Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L293A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of characters discussing a situation where a man has been killed and they are trying to figure out who they are. They mention a woman named Maria who is supposed to be a woman, but she is not present. The group also talks about a woman named Elijah who is supposed to be a woman, but she is not present.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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una sala Lara Sudan Karim amerit firoozeh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem published rightly so did he weigh acidity and the Washington of data melissani okoli probenecid

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lesson number 293 so don't have I am number one to 52 Translation and

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the inevitable reality ma what is

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the inevitable reality one man and what a doctor it made you know it made you realize man what is

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the inevitable reality cuz it denied so move on so moved and Bill earlier with the clamoring calamity for a man so as for some mood some mood for overly cool so they were destroyed before here by the one that exceeds bones what a man and as for I don't add for overly good so they were destroyed BD him by a wind source of violent cold I see the one that exceeds bounds so haha he imposed it or lay him upon them several seven layer Lin nights with Amanita Yun and eight days show Suma once in succession fettled Ah, so you could see a woman the people see her in it. Some of our once fallen, get unknown as if they are a jazz who are trunks knuckling have deep bonds? How are we

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one that is hollow?

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For *. So do you see la home for them? Made from Berkeley? Yeah. Anyone who remains Why? And he came fit our own fit our own woman and who are below who before him. While McDuffie care to end the overthrown ones bill hardly, because of the same sorrow so so they disobeyed Rasulullah messenger, but I'll be him up there for the home. So he sees them that a seizure? The one that exceeds,

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in indeed we llama when the HA it overflowed? Allah, the water harmonica we carry Do you see in Algeria, the one that flows? Lena Jalla her so we make it. Luckily for you, that kiloton, a reminder. What are you her and it retains it in memory, or Dunoon ears were one that retains in memory

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either than when newfie hot it was blown. See in a suit, the trumpet, not cotton a blowing were Haider one watermelon, and it was carried to the earth while g Ballew and the mountains for the gutter. So they were too crushed. They were too leveled that Catan a crushing where Haider one

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for yoma even so on that day, work on it happened and work they are the happening. One shot, and it split asunder a summer the sky for here so it was yoma even that day, were here, frail, fragile.

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While melaku and the angels are the upon object II her excites way Asheville and he will carry out throne Rob Baker of Europe folk of whom above them, yo ma even that day, seminar Nia eight

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Yama is in that de todo buena, you all will be presented less, not tougher, it will remain hidden. men come from you fear anyone that hides

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a man then as for man who Odia he was given kita who his book be a meanie he in his right for your puluh then he will say

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here, take ikura Oh, you all read kita via my book, my record

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in me indeed a one and two, I was certain underneath that indeed a moolah can one who meets she said via my account for who was so he see in reshot in a life probably

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One well pleasing fee in generating a garden. Leah one that is lufti

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photo for her. It's ready to be picked fruit, the near one that is low and near Gulu you all eat washable and you all drink honey and comfortably or in satisfaction Bhima because of what is left on you all put forward see in a year that is olalia the ones past what? And as for man who Odia he was given kita who his book Mishima Lee he in his left fire kulu so he will say yeah, oh Litani war to me. Lamb not altar. I was given kita via my book. While I'm not editing I no matter what she says via my account.

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Yeah, oh, later her word that it If only it can it it was

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the one that ends man not a winner. It availed on me from me. Maria my wealth halakhah A perished or need from me, sofa Nia, my authority.

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Whoa, who you all sees him for Hulu. So you all fetter him? Some then Elijah Haman, the Hellfire son knew who you will burn him.

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Some then fee in Silsila, a chain, the ruha its length, Sabrina 70. There aren't cubits first local who so you will insert him

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in the who indeed he can, he was left not you may know he believes biller in Allah, Allah Aleem the most great one, and not yet hope boo. he urges Allah upon feeding and miskeen of the needy Felisa so not Lahu for him Aloma Do they have hoonah right here Hemi moon any devoted friend

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wanna and nor fireman any food in law except men from this lien bus discharge of wounds.

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Learn not yet cola who eats it except alcohol to own the sinners. Further so not all Cosimo I swear Bhima with that which dubiously rune you will see warmer and that which led not dubiously rune you all see

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in the who indeed it Loulou surely statement or sulan of a messenger karimun honorable wama and not who would it be only at all a statement sharing of abort or Lila very little mean on you all believe well ah and nor be overly at all a statement can have a soothsayer or the llama very little that can ruin you and remember

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then Zealand a revelation men from Rugby Club alala mean of the worlds

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hello and if dako wanna he forged he fabricated arlena upon us barraba some occur we'll the scenes later hardener surely we seized men who from him really I mean with the right some then luck Aparna shorty we got off men who from him and what in the life are tree from a soul not men come from you men from a hadn't anyone on who from him? hydrazine wants to prevent

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war in nahu. And indeed it let us kill it on surely a reminder, Lin with the pain for those who have declared war in and indeed we learn that alone will surely we know and that indeed, men come from you look at the been ones who deny we're in now who and indeed it law has threatened surely regret Allah upon Alka feeding the disbelievers what in who and indeed it surely truth and the pain of the certainty, facade so glorify bismi with name Rob, Bake Off Your rub away him the most great

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let's listen to the visitation

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Why ask

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kulu shabu honey

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