Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 287F Tafsir Al-Mulk 13-21

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Let's continue what a several cola comb How would you how Ruby what a civil and conceal cola comb your word your speech out, or it has to be. Make it out loud or publicize it.

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Keep your words a secret, conceal your speech and concealing your speech this can be in different ways how that firstly, just keep it in your heart, conceal it inside, or conceal it as you whispered, you only shared with a few people. And then we Jehovah will be Jehovah is to make it loud in the sense that it can be heard. So save openly, say it loudly so that it can be known. Whether you conceal it, or you publicize it, it's all the same before Allah, He knows it, you can't hide from him in the who are Lumumba that is sudo. Indeed, He is Knowing of that which is within the heart, which is within the chests, what is in the chest, it's the heart. So whatever you have in

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your heart, even that Allah knows of what you have in your heart. Or there's something that you keep just in your heart, maybe some wishes, maybe some intentions, the real reason why you're doing something, you don't tell anybody about it, not even to your closest friends, it's just a secret with yourself. Even that Allah knows off.

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So when there's a secret that you keep just with yourself, if that is known to Allah, then what do you think about secrets that you share with people or things that you do openly? In the who are Lehmann b that is pseudo intentions, they cannot be heard or seen. Words can be heard, actions can be seen. So if he knows about what cannot be seen or heard, then what do you think about your words and actions that can be heard and see, what do you think about that in the Horley movie that you saw do? Nothing about you is hidden from your Lord. So fear him, how to have Kashi of Allah. This is how you have Hashem of Allah, knowing that nothing about me is hidden from Allah, and he knows what my

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deficiencies are, what my faults are, what my sins are, so seek his pardon in Surah Kahf is 16 Allah says Allah God halacha insana, why not Allah momento west we will be enough so we know what his soul whispers to him. What you talk to yourself, the conversations you have only with yourself. You can't have them with even your best friend. You can't have them even with your mom. This is too embarrassing, too weird. Allah knows about that. In surah FAHA is seven. Allah says what integer herbal coldly for inner who urine mo zero.

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If you publicize your words, Allah knows what a secret and what is even more hidden. How does he know? Allah Allah moment? Haluk. Allah

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does learn not Yala mu he knows. Would he not know who Mahana called the One who created the One who created you? Shouldn't he know? Wouldn't he know? Of course he does, because he's the creator.

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And he's not just the Creator. Well, who are luckily for hobby and he is a Lucky Leaf and hobbies. Who is a lovely if a lot leaf from lava fire it has different meanings. Basically it gives a meaning have to be very discreet. So Allah cleave is the one who is aware of what is discreet, of what is hidden. We may be hiding it. But he is aware of it. Have you ever tried to hide things from people?

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Maybe not physical things, but maybe some ideas or some concepts or your attention or your gold or whatever your wishes? Have you tried to hide them from people?

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Have you? And then people try to get that out of you? Will they ask you like a ton of questions and you're like stop asking me. Right? We go to such great lengths to hide things. Allah is a lovely if he knows what we try to hide.

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Nothing's hidden from him. I'll hobby the one who is aware hobbies as an one who is aware of what is open. Because there are some things that we keep secret and there's other things that we publicize we have no problem no shame in publicizing them.

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So whether we keep it secret, or we make it open, Allah is a Lucky Leaf so he knows what we hide. And he is a hobby. He knows what we publicise how because he's the creator, He is Allah into the FAHA is seven Allah says we're integer will Koli for in Jana Mozilla

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Well, I mentioned this earlier also, you hide your word, Allah knows what is secret and what is more hidden. Do you have any doubts about Allah's knowledge about Allah Spower? Look at the look at what Allah has created. Look at his molk who will levy he is the one who gyla Hola, como el herba? Same question right? How do we develop hacia of Allah, this is how you develop the crusher of Allah, He is the one who has made for you the earth, how has he made it, the LWL team, their lamb lamb, though, they will all the words from this root give the meaning of humility, being small, alright, so the LWL is that which is tamed, that which is trained, meaning taught to be obedient.

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All right, there are two animals. One is a wild one and the other has been trained, it's steamed, is there a difference? Huge difference. You tell the wild animal, you know you make a sound or something, and any sound is going to stare at you. No idea what you're saying. And the one who is trained. You give the command and it will run it will do what you're telling it. So there is a huge difference. Allah has made the earth the Loulan tamed, meaning humbled where for you as an under your feet.

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It's amazing. We can walk on the earth.

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This earth what does it have inside of it? What

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so much energy, so much fire. So many things are going on inside it. And we can walk on it.

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We can drive on a weekend travel on it, we can sleep on it, we can sit on it, the loon. And in this idea we see that the earth is portrayed as a creature like an animal because the shoulders are mentioned later. So here the Earth has been tamed so that you can live on it. You can make your homes on it. You can walk on it. Feng Shui monarchy beha so walk on its shoulders. Man. Aqib is a portal of men Kip and men cube is shoulder

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and men cube is all to use for the side of anything because we've got two shoulders right? There's like our sites. So monkey is also used for the side of something. It is that seal now fee men keep middle of that we journeyed along a side of the land. So Mauna Kea be ha ha isn't the earth, its monarchy, the Earth's monarchy, the earth sides. What does that mean? Its roads or its elevated places or its slopes. Some have said that what this means is the Earth is round, because it's menarche, right, they have used this word to prove that the Earth is round, okay? Because, you know, you walk on its sides as in, its continuous, you know, it slopes. So just like your shoulder goes

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down to the Earth is constantly no matter how much you walk in, it's going down as in its round. Okay, so they have interpreted like that. But classically, a monad cube has been interpreted as mountains, slopes, Upplands, elevated places. What does this mean? You can go anywhere on Earth, high lands, low lens, you can walk on the shoulders of the Earth. This is how damned it is. You know, for example, there's a horse and you're riding it. Can you sit on its neck? No way. You can't?

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Cats. You can pet them. When have you tried grabbing their tails? Do they allow you to do that? No way. You can hold it, you can cuddle with it, you grab it still. It's gonna give you that look where it's gonna try to release it still, isn't it?

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It's been with us since it was a kitten. The only human faces it's seen as your family and the vet. That's it that trusts you. But it will not allow you to grab it still. How is the earth? You can walk on its shoulders?

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You see the message here? If you can walk on somebody's shoulders, you can sit on their shoulders. What does it mean?

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What does it mean? You can do anything with them? Feng Shui monarchy beha you can do anything on earth. You have so much freedom that Allah has given you this earth Allah has created it subservient to you walk kilometers up and eat from its provision, meaning your food also comes from where? Where does it come from? From the Earth while he lay in the chute and to him

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Unto Allah is the resurrection from where from your graves when you will die and going to this earth and this earth will consume you will eat you up, then you will come out of the earth on the Day of Judgment. So this earth is like a creature under your feet. You live on it, you travel on it, you do what you want on it. It's high lens and it's low lens, you eat from it. And then when you die, you go back into it. And on the Day of Judgment, you will come out of it. Alumna Dr. Alan Alda, Ki Fattah are here and what am water? It's like a container for the living in the dead.

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You're on the earth. And what's above you, the sky? Allah says momentum here you are walking so freely walking on the shoulders of the earth. But do you realize there is someone above you?

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How can you feel secure from him?

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Just the other day I was with somebody in a store and there were these music videos playing on big screens.

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And they said that

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how tolerant is Allah

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that Allah has given so much freedom to men

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that act like crazy and do the most degrading things and scream and shout and dress and dance however you wish.

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And Allah does not approve of it. How tolerant is Allah?

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Isn't that amazing? How tolerant Our Lord is.

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So we are reminded here Amin Tom here you are on earth but do you feel secure that month is summer II that the one in the sky meaning Allah subhanaw taala and remember sky sama is used for that which is above you. Allah is above us. He's above his throne. Allah Lush. So Amin to Memphis a man do you feel secure that the one who is in the heaven Ayase Furby como love, that he can cause the earth to swallow you?

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Yes, he is high above, but a monk is B A D. and he can cause this very earth to swallow you. Yes, this earth is dame. Yes, it is humble beneath your feet, you walk up on its shoulders. However, Allah can cause this earth to swallow you crack open and take you in for either here to move and then at once this earth would move through. It would sway meanwhile rod to sway to move back and forth to and fro, meaning it would quake.

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Allah's Mulk is complete. You have freedom right now.

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But realize that he still has full control over you.

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In the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says, while you ask Allah Who NASA be Makkah Cebu, mattock, Allah Allah howdy hum in dab, if Allah who were to hold people accountable, if he were to punish people sees them for what they have done. Not even a single creature would remain on the earth. Not even a single creature would survive. Because he can

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amend them, how can you feel secure that you're walking on the earth that Allah has made? You're walking on the earth that Allah can cause to swallow you in an instant? So how can you walk and sin and disobey him at the same time? You want to know how to have fear of Allah know that the earth beneath your feet can split open any second world or Yeah, the villa.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would always make the straw in the evening and in the morning Allahumma inni Luca Lara theater for dunya will Akira or Allah I ask you for safety and wellbeing in this world and the hereafter? Allahumma in the US a local law for our law fear or Allah I ask you for pardon and safety and well being feed dini? What dunya regarding my religion, and my world, what a holy war Malley, my family and my wealth. Allahu Mistra Gulati What am Irati or Allah conceal my faults and calm my fears? Allah Who am I following him in benei the year Oh Allah protect me from from benei the year from in front of me. Women healthy and from behind me why Nia meanie and

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from my right one she Malley and my left woman fo P and above me, what are all the we are Aloma Tikka and Otello mentality and I seek Your protection that I should slip from under me. And one of the narrator's he said what are all the we all thematic and Otello mentality what this means is that I seek Your protection less the

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rest should swallow me don't have the earth break open beneath my feet and swallow me.

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I'm into Memphis summer II, a Josefa be calm will Aruba for either here to move.

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I'm in tune, or do you feel secure that month is summer II that the one who's in the sky, I use Olalekan how Ciba that he could send upon you a shower of stones. How slip? A wind that is very severe, furious that picks up stones house up and throws them.

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Do you feel secure that He who is in the heaven would not send against you a storm of stones? Is he not able to do that?

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Is he not able to do that? He is because via the hill Mulk fossa, Darla Muna, K funnel lead, then you would know how severe was My warning? You want to know how to have a Shia Allah. This is how you have a Shia of Allah realize that the sky belongs to Allah, the earth belongs to Allah. And what am I compared to the sky and the earth so tiny? So unabled so weak

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in a second

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that can be finished from beneath my feet, or from above me? In total an arm is 65 Allah says cool who will call you Allah? Yeah, but I thoroughly Kumar the album info click on omen 30 Oh God, come say that Allah is fully able to send a punishment against you, from above you or from beneath your feet. He can do that.

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So why do you not fear him? What occurred Kasturba loving him and cuddling him need more convincing?

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Look at the people around you. Look at the people who lived before you. There are those who denied what are called castable Latina men, cobbling him and certainly the people before them denied okay for Canada keyed. So how terrible was My reproach? Meaning it was terrible. It was great. It was severe. It turned life into death. It turned homes into ruins. So take a lesson from history. fear the punishment of Allah need more convincing our lamb Euro? Have they not seen a look at at the birds have they not looked at the birds? For a home above them? The birds that fly above us? Allah says Have they not looked at the birds soft fat in Florida the word sloth and Safa has two meanings

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one meaning is Safa as in one who is in a slough. in rows, birds that are flying how in rows in ranks, meaning not randomly not haphazardly, but in straight lines. And we'll be seeing more and more of them in the coming weeks. Soft.

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Another meaning is soft fat. Safa is used for when a bird opens up its wings during flight. So when it's flying, its wings are open. That is the state of Slough. It is at Suffolk played meaning the birds have opened up their wings. They're flying. So soft fat in meeting the birds. How are they above you? How are they flying with their wings? Open? Or in rows? Then what happens? Why are COVID-19 and they close them? Close? What they close the wings, meaning they open the wings, and then they and then they close them? That's how they fly. Right? Open and close. But notice something. Slav fat is a noun. And Jacobina is a verb. Is it soft fat ones who have their wings

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outstretched Jacobina they

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close or they fold?

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Because during flight, generally, birds have their wings open for longer duration. And they close them for how long? Barely a second because if they kept them closed, what would happen there fall?

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Do you get it? And when you see birds in the sky flying How are their wings closed? Nope. Are they closed like they are when they're sitting in a tree or on the ground or something? No, their wings are open. It's a soft fat. They're open for longer compared to being closed, but they do close them for those brief moments.

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They bring their wings close to themselves. They follow them for those brief moments.

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But then what happens? Do they fall? No they don't. My Yume Seco Hoonah Illa la man, man not UMC Kahuna. He keeps them he holds them, meaning he has

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holds them in the sky,

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not letting them fall. Who who does that? Ill man none does that except a rock man the Most Merciful. This is Allah's mercy, because according to the rules of gravity, as soon as the wings are folded, the bird should fall.

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It should right but it doesn't. Who keeps it from falling? Allah does in the hoop equally che embassy. Indeed he is over all things seeing. You remember the name a luckily we learned one meaning of a loose leaf is the one who is aware of even the most discreet things and a love with another meaning is that the one who shows favours and kindness in ways that servants do not even know in such a discreet way. We are receiving Allah's blessings and we don't even know

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I mean, the way things happen. For example, for these birds, they should be falling dropping from the sky. But they don't. He is a lovely if he is the most kind. He is a rock man and with us also he is merciful. He watches everything in through the Nahal is 79 Allah says Allah Amuro Illa piety Musa Ratan fijo with summer MemSQL guna Illa Allah Who owns them but Allah, Allah subhanaw taala does a man hair the LADEE a man or who is it? Heather? Is this hola the the one who meaning Who is it? Who Who are Jimbo lako who could be an army for you? What is that army that you could have? That would Jung Soo come into the rock man that could help you against a man. Where's that army? What is that

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army that could protect you from Allah's punishment? What do you have to protect yourself? What is that army? Look at it a man have

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had that despicable. Where is that? What is it? You don't have any that could protect you from Allah's punishment? And if you think you are safe from Allah's punishment, from Allah's grasp, than any ill curfew, Runa Ill love you horrible, then the deniers are not except in delusion. You're deceiving yourself.

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These verses what are we being reminded off? Allah has complete Mulk the fact that we don't even have control over our safety and wellbeing. No matter what steps we take. We're always in danger. No matter what we do. Allah subhanaw taala still has power over us. And there is nothing, no army that could save us from Allah's punishment. And if we think there is then this is delusion, this is deception.

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So then who is the intelligent person? The one who mends his affairs who, who fixes his affairs with Allah subhanaw taala a man had a lovey a man or who had a is that a lady the one who your Zuko come He provides you who is it that could provide you in? Second is QA if he withheld His provision? If Allah decided that he was not going to give you any provision anymore, who could provide you who could give you Where could you eat from? Where could you get provision from in am sucker is QA

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if he withheld His provision, don't you see your dependency on Allah? You think you can run away you think you don't need him?

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But let do bail rather let do they have persisted lamb gene gene law judge is to persist upon something to become stubborn, unyielding.

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So Beloved, do they have persisted fear or to win in insolence 104 And in a version, what is Ruto? Ruto is disobedience, but what kind of disobedience with pride, you know, like Daring to disobey, like very daring when a person has the audacity to disobey without any shame, without any fear without any guilt. This is a ritual and no fool known FARA aversion. When you dislike something and when you dislike it, you avoid it, you run away from it. So they have persisted in Urdu in disobedience with pride. And they have persisted in NuForce in aversion, running away from the truth, avoiding it. This is what many people do. If you look at these verses, what are we being

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reminded of? Allah is the Malik we are the mum look. And then it's demonstrated over here that how weak we are. And finally it is said that who could provide

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If Allah withhold His provision, but the way of people how is it that despite all warnings, they are very arrogant, so they don't believe they're not even interested in believing they don't even want to hear that just an increase in new food in running away?

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Specifically, what is mentioned in this idea of the fact that Allah can withhold His provision? What does that mean?

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Some have said that this means that if he withhold rain, then where would you get rain from?

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Now, we see that when there is no rain, yes, there are consequences, right? But what do people do they get water from somewhere else, to irrigation, or whatever. And yes, it's not the same. But people still survive. They still make do.

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But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, famine would not break out because of drought.

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That just because there's no rain doesn't mean that there'll be famine, there'll be no food.

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But there would be famine, despite heavy rainfall. Why? Because nothing would grow from the earth.

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Nothing would grow from the earth. So just because we have the water, and just because we have the land, and just because we have the seeds, does not mean that we will have provision

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that's not necessary.

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There can be different reasons, because of which people can be deprived of risk. Different reasons with rain into it saba 24, Allah says coal miners who come meet us somewhere to Earth, who is at the provide you from the skies and from the earth,

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whether it's rain that's coming now, or plans that are going from the earth, Who makes that happen? Who makes that happen? Allah does. So if he makes it happen, he can also stop that from happening. Because via the hill milk, in his hand is the Dominion full control. So now, we are given two options. A comparison is made between the one who realizes he's in Allah's milk so He's fearful of Allah and he lives life conscious of Allah. And then there is another person who is his last in himself.

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He's just giving into his temptation. That's the sort of the recitation of these verses well as the oh let

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be that useful Oh

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woman Hala

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hobby boy Lenny John.

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financial fee mana TV

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we're either in

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out either

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case study one upon the

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second if I can actually while I'm young enough

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I won't be my only sequel woman

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in our movie coalition in

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Manhattan, do you want

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Lego meal

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in cafe owner,

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man, handily of Zuko come in. Second is

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JioFi Otto.

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