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Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the relationship between the creator and the creation, emphasizing the importance of understanding both entities and addressing confusion. They also mention the use of the term "centers," which refers to natural tendencies of the creator. The importance of witnessing and proving oneself is emphasized, along with the discovery of the creator through witnessing and proving oneself as the right person to claim to be.
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Without understanding them, Sherry, I will not be in its proper context.

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So before we talk about Sherry,

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we need to talk about the shared the one before it. So Sherry if we just translate it, we can say legislation. Before we talk about the legislation, we need to discuss, we need to talk about the legislator, a lot. So Hanna who would add up who is alone and has no partners, He who is one who possesses the most lofty and perfect attributes, when we think about Allah subhanho wa tada we know that there is a creator. And we recognize that there is a creation, what is the relationship between the creator and that which He has created.

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Because if we recognize that there are two separate entities, there is a creator and there is a creation. After that we need to understand what the relationship between those two entities is.

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And in summary,

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it is a relationship of servitude, meaning that we as the creation, have to devote our actions and our worship to Allah Subhana, who was Adam. So the general concept of existence as we know it,

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is that there is one creator, who was all powerful, who is independent of me, who has perfect attributes he created mankind, and he provided for them and the relationship between them and him is built upon turning to him and seeking his face.

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And this is why I lost Hannah who was Allah said kulu Allahu Ahad say He is Allah, the One

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meaning that his essence is one

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is not comprised of two or more 345 or more than that. This is why Allah subhana wa tada says to the Christians kuliah Allah kita lots of Lu fi decom wallet Saku Allah He in the UK say to the people of the book

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and that the these is the context of dealing with the Christians sort of Nisha Kuya Allen kitabi lots of loopy Dini calm do not go in excess in your religion do not go to extremes. And the dean well that's a kulu Allah Allah He will have a do not say about Allah except that which is the truth. In the middle mercy who he said In Memoriam masuleh wa Kelly mutsu elkaar era Maria Muhammad.

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Indeed the Messiah almasi recepie new Maria gsra salatu salam

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in the mal mercy who is Ave Maria Maria Rasulullah. De is a messenger of Allah, and the word sent by Allah to Miriam and a soul from him, for me to be languorously. So believe in Allah in His messengers. Well as a kulu, Salah, and don't say three

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and don't say, three in the man who into who hydrolock whom this stop, cease and desist. That is better for you in Nima Hua Illa, Hawaii.

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Indeed, he is only Allah is one God is one deity, Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna says kulu Allahu Ahad that he is one

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and he declares those who do not believe this to be disbelievers. And so he says, Look at Kerala, Dena calu in the La salifu Salah. Indeed those who say that Allah is the third of three have disbelieved. So Allah subhana wa has added this surah source of Islam is saying that he is one. Then he goes on to detail his oneness or his uniqueness. So he says, lengyel is what am unit what am Yoku and

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he does not begin, nor is he forgotten, and there is nothing like unto him. So Allah subhana wa tada denies the three ways that something resembles another thing. You pay attention here. Allah subhana wa tada says Lim gilet, while I'm EULA. He does not believe

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nor was he forgotten Allah subhana wa tada did not give birth to anything, nor was Allah subhana wa tada nor did he descend from anything else.

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And there is nothing like unto him if something resembles something else. It is because of one of these three things, either because it is the origin of that thing. So you see that a father resembles his son, because the father is the origin of the son. Likewise, the son originates from the Father so there is a resemblance. And he looks like his father, William Yoku have or they are from the same group, the same genus, they say they share certain qualities. And so there is a resemblance and for that reason, human beings regardless of what their race may be, there's still a resemblance. Humans have two eyes and nose mouth to the end of so there's a resemblance.

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Allah subhana wa Tada.

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In describing or detailing his oneness, he goes on to say that he,

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that nothing emanated from him, nor did he emanate from anything, and there is nothing like unto Him. And so for that reason, Allah Subhana, which Allah is one and alone, and unique in his existence, in his essence, and in His qualities,

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and then Allah subhana wa tada in the same surah.

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He goes on to explain, therefore, what is the relationship between him and the creation?

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If in fact, he doesn't resemble them in any way, then what is the relationship allaahu summit? You know what summit this summit means that which all depended upon, that was all turned to in need. So the relationship between Allah Subhana, who was added, and those whom he has created, is one of servitude they turn to Allah Subhana who was

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in need, and when Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah

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created mankind because of the fact that mankind has to turn towards him for the needs of Allah subhana wa to add a put in them a natural inclination towards worshiping Him.

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It's called a fedora. Many of you have heard the term

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However, there is a part of Fitts law. Or there is an explanation to the fifth law that is very important to understand, especially for those of us who live in these lands where many people have turned away from their fitrah many people actually deny the existence of a creator, or so they say so with their tongues, and we'll see that that is only with their tongues, while in fact inside of them, they truly believe in Allah Subhana which Allah, Allah Subhana Allah says for up in water hookah Dini hanifa so turn direct yourself towards the deen

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hanifin being upright, turning towards Allah subhana wa tada turning away from everything other than him. Then he says Fitz, Allah tala, he, let's see fettled anessa Allah, this is the fifth chakra,

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turning to Allah subhana wa Tada. And believing in Him is the fifth pillar that he has created mankind upon.

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And so it is in fact,

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in the DNA, if you will, of the human being to believe and the existence of a loss of Hannah with Allah and to turn to Him in worship. And these are actually the fifth law is of two types. There is the fifth era of fraud and if that you believe that Allah subhana wa tada is one, and there is the fifth era of fraud, that you've singled him out in worship, and the proof of that

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is the statement of Allah subhana wa tada and SoTL Ara where he says, What is fo Babu came in Benny Adam in the hoodie him the reata whom was Heather whom Allah and fusi him LS tuviera become called Bella Shan Aegina and kulu yo malkia Mati in akuna, and has ever seen a lot of what it says and remember, when we took from the loins of Adam,

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his lineage or his descendants

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upon what is coming Benny Adam, Adam in the hoodie and the reason why shadow Mara unfussy and remember when we took from the children of Adam from their loins, their descendants, and we made them testify themselves.

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Saying, am I not sure, Lord LS to be Rubicam calu Bella shaden. This is certainly we bear witness and Tupou Yeoman piano, so that you don't say on the day of judgment in kuna and had a feeling that we were unaware about this now pay attention because this is the fifth law that a lot of Hannah who was added is talking about here, Allah subhanaw taala says that he took a covenant from mankind he made them testify, less to be robbed become Mr. Natural Law. Now, if someone was to just come up to you out of nowhere, and they say, Am I not your best friend? You don't know?

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How would you look at this type of individual? You would definitely question his intellect. Question his sanity, because he's talking to you as if he knows you and he doesn't know you. Allah subhana wa tada in this ayah he says LS to be Rob become Mr. Natural Lord. That means they already know Allah. We already know Allah, he's talking about the children of Adam, and all of us are from the children of Adam.

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Allow us to be or become Mr. Natural Lord. So this is something that is in innate in mankind. They know who Allah is.

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And that's why he said, allow us to Mr. Natural Lord callooh, Bella, Sheena, they certainly we bear witness, so lots of hand with data did not suffice himself with the fact that mankind knows him. He made man bear witness against themselves that they know him

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that they know a lot.

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It's like a business transaction, you can go you go to the out in the soup right here, you give the brother $1 gives you a bottle of water and you go about your business. But if you wanted to prove that, that there was a business transaction, then you need something.

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Water bottle of water proves it. He might give you a receipt if it's something bigger than that, okay, there is some type of exchange and then there is a piece of paper that is given to you. That indicates or that proves that that thing actually happened. So Allah subhana wa Tana, may each and every human being bear witness against themselves, that He is the Lord.

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Call Bella Sheena, why, enter kulu yo malkia. Murthy in akuna and has a coffee so that you don't come on the Day of Judgment. And say, we were unaware, we didn't know that there was a creator. We didn't know that our Creator was only one. We didn't know that our Creator was Allah. We didn't know. That's not an excuse. Because you already bore witness. Now, many of you are sitting here and saying but I don't remember. I don't remember that. Even if you say it happen. I don't remember. Given a lot of receipt.

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I don't remember that covenant.

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Well, that's okay. Doesn't mean it didn't happen. Because if I was to ask any of you right now, do you remember being in your mother's stomach was the answer?

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No. Do you remember the day that your mother gave birth to you?

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You Do you remember the first month of your life?

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Did it happen? Yeah, it happened. And you know that you were in your mother's stomach because your mom told you.

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You're my son. You're my daughter.

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pious. Allah told you in the Quran you took the covenant.

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Woman as document Allah Tila and who is more true for speech than Allah subhana wa Tada.

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understand from this brothers and sisters in Islam

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as a side point and given down

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a lot of people claim to be atheists claim.

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And it's only a claim.

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Because if they get in a jam, they say, oh my god.

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they'll raise their hands. Literally. Oh, God help me. Oh, God if you exist. Well, the fact that you even have that turning indicates that this is something that is a part of you. That wants to be a part of him that wants to have a relationship with the one who created them.

The brother rights a major wrong here. The problem with most discussions on Islamic legislation is that they begin and end with the peripheral issues. Since the majority of the discussions are from a secular viewpoint, the presentation is designed to repel the people by focusing only on the penal code of Islam. Here, we begin the discussion on Islamic legislation by discussing the legislator: Allah, the Most High.

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