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22 Iman Bi Al Qada Wa Al Qadar Belief In Divine Decree

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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sadly are allowed to sue legal karimabad for the villa him in the shade on rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim furbish odd were silly emri weidler of DITA melissani of kuqali probenecid. Winner in Eman bill. welcome email, belief in other words Baba. What does it mean by

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decree destiny? What other words are used for decree destiny predestination?

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So believe in

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fate, very good, pre ordained meant. So believing in a laws decree? Is it a part of a man to believe in fate? Yes, it is.

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How do we know? Because in the long hadith of gibreel, when jabril came and asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam many questions, one of the questions was, tell me about Eman of widney annual event. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him that he man is that you believe in Allah, His angels, his messengers, his books, and what do I mean I will utterly hiree for Sheree. And that you believe in fate. hierarchy, the good of it, and we're sorry, the bad of it, meaning you believe that everything that happens is part of fate. Whether it is something good, or it is something bad, it was predestined. And Allah subhanaw taala allowed it to happen. So this is part of even now the

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question is, what is an other what is alcohol? Many of you when I asked you what is called avacado? You didn't know? Because we know what fate is we believe in it. But the terms of other al Qaeda? Have you heard of them before? Yes. Have you read these words in the Quran? Yes, in different forms. Now, this is the technical term that is used for destiny for fate. So what is the meaning of al Qaeda? Al Qaeda? The technical definition is who attack de la heat island a Shia Filipina, it is the destiny of Allah subhanaw taala meaning what Allah subhanaw taala has destined for different things, meaning that they should happen. Filton from before so it is ullas predestiny. We're in whoo soprano

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who inasa taco and it is his knowledge, Destiny is what faith is what it is essentially, Allah has knowledge that under hersa de Peru, that certain things will happen that certain events will happen, when will they happen? fee often at certain times, that are maluma that are known, but known to who are in the hall near him. So for example,

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Allah subhanaw taala knows from before he has decreed he has decided from before and it is within his knowledge that in the year 2014 in the month of March on this day, at this time, this creation of Allah who will be sitting in this place, studying about fate, okay. So, this is Allah destiny, that this event will happen when fi okatie Mara Luma at a certain time, and this known time is known to only Allah while asleep acting muscles and on certain traits meaning that certain events will happen certain things will take place, having certain characteristics. So basically what when and how. You understand what when and how wakita to soprano, hula delic and kita. Allah soprano Darla

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has written all of this from before. So Allah destined, he knew he had it written down one machine or two hula hoop, and He willed that it should happen, he allowed that it should happen. So for example, all of us sitting over here, good we have come here, unless and until Allah subhanaw taala allowed that for us. He destined that for us. We could not have come by ourselves. It was by his machine, by his will, that we were able to be here. Well, we'll push through her Allah has been acquired.

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And its occurrence according to what Allah subhanaw taala had decreed concerning it. Meaning everything that happens happens according to what Allah decreed will help Allah and Allah subhanaw taala also creates all of it. So basically, there's a whole long definition you could summarize it into three things. First of all, predestination what Allah subhanaw taala decided from before what did

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You decide from before that what should happen, when it should happen, how it should happen, all right, when it should take place, how with whom, what characteristics, all of this predestination second allas will he allows it to happen he allows it to take place And third, he makes it happen. Hulk Allah subhanaw taala creates it or he allows it to happen. Now inshallah the details of this we will study one after the other, but this is just an overview of what fate is. So inshallah we will look into detail as to what exactly a loss of penalty Allah has decreed, what exactly is meant by his knowledge, what exactly is meant by Kitab? What Allah subhanaw taala had written, okay, so

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inshallah, we will go over this one by one, but this is just an overview. Now, before we study anything, we have to look at the meaning. So, what is the literal meaning of the word? Other linguistic meaning?

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What's the root of that word? adara yaku? What's the master al Qaeda? And also,

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sometimes you hear the word and sometimes you hear the word other. Both are correct. There is another word that we hear duck deed for fate, isn't it for destiny, we also hear the word duck, the

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duck, the now other other duck? Did all of them are correct. Okay, all of them are used for fate. What's the literal meaning? It means Allah will hook judgment and decision what's the literal meaning judgment and decision now in local on you read this word in many different forms in different contexts. And if you look at all of those words, okay, basically, they convey the meaning of knowledge, power, ability, strength, extent, assessment, estimation, calculation, evaluation, perfect planning, all of these meanings are written okay in your notes. So the word is basically used in all of these forms let's look at some examples in the draft istikhara we pray * dude

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holy, where sir holy, that Oh, life is good for me then * really Meaning? Meaning decree it for me decided for me make it happen. All right, intro to Baccarat 236 lol Missouri or the world mokhtari Katara. What does it mean by Qatar over there a person's capacity All right, if a person has a lot of wealth and he has to spend according to his capacity, and if a person has limited wealth and he has to spend according to his capacity, so other over there means capacity ability capability, in total MBI 87 for one ln naka de la la unison thought that we would never make constriction for him, meaning that we would not hold him accountable for what he did. And there are

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many other times when this word appears. So in the context of Eman and other means other hook decree judgment, ultimate destiny. Now, what is the shutter remaining? meaning in the context of Eman as a technical term? What does other mean? It means that which Allah subhanaw taala planned and destined from before

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Allah subhanaw taala planned and destined from when? from before before what?

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Before creating his creation, before bringing his creation into existence? Now what does that imply? That if he planned and destined from before, that implies basically, that he possessed complete knowledge of it, that he possessed complete knowledge of it, because you can only plan something when you have knowledge about it. And when you know about the whole plan, then you have knowledge.

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Clear? Like, for example, if you have a whole plan of how you're going to spend your March Break,

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or are you not going to have a march week, I'm just giving you an example. But let's say you have a whole plan one day, you're going to go there another day, you're going to go somewhere else and other day going to do something different. Okay? You have the whole plan. Now, once you've made a plan, you are obviously aware of what you're going to do. Plan means what knowledge and plan you can only make on the basis of knowledge. Right? If you know you're going to have a March Break, then you will play and if you know that you're not going to have it you're not going to play clear. So planning is deeply connected with in

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So taqdeer is basically other is basically allas pre planning destiny, which implies that he possesses complete knowledge of it. And he also had it written.

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Because like, for example, you make a schedule, you write it down. Why? Because you have to read all of it again and again, no, sometimes you write it down and put it on the refrigerator so that everybody else can find out so that they don't keep coming and asking you again and again. So, when you write down something, it doesn't mean that you need to refer to it, it could be for other reasons, as well. So when Allah subhanaw taala, had everything written, it does not mean that naroda Villa, he would forget not at all, he had it written for different reasons. So he had it written by the pen in a local muffles. And it is according to this decree, it is according to this other this

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plan, that everything happens. But when does it happen? By His will, when he allows that something should happen? So, for example, your day schedule, it's decided from before, what's going to happen in the first hour in the second hour in the third hour? Who's going to do what? Correct? And then what happens? It's made known to everybody, sometimes it's made known to certain individuals and sometimes it is made known to everybody whoever is concerned and then what happens that it is followed. So, other is Allah subhanaw taala this plan and destiny, okay, this is what is Allah because Allah is also used for destiny. Al Qaeda linguistically, means cada jacoba and Heroku. While

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fossil it means command. And fossil also means to separate basically refers to clear judgment, clear decision concerning something, a command, that to carry out all for all to carry out something and become free and clear land to make known. So the word gives a meaning of command decision, perfect execution of a plan fulfilment of something conclusion have something to make something known, if you look at how this word is used in the Quran, so that is why I have 23. What about a Buddha, Allah, Buddha, Allah, a cover of Buddha, what this other over there mean that your Lord has commanded? that you do not worship anyone but him. So called out over there means command, sort of

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aha is 72 faculty, Matt and I have the magician set to fit around, go ahead and decide and execute whatever you want.

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So Koba over there means what? Decide, but execute carry out your plan. So it will see that I have 12 aloneness a virus and malware that Allah subhanaw taala made them into seven skies, although over their means, he concluded, meaning the creation of the heavens he ended that as what seven skies in sudo cosas io 29. In here The meaning is really clear Phelim Koba musella Atilla when musala Salah Cava the term What does that mean? completed, fulfilled. So tillbaka iO 200 again meaning is very clear for either colyton when I seek accom What does it mean when you have completed and fulfilled and completely carried out all the rituals of Hajj. So cada means to carry out? Now, in the Sharia,

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as a technical term, what is called it is the fulfillment of what Allah subhanaw taala decreed, meaning his creation. So when you compare the two other and Kaaba, what's the difference? Other is the plan. Allah has prior knowledge about Qaeda is the execution, the fulfillment of that plan, meaning creation. So, you can say that other is the decree and elkader is the implementation and execution of that decree. Duck D is the other is the foundation and coda is the structure. Doc D is what Allah subhanaw taala decided should happen. He had it written down where in alohomora fools and then when the time came, for that event to take place, then Allah subhanaw taala Allah, He made it

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happen, he allowed that it should happen and he made it happen. You can understand this from an example. And that is of construction of a building. How is the building constructed? Somebody says, Oh, this looks like a good site. Let's just get a digger and you know, start building and they start dating and then they say, Okay, let's make a wall here and a wall there. And yes, the foundation

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They're not very deep but it's okay we'll go up to 70 floors Is that how it works? No before the construction of the building what is necessary hmm planning correct. So, that planning you get an architect he makes a whole drawings right a lot of detail in that drawing then everything has to be approved correct by the city. Once you get those permits, then construction happens. So, what do we see here three things plan permit construction, you can understand this as the plan is the other

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the permit is you can understand that as a loss of penalties will when a law allows that yes this should happen and the construction is what

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clear so I'll gather well

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now what does that show to us that the proceeds although the lead comes first then comes call the doctor is what Allah decided should happen It is his decision. Although his his Hulk what Allah spawn data creates take another example plant seed within the seed is what okay human being within the mother's ovum and the father's sperm is what

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the DNA of what the child will be right the characteristics correct the chromosome, all of that. So, what happens as the child develops as he grows, he possesses all those traits right? Clear. So, first is the plan then is the execution of that plan. Allah subhanaw taala decreed everything before

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there was anything before I lost pounds or created anything.

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And then when the time came one after the other of last panel, Darla brought things into existence and this will continue to happen until every person reaches its final destination either in general or

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clear. Now, when both terms of other alkota Just a minute, other alpha when both of them are used together. Or sometimes it happens that the word color is used, sometimes the word color is used, that both of them can be used for the for one and same thing. Destiny preordained meant Allah's decree, but now you will see the clear difference between them, okay. So they can be used to refer to the same thing and, and they can also be used to refer to what is more specific, other than the same thing about is different. Okay. Now, a lot of panel data is Uh

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huh, who is a Holic Malik muda. He is Moodle.

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A person might say why is it that Allah, Allah did all the planning from before anything important that has to be done? is planning required for it?

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each lesson is decided from this verse to that verse. Because of the planning is not there, then what will happen? chaos.

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So planning is necessary for anything that is important even in your life. If you want to make the most of your day, you have to plan it.

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If you fail to plan,

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you plan to fail.

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Correct. If you don't make a plan, then basically you're planning to fail. Now, this creation of the heavens and the earth, millions and millions of human beings who are eventually going to end up in Ghana or now you think there's going to be no planning?

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There is going to be planning. Allah subhanaw taala is all wise, the perfect in his planning, so it befits His Majesty, it befits His perfect knowledge and wisdom, that he would have a whole plan from before as to what is going to happen.

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Do you understand why there is the key

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and if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala this attribute is Audra Audra is attribute, correct. This is why Allah subhanaw taala has names such as an odd encoded almak that is, isn't that so? So what is the proof of elkader? Well,

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or other workato what is the proof because there are many who rejected completely who say no, no. There is no predestination. Destiny is what you make.

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God has not destined anything but it's

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Is there any evidence of this?

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There is evidence in favor of duck leave? For example, in total our loss is 34. First of all, logically it makes sense. I like we just discussed, right it is only logical that there should be old plan of this amazing universe, amazing universe, right? within a human being, it is DNA within a seed is the characteristics of the plant that will grow from it. Isn't it so? So, how is it possible that for this entire universe, there would be no plan? There has to be a plan it is only logical. In the Quran also, there are many evidences so two out of 34 Allah says well it could be omitted.

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For every community is an agile meaning a fixed term as to when it will live for how long and when it will come to an end. It is planned it is decided from before

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sort of the camera I have 49 Allah says in Kula Shay in Hakuna who be cada indeed all things we have created with predestination. For everything there is a plan, how big, how small, how tall? What color, every detail, Allah subhanaw taala has decided from before, in sort of hairdryer 21 we're in min Shea in Illa. Indiana has a woman in a zoo elaborate color in my room for everything Allah subhanaw taala has its treasures, for example, rain, okay, and Allah subhanaw taala sends it down according to a known measure. Allah decrees how much snow should fall in a particular year. Allah decrees how much rain should fall in a day. Allah decrees how much the temperature should drop in a

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particular day or night. This is ullas It is his decision suitable for con IR to wahala aka lashay enfocado era, and he has created each thing and determined it with precise determination. Everything has its other martlew known to Allah azza wa jal and what does that show to us

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allows complete knowledge for every little thing, there is a plan, the details are decided. Take the example of the Sun and the Earth, what should be the size of the Earth? What should be the size of the sun, how far should they be from one another, at what speed the earth should rotate? This is an amazing plan at such a mass level, such a huge level and then for micro creatures also, there is a plan. Right? There is a plan, Allah subhanaw taala is a decree. So we see that nothing is happening in vain. Nothing is happening without reason. Nothing is happening in this universe, uselessly. Everything that happens is happening according to Allah's great plan.

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From the lives of human beings, do the eventual end of communities and nations do the clouds and the earth. I mean, we see this every year there's a whole plan that Allah subhanaw taala heads, right for seasons, for trees for people, human life, a child, how it is born, how that person grows, and then how his health deteriorates and he ends up in a grave in this earth. There's a whole plan, nothing is happening. Just like that.

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And this should make us wonder how much planning is there in my life? The time that Allah soprano God has given me

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on this earth What am I doing? How is my HDR going? Because eventually we will come to an end right? Every person will die. What are we doing? You know Hades in a dilemma the the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, a slave of Allah shall not believe until he believes in an other. It's good and it's bad, such that he knows that what struck him would not have missed him, and that what missed him would not have struck him.

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He man is not complete until a person believes in what

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whatever has happened was meant to happen. And whatever did not happen was never meant to happen. Everything happens according to Allah decree. His plan. What is our obligation as servants that we surrender? We accept and we do whatever is expected of us whatever is within our capability. Is it important to believe in God Well, God Yes.

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In Hadith we learned that a man is not complete until a person believes in a God. It is also necessary to believe in other because it is the first creation the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said indeed the first thing that a lot exalted created is the pen. And he commanded it to write everything that was going to happen. Everything that was going to happen Allah commanded the fan to write it down. Eman is incomplete without it had eaten a Timothy the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, a slave shall not believe until he believes in for the testimony of La ilaha illa Allah and that I am the messenger of Allah whom he sent with the truth, and that the servant

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believes in death, meaning there's afterlife, and he believes in resurrection after death and he believes in an other.

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If a person does not believe in predestiny, who is a man is not complete, Hadith and Muslim, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said a person shall not believe until he believes in the good of it and the bad of it meaning everything good everything bad is happening according to a less plan. He decided it hasn't said May Allah curse, this innovated religion what was he referring to this new ideology that people have come up with? That there is no predestiny that there is no other because there were innovators who started saying such things and these things exist still today. Right. So he said May Allah curse, this innovated religion, what is he referring to?

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I just explained to you

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that there is no color compared to which I am older. Meaning this has just started now in my lifetime, meaning denying other belief in other is other is reality of Eman. The Messenger of Allah sort of autism said there is a reality to everything and a servant cannot attain the reality of a man until he knows that whatever has reached him could not have missed him. And whatever has missed him could never have reached him. Basically, you cannot experience what a man really is. Until you believe in

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like Really? Then you know what a man is. Because when you're tested through, you know great distress, great deaths in your life, and you realize that this was a lesson plan for me.

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And then you see the fruits of that the amazing effects of that in your life. And that brings you to email that makes you realize what even is even our basketball the lower end who said the other is the essence of the head. Whoever worships Allah alone and believes and other has perfected his faith. But whoever worships Allah alone and does not believe in other destroys his though hate by this disbelief. So what do we learn from the statement webinar best? your belief in though he does not complete until you believe in Allah? If you believe in God, then yes, your belief in the Hadith is correct. Because you know what, believe in destiny, it really connects you with Allah. Really. It

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makes you get to know your Lord. It helps you draw closer to Allah subhana wa tada the companions, what advice did they give one of the self he said, I went to Raven carb and said to him, I am confused about Divine Decree. So tell me something by means of which let me remove this confusion from my mind. He replied, we're allowed to punish everyone in the heavens and in the earth, he would do so without being unjust to them. And we're here to show mercy to them, His mercy would be much better than their actions merited. Were you to spend in support of Allah cause an amount of gold equivalent to 100 Allah would not accept it from you until you believed in other and knew that what

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has come to you could not miss you and that what has missed you could not have come to you. Were you to die believing anything else, you would enter hellfire.

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What was the understanding of the companions, amen. without believing and other, incomplete, not valid, a person will go to hellfire. He said, I then went to the loving Massoud and he said something to the same effect. I next went to her Deva Binyamin and he said something to the same effect. I went to David savage told me something from the prophets of Allah sent him to the same effect. So what do we learn? What did the companions advise? You have to believe in each other? Because there are many aspects of other than perhaps are confused about we just don't understand. Doesn't make sense to us like how how, correct why, because we have limited minds. So whether we

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understand or not what is necessary, we still believe in it. We realize our lack of knowledge. We admit that because woman at Terminal or it may be luckily

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our minds are limited. We cannot fall under

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of everything and other is basically Allah soprano without his knowledge that he has kept with himself. How can we fully understand it? We cannot. We can only understand a little bit about it and as much as we understand, okay, but whatever we don't understand that also we have to believe so inshallah what we will study about control Tada. We have to study with an open mind. Okay. And with this faith in our hearts that I believe in it. So Chronicle la morbihan technischer la ilaha illa antenna stuffy Luca wanted to be like Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh