is important.

00:45:41 --> 00:46:25

Had the center Mohammed, Allah, Allah had done Abu samata Andre De Niro Abdullah are in vivo data and Avi Musa Kala Coronavirus Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Paragon se agilon facility. The greatest of people in reward meaning the person who will have the most reward for his prayer is who ever I do home forever I do home mom, she's the one who has to walk the most, because he's the most distant, the most far from where? From the masjid. So the farther he is, the more he has to walk. So the more he has to walk, the more reward he will have. One lady antenatal salata, Alia maril imami are a gentleman or lady you sadly.

00:46:26 --> 00:47:06

And the one who waits for the prayer so that he can pray with the man is greater in reward than the one who just prays himself and then goes to sleep. Because you see, sometimes you can lie for example, these Isha comes in very early, you can pray yourself and be in bed before nine, have a long eight hour sleep comfortably. But then a person waits to go to the masjid to perform a shot. And then he comes back. And then he, you know, prepares for the next day and then eventually goes to bed. So by the time he goes to bed, it might be late. So who's better? The one who goes to the masjid and performs a prayer. That for that is more reward.

00:47:07 --> 00:47:16

I remember we visited somebody for some time, and we stayed with them for a couple of days. And it was a habit of that elderly couple that for Frederick, they would go to the masjid together.

00:47:17 --> 00:47:23

And what would they do, they would go for fudger prayer. And after that they would go have coffee or breakfast outside.

00:47:24 --> 00:47:25

This was a treat.

00:47:26 --> 00:48:03

Because what happens is that when you have you know an incentive, then it's easier. When you know that there will be a treat inshallah will be easier. This doesn't mean that the treat should be the only goal. It's just that the couple is going together. So we might as well eat out together also, and nothing too fancy, just something small. You see, when we drive for an hour just to eat at a restaurant, when we drive 45 minutes to shop at a particular mall? Then why is it difficult to drive for 10 minutes to a Masjid to pray. But the thing is that we become stingy over there. We think that will more gas more time. But what do we learn from this Hadith, that the more you have to spend?

00:48:03 --> 00:48:10

Right? Whether it is time or effort or steps, anything, the more you invest, the more you get

00:48:11 --> 00:48:56

in Allah, Allah the original mercy. And you see this hadith that tells us about that every step. For every step, a person is the Roger is raised, his sin is raised. I was thinking about people who charge by the hour at their workplace. So for example, when they're, for instance, working as consultants, then what happens they bill by the hour, and sometimes they also billed you for the time they're spending in travel. It took me 45 minutes to come here took me 15 minutes to go to staples and pick up this paper which I'm using for your work. They will charge you for those 15 minutes. But this is it's a luxury. But what do we see here? Allah subhanaw taala is more generous.

00:48:56 --> 00:49:03

Get together and perform sada and jamara and then don't drive to the supermarket, walk there do something else

00:49:04 --> 00:49:19

to save your gas or whatever you want to do. Yes, definitely. Same thing right that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said if anyone knows that he will have a meaty bone in the mustard he will come but for solid he won't. When there is a will there is a way.

00:49:30 --> 00:49:59

You see, it doesn't matter. At least people are coming in sha Allah, their intention will purify. It's just like giving your children the incentive that Okay, we're going to go together for salah and then later on, we're going to get a treat. So the treat isn't incentive okay, but hopefully inshallah as you grow older, they will realize, of course, they have a reason to come, because some people need more reason than just Salah. Unfortunately. So once they come once, twice, thrice then

00:50:00 --> 00:50:01

in Charlotte should become a habit.

00:50:02 --> 00:50:07

So Chronicle long will be home technischer the La Ilaha Illa and tennis Taku. Kona to Santa Maria Cora.

Lesson 103 – Chapter 29-31 Hadith 644-651

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