How to read the Muawithaat before you sleep

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Whenever you sell Allahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that before one goes to sleep

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can an abusive Arsalan he used to grab his hands together, bring them together.

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And he used to recites all of the loss of salt and fill up all of the ness in his palm. And then he used to spill in them. And then he used to wipe standing from his face, right his head, and then his face, and then what is apparent from his body. And there are two methods in doing this. Memorize two methods in doing this number one, that you read smaller class one more hour with a team, you read them first, once each, and then and spittle meaning with some with some saliva coming out, then that is enough, enough of meaning to just blow breath. And there is enough, enough of is for a and some saliva to come out. And there is a tougher a tougher fish just spit out. So we need the middle one

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with some saliva coming onto the palms. So you read the three swan. You do this once or three times.

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And then wipe from the head and the face. And what is apparent from the body apparent from the body means you don't have to now go on your back and under your foot and whatever it is and try to come touch mine. You don't need all that. What is apparent now Valhalla mean better, but that's the first image. And the second way in doing this. And then obviously the first one, you'll repeat this three times, and wiping three times. And then the second method in doing this is reading sort of the last three times, then

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right? And then wipe them all out and fill up three times.

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And then wipe and then sort of the next three times, and then the spittle and then wiping over your body beginning from the head and in the face and what is apparent from the body and exposed all the way down to your feet and to your toes. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect the soul and we ask him some kind of data to accept Ross