Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2022 – Reconnecting with Revelation #17 – Repentance

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including the revelation that Adam Alay's continuation of the story of Adam and Eve volumes may be responsible for the creation of human beings and the ultimate goal of forgiveness. They also touch on shaytan's deeds, including lying to people and causing harm, and the exclusivity of sharing information about Islam with others. Additionally, they mention a woman who was punished for being honest with her husband, but she later apologizes and refuses to share any further information.
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kita Boone

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Jelena who? Elie Gomorrah Coulee Dam. Oh, yeah, he when he got on

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters, the story of the creation of human beings is repeated in the Quran several times. In this revelation, Allah wants us to understand where we came from and to understand why we are here. So he mentions Adam Alayhis Salam, the Prophet Adam, and he mentions Eve or Hawa May peace be upon them. And Allah Almighty tells us, in many places in the Quran, about various aspects of creation. So, at times, he says, They were created from dust, then he says soil, then he says clay and so on. People say, Why is there a contradiction? There is no contradiction. These are the various stages of creation. That's all it

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is. So when he says a droplet of *, he's talking about what happened later, when he talks about the dust that was initially when he talks about the clay that is a mixture of that dust and Earth with water. When he talks about mud, that is also one of the levels so there is no contradiction. But what's of interest is, when Allah Almighty mentions the story of Adam, he clearly says to Adam, listen, you have an enemy Subhanallah that was a distinct statement made by Allah to Adam. Allah says, oh, Adam, you have an enemy. He doesn't like you. He's going to plot your downfall. Be careful. So what should I do? If I don't want someone to succeed in their plot of my downfall? What

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should I do? Well, take heed, be watchful, follow the rules, make sure that you don't falter. So Allah Almighty says to him, Well, there's only one rule basically, here. What was the rule? Allah says, Lata Kaurava, the shadow era don't eat, don't even come close to this tree. Don't eat from this particular fruit. Now,

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one might ask, Why did Allah decide that he doesn't want Adam to eat from this particular trip? When you've connected to Allah and connected to Revelation? The true answer is, it's the decision of the Almighty, He decides what he wants to do. But if you would like a deeper explanation, you see, Allah tests you by telling you to do things. And then he tests you by telling you to abstain from things. When you have a mathematics exam, your examiner will not only test you with addition, let's say how do you add these things? So you add them all up? And he says, Well, how do you subtract these things. So you are tested with subtraction and division, not just multiplication and addition. So in

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a similar way, Allah tests you holistically, he's going to test you by telling you do this, let's see if you do it. Okay. And don't do this. Let's see if you're not going to do it. SubhanAllah. So that's Allah, He wants to give you the greater qualification. So he tests you with do's and don'ts. And then he tests you with things to say, well, these are things it's better for you to do. Then he tests you with other things, these are things it's better for you not to do. So that's where the voluntary deeds come in, and so on. But here, Allah decided, You know what, I don't want you to do one thing. And part of the plan of Allah was he wanted to create a creature who would repent to Him,

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it's the issue of repentance. It is the issue of turning back to Allah. That is what Allah wanted. And that is what Allah loves. So he created men, for men to repent to Him. That's amazing. That's mentioned in some Hadith of the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam, how much Allah loves it when humankind actually turns back to him and seeks forgiveness. Allah Almighty, in one narration, literally boasts to his angels about this human beings seeking forgiveness to him.

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Subhanallah it's just Allah, he gets so happy and so delighted. Why would Allah get happy he is the Lord of the worlds because He loves us. That's the reason. When you love someone, and they've been engaged in something bad, whatever it may be bad habits, bad deeds, and when they turn and come back, and you're surprised or even if you're not so surprised, but you'll you will be extremely happy to see your son, quit the drugs or quit whatever else it may be. May Allah grant goodness to all those who are struggling. May Allah take him out of their mess and me

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Take their parents and their siblings and loved ones happy with them quitting the bad that they've been involved in, I mean, but Allah Almighty looks at Adam Alayhis Salam, and tells him not to do this. Like I said, if Allah wanted, he didn't need to have that, but it was his choice. We don't have a state essay regarding what Allah wants or doesn't want.

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So Allah Almighty, found that Adam Alayhis Salam was being conned by Shavon Shavon told him Do you know what? There is a tree and the fruit you've been prohibited from it, but if you ate from it, you'll enjoy it thoroughly. And you will live forever and you will have a lot of wealth, meaning provision, you will have ownership of things that will never deplete. That's the reason why Allah told you not to eat from that.

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So it was clear that he was being deceived. He was being deceived, where shaitan told him a lie, and told him you know what?

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The reason why you're not to eat from this tree is because of x y Zed, but that's not true. It's just Allah test. Allah didn't want you to eat from that tree. So shaytan beautified the prohibited. You and I the same thing happens shaytan beautifies. The prohibited what is prohibited? Well, so many things that are prohibited shaytan tries to beautify them and tell us, it's okay. You know, you will repent, it's fine. Allah will forgive and so on. Don't sin with the idea that you don't want. It's okay. I will later seek forgiveness. Don't do that. But if you have sinned out of your human weakness, then you seek forgiveness, where Allah subhanho wa Taala grant a strength. So Adam Alayhis

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Salam ended up believing for a moment shaytan he was conned basically for a moment.

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They ate from the tree. As soon as they ate, some things started happening. And they realize shaytan lied to us. We're not going to live forever, and we're not going to be able to achieve kingdom that will never deplete as they were promised.

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So Allah makes mention of this in the Quran, where shaytan says to them

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for what's was a lie, shape or color Yeah, demo * don't look Isla shadow routine hold the hormonal kill.

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Exactly as I said, verse number 120 of surah Taha shaitan started whispering to them in many different ways. And he told him should I lead you to the tree where we're in which, if you ate from it, you wouldn't ever die and you would have kingdom forever and ever ownership would never deplete. So what happened? They ate from it, they regretted it, they it resulted in them realizing Chapin had conned them, and then they turned to Allah. Now, before we get to what exactly they said when they turned to Allah, let me pause for a moment and tell you again, that Allah created humankind different from the angels. The angels don't have the ability to disobey and different from Shavon

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Shavon will not obey Allah. If he obeys Allah He would not be called shaytan anyway. So in the middle, there is a creature known as humankind, humankind.

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We will make mistakes will sin out of human weakness and will repent to Allah, that repentance will be so loved by Allah, that the human being can attain the rank higher than the angels Subhanallah

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Yes, there is a discussion as to the exact detail of that but it's there. This is loved by Allah. Allah loves it so much. So the one thing that Allah told Adam and Eve not to do is the exact thing they ended up doing.

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That provides for us

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a lot of

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comfort from one angle, what is that angle? While we will never condone sin, because by our very nature, we are sinful Kulu bani adama Kappa, all the children of Adam make mistakes, commit sins.

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it is comforting to note that Allah will forgive has forgiven shall forgive, even if we happen to fall for the trap of che pan by doing the exact thing that Allah told us not to do. Don't lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. So that is the lesson when we read

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Connect with Revelation we realize it's the Mercy of Allah. Allah has been so merciful. Here is Adam he says

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Rob Barnard alumna and fusina are in Lambeau Field and our Tarhana Lana Conan nominal hustling. Oh our Lord, we have wronged ourselves. And if you don't have mercy on us and if you don't forgive us, we are going to be the losers. Allah forgive them. May Allah forgive all of us Akula Kali hada for SallAllahu wasallam albaraka ala Nabina, Muhammad kita Boon

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la Gomorrah Cooley and among mo D

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