You’re Brainwashed

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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate now happens when a person doesn't recognize that they need to know a lot and that they need to worship Allah subhanaw taala that is how that is how you are nourished spiritually. But if you don't recognize it, and how does that happen? It happens because a person has clouded he's diseased. He's proud of himself with all types of false information. And guaranteed if you go through any secular system of schooling,

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everything that you are learning is teaching you to forget a lot.

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Step by step.

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You know why, you know why? And what, what do they replace it with?

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they replace it with a different religion, but they don't call it religion they call it science, because science and science, the basis of it is what? Now, the base of is one

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theory of

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everything evolution, right? Because what

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because the people that are in control can stay in control because they're supposed to be in control according to evolution.

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They don't know carpus related to anything evolution. This is morality related to that. So we can kill if that's what it means because this is about survival of the fittest. And if that means we need to eliminate people then that's been so big.

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That system is put there to keep people where they are.

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Because there is no accountability to a higher being

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like fear on set and on a bucola Allah And your Lord the most high

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and that's it is basically what they what they tell us. And so we shouldn't be full point is what the point is that is that we are the ones we are the ones in need of recognizing of recognizing Allah subhana wa tada and recognizing his oluwo here, guiding his qualities of being the divine and his perfect quality.