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Allahumma shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah ashrafi mursaleen cd now Mohammed Jemaine, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All you will doing,

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like number seven, as I mentioned last night, this is where people usually fall away, and we can see the most is getting into the spots the hardest part of Ramadan, the next maybe 10 days or so. So this is the effect we need to put in in sha Allah to get the maximum out of this month. I mean, we continue without the sudo sudo Yusuf and just some points that I didn't mention yesterday and comes to mind. Number one said, reality, if we look at the people that are harmed Yousuf even though Yaqoob he knew there was something up, he never expected them to go this far, we have a problem in our country, violence against women and children. And usually, you know, 90% of the time, the

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perpetrators are those known to the family. Usually, it's someone that knows the child, a family member, relative, a close friend or neighbor. Be very, very careful in the society that we live in. Yes, we like Libya, who was pressurized and he said, Okay, I trust you. We can even know the workings of shavon. And this is the danger to keep our children safe or women safe usually result from external sources actually from inside the house, may Allah Allah protect us and society we live in. Then also something that you know, the timeframe breezes very quickly, we see Yousuf in the Well, I mean, he's picking picked up by the travelers. And then he sold I mean, he's in the house of

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Aziz, and now he's a big man. And unless he's a workaholic, just like that, meaning, this is how life just changes up and down in seconds. And Allah in fact, fame says there's no man in history that had a bigger swing in fortunes than usual. Right from the you know, he had the love of his father one day is about to be an AVI and then he said, Oh, well tomorrow and then he's a slave and then he's traveling and then he's in the house of Aziz. Now he's going on a good path he's gonna end up in jail and so on and so forth. And almost as Quranic so easily, the ups and downs of life will come, you will be thinking that you are on you know, you're riding the wave, and tomorrow you're

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crushed, you know, completely devastated and the same you think that the the the storm will never end and Alhamdulillah with in no time, the East will come again, Allah subhana wa tada is teaching remember this surah is for those who are in difficulty and feeling sad, that the turbulence of life will come and go and ultimately, as we said, whether you from bishops code or Bishop labor's you ended up still, let's say maqbara Johnson road maqbara. Exactly the same cover doesn't really matter what happens in between we start the we end the way we start alone, Likud nothing. And that's how life goes. So that is of the themes of the surah. So we said, use of now grows up into being a

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strong, beautiful, handsome, wise,

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young men and the lady that you the lady have as he is the wife of ours is in his house. She designed him correctly. And she pursued him Allah says wha wha hoo, meaning it was persistent. She that he was in the house as long as he is the lady of the house, meaning his temptation was the day and night constantly. She was trying to flirt with him constantly. She's trying to get him to slip and he's blocking her all the time, until what are the tality up at her NFC wahala. Up until one day she designed scheme they blocked when she knew her husband as he was outside of the house. She locked all the doors except one. And then when you came in through that door, she was the waiting

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for him and as the Freedmen's again Allah doesn't go into the details because I wasn't going to put these things in the Quran. The books of Tafseer mentioned she was already in bed in whatever lingerie she was waiting and then she said hey tallac come Don't even waste time let's just get down to business call Mr. de la he said basically

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he's not even saying I wouldn't be like he's saying only unless prediction can help me now there's nothing that can help me in this situation in and then he says in rugby that accent America in the hula if you could call him in and he says she is he Aziz is my look after me. He's been good to me. How can I betray him like this? Well akata hammock de Sala says while Academy she deeply desired him hum hum is the highest form of of desire. It's when you have made your mind up you're going to do something that moment before you do it is called him. Right? It's determination so that he was near hum is I'm determined and it's the moment before you do the action. So was it what are called a hum

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matvey. She deeply was determined to have him wahama Bihar and he also had hum for her swannanoa he's gonna be of Allah. He is already a prophet of Allah. He's already guided. But remember the NBA are human beings. They feel sad, they feel happy, they feel desire. Inside this was a beautiful woman and ally saying even use of desired her Lola and Robert hanabi. If he had not seen the forehand, much it would have Islam would have means the evidence of a law if he had not seen the evidence of of his Robic overhead not guided him then he also would have

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fallen into that trap. He knew on the inside the desire was there. But what we know as Muslims, the taqwa isn't like you don't desire the dunya but isn't Madison taka taka is you desire it but the love for Allah is more powerful than that the the love to submit to Allah is greater than that it doesn't mean we go through fasting and we don't get hungry if we didn't get hungry. We're not angels. Fasting is of no use the fact that your stomach is crying the whole day and you say no.

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That is taqwa. So Allah says, the use of desire as well he also had this hum. But Allah had showed him beforehand. Now, he mentioned what we actually see something. Some mentioned that when he came in and she said, Hey teleki noticed her idol she was an idol worshiper was covered. And she said, I've covered the idols, the idols can't see what we do. And he obviously realized, but Allah sees whatever we do, and I can't do this, gallica versus the necessity for the necessity for and who soon we'll factor in the human imaginal scene analysis. And thus, this is how we predicted him, we moved away from him, evil and immorality, and he was of our selected slaves, a lot of things in this ayah

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we also see that nobody is about falling into Xena. Nobody is so pious, that if they are in that situation, that they that they, you know, the emotions won't take control. Even Yusuf was on the verge of doing it had Allah subhanho wa Taala not intervene and he's not gonna be of Allah. What about us behind Allah don't even Don't come close to that because you will get to a point where there's no return. And then Allah says, and thus This is how we saved him from a situation of evil and immorality. Why because he was a good person throughout his life now so behind Allah It's amazing. There's a lot of parallels between Abu Musa and abuse I mean Nabi Musa and abusive both

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were thrown into the water, both grew up in a palace of a king, both of them find themselves they grow up and they all use the exact same term, they grow up and they become they reach the full maturity, the good people and in the encounter a crime maybe Moosa comes to a brawl and by mistake, he kills somebody. Now he used to find himself in the situation. Now both of them accidentally happened upon a situation meaning life and the sort of law works. You do not know tomorrow, what's going to come in front of you what challenge you might have the best of intentions, but something is going to come before you and you're going to fall into it either use either the only way is Allah

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averts this calamity from you. So Allah says because he was persistently worshiping me in the good days. When the bad days came when the test came. That's when I intervene. I saved him was cervical about cervical bap. So now whenever you soon realizes I can't over get out of the situation. When the fitna is too much and the reason tells us there are ways in fighting fitness. This is a fitness additional use of is in the biggest fitness that Jan when the gel comes on, try to fight him run away. Fight is a fight or flight mode. Those are only flights. There's no way of fighting this the use of nodes. I can't fight this. So he runs away and he runs to the door that he came in was stubby

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called Bob the race. So as he's running, she jumps up and the races often span a lot. You know what kind of fitna supanova use of in effect, what kind of fitna he was how beautiful he was. So she grabbed and she grabs his shirt from behind a cord that pamesa hoomin to Berlin. And as obviously he runs and she grabs onto a shirt trying to pull him into the bed, you should obviously T's mean w or alpha c c EDA, little BB and as he gets to the door, the door opens. And as he's at the door, she had not expected him to come home. Her husband is at the door, and he sees them both in this compromising situation. She's half naked, he shared his tone by standing there, both not knowing

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what to say. And immediately the lady speaks first. And it shows the kind of cutting that she is she if she speaks first she says hi that matches out woman or other be alakazoo and Illa. And use Jenna Oh adapalene. She says to him, her husband, what will you do to someone who wants to intend evil for your family, she doesn't say what she just says someone who wants to harm your family. Either you're going to put this man in prison or you're going to punish him severely Subhanallah how quickly he turns around again, the one inviting you to evil and this will take time is going to be the one who invites to evil, the one who tells you how easy it's going to be hated. The minute the tables are

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turned, they'll be the first ones to tell you down the river. If nobody uses why you have to be love fell into the sun. immediately she would have blamed she really blames him when he's innocent. What if the sun had happened? Also it shows as we know when it comes to these kinds of mortal sins that many a time it can't stay hidden. It can't stay hidden that even though she did everything that she could to lock the doors make sure the servants when they stole as he's found out, so never ever imagine that you are alone at night that there is no no one seeing that this is gonna not be exposed but Allah protect us we all do things that we are proud of now lucky but he didn't have the mercy of

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Allah that He does not expose these things and Allah keep it hidden and remove it from us and not even

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kiama is exposed. So now she blames him and she says he wanted to what are you going to do to someone that wants to harm your family as if though you still had planned all this and use it was about to rape her in this kind of situation. Haha. So you sue jumps up to his defense he says, Here are the Rodney NFC or shahida hidden area encana coming soon. in Kobani for SOHCAHTOA homina Caribbean, this is a narrative that you don't find in the biblical stories only in the Quran. We never use who says she was the one that tried to seduce me. I've been trying to get away. She's the one to be blamed. Now as he didn't know what to do, as he's clearly was fundamentally abusive. And

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he loves his wife very much. He doesn't know what to do. Each one is blaming it. He said she said, and so a witness from her family, the currency, someone from her family gave a testimony and said, we'll look at the shirt. If the shirt is torn from the back. In fact, you said in the show this one from a parent when he was telling a lie and she's being truthful. But if the shirt is told from behind, then she is the liar and kind of coming to him. I mean, because the bad thing she's lying while warming I saw the thing and he's telling the truth. Now there's some tough see this hadith which is weak that says he was a baby from her family that testified for this. And usually, you find

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that easily solemn one of those three situations we baby 65 children and babies that couldn't from the cradle they spoke and he says one of them has mentioned the Quran, and he testified as his mother's innocence. Remember, Maria was also accused of Zina. And so he speaks up in her defense. There's another story of George George was also accused of Xena and a child testified to defend him. And so some of us didn't say it was a baby that spoke from the cradle. But in reality this hadith is weak and had a baby spoke. You wouldn't have said look at the shirt. You just said Yusuf is innocent, right? But rather it was someone from her family that said we'll look at the shirtsy

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Wheatstone image from the front and obviously easting and from the back there's no way he's gonna cave from the back she is the one that is lying. Also side tangent here. The fact that the Quran mentions this is that we take the four eyewitness accounts not only eyewitness accounts as evidence from this we can see DNA evidence fingerprint evidence our Sharia makes allowances the shirt is now Exhibit A right so in our Sharia you'll find many times the penalty usually two witnesses for witnesses, this is many of them are sitting with the scholars of Sharia and McAfee in the likes. They took this is it this is clearly we can actually prosecute someone based on evidence without any

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eyewitness accounts with the shirt here is is Exhibit A for example. So for them ah so now as he looks at the shirt from Morocco, he sued the women who are in a woman in a dictionary as this finds the shirt and he looks at it and inspects it and realize it's torn from the back. And he says this is your plot tells that tells us why this is your plot You are the line to be that plotted and scheme in Nikita Qunari in that your plot was huge. Now another facility mentioned here and Ireland limited as a as a joke. But as I mean something to think about when Allah speaks about the plot of shavonne are in the greatest shape on acana. The IFA, the plot of shaytaan allseas is evil, feeble

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shaytans plots are evil. But Allah says the plots of ladies are very, very dangerous, very, very big. It's not to say that the system is or anything like that, but rather, what it actually means here that the fitness shaytaan at times is easier to defend yourself. But if between men and women, the biggest test for men and the biggest is for women is the opposite sex that the protege type is easier when when we are fitness to one another. So as he says to her, that you were the one and now he's convinced that she was wrong. And he says you should add in another he says you should turn away from this and don't mention the skip Why? What's the feeling? Leave them big. And he tells us a

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new secret sentence us forgiveness in Nike kingdomino hottie in and you made mistakes and you have the wrong ones. Now, is this the kind of response you expect from a man? If you think that this is a bit light? He says

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okay, you are innocent. Don't tell anyone and you my wife, you are wrong. Don't do this again. Very, very light. Very, very, in fact, the what is clear from Aziz, he is a nice guy. He's a soft guy, maybe too soft. And because he did not nip this in the bud, because he did not stop this. It actually leads to an even bigger fitna. Soon we'll talk about that tomorrow. But here you find that Islam recommends that a man should have a level of a level of predictive jealousy of that which he has, he should not allow certain things that as somebody with a woman, you shouldn't allow your spouse to interact in a certain way and just accept it. Put certain pictures online of themselves

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dress in an inappropriate way. Yeah, he sees this and he just slaps on the wrist and says you made a mistake. Don't do it again, and use of Keep quiet. Also, it mentions here as he was so proud that this rumor might go out. My damage is political. Because you see the man of politics. He didn't want he was so ashamed that

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Go out. He just killed the day and said, no one speak about this. But of course you can't keep these things hidden. And so the news would spread and because his wife so that my husband doesn't even feel any jealousy, he just leaves and carried on like nothing happened. She went a step further than that even a more severe form of fitna for Yusuf and we'll speak about that tomorrow in sha Allah. Any questions?

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No, then Okay, then we have our quiz we said last night. Which type of animal do the brothers say it uses a Lion Tiger or shock? A wolf? Obviously, we use according to them. When we said What is the name of the man from Egypt? who adopted us? What was his title? Not his name. What was his title? what his name? Was his title? Was title title as he is or was he Yahoo? What was the title of the man who adopted never use an easy one? And that's for you to answer then insha Allah as we know the sooner is on Sundays we do our prize giving and we look at those who fill in these questions. So the questions you fill in now is next week Sunday and for those who are during the week, and again some

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people are busy no prizes for online. We were glad that you following us online but coming to the masjid is more Baraka and this is an extra Baraka if you come to the masjid that you get to be part of the prize giving so we can have two prizes two for the males and two for the guys and two for the sisters okay let's see what this one is

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coming as the policies will not hear you are not eligible

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okay so state armies Yeah, so she gets price got in the news that Yeah, can I use not mean to be xeikon Okay, so husbands are no No, no, no, we can't do that either. Um, disease is not your use of *y

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god no, and if I can

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use my partner's one one more my last one last one. Last one. Last one. Let's see what's the male so males here? Yeah. Okay.

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So much. We continue tomorrow. Ursula Cena Mohammed Rafi Serrano Serena. Camila