Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Maryam 22 – Soon you will know who is the weaker one from amongst us

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the potential for a war and the importance of protecting believers. They explore the benefits of the belief that the believer will be protected and the potential for harms to come through. The discussion also touches on the use of the term Holly and the importance of the goddamn woman being a woman. The speakers emphasize the need to be aware of the consequences of a situation and show political views. The military is emphasized as a protectionist force.
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rajim Bismillah R Rahman you're rocking don't mind Oh Nigel levena Taka one other old volume in a V. G the sadaqa. Allah we love him. We conclude the academic discussion regarding passing through *, whether this would include the believer and the disbelievers or only the disbeliever. The overwhelming view is that both the believer and the disbeliever will have to cross the desk believer will fall in May Allah protect us, while the believer will make it across and there are many benefits to this year. It will increase the believer in his happiness and joy that Allah has saved him. It would add to the pain and the misery of the disbeliever to see how the believer went across

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while I sit here in * and I suffer, may Allah make it easy for us. We need to think and prepare about that moment. So in verse 72, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, So men are Nigel Levine at Taco then we shall rescue and grant deliverance to those who possess taqwa, whenever of body mean a fee * Thea and we will leave the oppressors in it on their knees. And this is against supports this idea again supports the view that everybody will cross everybody will cross. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that those that have Taqwa those that have taqwa and again this was the humility of Abdullah bin Rama Hara the Allahu Anhu that he said, I don't know if I will make it across,

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though of course, surely, undoubtedly. Definitely with certainty, Abdullah bin Rama Harare, Allahu Anhu was amongst those who possess taqwa and by extension every Sahaba in the levena Saba plantilla, who Minal Husna were called Learn what are the law who has now for every Sahabi or the Allahu Anhu? The Quran categorically dikkat declares goodness and Paradise. So verse 72, through manana J. Levine at Taco then we will grant deliverance and rescue to those who had the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala one or the roof Valley mean fee ha Gee Yeah, you know, if if people are kind of together in something, and then gradually others are taken away and rescued and then you find yourself alone

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there that can be rather daunting and painful. Also, there's another reflection in the Quran Allah puts the thought in my mind now, Allah subhanaw taala says woman YouTuber Allah rasool Allah who you detail who Jannat integrity mean Tatil and how to highly Deen fer La Ilaha illa Allah you know, my brother, my sister when I say the Quran is amazing. Just just get into it and appreciate it. So in Surah Nisa, after the detail of inheritance, Allah says well my uterine la hora sunnah who, whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you the three who Jana integrity Allah will enter him into gardens of Jannah, beneath which rivers flow Holly Dena fee Ha, they will dwell

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there with eternity. Now the scholars make note of something here, that in the mention of the dwellers of Paradise, Allah expressed it with a blue roll noun Holly do multiple, right they're going to be there with eternity and there are multiple and then in the verse they after Allah says Romania, c'est la hora Sula, who were your director who do the who, you the fellow who now run Holly than fee her, or may ask Allah the one who disobey is Allah and he is Nabil and he trespass the limits you the Hill who now run he would be subjected to *, and eternally he would be there well over a double Maheen and for him for the disbelievers is a disgraceful punishment. So the point of

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reflection and I hope I can simplify the academic point here is in the mention of the entry of the disbeliever into how Allah references a singular form. Allah says highly than Allah doesn't say Holly Dena and in the mention of the dwellers of Jana, Allah says Holly Deena in a plural in the hunter of Jana Elaine I read this year Why did Allah make reference of the dwellers of Jana plural because

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I should do a stage lovin little uncIe because this adds to the excitement. You're going to be there is going to be forever and you're going to be with your family. Wow. Sometimes the best of moments are compromised because you alone you simply cannot enjoy it. You could be flying in the first class you could be in a lounge you could be in a great hotel with a great view, but you alone it

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doesn't have that feeling and sometimes a simple thing is much more enhanced because of the company with which you are. So to the dwellers of Jana, it's eternity and it is with your family around you, Jana to hardening the homeowner or man Salah humming about him as well to him with the reality him well, Mala eco to get hold on Ali him and cuddly Bob and to the disbeliever May Allah protect us May Allah protect us because we cannot rejoice Imam Ghazali said what is our writer calf Iran and when you see it as believer then tell yourself as a new slim it's highly possible before he dies, he will become a Muslim Ummah, Anna for an answer and you will any Allah and with regards to myself, it is

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equally possible that Allah can deprive me of Eman before I die for your Kuno hudon who Amina mocha Robbie well according to animal MOBA, ideen and he will stand up as a close servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala while I can in the last minute lose out and be rejected in the court of Allah.

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So for the disbeliever Allah says naran he will enter * Holly then Allah says in a singular form, I shall do is Digilab little washer, which adds to the pain. I mean, it's painful enough to know where you're going to be pain, agony, misery and then to know you alone, or that can just be too scary. So the believers are going across, then the prophets will intercede for the believers, then the pious will intercede. And then the disbeliever will say Milan I'm in Shafran. While on Saudi tin, I mean, Marla Nermeen Shafi, Irene, Wallen, sleeping hammy, furlough, Anala Naka, Ratan finetune, Amin and meaning in Jos 90 in Chapter sharara. There is no one to intercede for us. There

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is no profits for us. There is no dear friend to come and rescue us. So the believers will get across will never have burned him enough he had Divya and the criminals will be left there in in verse 73. Allah subhanaw taala speaks about yet another baseless argument of the disbelievers what either total RLA him to Napa United what either went to law recite that led him upon them prior to now our verses but you're not in clear, clear meaning clear in its margins nature, it was miraculous, clear in its injunction called a levy in a CAFO way that took him to now be united in Thailand living in a Kaffir role in levena amanu. So when the verses would be recited and they were

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convinced in the heart of hearts, this is absolute this is true. The disbelievers will counter it by saying Paul and levena Cafaro that as believers would say living in harmony to the believers, a you'll very clean if you don't mahkamah which out of the two groups are in a better position or accidental Nydia and which has a final assembly.

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So this is the first demo this is the first mocha demo this is you know you talk of sohara Cobra Natalija and mented. Just look at your setting. Look at our setting, look at your attendance look at our attendance look at our location look at your location look at our facilities look at yours and you'll find a URL for your time free group between us and you. I mean your group it's a simple setting with poor people know much prominence. Look at us. We got the high flyers here we got prominent, we got the elite. We got the upper end of people here right that's the first several that's the first market DOMA. The second one in biannual Quran which is URfi that generally it is

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only your your your beloved that you favor. You don't favor a foe or an enemy. So look at our setting our prominence, our prestige, our wealth, our affluence, that means we are beloved in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala we are beloved in the eyes of Allah, and you will retain which out of the two groups how you don't is better mahkamah In location will AXA new and better Nithya in its assembly in its group, who who makes up who you travel with who you associate with, who's your business associates, or in our case we've got prominent high profile effluent, you know aristocratic, living up human lives. These are the people on your end, it is poor, simple people was

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made enough second levena had a runner up boom bill that he will actually you redo in our job, but this was a delusion. This was a deception of theirs. Because the indulgence and the amenities of this world is no guarantee that Allah subhanho wa Taala is pleased with such a person, a great scholar had once given a profound analogy that you could, you could see a person having a parrot in his house and

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he gives that parrot a simple slice of bread or some grains. And then there is a rat that is there and you want to trap it. So you buy next

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cluesive trip, and you put a nice block of cheese there, and you put it at the right place. And if somebody walks in and says, Oh, I think the rat is his pet, because look at the exclusive block of cheese that he bought for the rat, and I think he wants to kill the parent because look at the dry crumbs that he's giving there. That's what you might look at apparently, but you know, and I know that you give him that rat that crumbs to keep it you give him that parrot that little crumbs or that little grains to keep it alive. I have a fish tank and I love looking at fish. You know, and if you overfeed it, that's it, you're done with it next money, you'll get up and they all float in and

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they're all done. So you got to feed it little in moderation to keep it alive. And on the other hand, you might be buying something exclusive.

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Like a block of cheese, of course now there's there's so many other things that people will do to trap and kill the rat. And the aim is not to sustain it but rather to destroy it. So the argument the argument that because I have better I am closer to Allah is baseless. It holds no merit, no cloud, no meaning whatsoever. Verse 73, welcome to La Isla him to Napa United Ireland. Lavina Cafaro Lavina I'm an A you will feel the pain in a coma or afternoon a D Yup. An NS Abuja whole set on one instance, we're going to call our group we're going to call our group Allah said Go call your group and Go call your friends and go call your cronies. We dispatching our angels fairly at the wrong

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idea Santa Rosa Barnea failure the owner, the Santa Rosa Barnea, let him call his group and let him call his cronies.

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We are dispatching our Mala Iike Allah you have Mala Inca tuna, the lagoon will acquire she does have al How does Allah subhanaw taala break this argument of this verse 74 Welcome. lacuna, welcome and lacuna. tabela, home in quarantine, home accent, no offense, and we're here. How many generations Did We not destroy before them who were better than them in terms of resources and appearance? So you're saying you're strong? Well, there were people before you that was so strong, that Allah said wama, Bella O'Meara Shah Rama, they now whom they do not own 1/10 of those that preceded them. In number five they have who let her know Bill arose, but the oil Cova and many

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scholars have taken this literally not figuratively, that the key is that led to the treasures of karoun We're actually waiting Mammoth and colossal for a group of strong men, a group of strong men would it would weigh heavy on them to get in the keys.

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Oh Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah communicably He Meenal Caronia men who were ushered Dohmen who were don't walk through Jama and Allah said to our own does he not realize that those that came prior to him how Allah destroyed them? What Can Am in Korea tin? i That Umrah been ha ha Rosalie for Hansa banana in Serbian Shadi, the people that were mighty, I mean, take, take the nation of Iran take the nation of Iran. There was so strong that Allah said I didn't create people so strong. Allah created them and Allah said I didn't create let me let me throw Hatfield biller. But of course when the Command of Allah subhanaw taala came, they were destroyed, and they fell down

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like date palms, and the concluding verse of chapter 19. Allah subhanho wa Taala says help to help someone who may have been out of America. Can you feel Can you touch or can you even hear a whisper from any one of them done and gone and wiped out? So come out of your arrogance that our group is better Our assembly is better. You see, when crisis hits and you're in a difficult moment, everything fails you. You thought you had a contact you thought you knew someone up in the in the political arena. You had contacts in the in the medical fraternity, you were well connected on the business front. You were connected with nothing, everything fails you welcome alakina How many

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generations we've destroyed prior to them who are better than them in terms of resources and appearance? In verse 75, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Gouldman Ghana fifth by Lana fidelium Do the Lahore Rama Nomada Honda is our Alma you are I do that in Malaga but we're in Massara for say Allah Munna men who was Sharon McKenna No. agenda. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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Pullman can affect balala the one who opts for deviation. Gold men can say oh Mohamed salah is a man counterfeit balala the one who is in deviation phillium Do the Lahore rough man who made the Allah shall grant him respite in that meeting.

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If you opt from Allah will leave you there if that's what you want. That's it. Why interested in Earth mining? It is written because it's an examination room and examiner walks by us by a student. And it would be foolish and naive of that student to say, No, I think my answer was correct because the examiner walked past and he didn't make a remark. He's not going to make a remark, because this is an examination. If he's testing you in class, he's going to tell you you said it wrong or you read it wrong. But this is the examination in process is not going to tell you anything. So that's it if that's what you asked for, will mankind effort balala say the one who is in deviation, when

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Liam to the Lahore Rama Nomada then Allah will grant respite to those who are a straight one man number three, the one who Mises was does not consider themselves self sufficient. What kettlebell Hausner and denies the truth for several years siru lil Ursula, then he is opted to walk the path of *. We will leave him to walk in that way. Will mankind fit Bala phillium Dude LaHood Rama Nomada Hatter either OMA you I do until they will witness that which they have been promised to them until they witness that which they have been promised to them. Hatter is our OMA you are doing image adab either punishment in this world like what had happened to the disbelievers in whether they were

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thrown off their feet. They came with the pride and the arrogance and the pomp and the glory while at the conical levena hora do mean Dre in Baton Rouge and nurse and Allah had given dominance and victory to the believers and the disbelievers had witnessed the consequences or in any other form. Allah can send down a torment upon them where it men creating Elana no more helico ha wo mill Tiama Omaha the Baja Durban Sinead, up those who disobey Allah even this word or the letter or both, but there's simply no escape from Allah were Illa Allah He to Raja rude to Allah you return had that either Oh until they when they will see ma you are doing that which they are promised in Malaga is a

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punishment in this world where a messiah or then then Tiamat that's their facade to add the HA Amara facade to add the HA Amara Tiamat is very difficult very bitter, very challenging, very daunting. First say Allah Munna men who are short Roma Karna. Wow. Allah subhanaw taala says, then they will realize who is the worst in terms of standing and who is the weakest in terms of army. Now you saying you got a good army? You got a good makeup you got a good cabinet? You surrounded you You pampered you cushion. Okay, no problem. When you stand up in Tiama. Then we want to see who's your army and we want to see you who rallies around you. Everyone will be alone. You will have no army

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you will have no one to rescue you. Stand up on Tiamat and then you will see the brutal truth and then you will see the reality. Nobody is there to assess them. Everybody will launch them and the devil will walk can shaytaan will insanity Azula cadoola in Arabic means a deserter. One who drops you at the last moment in the answer Kamala who fell ah Holly Bella come if Allah aids you, the nun can can overpower you were in your Volcom And if Allah does not aid you from the living and sort of human body, then who can possibly a video. So today you arrogant today you arrogant on the day of the Yama Allah subhanho wa Taala says they will realize Yeah, Allah Munna when they see the

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punishment in this world Akiyama for say Allah Muna man who was Sharon McDonough, whose condition is more evil, what other awful junda and whose army is the weakest? And the scholars have mentioned here, this is terrible. This is comparison and it does not suggest that they will have an army, they will have absolutely no army. Allah subhanho wa Taala says every person will appear before Allah alone, every person will appear before Allah alone. So we'll leave it on that note, may Allah subhanahu wa taala save us from pride and arrogance, and come out of that deception and that notion, and that delusion that if it's happening for me, yeah, it will happen for me there. In fact, in

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fact, many times it's happening in this world, and then things changed drastically in this world, and a person who was sitting soft suddenly Allah subhanho wa Taala withholds everything. A man who was discharged in the car now becomes a beneficiary for receiving the God. So this was the arrogance. Allah speaks about the arrogant brother in Surah Kahf. Also, he said that while I eroded to Ihlara Bella, I didn't hire Amina Harmon Calabar, he said to his Muslim brother, I've got so much wealth in this world. So I think I will have much more in Accra and that is nothing but arrogance. May Allah subhanahu wa taala protect us from arrogance. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala preserve the

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Eman that Allah has given us. Allahumma

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We're funner Muslimeen well heck now bizarrely hand what they were funny Muslim Manuel His name is Sally hain, the dua of Satan our use of Alayhis Salam We conclude today's segment with it oh Allah grant me death as a believer and unite me with the bias in artha Amin your beloved Amin are suddenly law sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala early he was happy he will hamdulillah here behind me

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