Tahir Wyatt – Turning To Allah For Guidance

Tahir Wyatt
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So as you start Ramadan and you're reading through the entire Quran, you're finding your way back to Jana Nikita throughout this month in sha Allah because this whole Quran is a roadmap to get back to Jana. Make no mistake brothers and sisters, Allah here's your DUA. Allah knows what is in your heart. The struggle this may be your first Ramadan this may be your last Ramadan Allah subhanaw taala knows he knows what is in your heart and He knows when you call on him as we see other people anticipating this month of Ramadan they conditioned themselves and shy Ben today I'm tired I'm not feeling so good I see other people eagerly awaiting for tunnel we're and I don't have that same

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feeling is my heart heart. What's really going on? So now Marty come Rahmatullah over the couch with your brothers and sisters Ramadan Mubarak and welcome back to Quran 30 for 30 Season Five when Hamdulillah we are in person this year it is going to be a very special Quran 30 for 30 nila heeta Allah before we get started in sha Allah Tada I hope you've seen the first episode of the other series of the Why Me series and I hope you've seen that yeah, Cain has risen to the challenge every single time and that our resources have only gotten better. And that has been by your investment after the blessing of Allah subhanho to Allah and so before you do anything else, inshallah Tada, I

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want you to click that link to donate tip, automate your donations for the 30 days if you will, but whatever it is that you gave last year and shallots out or years prior or if you're a first time donor, at least match inshallah Tada, which you did last year and do more in the lifetime. We're only going to grow our resources but in the meantime, we're only going to grow in quality and quantity and we need your support beyond the 90 Tiana so please with all the noble causes that are out there, especially for our brothers and sisters in Gaza right now. And all the noble institutions we ask Inshallah, outside of that you also consider your pain, a part of your investment in the

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night data. Also, you can download the eBook that has been put together by Chef Ismail come there for all of the four seasons of Quran 30 for 30 You can read summaries of the Jews before you come to each session. And you can truly make this a Quran learning experience. We want you to listen every single night inshallah Tada tune in every night now and reflect as a family reflect with your community. Share the link to Quran 30 for 30 Share the link to the y-me series. You never know whose life you might touch with the Nikita with that. So participate in every way. And this year, we're also doing something a little bit different. We're doing trivia in sha Allah Tada Puranic trivia so

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we're going to ask a question every day from the previous Jews and ask you to participate in the comments below but in the night data so the first question since we're on just one who was the companion that famously recited salted Fatiha on a non Muslim chief by the permission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam as a form of cure, who was the Sahaba that recited so to Fatiha on a non Muslim chief as a form of cure in the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so go ahead and answer below in sha Allah to Allah. Of course we're here with Sheikh Abdullah duro. I'm the amount of it I mean, he's still mashallah ready to go with not so much on ping pong, his ping pong skills have

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sadly, not increased at all.

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Man, it's a blessing to be with you. As always 100 miles I mean, an absolute blessing and I'm looking forward to the to the reflections and shadows together and shift I had Wyatt shipbob give access

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to Todd White, the Fresh Prince affiliate.

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It just wouldn't be right to start the series without you, man, you know, subhanAllah i was I was when I was listening to you say, fifth season. I'm like, start counting on my fingers. I'm saying Subhanallah it literally is season five. I can remember season one, you know when COVID hit being in the basement, right? Because that's where I could get the best. Get the best internet reception, being in the basement to record 30 for 30 You know, or go live with 30 for 30 and now this didn't exist like mashallah, your team didn't have a headquarters as it has now. Subhanallah so to see the growth is truly amazing man. something truly a blessing from Allah azza wa jal, a chef we went viral

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for the Fresh Prince thing. Was that for season one or Season Two now that was added it was the season What were you in the basement? That was I wasn't in the basement. That's how I know it was Season One must have been season two, you know? And mashallah, Charlie Mac went to Amara with us. Amazing, right? My Salah brother that spun Will Smith in opening a fresh prints. Maybe we could put it up on the screen.

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We met him in Ankara. hamdullah he didn't spend anyone to him. That would have been bad, you know? Yeah, that'd be real bad. I don't know.

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I don't know if you think you could pick up. Charlie, if you're watching this. We have a challenge for you. Can you pick up a lot of outdoor allowance Venom so maybe season six we'll start off with Charlie America is not a bad idea. That's not a bad idea to enter.

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Bro for season six. In any case, yeah, we're excited to have you and hamdulillah your brothers and sisters every night is inshallah Tada in person. So it's a different vibe this year at Hampton Inn. And on top of that, every single episode will be 30 minutes inshallah so it's predictable. So inshallah you can allot 30 minutes with your family every single night. With that bitten in the heater we'll go ahead and get started inshallah Tada with just one and 100 and almost salatu salam or I also did not want to add he also had behaved women, whether it's Pamela, if you watched the first episode of why me there's an incident there where Adam it has Saddam is walking around his

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children, walking through his descendants and looking through his descendants and seeing the light that they have. And I think that what we fail to appreciate is that Bacara starts off with the story of Adam because Adam story is our story. We also fail to appreciate at times, the deep connection between other and Janna. You know, when you think about the articles of faith, belief in the Day of Judgment, belief in the hereafter that comes before belief and about other and divine decree and predestination, because nothing makes sense without paradise, nothing makes sense without a hereafter. There is no way to make sense of it without a hereafter. And so when you read about the

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first story of man, leaving Paradise after his creation, and the entire story in the Quran that done unfolds is Adam Eisner. I'm trying to get back to Jana and by extension, all of the children of Adam Eisner. I'm trying to get back to gender. There's something deep, deeply profound about that. And here's what I want you to remember. Subhan Allah, we come into just a few pages of Bukhara and Allah is speaking to other mighty salaam as he is leaving Jana and Adam is Nam is calling back to Allah subhanaw taala. In repentance in the last Jews, ALLAH SubhanA which Allah gives us the words that are said to the believer as they are leaving this world hopefully coming back to paradise May Allah

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Subhana Allah make us amongst them so if you can remember this in just 30 Inshallah, when we get back to it, then may Allah Subhana Allah bless you and reward you. But could it not be to minha Jamia? So it starts off in verse 38. Allah subhana wa says we said descend all of you for in May up to a nickel mini Hooda feminine Tobia who Danya fella whole family went home yes, no. So when my guidance comes to you for me, whoever follows that guidance, there will be no fear upon them, nor shall they grieve. Basically it is holding a little more tucking this Quran is a guidance to the God conscious. You have your roadmap and then also autonomous stopping guide us to the straight path Oh

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Allah, Allah is giving you the way back to him. The way back to Allah is the way back to Jana. So as you start Ramadan and you're reading through the entire Quran, you're finding your way back to Jana Nikita throughout this month in sha Allah because this whole Quran is a roadmap to get back to Jana. But what I want to show let's add a shares my reflection for today. It's really beautiful when you go to for tilaka add on the lobby heat kalimat that Adam Eisner was inspired with some words of repentance that Allah received from him, photog it and Allah azza wa jal forgave him. Now the primary words are or banal, alumna and furstenau in a tough run out of Hamlet. Then Hakuna Matata

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hustling Oh our Lord we wronged ourselves. If you don't forgive us an have mercy upon us we will surely be from the losers. And Allah says who the losers are, by the way, and Medina startled lalala to Bill Hooda those who purchase misguidance with guidance, but those who succeed are the ones who call upon Allah in repentance to narrations. I'll share inshallah Tada very quickly. The first one from Ivanov Bassel the Allahu Taala and Homer. He says in this conversation between the mighty Salaam and Allah subhanaw taala as Allah azza wa jal caused him to descend from Paradise after he committed his sin, called Adam Yara. alimta not going to be oh my lord, didn't you create me with

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your hand? Pete? Allahu Bella? Yes. When a factor Federman ro HC and you breathed in me from your spirit? Yes. Oh, Adam. Wow cost to faculty or hammock Allah. And I sneezed and you said, may Allah have mercy on you? Yes. So Adam, was sadaqat Rama Touka Roebuck and your mercy has surpassed your rash? Yes. Oh, Adam, Bella Adam, what catches up to it and another herb. And you wrote upon me that I would commit this deep meaning what it was part of my decree that I would commit this deed I'm not blaming Allah for the sin. But it was part of the Divine scheme, that that sin would be allowed to occur that I would create that I would commit that sin Pete Allahu Bella. Yes. Oh, Adam, called our

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ATIA in took to * enter Roger eel, Jana. Listen very carefully and remember this in sha Allah and just 30 Oh ALLAH if I repent. Will you return me to Jana? Peter, Allahu Bella. Yes. Oh, Adam, you will return to Jana. And so when we think about what it means to return to Allah or

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return to Allah has returned to his favor a return to his mercy a return to his forgiveness. And it is a return to Jana and Allah is assuring our the mighty Salam that though this deed of yours was written down, here is the writing on how you get back to Jana. And it's clear for all of us guidance has been made distinct from error. All we have to do is now follow that path back. And this is when you open the most half and you start your journey back to Allah subhana wa Tada. Like the Muslim started his return back to Allah subhana wa Tada for the 960 years that he was on this earth. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to return to Ghana, to our original home returned home to our abode to

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be with our father automized Nam and with our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah I mean shall tie with that turned over to our beloved Sheikh Abdullah is

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something that was Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he while early he was the Omen what uh, uh, my but first I want to say congratulations to all of you to reaching this month of Ramadan, I'll never forget that I was in an Medina when you're my first my second year as a student and I was in the first row with a friend of mine, and then Michelle Hudson and Medina. And when they made the tech beer and they started to, they started to recite, we went through so lots of total weight and at the very end, they made the DUA, and the brother that was with me, Michelle was from America and he was just crying profusely and I was trying to cry, but him crying profusely, at the end of the Salah,

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we're walking back to our bus as students to go back to our dorm. And he just kept saying humbly Allah, Allah has blessed us to reach this month of Ramadan. He just kept talking about the fact that Allah has has allowed us to reach the month of Ramadan and he has given us guidance to come here and study in the masjid or Sunni lifestyle, Allahu annual southern law, and to be of those that study this religion, all of us now it's an opportunity that Allah subhanaw taala has brought us here, it's a blessing and an opportunity to stick with it. And to always seek guidance as was mentioned before, the verse that I want to cover in chapter number two, verse 137, particularly speaking about those

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that voluntarily choose guidance, and those that do not Allah subhanho wa Taala says after has been demonstrated on gene in Amman will be Mickey Mouse, I'm going to be for the title. We're into a loafer into my home fishy clock, for say a fika. Home Mala well who was semi early? Allah subhanho wa Taala says here and if they were to come to believe, as you believe they are on guidance, and if they turn away, then quite obviously they have been merely fallen into opposition to the truth. Allah will suffice for you. The protection against them, and Allah is he all hearing the All Knowing, break this up into three parts quickly. Firstly, Allah subhanaw taala says, if they were to

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believe, as you believe that they will truly be guided belief in Allah subhanaw taala

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the fact that you are here and you've reached this month of Ramadan is that firm belief and Allah subhanho wa taala. And the belief that the system that he gave you too fast, sunup to sundown, from that which we need is a necessity means that there's something greater there's something transcendent, there's something beyond you, there is something holy, that you trust in. Congratulations. The fact that you are trying your best is what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants. So if those people Yeah, Muhammad SAW Salam that disbelieved in you the mystery Kuhn, the one that didn't want good for you the polytheists that did not want good for you from your own family. If they don't

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believe, as you believed, oh, companions are masterful Salah Salem, they will be guided, if they will believe as you believe shows the importance of when we ask Allah it did not set off on Mr. Hakim, as was mentioned, that we recite in the opening chapter the Quran, guide us to the straight path, because we know the importance of guidance, realizing that we as Muslims, it's from our integrity or our faith, to believe in the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa taala. And to try our best to act upon it, as all of us are doing in this blessed day of Ramadan, the beginning of Ramadan, then Allah subhanaw taala continues to say, we're into a loafer into my home Fisher Park, and if they

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were to be turned away to what Allah for verily, they would quite obviously fall into opposition. This is important in regards to our in regards to our integrity as Muslims. We understand that Allah subhanaw taala is one and he has no partners and to have integrity in that. When you're at your workplace when you're at school, and they see that you're fasting, they're automatically may say, ask what's wrong with you. But when you tell them the reason why it's something that is beyond the tangible world, for them to understand that this shows that you have a level of importance in something beyond you, which brings forth integrity. Don't ever be afraid to say who you are and what

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you represent. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues on to say fasea fika Mala and this is so important, because of that belief that you have, because of that belief that people may deny or may not know about. Allah subhana wa says physiography

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ecohome Allah, Allah is sufficient for you. We see the manifestation of that today and Palestine, the manifestation of them saying has to be Allah. What does that mean? Allah is enough for me Allah is enough for me, Allah is enough for me when it met with him and he is the ultimate one that I trust him. We trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala when it's the middle of the day and we're fasting, we have to remember that there's something greater than me leaving off eating and drinking. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Melania go lazuli. Well, I'm gonna be he fallaciously lay hydroton feed a bomb who will shut off the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever doesn't leave

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off Ill speech and acting upon it. For Verily Allah is not in need of his abandonment of eating and drinking. Make no mistake brothers and sisters, Allah hears your DUA. Allah knows what is in your heart. This struggle this may be your first Ramadan. This may be your last Ramadan Allah subhanaw taala knows he knows what is in your heart and He knows when you call on Him alone, make that effort this month of Ramadan. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make this month Ramadan, our best one ever, and allow us to be those that recognize guidance and follow it to the best of our ability. Check.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while earlier he was so happy man. Well, I'm about I want to just Subhanallah a small tweak. When Sheikh Abdullah mentioned that we fast from sunup to sundown, I remember hearing that as a new Muslim. And it actually I was fasting in the beginning from sunup to sundown and not from Fudger until sundown. So I just want to like I just want to tweak that a bit because it's easy, it comes off the tongue very easy. And that's the Muslims really understand that concept. But for new Muslims, they may not or for non Muslims, they may not. And so I think it's just important to point that out as well as and moving into the topic. What are we

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fasting for in the first place, you know, ultimately our ultimate goal through this fast is to attain Taqwa to attain piety and, and God fearing righteousness being more conscious of Allah subhana Hutan and more cognizant of him in our lives. Subhanahu wa Tada. And that is why it is so important for us at this very beginning day of Ramadan, to begin to look internal to look at our hearts. Because Taqwa is found initially its roots are in the heart. The heart is the seat of taqwa, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, at Taqwa have Hoonah a Taqwa. Hoonah, three times, tuck was here, it's in the heart. And we all know from the prophet Isaiah select to sit in as well

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that the heart is the king of the limbs, if it is sound and it is upright, then the rest of the body will follow. But some of us Subhanallah may be wondering about our own hearts. We may feel distanced from ALLAH SubhanA, who was added, maybe you know, our last engagement with the Quran was months ago, or maybe even less Ramadan. And so we begin to wonder as we see other people anticipating this month of Ramadan, they conditioned themselves and shot Ben, today I'm tired. I'm not feeling so good. I see other people eagerly awaiting for total, we're and I don't have that same feeling is my heart heart. What's really going on? So these are questions that a real believer in Allah subhanaw

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taala, may have, and Allah azza wa jal addressed this phenomenon, in a very important idea, the 74th ayat of surah to Bacara, immediately after the story about which the surah is named. So when Musa and we and we need a little bit of context to understand that I were Musa told his people I said, I'm told his people in the La Jolla Moodle come and tell about how Bacara Allah commands you to slaughter a cow. They say you've taken us for a joke is this some kind of you're ridiculing us or what what's the deal? And so most is the Lamb was was responding to bendy straw eel who came to him after a man had been murdered. And they began blaming themselves because they didn't know who

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exactly did it. And so they came to Musa for advice, what should we do? And Musa says, Are they a sedan that Allah commands you to slaughter a cow? Fast forward? They were very reluctant. They wanted to evade doing what Allah azza wa jal had commanded them to do. So they started asking all of these questions. What kind of cow was the color of the cow? Give us some more clarity. We don't know what to slaughter and then eventually they did. And then they took a piece of that cow as they were commanded. They struck the corpse with that the corpse came back to life and informed them of who had murdered them. Now they didn't understand the hikma, which is supposed to do what Allah azza wa

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jal commands you to do. Whether you understand the hikma or not because you know that he is Al Hakim Subhana who was added that he is the most wise Allah azza wa jal then says because Allah

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Can you you know who moto where you re come at? This is how Allah azza wa jal brings life back to the dead. You have some doubts about resurrection if you go starting from I have 40 and solar to bucket or all the way up to there to the I had that we're dealing with 74 Allah azza wa jal is addressing Bani Israel Elam and they had some, some false beliefs as it relates to the hereafter and some doubt so Allah says this is how we bring life back to the dead. Well you read from it, and he shows you His signs

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through maca set Kulu boo comin baddie Derek for here, for here, Cal Hey Jarrah, oh, a shadow casa.

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Then your hearts were hardened after that, even after seeing all of those signs. Even after all of that, the heart is still hard. You're still rejecting stubbornly rejecting the truth. For here Calcaterra those hearts are like rocks. Oh, a shed to Casa and the scholars of Tafseer. Many of them say Bell a shed because we're even harder than rocks. Why?

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We're in the middle here at the Marietta fed gentlemen Hill and her because from from rocks there those that split in in streams gush forth from those rocks. Were in them in hair, there may a shock for your collagen, mineral man, and from them they are those that open up and water flows through. It doesn't gush out but it flows through. We're in the minhang. The mayor Yeah, bitumen has yet in there. And from those rocks, they are those that fall down in all of Allah will Mala who Bihar feeling and Metatron alone. And Allah is not unaware of what you do. Brothers and Sisters in Islam Subhan Allah, Allah azza wa jal is telling us in this ayah implicitly, that even if your heart was

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like a rock, they still hope. Even if you feel like you're your distance, then and your heart is hard. There's still hope. And the best thing to soften that heart is what you're doing right now. you've tuned in right now, because you want to get a closer connection to the book of Allah subhanaw taala you want to understand it better. It is this quarter I that made the prophets Allah who it was something better in the month of Ramadan. The Prophet Salatu was Salam who was the best became better in the month of Ramadan, even our best for the low tide and who met who was a young boy he describes the prophet Isaiah Salatu was Salam as being the most generous of all people. But he says

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that the prophesy Salman was even more generous in Ramadan was the reason because Jibreel will come to the prophets of Allah it was salam every night in the month of Ramadan for you daddy So Holy Quran, they will study the Quran the prophets Elijah was selling would read to Jabril the Quran so this is the reason why the prophets of Allah who it was selling was even more generous in the month of Ramadan with Allah He if your heart is not just like a rock, but like a mountain. If it's like that Allah subhanho wa Taala is letting us know that the Quran will melt that hardness away low ends on the head Al Quran Allah Jabel barrel Atia who Hershey and Mutasa diamond Crusher Tila, if this

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Quran was revealed to a mountain you would see it humbled shattering in all of Allah subhanho wa Taala so it is in this month and shallow to and and I'm saying don't just allow the the idea of the Quran to remain an idea make a plan not just an idea, having time that you set aside on a daily that you reconnect with the Quran, or that you establish a deeper connection with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that time is fixed. No matter what demands are in your life, you are going to give that time to the book of ALLAH SubhanA who was added and we conclude with the dua that the prophets Elijah was some of us to make and that we should memorize and that he towards either been

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Autocom la the Allahu Taala and whom Allah at Nuptse Taqwa O Allah give my knifes it's Taqwa give my soul it's tough but this is what we want and Ramadan. Was that key her entitlements Okay. and purify you are the best purifier of that soul. In fact, you are the only purifier until you have one Mola you are its caretaker and you are its protector and Guardian will Allah who I never learned about last time bless you. Reward you increase you, I make you and all of us from the people of Quran Allah I mean, I mean, one thing that really stood out to me from what both of you said in the case of what Chef Abdullah reflected on,

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firstly, ficaram Allah, Allah is the only one who can protect you against them. And what she thought he was talking about. Allah is the only one who can guide you back to him or the Muslim. When he leaves paradise. He doesn't try to find an intercessor he doesn't go try to talk to anybody or at least Salam or find someone to go, you know, make a connection for him back to Allah subhanaw taala he completely owned the mistake and then comes back to Allah. And I remember how alumna Josie Rahim Allah saying something to the effect that otherwise Sam would never take a day for Jana in Jana for granted again right that he is elevated in his rank.

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And can you imagine the state of the heart of advice and I'm as he comes back to Allah subhanaw taala after all of this and realizes, there is no shelter, no refuge from you except back to you. And I want to share this beautiful Durant and shell and perhaps we'll put it in the comments, which I had Rahim Allah says that of the words that are the money some said to his Lord, he said Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah Subhana kioware Be Hemric Oh my Lord, there is no god but you all glory is to to you and all praise is due to you rob be in the lowland to Neff Sefa clearly in Naka Hiral Rafa in my Lord, I have wrong myself so forgive me, you are the best of all of those who

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forget. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah Subhana Allah be Hamdi Krabi in the vollum to NFC for harmony in NACA, Hira, Hamid. Oh my Lord, You are the Best of those who show mercy. So show mercy to me. Right. So, you're not just the Best of those who forgive, you're the best of those who show mercy so I'm coming back to you for your forgiveness. I'm coming back to you for your mercy. Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah Subhana Allah, there is no god but you are rather Allah whom Allah Allah Allah, Allah subhana wa ABI hammock will not be any volume to enough see for two grand a year in neck and Totoaba Rahim. My Lord, You are the One Who accepts repentance. So accept my

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repentance, you are the best of those who accept repentance and it actually goes to the end of the surah Wirefly now Furlan our Hamner Antimo Lana from sadhana had in common caffeine, we are going back to a loss parents and asking Him for His forgiveness, asking Him for His mercy, asking him to pardon you because you know that it is only Allah subhanaw taala who can bring you back to him? And once upon a time to make us amongst those that returned to him. Last word, the last word from the Latin No, mashallah, I like to you mentioned in the DUA, you know, you're the best of this. And the best of that, when we look at any name of Allah subhanaw taala, he is the best of it. And that's why

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I think it's important to in this month as a catalyst, and that's something seasonal, you know, to look at these names of Allah subhanaw taala and just to ponder over them what it means the action, it's a manifestation in your life and how can you have to us see how can you act on that yourself? Allah is a man he is the best of those that have mercy. How can I show mercy to my children, my family, my husband, wife, my mother and father. And the second point is what she thought he mentioned, he made the analogy to transit to transition over how our hearts may be hard as rocks but Allah subhanaw taala the Quran if it was revealed on a juggler on a mountain, which is much greater

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than a rock, imagine what it does to our hearts, which he's mentioned earlier. Zola head, some of us may say, Man, my heart's too hard. Allow me Now forgive me. You know, I don't know if I can answer it this month. I don't know if I have what it takes. You have what it takes your last one to Allah bless you and make you strong. I mean, humbly now just a reminder, as we close out that the dead Ramadan is also the month of dua, and it's not a mistake that Allah azza wa jal mentions way that's okay by the end for any Accardi that when My servants ask you about me that I'm close, it's not a mistake that that's mentioned immediately after the only ayah in the Quran mentions Ramadan

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explicitly Mashallah. So let's have Bucha. And so as calling upon Allah Subhana Allah and this month is very important to do is that have already been mentioned. And I just want to you know, subhanAllah elaborate on something as as a closer to this one to prophesy Salam is asking ALLAH to purify him that he is the only one to purify. He is the caretaker of that soul. And he is its guardian. There's a conclusion to that dua that a lot of people don't realize is the same guy Allama in the I Will the weekend mean in Monday, in fact, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from knowledge that does not benefit because the consumption of knowledge that is unbeneficial it takes the sole

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woman called Ben lair shack, and from a heart that is not reverent, and this is what we're talking about right now. This heart that we want to be soft in the month of Ramadan. And then the prophets Elijah was salam says woman Neph Sinhala, touchback and from a soul that has never content. I mean, imagine that person just keeps eating and eating, they never feel they never feel full, they never satisfied. Similarly Subhan Allah the soul has to have a limit of what it takes him from the dunya otherwise it's just going to keep and it's not going to be attached to the hereafter. Women do I in law used to travel to and from a dua that is not accepted. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make us from

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amongst those whom always they do as accepted by him Subhana what's it called upon him night and day? Hello Adam salaam Sana we want to connect to them

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in a locker shift bars like location, Allah beautiful reflections to start off and shallots I will see you all tomorrow night. Please do inshallah donate. Download the book and tune in and Charlotte's how to everyday was Santa Monica Rahmatullah heal but accounting

Juz 1 QurAn 30 For 30 S5

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