Kamal El-Mekki – Youth Aqeedah Course Day 1 Part 2 Of 4

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the success of Islam in various countries and the aftermath of WhatsApp group's actions. It touches on the history of Islam, including the deaths of Muslims and the use of gay language, the importance of studying and avoiding too big things, and the use of "yeah," as a sign of satisfaction. The segment also touches on the history of hate and the importance of finding the right message in the Koran and avoiding heat to avoid death. The segment ends with a promise to explain the meaning of death in a better way in the future.
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Unless you go back to the Sierra, and you go back and see what the Muslim, the early Muslim scholars wrote about this, then you understand Oh, that's what they're saying. There's so many questions on that. If you don't go back to the work of the early Muslims, you'll never understand it. And so, the proper understanding of Islam for sure, for sure, for sure for show is I'm very, very hip hop, by the way.

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I think you already noticed that.

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But they were a bionic Wednesday.

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like I said, if you try to reinterpret the Koran just by herself, just put you in a room with the Quran and someone's gonna interpret it. There's so many parts, no one can understand what what it's saying. Unless you go back and see how the prophecies that I'm explained it, why this ayah was revealed what the early generation and the early Muslims said about it. The earlier generation we're talking about three, the Sahaba, the tambourine, and the generation after them tab, a tab intervene followers tab, a tab in followers of the followers are the successor sometimes.

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How do we know these three are the best generations?

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Yes, sir. Promises lm said the best generation is my generation, through my Latina Luna home, como la Vina Luna home and the ones after them and the ones after them three times. So this companions, the tablet, and the tablet having successes and successes of the successes. How do we define the companion Does everybody know?

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people that were around the Prophet sallallahu Sallam while he was alive, everybody agree with that? No.

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One more important thing. Is he Bula busia companion.

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Very good. They were Muslim. So our region is not a companion, and will not have is not a companion. And awkward. Never mind. It was not a company, all these people. So they have to be someone who saw the problems and solve them while the problem was alive while they were Muslim. And when the porcelain died, they were still Muslim. That's a companion. Now, a Tabby who can guess what a tablet is the next generation.

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One who met the Sahaba the some scholars say you have to have learned from this Allah and others said no, as long as you've seen once a hobby or a Tabby. So the Tabby is the one who saw a competitive process lm while he was

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Muslim, and he was upon correct belief of Islam, because there were deviant groups. Like for example, the How are gentlemen? Oh,

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yeah. How are you a group of

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offshoots, there are Muslims, who basically if you do a major sin, they say you're a Catholic. Even if you think of a really bad thought, they say you're a kafir. And I'll tell you the true story. And I won't say the country but somewhere in North Africa.

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And it's not Egypt. No, don't worry. So this guy is one of the hottest right? He thinks if you do a bad deed, or if you even think of a major sin, you become a coffin. So a friend of mine said he would be sitting with us like this at a gathering.

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And then he'd get a bad thought he'd be like, brothers, brothers, I just became a copper. And he'll go to the bathroom and essentially later law, take a shower, come back, everyone's drinking tea is like 100.

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Brothers, brothers, I just became a cover. He goes, takes a shower. They don't look, you're gonna catch a cold this way. You know. So the holidays were like this, they were deviant. And if you do a major sin, they considered you a coffee. They took the Koran literally, they were very hard against Muslims always killed Muslims since the beginning of their history. Until today, they killed Muslims. And I think it's hella, and never kill a non Muslim. Because they say, well, these people from Salaam gave them protection, but they kill Muslims. Why? Because Muslims are not Muslims. So how are you? How are you can't be tiring, even if they saw us to have one of the Sahaba. So you have

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to be a tiger you have to have seen as a hobby, while you are Muslim and upon proper Islamic belief. And now you can guess that better Dane is someone who

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learned herself. So one of the type of pain or learn from them, and he was a Muslim and upon proper Islamic belief, especially now, as the generations go, more and more different groups come about is

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one of these groups. No, no, there were never any hobbies that joined the

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church ever. Not a single one. No, not that I know of. But they some of them became parts of groups that were not deviant groups, but they weren't really groups to say they like banded together for a cause, for example, but they didn't ever join. But there were some people who lost the title of being a hobby. They were Muslim, and then they left

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I'll give you the left Islam. And then they came back to Islam after the president died. So can they be so happy? No, because the president died. Well, you're Muslim, you're so happy. So but not to confuse any anybody. Let's move to one more thing about studying acleda that the religion is complete. Religion is complete. And so when something is complete, you can add or delete to it, for example.

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This is a complete circle. Right? You can see there's no flows in that circle whatsoever. Correct.

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Thank you, sir. So here, can you add or delete to this? Can you add anything to make it a circle? a more complete circle? It's circle already. It's all connected. You can't say Well, no.

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No, it's already it was already a circle. So you can't add to it. And you can't if you just take away it's not complete again. So when something is complete, you don't add to it. And you don't take away from it. Yes. So Islam is complete.

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That means you can't add to it. And you can't take away especially because it's something that no your opinion doesn't like it or your desire, or your tastes or your style, or personality or sexual preference.

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True or false?

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Yeah, because the there are people who call themselves Muslims, and they were gay. And then they said, well, they said, they started to make it hard to be gay. That's their desire. That's a desire. Now they want to change Islam based on their desire.

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Yeah, I don't want to promote give them a plug here. Or, you know, based on women's rights movements, there's well let's change Islam. You can't do that. It's Pokemon or something.

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You got a text. It's on? Me like Keep me updated on Pikachu is health. Did I tell you guys my favorite joke?

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If you say don't ruin the punch line. Why should you not take a shower? If there's a Pokemon in the room?

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Cuz he might peek at you.

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That was one of the best jokes ever. Great joke. He might pick it, you know, take a shower if he's in the room.

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I love that joke.

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No, no. That's the only joke that I that I important. Most of my jokes are exploited. They're all manufactured here.

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But nonetheless, that was a great joke. I have a lot of great jokes that I made up. I had to add some students their last name was meth. m eth, I said how your sister crystal doing?

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You broke the rule. Okay, great.

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But um, so let's do this. People. Let's get into the meat and potatoes as they say.

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You know what people because there's so many tauheed classes and books explain to heed and talk. He lectures here to hit lunches there. So every time you say to, he'd be like off to eat again. Why though he didn't start crying. Why don't eat and all this stuff? I'll tell you what, I'll tell you something. When I was a young man, many, many, many, many, many, many years ago.

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People used to tell the shoe scholars would always tell me stiletto havia Come on. Make sure you study to hate. And I used to wonder I didn't know what the head was all about. I said, What are they talking about? The heat is Allah is one. That's it? How much do I need to study that? I mean, the number one, you don't need to study it very long. Like if something was like 637, then you might have to put some effort into that. But the hate allows one. So what's the big deal everybody keeps telling me? Come on straight to hate. I know the Allies want to study more than that. But even though it's a simple concept, there's a little bit more sophistication to it as we're going to

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discover in Sharla. So the scholars broke down to hate into categories to make it easier to understand. So tawheed comes from the root

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well head or a head or wait.

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also have the support band writing as you will see

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why that's the root of this word, toe heat. And

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it's basically the oneness of Allah, you know, but this is not really a real word.

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You see this and all kinds of Islamic books and stuff, but it's not a real word.

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But we use it now to describe the oneness, meaning the fact that allows one. Yes.

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Yeah. Everyone's bored already. Should we take a break already?

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Okay, so this word

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could be, yeah, I don't know who made it up. But it's not a real word you'll never find in the dictionary. And your Microsoft Word will always underline it and the cat will go crazy and everything. So oneness. So basically the fact that Allah is the only one what only create the only sustainer the only one who gives life and takes it away the only one who should be worshipped the only one who should be loved the way you love a god. So the only one that's deserving of all sorts of other things. So then the scholars to make it easy, they broke it up

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into a categories as we're going to look at inshallah, but

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excuse me, so they say, okay, don't eat again. We know though Hey, there's only one God and people start crying and calling them mothers come pick me up and all the other stuff. But the truth is,

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it's the most important topic in Islam.

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Either wet nap two.

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It's the most important topic in Islam, the most important topic in Islam. And let's look at the reasons why the hate is so important. You should write this down.

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One, it's first of all, the reason why Allah created us.

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Because Allah says, well, Maha lock to general insha Allah.

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Yeah, Buddha, I have not created the jinn, nor mankind, except for one reason, and that is that they should worship me. So me alone to one. So that means the reason we exist is so to worship, allow witches to hate. That's the first thing. Second thing, though hate is the message of all the messengers is not telling you that it does not tell you that it's important. The fact that every single messenger came with this message I lost

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when I was sending them in public, Amira, sulan illa, no La anahola illa Illa Anna Sabu, we have not sent any messenger before you except that we inspired to him or revealed to him that there is no god worthy of worship except me. So worship, worship and serve me.

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The second reason it's the message of all the messages, she told me that it's important. If every messenger spoke about it, it must be really important. If only four messengers spoke about it, there's probably fairly important but every single messenger as we saw in this, I will give you one more ayah Allah Subhana Allah says, well, aka bad enough, equally mutton Rasulullah boo LA, taco. So here.

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And now. Listen now. And now I want to ask you what, when we, when you hear is in the Koran? Do you like pay attention? Or do you just like, No, he's gonna say an IRA, you block it out. And then you hear when he when someone explains it. You pay attention when someone says an IRA, you do? I'm really asking I'm not challenging you.

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Because because like, for example, I think sometimes I feel that when the whole team says an IRA, people are like, Oh, it's an IRA. And then they just wake up when he's explaining it. So here, Ally's saying and everyone's like,

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so try to learn to do this when you hear and I start to pay attention to it while it's being recited in the Arabic And when I read the translation. So here so now I'm trying to amend I mentioned now to is under this

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title or point of, it's the message of all the messengers. So now I'm trying to prove to you that using the Koran So see if this verse Now proves that every messenger came with his message, Allah says, We surely sent amongst every nation, a prophet, saying serve Allah. And it's true that the wolf is true. Which means basically, shun or avoid, but without anything worship, beyond Allah, that's what is true means avoid or shun. I don't know why they put these words. Do you know what a shoe means? It's true.

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So you don't know what it means. In that case? I'm glad I asked you.

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That was super.

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That was unbelievable. I'm glad I asked you, so as to basically avoid Shawn. I don't know why they put these old words in the translations and everything.

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The number the verse

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The first one is sorted, and br verse 21, and who are sort of 21 verse 25. So for NPR.

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The second one is verse 36. Which surah Don't ask me.

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Okay, so then we said every messenger came to call people to worship to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. And every nation got a warrant.

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In one way or another, also Allah subhanaw taala says we're in min omoton illa, Allah Subhana Allah is not a nation except that a warner was sent to them. Even the prophet SAW Selim when he sent the companion modem in Java to Yemen, to them go to these people, there are people of the book, first in column two, to only worship Allah subhanaw taala. The most important message has to come number one, true or false? The most important message has to be the first message. So if someone like your dad tells you now says you know go to your uncle so and so very important message when you get there, tell him this, isn't that? And if you remember, tell him that his the rabbit, we were watching a

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diet. So now, could you go and start with the rabbit message and then come back home? I'll happy unless you play a lot of video games, but otherwise you wouldn't. The first important the most important message comes first. That's why if I were to ask you give me evidence of hate from the Quran, you could find me a 1000s of Hadith. Talking about tohei. This is the argument that we give a lot of times to the Christians, that if Trinity was the most important message in Christianity, then the first thing Jesus would speak about would be the fact that he's divine, true or false. But he never speaks about it. Never doesn't make any sense. And it's the only thing we always ask how could

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it be the most important message? He gave many speeches and sermons popular Sermon on the Mount never mentions it doesn't make any sense. So the most important message comes first. First thing that comes out true.

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Because of board, should we stop? Take a break?

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I don't have watch what time is it?

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Okay, so maybe we'll we'll break it to what, eight? Or before eight and then do half an hour? Yeah. Okay, great.

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So we said now, number one was what the reason proof that it is important number one was

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It's why we were created it's got to be important number two

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it's the message of all the messengers number three

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it's the way also and this is just because we were the the followers of Mohammed some of

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them it's also the way of the prophet SAW Selim, he called to the hate his entire life entire life he called to the hate and then allows me also tells him call in other Robbie will be added, say, I call on my Lord and I do not join any partners with him at all. I don't call on anyone else with him. Or besides Him. Alright, you had your hand up?

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Excuse me. But this is another interesting thing. You sir, how did you extract the reason why?

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Because the hate we said it is Allah worship you worship Allah only you obey Allah only you love a lot the way you love the God only right? So that's him the only one so he said and I created have not created the jinn nor mankind except to worship me. Just to worship Him. Not anything else. So that's one that's still hate.

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Not to join any partners. No, it's not. Scholars put this stuff down. You're gonna refute that. Oh,

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no, it's not. It's totally to worship me any. That's why the next point that I mentioned, every single verse of every single like, I uh, I mean seurasaari or every single suit of the Quran has mentioned of tawheed in it.

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So for example, so the fact that someone told me to hit the circle Fattah

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No, keep going, keep going. That's also true minded Cambodian because alone is the Owner of the Day of Judgment alone that still hate anything that has alone in it is still here. It doesn't have to be very explicit. or anything. molecule Medina you alone in right is the

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yaquina Buddha can stay. It's very clear to him.

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Okay, what's the theme if you everyone if you delve into it, and that's why I was gonna read you the comments of the scholar in the lane. He said that the entire Quran is about to hate. He said the reason is that the Quran is made up of what one mention of Allah His names and attributes I'm going to show you later on just the name Allah has tauheed in it. So then now I could use that say, Well, look, I have repaid you the Quran so he didn't, you know, so, the name of elasto hidden it but what I mentioned Allah is names and his attributes, his descriptions, that's the heat. Allah mentions. The Quran has commands to worship Allah alone with no partners. That's the hidden any command to

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worship Allah alone with no partners and stuff. Hey, when my husband didn't know this allele a boon to worship me that story.

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Look commanders to obey Him to obey the promises and Danny and warns us of disobedience that's again tauheed obey him only

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even when shooting the rewards. Look at this part when Allah mentioned the reward of the people have to hate and the torture of the people of Schick? Is that not a message of tohei?

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When Allah mentions people who do the opposite of the hate chick, they're going to be punished. Is that not in a way talking about to hate them? So So

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there you go, that what's the whole reason he's in trouble is in hot water. It's ship. It's not sticking to the hate. It's not worshiping unless Peridot is sir.

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Cutting off go and fooling around with this. Sorry.

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now this is an interesting thing is that even the name of Allah subhanaw taala. Even the name Allah has tawheed in it. Let's Let's take a look.

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Because Allah

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and this is one opinion, we're going to look at both opinions inshallah. So Allah looks like this, right?

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a lot. If two lambs and uh huh. Now here, some scholars say the etymology, etymology is?

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Yeah, like the root of the word. It's basically because

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that it's really it came from El Isla. You know what Allah means?

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More accurately than God, God is not really correct. No, that's Rob. Isla is anything that's worship. Anything at worship is an ala. You can have a bunch of people that worship this marker. That's their ILA. Is it a true Ella? No, but it's their Ella. So people worship the dollar. It's their ala, it's not a true ILA. So, anything that's worshipped is an ILA. So some say that the etymology of Allah it means l Illa. V Illa, meaning the only one that's a true God. So that means if you write l Isla, it would look like this

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L Illa. So, then they said that the second Elif was canceled, you see that was canceled. And now we have two lumps again.

00:22:33 --> 00:22:44

You see, so even if you look at it at a month at in theory, the etymology here that even the name Allah has tawheed in it, V God, again, one minus one again, alone.

00:22:46 --> 00:22:50

This is one opinion but the stronger opinion is that Allah means

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This is what this what the scholars said a stronger opinion of what Allah means. So the first was like, like the breakdown of the root, but here, this is what it means and Lu is

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because Allah says in the Koran, so let's try to listen to this verse wahoo, Allahu vissim, allottee were filled out. So what would that mean? And He is Allah in the heavens and the earth. So here the scholars mean, Lu Yeah, meaning Yanni. Here, it means Luca Serato, of meaning he is the one who is worshipped out of being loved and out of being magnified. So Allah subhanaw taala is worshipped out of his greatness out of being loved out of being magnified, that's what love means. And that would in that way that I would make a lot more sense and he is the one who is worshiping the heavens and the earth. out of love out of his magnificence. Everybody understand

00:23:59 --> 00:24:00

we need clarification.

00:24:04 --> 00:24:05

Okay, so

00:24:07 --> 00:24:11

great. So now what do we have so far? The first reason to hate is so important was

00:24:13 --> 00:24:17

reasonable were created to worship a lot alone you're good with that yet to

00:24:20 --> 00:24:24

the message of the messengers maybe you can read it more nicely than I did three

00:24:26 --> 00:24:29

way the process of them specifically it's his message for

00:24:31 --> 00:24:40

is all over the Koran all over again and again and again. And Lowell mention it or hint to it or point to it, so that means so that's why

00:24:42 --> 00:24:47

when you say we're gonna have to hit close, so hit again, mom picked me up.

00:24:48 --> 00:24:50

Well, every page is different. So you're gonna be like,

00:24:52 --> 00:25:00

oh, here you go. Very important. Very important. That's what that was number four, wasn't it? Yeah. Great. So that means the next one.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:01

We'll be number five.

00:25:05 --> 00:25:40

Yeah, how about this? How about the fact that tawheed is what law? The law is all about right? Now. It's also hate, we're gonna look at inshallah, probably next week, what later law means is loaded with tauheed. Because it's saying that nothing should be worshipped except Allah. It's negating and affirming. Nothing should be worship except Allah. Then Allah is all about the heat. That's even how you enter. Like someone becomes a Muslim. You say like that Allah, important issues and problem described Allah Allah Allah, it's what

00:25:42 --> 00:25:56

are the keys to, to paradise? So if this sentence of the head the key to paradise, it's gotta be important. True or false? Gotta be important. Yeah. Great. You bored yet? Let me know when you get bored.

00:25:58 --> 00:26:01

I'll give you five reasons not to get bored. How about that?

00:26:02 --> 00:26:03

Number six.

00:26:05 --> 00:26:06

Allah, you know,

00:26:07 --> 00:26:08

five was that

00:26:10 --> 00:26:33

that it's you know, it's it's Laila had a lot what the * is all about? It's how you become Muslim. It's the keys to paradise. It's got to be important. Number six, when Allah warns us, He warns us of doing saying he doesn't he says, Allah in the Quran will say, will tell us not to do this not to do that not to testify in falsehood not to kill not but what thing does Allah warn us the most from in the Koran.

00:26:35 --> 00:26:38

Shark and shark is the exact opposite of

00:26:39 --> 00:26:54

the hate. So if Allah is warning us of the opposite of to hate so much, that means to hate itself must be really important. You see how that works? You see it? You good? All right. So and then how about this then? Number seven?

00:26:56 --> 00:27:11

You know a lot of people again, they complain a lot about other things. And why are we talking about the heat again? You know how important it is? So heat is what saves people from eternity in the hellfire. Eternity people. Can you understand that? Can you wrap your minds around that? No.

00:27:13 --> 00:27:19

eternity in the hellfire. It can save you from that. And that's why the prophet SAW a lot.

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said, yo Jimena. nirman call Allah, Allah, Allah that whatever. He says La la la, he'll come out of the hellfire. Even if in his heart, there's just a little bit of a man, he's gonna come into the Hellfire, meaning a Muslim, someone who said La la la, he did some bad deeds. He drank colors in the rap music and something else. So here

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he might be on the Day of Judgment punished by being thrown in the Hellfire for a while, but it will lead will stop him from staying there for all eternity. He's going to come out of it. This is the good news people. Now who are the folks who stay in it forever My life protected from that say I mean,

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the folks who stay in it forever the people who don't have any tawheed they had, they had no towhead whatsoever, they can never come out of it.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:19

And so even death will die. You know, what, what does it mean when death dies. So the price or the description is that in the Hadith that when everyone

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who will enter Paradise enters it. And meaning everybody who came out of the Hellfire everyone who is eventually going to leave it left it and everyone entered paradise, and only the people who will stay forever and the Hellfire stay there, then what will happen? Lo bring death we will bring death itself in the form of like a ram like a sheep, and it will be killed. So when death is killed, what does it mean?

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You can't die anymore. So it will be said oh people of Paradise, eternal life with no death. And that's good news. and old people of the Hellfire, eternal life with no death. So what happens to the people that helped further in this horrible, horrible situation? And now they know they can't die at all. You're always going to be in this forever. We can't understand forever. So what happens? You're gonna start to cry.

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They're gonna cry so much that the tears will run out. When the tears run out where they're gonna cry. You're gonna cry blood, so much blood that the chips could sail on it. So if the heat was seen from eternity in the Hellfire, you can't tell me this is not an important topic. And you can't say oh, this topic again. Yes, this topic, you can see who made it and to help. Your question, sir.

00:29:38 --> 00:29:55

Because I mean, it's just the way it's going to be symbolized because it probably doesn't have a specific form, right? I mean, what would you like to come in the form of a hippopotamus? You just a lot chose it? Because it's going to be killed and we have to see it be killed. So I'll bring it in the form of a ram and that's it.

00:29:57 --> 00:29:58


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00:30:01 --> 00:30:05

that I mean the idea that death itself no more so than one.

00:30:11 --> 00:30:16

It's part of our belief. Yeah, I mean, but Aqaba when we come to Canada, we'll explain it better

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