Answering Interesting Questions – Part 7

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Answering Interesting Questions – Part 7 – Ramadan 2016


AI: Summary © The importance of love for Islam is highlighted, with emphasis on the Prophet Muhammad and his actions as drivers of love. It is also discussed the need to balance love for Islam with the physical world and how individuals can develop a love for Islam by studying the life of the Prophet. The importance of understanding the Prophet's life is also emphasized, along with the importance of avoiding overwhelming emotions and maintaining balance between gratitude and grief. The segment ends with a reminder to subscribe to the channel for more content.
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Now I want to take the question. This is a Sofia's question as Muslims we should love our beloved prophet speaks to them more than anyone else, more than our parents and children more than ourselves, and we should love allows them even more than the Prophet size on them. Can you please give us some advice on how to achieve both in a way that pleases Allah? I'm asking because I never saw them loved us so much. He kept his law for the day of judgment to save us. And the last one with Allah also says in the Quran that we need to love the prophet Isaiah to set up if we want to have a love of love and forgiveness, how to keep the right balance between our love for the prophets I send

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them and our longing for meeting him in the Hereafter, and the supreme love independence and reliance on Allah subhanho wa Taala it's a fantastic question. And it's something so difficult, you know, like, how do you balance between the love of Allah and the love of the prophet or the Santos Lando Quran helps us in this regard. Well, you don't have a Buddha laugh at me only in a very succinct, brief statement, Allah has, like, completely covered the subject. If you truly love Allah, follow me lovingly. See, we don't get to meet a lot until Judgment Day, we don't get to see a lot until Judgment Day, we got to see the Sahaba gotta see the profit zone, they got to live by his

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example, they interacted with him. And so the love of the profits, I said, um, is far more tangible, because it's a human being, that we are that we show loyalty to. And the way you express your love to the problematized for them, is by trying to live by his beautiful example. And remembering his example. You know, we tend to highlight the visible things, right. So for example, when we talk about the certain that we talk a lot more about the beard, you know, or the the the car, the ones that can be heard the utterances and remembrances that can be heard, we talk about those more, but the etiquette and the mannerisms and the way he carried himself solo maharsha the way he

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demonstrated patience in the face of ignorance, the way he dealt in business, the way he dealt with people that were, you know, antagonistic towards him, the way he dealt with, you know, people that were even, you know, corrupt Muslims, the way he dealt with them. These dealings we forget. So we, we embody, the love of the prophet SAW Islam in superficial ways, but the character that it demands we've kind of lost sight of, you know, like, the most ironic case of that I felt was like a hedge. So when I went to hedge, you know, there are people that have books with them of the most noon prayers, like the hours that the prophets I seldom used to make, and they're reciting those out

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loud, right, and they want to stand in a particular place and make those doors and it's perfectly okay for them to push somebody out of the way to stand there and make those that you're trying to emulate the prophets lie sometimes words, but not his character, the same guy who's making these doors is drinking a plastic water bottle and chucking it on the street. Why would the windows Association ever do that? Like there's a clear distinction between those two so when you develop and start emulating the character of the solar system, then your love of Allah naturally builds that's how your love of a lot actually builds it's not some mysterious thing that will build it will build

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as you develop and bond your relationship with a lot for me personally, the thing that makes me fall in love with our messenger all over again all over again is a study of the Seal of the Prophets I said I'm I would recommend reading a seal book every like every year just read the read through the life of the prophet Isaiah. So listen about the life of the Prophet size of them. And the more you learn about him, the more inshallah the love will increase. And as your love of Allah azza wa jal I found that nothing Nothing has given me love of Allah subhanaw taala like the study of the Quran, make that a part of your life and ChildLine alone make it easy for you. Somebody mezzanine actually

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very kind of you to ask so many of you have asked how's your son Holly doing hollywell humbleness in perfect health? May Allah keep him that way. Angels are created to worship a lot alone. So when a luck created and considered creating Adam, how did the angels start to ask questions of their maker? That's the question isn't it? I asked the question in the video I made about bacara campaign in Ramadan that I'll be teaching how in the world did angels ask the question and question it was creation of other medicines? I thought they're supposed to be absolutely obedient. I shall not be answering that question. I'll be doing that in Ramadan in detail inshallah.

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Sorry, Nene. We'll get there inshallah. charisma shape as I have a question on laser cutter, when we say the angels descend and spread throughout the globe, and enter each and every house.

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But since we all have different time zones and lunar calendar, how is it possible to have loads of other on the same day and at night, time around the world. So here's the thing Karishma

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spiritual, the spiritual calendar, and the spiritual dates are from the world of the unseen and they are not from the world of the scene. And the way time works when the prophet SAW is that I'm, for example, travel to the seven across the seven heavens and went all the way up to meet with Eliza within the way time works.

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And the way night and day works in the realm of the unseen is not the same as the realm of the show who showed me the visible world, 24 hour days time zones, the sun coming up here and going up going down over there, that stuff is how we walks are thinking about the scene world, but later from Qatar is a reality of the unseen world. So it could be little cuddle, you know, for one group and another group at different times in the physical sense, but it's actually counted as one by a large religion in the way that he he knows time far beyond we do, right, that is a spiritual reality. A lot of times we take these spiritual texts, and we try to think of them in physical ways, in the material

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ways in scientific ways. And that just doesn't work. To give you another example of that on a completely different note is, for example, when Allah says hearts have become hard like stone, nobody no disbeliever has a heart made of stone, even if you did surgery, it still be a squishy thing. It wouldn't be made of stone, right? So you shouldn't think of these spiritual truths in physical material scientific kinds of ways.

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There's a really interesting last question, guys, how to distinguish between your inner self and the whisper of shaken Islam ask that question. I don't know if it's a bad idea consider it both and just get away from it to say are Lululemon Shakeology, and you know, your knifes only calls you to do bad things that are clearly in violation with Allah's teachings when the shaitaan is trained it enough so get away from it. And by the way, if you have these urges and thoughts in the month of Ramadan, then that's totally your naps, right? That just means the chatons on a good number on your enough so even when he's on vacation, you're not still at work, but you don't have to make that distinction to

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do the right thing. be in good company, stay pure, stay in will do as much as possible, keep the bathroom door closed at home, you know,

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and practice some of these basic things and inshallah shaitan will stay out of your life. And of course, above and beyond elstar remembrance of the lion good company, helps us fight against the whispers of Elijah, which will protect us from the whispers of shaitan. Actually, I did say that's the last question. But there's one more here that I really wanted to get to. My question is how to keep a balance between gratitude and grief. jacobellis mom cried to a point where he lost his eyesight. So if we are grief stricken, we cried to allow RV being ungrateful. No, you're not being an ungrateful Zeno. If you are crying to Allah. And you are you are allowed to complain to allows

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origin and you're allowed to be, but at the same time, you can't be overwhelmed with your grief and even Yahuwah a solemn when he heard the most horrible news, he still tried to find something beautiful and in southern Germany. He literally used the word Jimmy. In other words, he's forcing himself to be optimistic in the in the darkest of times, and even after years and years and years. But as you do the high use of I find the center of use of it's it's so beautiful that he didn't lose hope. He still hadn't lost hope. So one has to have hope in a larger vision, no matter what loss they've suffered milazzo does that make it easy for all of you to recuperate from any difficulties

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that you're going through, we have to make this Ramadan, one that is accepted from all of us, and it's the best Ramadan we've ever had. And allows me to make this a month that, you know, really strengthens our bond with his book and changes the course of the rest of our lives for the better. Thanks, guys for for tuning in. I'll take some of your questions again in the next week. Monica lovely, welcome. So mid October, gotta remember, for an slash Ramadan, 2016 share with family and friends and those of you that haven't signed up for the live cast, please do so. I'll see you then.