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Chateau nine a lowly Assad hen

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shadow under Mohammed and outdoor Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman cathedral Nila Yama deen

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and my bad inshallah we're going to continue with the fifth class

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inner dimensions of prayer semana Salah by Norco am Mahima lo Tada This book is very, very important for us and we're going to just go back over some things quickly.

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Because even okay environmental ly they

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he reached the level

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that we're trying to reach and beyond the Shala he reached a level in his salon, that the worshipers of his time so that nobody else they don't know anybody else like him when it comes to salary. And what he's laid out here is that formula in the Knights honor that will help us begin to understand at least theoretically,

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the things that we can do and be delighted to add it to get to the point where the salon

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is the Quran. As the as the prophesy sounds, a Cordova, Cordova to ion right or Cordova to aining I need the prophesy some say during the tinea salatu

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herbivory they even dunya come a table when Nisa

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what you're able to correlate to any Salah

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that both pregnancies and women have from this dunya have been made beloved to me. He said, But my total enjoyment is in the salon. So next level of enjoyment. So how do we get to that level. But before we start, today's lesson, being in a tie to

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what has happened over the last week,

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and versus specifically in Palestine as a whole is, is really weighing heavy.

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Because what you see is, is the lack of humanity.

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And it's

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something that I feel like it's really important for us as Muslims, American Muslims to recognize

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the role that we play in that just to sit back and do nothing. Now, what does that mean? And I'll clarify and shallow tie that, and I don't know, Inshallah, this won't take long, but I think it's important.

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What makes American Muslims different than Muslims in

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let's say,

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Thailand, as it relates to this particular issue, the plight of Palestinian Muslims. Yeah, America funds. Exactly. Because America is funding this war.

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Where does America fund this war from?

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Taxes? And so everybody who pays taxes,

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part of those tax dollars are going to fund this war and have been going for as long as we've been paying taxes for the occupation of Palestine.

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And these are Muslims. And sometimes, you know, you hear certain rhetoric come from certain places that try to downplay the the level of Islam of the people at ages fighting for their land or they just fight command folly. And it's, this is not correct. If even if these people were just fighting for their land,

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men kuti consider doing a mighty he will Shaheed the prophesy Psalm, so whoever is killed defending his property, right? Then that person is a shaheed.

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Now, obviously, we want the intentions of those who are defending their land to be to raise the word of Allah Subhana Allah, no doubt about that.

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But I'm saying that's something that only Allah Subhana Allah knows.

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And so when we look at it from the outside, we see Muslims being slaughtered, Blumstein

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and as American Muslims, many of us probably the majority of us who pay taxes, we have even greater responsibility to hold the people that are using our tax dollars accountable to the best that we can. How does that work? Does that mean you supposed to go try to figure out a way to talk to the President now it's probably not going to be realistic. But can you change the minds of some non Muslims? who otherwise would be

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needless to say, on the other side, the side of genocide.

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Yeah, that's possible. And you know what it takes, it takes caring. And it takes doing something it takes.

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Putting more lights. I know it sounds like a simple, more likes more retweets, more exposure on all forms of social media, because because you can affect the algorithm. There's 2 billion Muslims in the world, 2 billion.

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You know, how many people live in Israel?

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9 million.

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how many Jews in the world

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14 million with an M. And a lot of them are not fans of Israel.

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And many of them, or you can see last week marching on the Capitol, those 300 of Jews arrested for protesting against against what's happened in Grand Central Station, another few 100 were arrested. That's not to mention the ones that didn't get arrested. So this is not even an issue of all Jews are for this war law. Many of them are speaking out.

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But the issue is what are we doing. And so I'm saying don't just sit around. Here make dua. And that's important, not just do it comes off your lips, as we're going to talk about today. But do it comes from your heart,

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like actually looking at trying to set aside time to make dua making your schedule a little bit longer, maybe making two broadcasts that you wouldn't normally make, whether that's what's a lot to do have from your Sooners or something else, you actually are intending to make dua for them.

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And then beyond that, beyond that, it is important that you educate yourself, and that you talk to non Muslims.

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You can make a difference. I'll give you an example. Yesterday, I had a meeting with some of the

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leaders of other faiths here, and tomorrow, inshallah another one.

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the issue that they always want to talk about is what was the first thing you think they want to ask a Muslim?

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position on the situation? Not I want to know your position on the situation they want to they want to beat you.

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There you go.

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Yeah. Do you condemn the terrorist attacks that happen on October 7? This is this is how they want to begin a conversation. And the reality is,

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and I don't want to talk about strategy in terms of how you deal with that question. It's real easy to get past that question. I'm a Muslim.

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I condemn the killing of innocent people. I condemn trees being burned and animals being killed for no reason. I mean, how much more so human beings, here's the real issue. Here's the real issue, until we understand what this thing is all about, from our perspective as Americans. So we understand what this is all about.

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There is no way to really understand what's happening over there. And sometimes you just have to talk to people like Americans, the Americans. Alright. Anybody know? So we talked just a second ago about this is a numbers thing, by the way, and then we'll get back to tie this all together.

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Israel is point 1% of the world population. Do you understand what that means? That means that for every 1000 people, only one live in Israel, right? Only one fight. So when we look at US foreign aid, because that's what we're talking about it we're Americans, and we are the ones that send foreign aid all around the world.

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That would that should mean yeah, in theory, theoretically, that for every $1,000 that we send out, overseas, if it was a fair distribution, and we would give them how much one doll, we give them one doll. So if we gave them $100 For every 1000, that would be very disproportionate. Correct. All right. So now when you confront and as I zactly what I did with with the clergy, I said, does it make sense? This is 1948 The United States has sent

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out of every $1,000 We sent 300 to Israel

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don't add up

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as the young boy say what the math a math

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snack doesn't make sense. There's something else going on here. This

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There's a whole different picture going on that as Americans, we got to make up, wake up and see the reality. This is all about the expansion of Imperial imperialist interest, military bases and this type of stuff to keep control. And so we funnel 30% of foreign aid

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to fund this war.

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And that's something that as Americans, we have to take a step back and say, Wait a minute, this is not right. This is not right. When we have homelessness in this country, we have people living with food insecurity, and all of the other social problems that we have here

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that actually need funding.

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But we're paying for wars overseas.

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Numbers, how many, according to the media, how many Israelis were killed on October 7 1200 1200? Okay. And, again, this is this is exactly the conversations. What I'm saying is you have to you just have to talk to people just talk humanize the other side, and I'm gonna show you why this makes a difference. How many Palestinians as of yesterday, how many Palestinians has been killed? Because they, they just did some alarm Stein and genocidal things today, but as of yesterday, do you know how many over 1000? Right, so So we're talking about, we're talking about a one to six ratio? Right? But if you turn on mainstream media, have you seen any interviews with any of the Palestinian people

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who have lost their families?

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I'm saying mainstream Fox, CNN.

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No, it's it's not there. Even though it's six times more.

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So I said, Look, I can show you right now, brother in California, and he man whose house and Palestine and Gaza was bombed.

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Seven children, like look like charcoal, I'm gonna show you.

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You're not going to see this on mainstream media, but you will see the other side, you will see the other side. Why? Because there's an effort to humanize the one side, so we're going to show the father crying because his, you know, his daughter was killed, which must be painful. I mean, there's no doubt about that. We're going to show these people who are pleading for the hostages to be released in a saucer where you can see all of that

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on constant reels are mainstream, and not anything close to that, if anything at all. On the other side, even though the other side has lost one, six times more. The numbers don't make sense, except that we're trying to dehumanize the Palestinian side. And so that's when you can quote things that from me, from Israeli Defense Minister who said, we're dealing with what human animals and we're going to treat it accordingly. Why does it matter if you're bombing a bunch of cockroaches?

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Because this is the approach that they have taken to Muslims. And I'm saying we are Muslim, when Muslim or non Muslim, Muslim is the brother of another Muslim.

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So to know what's happening,

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in that to speak, when you have the ability to speak, is to go against the statement of the prophet Isaiah salatu salam and while I'm in Cameroon, Cara from Euro unit will be Yeti. Well, let me start here, for Billy Sani whoever, for most uses an evil to let them change it with his hand. And if he can't, then let him change it with his tongue.

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To not say anything when you can,

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is to disregard

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that statement of the prophets, Elijah was salam Well, Melania still forbid Calbee. If you can't wait your tongue for whatever reason, then with your heart, or that he could have awful email, and that is the weakest of faith. And why do you think the prophesy son and put emphasis on changing it in your heart, what is changing in your heart means means not being apathetic, that you are at a minimum, that you recognize that as mooncup? Why?

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Because eventually, eventually, if you hate it in your heart, what's going to happen?

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You're going to say something, or you're going to do something, but if you stop even feeling it in your heart, but how are you going to do anything about how are you doing? Why would you say anything about it? You don't even care anymore.

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And I'm saying that this here has an history with Allahu taala. Adam,

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for those of us who live to see to be able to look back at this time

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We will see that this was a turning point in the history of the world. What is happening right now? We are living history that is changing the world, no less than COVID changed the world. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best.

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And so it's important for us to be people have the moment to respond to the moment that we're living in. And Allah azza wa jal says to us in the Quran, what are a doula who must have talked to him and Kuba? While mid rebuttal he taught he born to be here to Allah. Well I do welcome Harinam and Duni him later in the morning whom Allah Allah Allah,

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Allah azza wa jal toes in the Quran and prepare for them while I do that home. Mr. teittleman COVID whatever strength you can prepare it mencoba from he says, From from strength, while my rebuttal Hi. And those

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horses that you are preparing for war, for what purpose? Torah he want to be here I do Allah so that you can

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scare the enemies of Allah.

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Torah he won't be here I do Allah I do welcome your enemies. Alright, I want to talk about this for a second. Because of course, somebody will come

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some, you know, smart person who knows Arabic. And he says, See that's it have in the Quran? was Abraham,

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Abraham, terrorism, terrorism, see there's terrorism or crime. Allah said Twitter is gonna be heat. I do Allah, that you inflict terror upon the enemies of Allah. Now y'all need to notice stuff. This is not this isn't that

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this is our book. This is what Allah told us.

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Tell you, how do we deal with that? When it comes to knowledge? That's the word right the editor has told her he Boone so that you can

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you know cause cause them to have terror. Play. Let's take a step back. What are we supposed to do? We supposed to prepare what we can have what have strength and horses by

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say the Rahim Allah Allahu Allah, Allah.

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Scholar Tafseer he says, I'm in Kuwait in aqua, Leah. We're Betania we're in while asleep.

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And I think this is important for us to grasp. Because some people just think what strength Well, what does that exactly mean? He said intellectual strength, physical strength, and different types of arms.

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Do you have the ability to miss is this what he's saying? Prepare for them which you can this preparation happens when while you're in war?

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What is prepare me before pre that's pre

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prepare. So before a war happens, before it all goes down before anything conflict starts. You do what? Prepare what you can have strength, intellectual strength. And I'm saying right now part of our battle is an intellectual battle.

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It's about being strong.

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Understanding what's happening, knowing how to move, knowing the propaganda of the other side, humbling that we actually don't need propaganda. The truth is clear. It's very difficult to defend with the genocide. In fact today, I don't want to go off on a tangent too far. But today the the the UN does anybody know what the UN state what does that mean? Un What's that stand for the United Nations? Why was the United when was the United Nations founded?

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I know some of you were alive when it happened. Mashallah.

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After one

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after the British left were

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not exactly after World War Two, for what purpose?

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Let that now I want conspiracy theories.

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Know, what's their stated purpose? What's the stated purpose? To stop genocide?

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Right. That's the stated purpose that the UN the primary reason why it was founded was was to prevent another genocide. I'm saying that because the UN officers by definition should be the people who recognize genocide when they see it because the whole purpose is what? To prevent genocide. You know what happened the day

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the high director, UN High director for human relations I forget exactly what his tie

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was the top official for this.

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resigned today, October whatever it is 31st resigned today after serving for 30 years. He said what is happening in Israel has happened in Gaza right now? Is textbook genocide?

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How can anybody Now sit back? What I'm saying is taxpayers money right now is going to support what the UN calls textbook genocide? I mean, can we get any clearer in it?

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Yeah, we can actually, because there's a lot more evidence but the whole point, the whole point, is you knowing this stuff.

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The same way, what is our obligation right now, we can't change this thing with our hand. It's nothing you can do from that your hands are tied in that sense. But you can with your tongue to three hours, and you will have all the talking points you need because these people they are so arrogant, that they say it out loud.

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That the Prime Minister of Israel two days ago, is quoting Biblical verses that talk about the permissibility of, of killing not only men, but women and children know beyond that, and suckling infants

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and kill their camels in a cow's no genocide.

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First Samuel, chapter 15, you go right through his right there in the beginning,

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verses one through three, he's quoting this in a speech. It's so weird anyway, the whole point is, the whole point is prepare intellectually, we need intellectual preparation,

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even to fight propaganda wars.

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And this is what it says at the bottom of the line is saying that that preparation Allah azza wa jal was telling us to have in the Quran so little and fair,

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his intellectual strength, physical strength,

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what and while asleep in different types of arms, as Americans, you have the right, your Second Amendment right to bear arms, nice so that you can go out and commit atrocities, if they come knocking at your door is a militia, racist or whatever

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we supposed to do? Throw your hands up so you can kill you and your whole family.

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Like prepare, prepare, when there is no war. Well, maybe the battle came down here we're talking about the actual instruments of war. So at that time, they wrote horses, as some of the more modern scholars have tipsy like I said, they're not going to lie they says this is talking about tanks and some of them now obviously, that's not something that individuals do that's on a government level. The The point here is for what purpose so that the enemies of Allah

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are terrified.

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So how do you answer that law is calling for terrorism in the Quran?

00:23:21--> 00:23:21

I want you to think

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that's the issue.

00:23:27--> 00:23:35

That's the issue. If you're prepared enough, and they're scared, guess what's gonna happen? They won't be a war.

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They won't be a fight.

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They won't be a fight. And that's the actual goal.

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The actual goal

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and this is this is important to understand and prophesy some Salah to men know the call I do. Don't wish to fight your enemies don't wish to meet your enemy. Like right now you sound tough, Mashallah. Because you're not there. You're not looking at death in the eyes. So it seems like you know, people's I just wish I couldn't know, let's have to manually call it you don't know what's gonna happen. You don't know what's gonna happen to your heart. Right? The whole point is actually to avoid war.

00:24:19--> 00:24:21

And this is why the very next AI

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is why we're in Jannah. who listen, fair enough.

00:24:29--> 00:24:44

Let me go back to a point real quick. So, so here is so that your enemy, the enemies of Allah, your enemy, will be scared, there'll be terrified, whatever hurting them and Dooney him lantana Munna and others who you don't even know about.

00:24:46--> 00:24:59

Allahu Allah, Muhammad. Allah knows that. He knows that if you're not prepared, they'd be the next ones in line to try to attack. Right. And so the point is to do what? To be prepared enough

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They're terrified but they don't want to. They don't like you think about guy right now walking in seven foot five, four and a panel street muscle. So you buy one fight me anybody stepping up MMA you can see this guy knows Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Muay Thai and a whole bunch of other stuff anybody trying to fight him for? No.

00:25:22--> 00:25:29

It's like, he doesn't have to fight anybody. He's already in a position that is like nine by doing that now.

00:25:31--> 00:25:34

What we're what we're being told is to be prepared.

00:25:36--> 00:25:49

Such that what? Such that nobody wants to have a conflict. That's the issue. We're in Jenna holy sellin. Then Allah azza wa jal says if they inclined towards peace, whose day here

00:25:50--> 00:25:57

not just any No, not just right. Not just need disbelieving. Now the ones that are actually fighting,

00:25:58--> 00:26:00

the ones that have actually picked the fight which you

00:26:02--> 00:26:12

started a war, if they inclined towards peace. Allah says what? Fight in a holla what's our cloud Allah? Then you also inclined towards peace?

00:26:14--> 00:26:21

Make make a deal and put your trust in Allah? Why does Allah azza wa jal say we're talking about Allah because the only thing that

00:26:23--> 00:26:37

the only downside of them inclining towards pieces, if they try to trick you, are they being deceptive? Otherwise, the goal is what a sell. The goal is not to fight in the first place.

00:26:38--> 00:26:56

I want that to be clear, because sometimes these ions are used by non Muslims or maybe even understood by misunderstood sorry, by by some Muslims, to mean to believe here, that Allah azza wa jal is instructing us to go out and terrorize people, while the other believe that

00:26:57--> 00:27:03

it's not what this is talking about. But what it is talking about is being prepared. And I'm saying this

00:27:05--> 00:27:12

right now, because we are not at war with Matt.

00:27:13--> 00:27:19

There is no physical battle going on between the Muslims here and anywhere else.

00:27:20--> 00:27:26

But when there is no war, and when there is no conflict, that is when you prepare.

00:27:27--> 00:28:03

That's when you prepare. And so we need to prepare ourselves. And I really think a lot of times this part is missed the intellectual preparation, because many of these battles right now, are not even being fought on the ground. So being prepared intellectually is important. And we have to take this message to your people, the prophets, who came before us, they would say to their people, what, yeah, call on their mobile, Allah. Oh, my people, worship Allah, who was there people, the Muslims.

00:28:05--> 00:28:07

They were talking so far.

00:28:08--> 00:28:13

They were talking to their nations, who were non Muslims. And they were saying, My people

00:28:15--> 00:28:29

are people here. They need guidance. They don't know. Many of them, even some of the politicians. They backtracking, a major Philadelphia politician, mainstream Democrat, actually said today,

00:28:30--> 00:28:32

I would like to see a ceasefire

00:28:33--> 00:28:35

in Israel, Gaza.

00:28:37--> 00:29:23

Do you know that that is political suicide right now, for a Democrat to call for a ceasefire? Because they've translated that as Oh, you're just saying that you want? You want guys that to be able to attack Israel? Right. So this is why the night they call him for humanitarian pauses, whatever, I suppose me, but they won't call for. They won't call for a ceasefire. So the fact that we have the next mayor, like, next week, meeting Allah, if Allah azza wa jal gives us life and we have class, this class next week. The new mayor of this city, Willow Adam, is the one that said I would like to see a ceasefire. That is unheard of right now. But, but that's because Allah Subhana

00:29:23--> 00:29:28

Allah knows best. It is because of the public

00:29:29--> 00:29:59

outcry and the pressure that is being put on these politicians to look at this from a different angle. And that's not necessarily coming from the Muslims. That's coming from the Muslims, who knows from non Muslims and non Muslims who have been following this for a while. By the way, it's not like this is a new issue that know that this is the injustice that is happening in Palestine. And the genocide is so clear that as the UN called it as one of the top officials in the UN call it textbook case of, of genocide.

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Well, I'm gonna start

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shallow to Anna will continue with our study for the next half hour or so. Estrada saliva in Nakaya. But it is important to continue to raise awareness about this issue, because that is what we can do allaahu Mustang, what are you to claim?

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So we made it to page 29.

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One point 10 servitude in a technique. And I wanted to just recap very quickly. Last week, we talked about some of the other aspects of

00:30:46--> 00:30:54

the salon. So the tech beer is actually how we start the prayer itself. So the first thing that you're going to do

00:30:55--> 00:30:59

that brings you into the salon, but what's right before the tech bit

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like before that before that, let's take a step back. So where does he start when he started when he starts talking about the practical? Yes. So he talks about will do, he talks about voodoo. And right before he talks about voodoo, he gives us a prelude to this and he says, Look, every aspect of the salon

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has its has its wisdom, that we need to learn about every single aspect of the salon. So we'll do has his wisdom. And what did he say that was the most we'll do was like, if you could just sum it up in a nutshell

00:31:37--> 00:31:48

that so so for the will do itself. He mentioned the physical. You mentioned physical purity, right? And then he said that there's something that we do after we'll do which is

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Right? Right. So to do this, the shahada team, right after will do and he also mentioned that you add on Toba Lama Gianni when a Toby was the only Minamata hearing or lawmaking from amongst those who constantly repent to you, and those who are

00:32:11--> 00:32:25

mortal Tahiti and the state who are pure fat, right? In a state of purification. I mentioned to you that many of the scholars of Hadith to Yanni they say that, that is not authentic and not an authentic addition.

00:32:26--> 00:32:51

But the shahada team, by themselves do purify person from from shipwreck, and also and also single out the one that we follow solo it was. And so in that VIP kid, that is after we'll do, there is internal purification and as a turning to Allah subhanho wa taala. Okay, and then, and then the author mentioned why

00:32:53--> 00:33:00

going to the masjid. And what is the, what was the takeaway there? Like? How? Sorry?

00:33:03--> 00:33:11

I'm not talking about the ruling. I'm saying what was the what was he saying? Was the the wisdom if you will? Don't mean that you have to go?

00:33:14--> 00:33:18

Say it again. It's a journey. But what's that mean? What does that how does that relate to the salon?

00:33:21--> 00:33:21


00:33:23--> 00:33:24

Taking yourself to

00:33:26--> 00:33:29

like a slave who devotes himself to his masters.

00:33:30--> 00:33:57

Okay, so remember, he gave that gave that example of the Fugitive Slave, the runaway slave. So it's almost like, No, you're coming back. You're coming back to serve your master. And you're going back to, to that land, right to that house, if you will. Okay, so this is the house of Allah. So it's like, you're going back to the house to serve your master. I just want to think about it from these terms. I know I'm gonna offend some of the younger generation.

00:33:58--> 00:34:02

But there's a difference between working from home and actually going into the office.

00:34:03--> 00:34:43

Right? Some people might say, No, I'm more efficient when I work from home, all of that might be true, but it's a different environment when you go into the office, right? And there's no comparison here. But there's just a difference between praying somewhere and praying in the house of Allah, one of the houses of Allah subhanaw taala in the message, is a difference. And so and so actually being at the masjid is another level of servitude, as if you're saying it as if your body is saying, I'm at your service, and I'm here, like, I came here for this purpose. There is difference when you stop what you're doing. That's your job. And you step to the side and you pray.

00:34:45--> 00:35:00

That's and that's good. And humbly, like you're taking your time, right away from whatever else that you whatever else it was that you were doing, to turn to Allah tantallon prayer, and it's a whole other thing to actually go to the man

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

Yesterday for that purpose of praying to Allah subhana, who was had

00:35:06--> 00:35:06

type shape and

00:35:10--> 00:35:14

1.17 to attack V 1.2 in

00:35:19--> 00:36:06

the editor of the law is in order to stand with his face and the direction of the Qibla. All the while having his heart facing him as well, being fully attended to him, so as to renounce his previous state of rebellion, and to stop turning away from his Lord. Despicable law should therefore stand up before his master in humility and submission, calling for his compassion with his hands thrown at his sides and his low, while at the same time this art is fully attended to him in a state of humility. Okay, stop there. So a few things here. The the author Rahmatullah they, he begins before the tech be talking about one of the conditions of the obligatory prayer, which is that you

00:36:06--> 00:36:16

face the direction of the Qibla. And there's so much wisdom and all of that right away, and you see it.

00:36:19--> 00:36:21

You see it when the Muslims come together?

00:36:22--> 00:36:34

Going hatch, right? And if you're a hedge, if you're a hedge, and the societal Muslim, can you go pray in a Chinese tent?

00:36:37--> 00:36:39

Sure, what language are you praying in?

00:36:44--> 00:36:45

An Arab air

00:36:47--> 00:37:03

if you go to a Malaysian tent, a South African one, they don't have any Brazilian tents, to my knowledge. But the whole point is, they praying in the same language, there is no other thing like that, by the way, where you can go anywhere in the world, for minimum for Salah,

00:37:04--> 00:37:08

you're going to know what the man was saying. Right.

00:37:09--> 00:37:12

And you're facing one direction, which is amazing as well,

00:37:13--> 00:37:14

is also amazing.

00:37:16--> 00:37:30

And so here, as you as you face that direction, your heart, obviously I mean, it's part of your body, but your heart is facing it, it's like your heart is turning to Allah subhanaw taala.

00:37:32--> 00:37:49

And you need to keep these meanings in mind. When you say When, when, as you face the as you face the Qibla. Because it we don't claim is not mentioned in these words, for just because he's trying to fill some pages. And look what he said. He said, The salon

00:37:50--> 00:38:04

that I find is then ordered to stand with his face and the direction the Qibla all the while having what his heart facing Allah as well. He mentioned that for no reason, trying to your face. And at this point, your heart is in this direction.

00:38:06--> 00:38:29

And he talked before about, about going and standing in front of the king. And don't just send you don't just send your limbs over there. Like don't, don't, don't just send your servants in there to talk to the king. No, you talk to the king, you go with your heart, right, so as to renounce his previous state of rebellion. Stop running away, the slave of Allah should therefore stand up before his master in humility

00:38:31--> 00:38:47

and submission. Okay, calling for this is the part I wanted to mention where he says calling for his compassion with his hands thrown aside and his head low. There is to my knowledge, and maybe some of you can go do some research. But I'm not aware of any authentic hadith

00:38:49--> 00:38:54

of the Prophet sallallaahu Salam that mentions that his head was low. While he was in masala

00:38:56--> 00:39:27

his gaze would look were to the point, right, that would be down at such that but the head being down like that, I'm not aware of any authentic hadith that mentions that and Allah Subhana Allah knows best. And I do know of the the effort from Amara, they allow China and who, who, when he saw a man whose neck was all the way bent down and on one of the a lot of time and who said that? Who sure is not in your neck, it's in your heart right now.

00:39:29--> 00:39:29

As you

00:39:30--> 00:39:53

as he puts all his senses to service and purification by declaring with his tongue and proclaiming in his heart that B is the greatest, which is to express that Allah is greater than anything he may have in his art. Okay, so, at this point, he faces the Qibla he's looking down and he says, Allahu Akbar,

00:39:54--> 00:39:58

okay, which here he is the greatest.

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

He says what

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

Just to express that Allah is greater than anything he may have in his heart. When he says anything that he may have in his heart, what exactly is he talking about here? He's saying anything that is preoccupying the mind. Whatever else you have going on, whatever you think is important at that time, Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than that. Whatever else may be happening next, whatever plans you have for after salon, Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than that.

00:40:34--> 00:40:57

Whatever it is that you might have been thinking about before you just came from something else and maybe you feel I should have done that differently. What Allah Allah, Allah is greater than all of that. And the Allahu Akbar is repeated throughout the salon. Because Subhana Allah, we forget so much, that even though we just said Allahu Akbar, we still get preoccupied.

00:40:59--> 00:41:55

And so these, these multiple opportunities to come back and center your heart, on Allah subhanaw taala by constantly and it's every motion, saying Allahu Akbar, no. And he affirms this statement by dismissing everything, everything except ALLAH from his heart. So as far as completely occupied with Allah and nothing else. This is because occupying himself with anything else, would connote that he finds what he is busy with, is of more importance or greater than Allah. Indeed, a person whose heart is busy with what distracts him from Allah, in Slack, is someone whose heart does not conform to the statement made by his tongue, declaring Allah is the Greatest, having the heart in harmony

00:41:55--> 00:42:40

with the tongue. When saying that Allah is the Greatest will strip the heart, from the attire of arrogance, as such a garment does not be fit the state of his enslavement to Allah. Furthermore, it would be effective in thinking of anything except a wall. This is because the rights of these two words Allah is greater than everything, Allahu Akbar, and resolved to establish his servitude to Allah to the taxpayer protects the light from the aforementioned defects that is being occupied with something else other than a law and wearing a garment that does not fit the servitude. Okay, so here, Zack here

00:42:43--> 00:42:54

what is the objective and let's I want to summarize the claim even okay him as best as possible, in a manner that gives us takeaways

00:42:55--> 00:43:00

and makes it simple enough, because we got to we got to build on this this is this is your

00:43:02--> 00:43:06

this is your duty for the rest of your life, saliva.

00:43:07--> 00:43:49

And so we are going to learn some things now and we're going to forget them a little later. And we're going to have to go back over this again and, and again. And we're going to have to read other things like Ben Rogers, who short for salaat and different different books that have helped us get to Inshallah, but we so let's look at takeaways right now. What does Immanuel Kant want us to get from when we say Allahu Akbar? What's the what? How could you sum that up? In one sentence? Yes, everything except, right. So when we say Allahu Akbar, we want to make sure that our heart is completely occupied by the remembrance of Allah, that nothing else is preoccupying me at this

00:43:49--> 00:44:00

moment. All right. And one of the benefits of going to the messages, by the way, one of the benefits go into the message, especially if you get there early.

00:44:01--> 00:44:13

But even if, even if you get there, let's just say on time, one of the benefits is that the whole time that you're going there, you can just focus on salon,

00:44:14--> 00:44:31

it's a little different than when you pull off to the side at work, or you got to pull over in a parking lot or whatever. There's really no downtime between whatever you were doing in the salon, so you kind of go from one thing to the next. When he's a little bit of time in between. It gives you the ability to kind of

00:44:32--> 00:44:50

focus on what you're about to do, which is to select. And then when you say Allahu Akbar, you actually at that point, have cleared your your mind and your heart of those things that would preoccupy Alright, so we want to say Allahu Akbar. And from that, we want to we

00:44:51--> 00:44:59

want to make sure that our hearts are not preoccupied now. He also mentioned here and I think this point is very important for you to pick up

00:45:00--> 00:45:00


00:45:03--> 00:45:18

he says indeed appears at the bottom page 29 indeed a person whose heart is busy with what the strengths him sorry, was always praising someone whose heart does not conform to his statement.

00:45:20--> 00:45:21

Pick that up.

00:45:22--> 00:45:23


00:45:24--> 00:45:54

the greatest form of the ticket is when the heart and the tongue are in sync. Pay attention to this. There is another type of decay that is done what just with the tongue and there's a third type of decay. And that is the decay of the heart. Alone. We're not saying something on your tongue, but you're thinking about Allah subhanaw taala you're thinking about his magnificence? Yes.

00:45:56--> 00:46:08

It could be to that board but that that board is is usually used for the Quran Alright, so I want to read to you something I have an okay environmental law and he says himself so as you can

00:46:09--> 00:46:14

benefit from it being the Knights either from his for keytab for wide

00:46:15--> 00:46:27

he said Rahim Allah was added to our told me certain will call valedictory lamb and exactly Nina may have told you without really saying we're in can either Koffler. So Mala is Alfie had to

00:46:28--> 00:46:32

call bow. Yeah, don't call boohoo for yet. Ah.

00:46:33--> 00:46:37

All right. So there are some people who start off in the thicket is only with the tongue.

00:46:39--> 00:47:05

Don't think that that's a bad thing. Don't think that that's a bad thing. And some of the scholars that preceded me don't claim to lie. They said that even Vica with just the tongue and you've mindless you just saying it's powerless, powerless. You might be looking at something. You're not even thinking about what she's saying that to have the tongue busy. With Subhanallah Alhamdulillah live Allah Allah Akbar means that the tongue is not busy backbiting anybody,

00:47:06--> 00:47:43

that you're not engaged in the Mima that you're not using foul speech, right? So keeping the tongue busy and actually getting get used to this. And you may just need I'm telling you, if you do as the prophesy some mentioned Subhanallah you will be handy Subhan Allah allow the Hanalei will be handy Subhanallah the media of course, Obama said so and so forth. What happens is, the tongue starts getting moist with the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah, and maybe you just find yourself saying and stuff, a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff. And you don't actually mean I stopped for Allah. You just saying it.

00:47:44--> 00:48:27

Okay. But then what he says is Mina dangoty may have Teddy who basically said, we're in Cana algorfa. And he, this person is actually negligent. He's not really thinking about what he's saying. So Mala is goofy, but he's keep moving his tongue hat, curl, boo, until his heart becomes attentive. Why? Because you're saying it so much. Right? And we have to be conscious of that. It's the same thing that happens to people who repeat songs all day, stuff that they shouldn't be talking about. They listen to some whatever, they listen to music, or whatever, and they just start saying certain things. And they don't really mean what they say it, but it's foul. And then guess what happens?

00:48:27--> 00:48:38

Stuff starts affecting your mind and all of that had to do to call for yatta yatta Advic. And then the tongue in the heart come in sync

00:48:39--> 00:48:42

upon the thicket of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is, this is the best type.

00:48:44--> 00:48:58

So anyway, it talks about some other things here. The point is that there are three types. He says one of the Ludvika will end foul man wild typhi Hill comm bully saying,

00:48:59--> 00:49:37

Alright, the best type of vicar and the most beneficial is when the heart and tongue are in sync with kanamycin and calm and never we and when it is also from the prophetic Adcock, those that the prophets Elijah was salam himself used to make, and the one who is making the vicar. He knows its meaning and its Maqasid the intentions behind that particular dhikr. So the point is, point is using the tongue for good deeds, tiny to, to remember a loss of habitat and seeking forgiveness.

00:49:39--> 00:49:48

so on so forth, that's better than engaging in idle speech. Obviously, it's better than backbiting and anything that would be sinful, but it's not as good as a person who,

00:49:50--> 00:49:59

who actually recognizes what they're saying. And that is why we need to know not just the low equity. This is why the middle column is about to go through every day.

00:50:00--> 00:50:26

single word that you say in the salon. So that when you say what happens, you know what you're saying you understand it. And now your heart and your tongue are in sync. This is a major takeaway, a major takeaway, because if you don't know what to hear to Lillah wa salatu wa Yvette?

00:50:27--> 00:50:37

If you don't know what that means, how can you have who? Sure and that part of your Salah? How can you think about what you're saying? If you don't even know what it means?

00:50:38--> 00:51:04

Why do you say Subhana? Rob Bell Allah is scheduled and Subhan Allah believe him and Bill core. Like what what is this? Understanding it that's what he was gonna go through all of this and Shala but this part where I had don't want you to miss it. I don't want it to just go by and not pick up what he just said. He said, you want your tone and your heart to be in harmony, tight fellowship.

00:51:05--> 00:51:07

One point 12 servitude, in

00:51:09--> 00:51:46

the opening supplication. And when he says Subhanak I know whom I love Behanding, you are glorified. Oh Allah and praise. Your name is blessing and then glorifies Him and praises him in repetition with what the fitsum comes out of the state of eagerness. It stands as a barrier between him and Anwar. Then he greets and praises with expressions that be fit his kingship when someone enters upon him to clarify him, and that's a preview to its own needs and request that he hopes the king to grant right so what do you say?

00:51:48--> 00:51:50

What do you say at the beginning of Salah

00:51:52--> 00:51:54

Subhanak along with the hamlet

00:51:56--> 00:52:15

what's the baraka smoke what's the Duke Walla Isla Iraq you can write down there I don't know if it's I don't think it's coming into book but you can write down that that's collected by us have as soon in Abu Dhabi they will tell me when necessity

00:52:20--> 00:52:23

and graded authentic by many scholars of Hadith. However,

00:52:24--> 00:52:33

that being said, there's another stiff tack that is even more authentic cyber Hardy Muslim,

00:52:34--> 00:52:35

which is what

00:52:37--> 00:52:38

say again,

00:52:40--> 00:52:46

that's that's what prophesy Psalm used to say to at night, we're not You're not normally in the five

00:52:49--> 00:53:43

Allahumma bad beanie, or being a Hatha Yoga, come back to being an missionally, Walmart got up to the end of the, to the end of this Stifter. Right, or long distance, distance between me and my sins by means of a tire as you have distance for distance between the East and the West, right. And the reason why I'm mentioning that is because in this, this will also come from the things that help you develop who Sure, and your Salah is that you actually think about what you're saying, and that it doesn't become so routine that you're not aware. So when you if you do something over and over and over and over again, the exact same way. It's very difficult to break it from becoming a routine.

00:53:44--> 00:53:47

But if even just once a day, and instead of saying

00:53:48--> 00:53:57

Subhanak alone will be handy, you say alarm or bad beanie or Vina Kataya you know what starts to happen. Now you start thinking about Subhanak a lot more.

00:53:58--> 00:54:08

Because now you're actually thinking about what you're saying after the tech beer and not just going into automatic repetition more muscle memory right.

00:54:11--> 00:54:36

Now, so, in in the wisdom behind that, he says he says he greets and praises with expressions that befit his kingship. And someone enters upon him to glorify Him and as a prelude to his own needs and requests. And this is as the prophet Isaiah Salatu was Sudan mentioned when he when he heard a man

00:54:38--> 00:54:59

Yaga ofI salata he, right, then you mentioned Allah to Allah, what am your Sunday and enemies Elias prophesy Salam heard a man who was making requests to Allah Subhana Allah. But he didn't start with that, that praise of Allah azza wa jal, and he didn't start by sending the Salado final prophet Isaiah Salatu was Sudan

00:55:00--> 00:55:33

So the Prophet sallallahu either he was Saddam said IG lead this one is being hasty he's made a hasty and then he called them over and he say the salah to whom fell yeah that bitter me the last Hannah who was and if one of you wants to make dua one of you wants to request something from Allah's friends and then start with the praise of Eliza gel and then send us then send us a lot upon his message is a lie with him today and there are exceptions to all of them. Right exceptions.

00:55:34--> 00:55:41

The point though, is that hear me oh hi I'm not going to lie there is mentioning the importance of what

00:55:42--> 00:55:44

of not just jumping into

00:55:45--> 00:56:09

to even sort of tell fatty what a source of fat Yeah, it's dua, it's a DUA, and solid fatty had self starts off with the praise of Allah Subhana Allah but he said even before that, the start with a thin Allah Allah azza wa jal extolling him Gela Jannatul, praising him before you even get to sort of tell Fatiha, which is your request Namshi

00:56:10--> 00:56:28

This is why praising over and over again is considered from the etiquettes of expressing one's servitude to a lot and glorifying Him. And the means whereby the app that receives the attention of Allah as well as his pleasure and approval, to fulfill this request,

00:56:29--> 00:56:32

one point at the state of the ad

00:56:34--> 00:56:44

and the ad, okay, so we will read 113 in shallow time, and then we will stop before at 114 now, is about to

00:56:45--> 00:57:21

be preceded by seeking refuge in a law from good curse Satan, who never spares any effort in his tireless endeavor to bring about the downfall of the act of war, especially when they're added does in a station of honor, that is solar was seeking to perform the single most beneficial leave for this life and the hereafter. Hence, he that is safe and good, real quick shift, while seeking to do what perform the single most beneficial deed for this life, and the next and that deed is what Salaat how does that relate to what we talked about in the first class? Does anybody know?

00:57:23--> 00:57:45

Exactly the value of Salon? When you value salon, you will approach it differently when you value if it's just another thing, but this is why he keeps hammering his point home. This is the single most important thing that we this is your life's work right here. This salon, perfecting it is your life's work. Yeah.

00:57:47--> 00:57:53

Satan is fervently determined to prevent the app from praying by any means.

00:57:55--> 00:58:10

No, no, keep going. No, no, no, by any means stop. And then he's saying failing to do so you only have say plan fails to get you to, to not pray. This is this is what he's saying. You got to say, you know, failing to do so.

00:58:11--> 00:59:04

Failing to do so. He wants to say to at the very least, his height does not benefited from it the Select by casting and it's all sorted was presented to us to distract it from fulfilling the duties of servitude to a lot. Okay, so look at that. So the first, the first plan A, if you will for shaytaan as to what gets you not to pray in the first place. But Plan B is okay. I couldn't get them not to pray. So then what? Distract? Right, keep you busy. And I'm telling you, Allahu Akbar is so important. What Allah He if we understand Allahu Akbar, right? If we understand low echo, even if you start falling off in your Salah, you start getting distracted a little bit. Allahu Akbar and

00:59:04--> 00:59:09

understanding what it means it gets you right back on point. Right? And that's why I mean some kind of Allah.

00:59:10--> 00:59:13

Allah, Allah release, Akbar now

00:59:15--> 00:59:45

has ordered his slaves to take refuge in Him from Satan, before starting his recitation in Salah, to assure the safety of his salah, so that his heart may be revived and illuminated by the understanding, but the understanding he acquired from contemplating the words of Allah as he is the master and whose hands is the success, grace and life of his art. Now, so he said a law has ordered his slaves to take refuge in him. Where's that?

00:59:47--> 00:59:48

On the Quran

00:59:50--> 00:59:51

we're in a quarter

00:59:55--> 00:59:56

sustainable solar solar

00:59:58--> 00:59:59

vie the Colorado quarter

01:00:00--> 01:00:12

The first day we lay him in a shade one of our Jeem either comments or Quran for stabila when a che Bong of regime I want to just read something to you very quickly

01:00:14--> 01:00:36

a couple of things so Saturday environmental law they he says either tell karate he's ever learned the or Ashraful cooter words your lower V Salahuddin colluvial Communicate here often in the shape line was for in the shape on WrestleMania Cornella at the end of the row even a modal Fabiola filosofi Sofia Mikaze dama Ania and this is the point. So he says,

01:00:37--> 01:00:41

basically, you intend to recite the book of Allah azza wa jal, which is