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Our topics for the last few months have been dealing with the topic of alfalah.

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Success and what what is success and who are the mufflers for those who are successful. And we've been concentrating on the ayat from sort of me known where lots of hands Allah says cut the F let me know that the believers indeed are successful Alinea homefries talathi him hace own and this is the third one dealing with Allah who sure in the Salah. And we've covered preparation for Salah we've covered the meaning of sure we've covered how to attain or some of the aspects of attainment who short from before the salon. And then at the last bar we covered the tech beer which is saying a level x bar and what that should mean and how that leads to who sure we've covered a list of tags

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meaning the the eyes that the prophets of light it was somewhat make immediately after saying a low ekbom and how it person should vary his routine. And not say the same thing all the time because if you do it becomes mechanical and you're not actually thinking about what it is that you are what it is that you are saying. We talked about

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seeking refuge with ALLAH subhana wa tada from the shapefile. And how that is very important that you're cognizant of what you are saying that you are seeking refuge with ALLAH subhana wa tada in Allah Subhana Allah from the shaytani r rajim. And we also talked about Sora tel Fatiha and how a person is in fact in conversation with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And so your Fatiha should be one of the main aspects that draws you into your salon. Knowing that when you say al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen that Allah azza wa jal says honey, the neat idea that my servant has praised me that you that Allah is actually responding to you.

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So thinking about that in your Salah is very important. We're going to move on and shallow to Allah and talk about some of the other aspects of the of the prayer that'd be in the lantana will help us gain who should and one of the things that I want to mention before we get on to the other things that I said in the salon is that there's in general, there are two things there are things that have to be avoided for you to have for short. And there are other things that you need to do in order for you to have assurance Allah. So if you do certain things, but you haven't avoided other things, then you won't have who you are in your salon. One of the main things that has to be avoided in the salon

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is looking around. So once you say Allahu Akbar, there's only one place you should be looking and that is down towards the place where you would make the shoe dude, the profit it is select with them. In fact, what himself actually look sometimes look up in the salon until the verse that we were talking about earlier on was revealed to the Prophet sallahu send them with a Latina home feed selecting him harshly own those who have who assure and Salah the companion said what's that I it was revealed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never looked anywhere except for down in his Salah that his head was down, lowered, humbled who should humbled before Allah subhanahu wa Tada.

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And the prophet Isaiah is Salatu was Salam said to his companions, my bamboo acquirement You're the founder of Masada humulus ma for Salah. What is what is wrong with some people that they look up into the sky, that they look up into the sky, doing the saliva shed the coleauxv Derek and the prophesy centum emphasize that point so much that he said that the people will stop looking up in the salon, or the sites will be snatched away from them that the site will be snatched away. So the profit area SelectUSA name is informing us that during the salon do not look around. But that isn't effect because there's also other Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam talked about an empty

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FET for Salah looking around in the salon, and he said who is TLS 132 was shaped bottom insalata like that it is a form of thievery that the shape time is stealing from your salon. How is that because it's taken away from the reward, you're not going to get the full reward if you're looking around in the salon. But that's the looking around with the eyes. Subhana Allah, there's another type of looking around that only aligns with your nose and that's when your heart is turning away from Allah Subhana Allah into prayer. And so it's very important that not only your eyes are looking down at the salon, but that also your heart is in the prayer that your heart is not turning left and

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right. And the salon and then it is focused on Allah subhana wa Tada. So this is one of the main things so Pamela, and as, as some of the sellers used to say when they would see somebody who's who was fidgeting and saliva, that type of thing. Lo hatia called boo la casa de Wario. And if his heart was had to shorten his limbs would also have to shorten. So when a person is looking around and select that is very, it's an indication that there is no Who should I say a person I'm talking about each and every one of us I'm not talking about you should look around them.

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Do you see what everybody else is doing and how they sell out looks when they come in and pray to records and you will already in a messy line. This is for each and every one of us that if I am looking around me if this advice is for each one of us, if I happen to look other than the mechanics to the place where I'm supposed to where I'm going to put my head in suit, you then know that there's something wrong with my shoe and I need to recalibrate.

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And I need to get back into the salon type. The next thing is shallow Tada. And I want to kind of just go through salon as it happens, right. So we started with tech B and then it's stiff tat and then unless the address you can refuse to the law and then resigning soldiers and facha after sort of welfare to her, you're going to recite a another surah. Or another portion from the Quran. One of the things that will help you with the horseshoe is knowing what it is that you're reciting. So studying the Tafseer, most people are going to end most of the Muslims, and there's a lot they're going to be reciting from Jews ama, it's just a reality.

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And so knowing the Tafseer of Jews ama studying that taking time to know what it is that you're reciting is very important for you who should if you are just reciting words, and you don't know what they mean, it is very difficult for somebody to pay attention.

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So you don't know what it is that you're reciting just some hold off and how to get just some letters and some diacritical marks that you threw together, that that's not going to help you have a solid. Likewise, if you recite the same thing over and over and over again, and you're leading your wife a lot, believe me, believe me, she's getting tired of it.

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It's not going to help her for sure. So you need to keep learning the Quran. It really is not acceptable, that a person is Muslim, for 20 years, for 30 years for 40 years. And those four sources from the Quran, five soldiers from the Quran. Really, we have to get beyond that as an oma, we have to get beyond that point. Any Subhana Allah, it's not to say a person, some handler may be busy doing something else. And it's well known that some of the companions of the Prophet Isaiah select to sit in, especially the ones who accepted Islam later. And they spent their lives defending the religion of Islam, they didn't have the same time as people who were not doing that. You don't need

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to memorize the Quran from Muslim and as mentioned Khalid Ibn Ali, Ali Allahu Allah and who because he was safe well, Islam and he was just say for love, right that he was there defending Islam left and right that he did not have the time to memorize the Quran, like many of the other campaigns, but for us, usually the excuses not there. We spend at least 30 minutes a day watching the news, social media this that isn't well I've spent that time memorizing the Quran 30 minutes a day. And after some time, every year, you will see results for certain and the more you memorize, the easier it becomes to memorize the Quran. We're not saying that everybody's gonna walk around being a half, but

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at the same time, and he only memorizing 10 sodas 20 soda and you've been Muslim for how long you've been practicing this name for how long? That's a priority issue. It's not a memorization issue. It's a priority issue. So we have to prioritize the book of Allah subhana wa tada we have to prioritize the recitation of the book of Allah subhanaw taala and learning about what it means. So this is very important for us to recognize that this will help with the who sure and and so like, even the sutras that you may often hear will ask in an insane I love you actually understanding what that means, right? So taking a saying, well, awesome. And you know, that there's a difference of opinion. For

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example, in the tipsy. There's Alaska for example, mean all of time? Or does it actually mean a loss of time? And a last minute Allah is letting us know what happens at

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the end of the day, time is running out in the insanity hustle, mankind is at last Oh, wait a minute, Time's running out. I'm a loser unless I do these four things that also kind of data mentioned right? So thinking about that for sort of philosophy instead of just thinking oh have the learning management side is something short so we can get a lot over with

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right so what is it where's our heart when the Quran is being recited

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also from the things that will help so we're talking here about a to know word and I need that you very also your recitation of the Quran the same way that you do it, do I also that you that you recite the Quran in a manner that brings about assured meaning that you're not rushing through it. So taking your time with the Quran, the prophet Isaiah salatu salam used to take his time with the Quran, recite with Tata tea, right? Even in the salon. So reciting in a manner that's going to allow you to understand what is being recited interacting with the Quran, when you are not leading the photo salon. So for example, with the Prophet it is Salatu was Sudan. We pray the night prayer and

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he will come across an idea about the Hellfire that the prophet SAW Selim was seek right

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With the loss of data from the Hellfire in the in the tip a while he was standing, or if it was something that asking Allah subhana wa tada for his bounty and for gender, then the prophet SAW it somewhere asked for lies with his father. That's where his grace and His mercy and His bounty. So these are the type of things that also while you are standing in the salon, it should help you so looking down when you recite the song, looking down throughout the salon, looking at the place where you want to make sure you write, reciting Sophiatown recognizing that Allah Subhana Allah is responding and taking time to understand what it is that you are reciting from the book of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala all of these things are very important parts of the salon and helping you gain assurance in the salon. And then after that, you say Allahu Akbar Subhana Allah, it doesn't matter where which salon you are,

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you know, you are leaving at that particular time if it's fudging you want to say hello at what 11 times, right mothership 17 times the other solo 22 times alone. Why? Because Eliza knows that we are Benny Adam. And that is going to be times where your mind slips, your heart slips. So Allahu Akbar. So you're standing for a period of time. And then what Allahu Akbar has now remind yourself of the same thing that we talked about before, that alone is greater than and allies with Joe did not say greater than what because he's greater than everything. Subhana who was had. And so when you say a little Echo, even if it is that, you know, the salaat for example, you're praying behind the Imam

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you don't understand what he's reciting and saliva reciting from a soldier that you don't know. And you don't know Arabic and you you're not following? Okay, fine, Allahu Akbar. And now you should be brought back to remember what it is that you are doing. You're standing in front of rubble. Atomy bottom line, Eliza gel is giving you that private audience you're standing in front of him, Allahu Akbar. And now whoever has their phone on please turn the phone off, please.

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Then you you make record. Okay. Now, the record in every position and salaat has significance. And that record, when you bow to Allah subhanahu wa tada Allah azza wa jal and you say sapan sapan or be Alavi him, right? Eliza Joe here when you say sapan subpoena what sapan I mean, Sue, but Hannah, it means from set back, right at to spear a lot of times like Glory be to a lot but we're, we're declaring that Allah Subhana Allah is free of any imperfections. Subhana Allah how perfect Allah is.

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Allow the the magnificent in the Supreme.

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And what do we do when someone is supreme and someone is magnificent we bow

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but that's only for loss of paradigm and common culture. What happens when I need the karate people or the martial artists? They stand in front of their master? Right? They stand in front of their master, what do they do they bow to show what humility to show respect, but even that, that's it. That's like that kind of bow. Let the Muslim we bend our entire backs until they're straight. Right? And we say Suppan or B allow them and when you do that, you should recognize that you are declaring the algoma the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that you will never bow to anybody else to anything else.

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See, this is a really a position of strength is a position of humility. Right? That is you're showing your humility to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But at the same time, every time you do that, it should reinforce for you Oh Muslim, it should never want to bow to any other human being like that. That should never go on to show reverence to anyone besides Allah subhana wa tada like that, that is a position of strength. In other words, yes, I am bound to Allah unto Allah subhanaw taala alone, and nobody else is going to cause me to do that doesn't matter.

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That's male or female, young or old Suppan or be a Latina and he's the only one that is Alavi. subhana wa Tada. So we're not going to bow to anyone else. Understanding this particular position of Salah is very important, because sometimes you'll read the narrations where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam stayed in, in court for a very long time proportionate to his piano and sometimes he would make he would stand for over an hour for hours. Like today for all the loans out and who said that the practice of law it was somewhat in the nightmare. He prayed with sorta till Baccarat, and then sort of sinisa and then back to sort of early in mind and in five years or more of Quran that the

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prophets like some praise

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In one record, and then he said, and then he made record mithila Daddy,

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Daddy which many of the scholars say it doesn't mean mythril exactly like it in terms of the time but proportionate to proportion to to that particular time. So in other words, it was a very long time but the province I sent him a record.

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So the province of light it was solemn in that request says who cannot be Alavi. But again just like the rest of the salon, you should know what it is that you are saying. That is the only way you're going to be able to get to a point of who sure and also you should vary what you say. And so from the do as that the progress of the lady was selling would make

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in ruku, Allah Malacca rokkaku would become into laka ESLint he would say I owe a lot to you. I have made this record to you. I have about what pika Ament in a you I have email.

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It is in you that I believe subhana wa tada we're lacking Islam and I have submitted to you another words that bowing is also a signal of an a symbol of your submission to Allah subhana wa tada Allah D.

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And then the purpose of it was some said well, Ayesha laka Sasha Alicia alhuda

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the publisher said five things they have assured for you Oh Allah, He said CATIA ilac assembly well bacillary one movie what was the purpose of it was Samsung my hearing in my sight in my brain in my bones in my ligaments have all fall short for you all they have all humbled themselves before you Oh Allah.

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Allahu Malacca catch you were meant to wear like a slimmed. Hashana, semi verbosity.

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Me, wasabi. And this is something that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam used to say in his record, so and there are other ways that the prophecy Sunnah when making records, the point is soup hanabi labin is a must for you to say in your record. And it's best to say at least three times. And then after that you can choose from the two eyes that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would make in his record. Again,

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if you want to have her short and salon, you can't do the same thing all the time you need to you need to mix it up. You have to have varying approaches very sick, all of them should be from the Prophet it is salatu salam and there are at least five to eyes that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam make would make in his record that were authentic and it doesn't mean that he would make all five at the same time. But the point is that there are at least five that you can find that are authentically narrated that the prophets Elijah was Sunnah were making his record and then after record, you say semi Allah who demon hamidah semi Allahu demon hamidah. Now

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this is a point where many people misunderstand what it means.

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Semi Allah, semi Allah, what does that mean? A lot of people translate that as a law hears the one who praises him send me a loan him and hamidah

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or LA heard the one who praised him.

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But normally when we use a past tense verb

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with the loss of hematite is name like when you say Bella Kola who feek Baraka is a is a past tense for about a calligraphy.

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What does that mean? It actually means you're making

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that a lot May Allah bless you, or may Allah put blessing in you. Right? When you say just Zach Allah will highlight as pastors work, may Allah reward you with good, right? semi Allah who demon hamidah is also a doula is also may Allah yesterday, may Allah answer, the one who praises him as a loss of power to Allah says in the Quran, there's equity is

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a sedan in the casimiro do. You are the one who sent me?

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The one who hears the prayers, the one who answers the prayers, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam used to seek refuge in a law from a Colombian law he actually had a heart that does not what have to short what men do I in law you smack

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and from doubt from a from a do I from a prayer that is not heard? No, it actually means a prayer that is not answered. So SMR in the Arabic language refers to both it refers to hearing and it refers to the responding, which is why even in common Arabic speech they say have the last mile. Right? Doesn't mean he can hear you. It means he's not responding to what you're saying. He's not answering what you're saying. He's not listening to what you're saying. So when we say semi Allahu demon hamidah. We're asking the loss of Hannah, who was added to respond to

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To answer the ones who praise Him and that is why immediately after you say something along them and you say Bob Burnett lachelle Hamed or Rob Burnett well I can handle or Allahumma Robin Allah kill him or alarm Robin I will kill him off for those authentically narrated in Sahih Bukhari and also a Muslim. So in the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam says, Whoever from amongst you hears that he ma'am say semi alone even hamidah and then says about Burnett lachelle Hamed or Allahumma Bonilla killed him. In his code his statement you want to fill colon Malacca. That is that it is said at the same time that the Malacca say it will fill the Houma Takata moment empty, then all of his previous sins

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will be forgiven. I want you as you stand in your Salah.

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As you stand in your salon, and you hear the Imam say semiology man, how many there and then you say Lebanon Well, I can think about the fact that the angels are also saying Robin i will i can help and that your statement may coincide with your statement and he said at the same time and that Allah Subhana Allah has forgiven you for all your sins. Think about that every time you say about better well I can hum that if that's not enough to bring you back to your salon like oh so panela maybe at this moment, Allah Subhana Allah has forgiven me for all my sins.

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I mean, this is the point that your salon has so much meaning and that it doesn't become mechanical. This is part of what will help us with our who shall we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make this one Akashi. The coming up from your record is the only place in the salon when you move from a position to a position where you're not going to do the tech beard. So you say something a lot of men hamidah robina Allah can help.

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After that, you can add on Hamden Cathedral on Pleven Mubarak and fee

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which is a which is another to add that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam heard one of the companions make and he said to him that I saw 30 some odd angels and he rushing to write down that statement, mill smls steel mill aluminium aveeno milling machine to Michigan back to the end of it several drives that are personal or as calm that a person can make the point is to praise the loss of habitat. As the profit it is selected was said and praised when coming up from the record and then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam told us to say Allahu Akbar, again, recalibrating, recognizing that Allah Subhana Allah is the Greatest and therefore he subhana wa tada alone is deserving of our

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sujood and this is when we go into this route. And this is the last thing that we want to talk about this particular hook but I want to read to you something that anyone who came by him or her lover tada said about the suju because it's very important that we recognize the station of sujood as a selector position, the importance of the sudo even though claimed by him or her loadout it said

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a sudo su Sala

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that sujood is the seal and a seal is something that is a secret it is something that is kept hidden, it's like you can even even though it's not the exact word is the treasure. Is the treasure of Salah

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as sujood Sukkot Salah

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Wow, welcome are Kenya in it is the greatest pillar of the salon. Now we know salon is made up of what they call our can pillars. It also has wedgie back so a pillar is part of the salon that if it does not exist in your salon is not valid. Okay, that's a lesson for another day. He says it is the greatest of the can of the supply.

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There is nothing greater than sujood

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and then he says

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he says wirkungen album mahatama to rocker, and it is also the end the conclusion of every rocker is with your is with your sujood one a couple of whom in and out can kill mukha de Mattila who and everything all of the arcane cluding your standing your bowing and all of that that come before the come before sujood are basically like a prelude for the shoot is basically getting you ready for sujood so the rest of your Salah is actually getting you ready for sujood Well, he had a troublemaker Kunal Abdul Malik more what be what was said. And for that reason,

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the closest that an ad is to his master subpoena who was added to his Lord is when he is Institute and this is directly from the Hadith of the Prophet Isaiah select with Sudan who said that the closest that you will be to Allah Subhana Allah is when you are in sujood for at Pharaoh, the prophecy center say so make a lot of make a lot of God

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Use sudo for extra, he says whatever below as well he had a akuna had on your Kunal v Accra Villa la Yani, that is that the best situation a person can be in. And the best of his conditions is when he is close to a lot and when is he closest to Allah, when he is in sujood. And for that reason, when he had that kind of do out if he had in my head, about each other, and for that reason, it is when do I, it is for that reason, that do I when Institute is more likely to be accepted because you are in your best state, when you are Institute and think about what sujood means.

00:25:43--> 00:25:53

And think about saying Subhana Allah you are at the lowest point you will ever be physically in your life when you are Institute, your head can't go any lower than that.

00:25:54--> 00:25:57

And that's when you say Subhana Allah, Allah,

00:25:58--> 00:26:12

all praise and glory, and I'm in how perfect My Lord is Allah Allah when I'm at my lowest, I recognize that Allah subhanho wa Taala is Allah Allah and even though I'm at my lowest I'm closest to Allah Allah.

00:26:13--> 00:26:54

Even though I am an admin at that particular point, I'm the lowest I might be, I'm still the closest to a loss of hand without it because as your as you go down physically, your spirit, your room, your soul grows closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's because of the humility of that position. Well, mentor while I hadn't been in there, refine the prophecy, some say nobody humbles himself for Allah, except that Allah raises him. Nobody humble, you can't get more humble than that. So panela I mean, just as a Muslim, and sometimes you may see this amongst people, a person may literally throw themselves at the feet of somebody because they're begging the big really wants something from it.

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It doesn't feel right when you see as a Muslim because you know that that's for Allah subhana wa Tada. But imagine when people do that, they're saying, look, I have no other option except for you. That is who we are as Muslims, Kenny Subhana, Allah to many times, return to the creation for our needs.

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Throw yourself on the ground, throw yourself in sujood know that you are asking a loss of Hannah who was added, and just the same way that somebody who is who is Kareem and somebody in this life, a person who's generous and a person who, who is merciful. They won't let somebody stand at their feet and beg them and they're not going to give them ask Allah Subhana Allah and his status he will give you

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and if Elijah Joe doesn't answer your prayer, immediately know that Allah Subhana Allah has something better in store for you believe that.

00:27:45--> 00:27:50

Believe that and no matter what you are rewarded by Allah subhana wa tada for you to

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Allah, which will reward you for that. And you would much rather in no in any circumstance, the reward that is what the lowest percentile is better than anything you're going to get in this dunya the reward that you get from an allowance mentality may answer your prayer immediately. And that has happened from so many people,

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that you come out of your salon, and not more than a minute later. And so Pamela, you find the answer to your prayers. And there are other times when it doesn't happen like that. But Allah Subhana Allah answers enough for us to know that he is that he is SME and he is animoji He's the one who hears and answers our prayers. So in that sujood, when you humble yourself for Allah subhana wa tada again, that is one of those positions of strength, because you will not do that for anybody other than Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And it is also a position of major humility. When you beg Allah Subhana Allah that's why prophet is allowed to samsa for x legal fee for access to do so make a lot

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the point here is that we don't rush to our prayers that we that we give each and every position. It's hack that we give it it's right. You cannot if you bounce like a ball, sometimes you see people make record. They come up from record and within a matter of a split second, they introduce it again.

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almost to the point that you doubt, or it looks impossible that they could say semi alarm and hammy that up in our head. But maybe maybe they said it. But this salon is so fluid and slight has to have stillness to it. There is no who should who should by definition requires stillness. So when you go into record, stay there. So Pamela vilavi, until you're back is flat, at the very least.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said s won't necessarily content. Lady yesterday commerce allottee the worst of thieves is the one who steals from his prayer.

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They said O Messenger of Allah, how does one steal from his prayer? He said

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Yes, we come in recording, he was subdued he, he steals from his little core, and he steals from his sujood shoshi bouncing like a ball throughout the Salah. That is an indication that there is no who Sure. So again, again, we are moving through the, the solid point by point and a shout out to Allah the next goodbye that we do, we will finish the points that deal with Russia and the salon. But again, all of this goes back to why it goes back to success. We want to be successful.

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You can do all of that you can have all of the material success in the world. You can have the greatest career and the highest of degrees and the most money in the best business. But what determines your success is what allies will call successful and from that is having horseshoe and solid you can't be successful in life and not in this life and you won't be successful standing in front of Allah until we have who should and is alive until we perfect our standing in front of Allah subhana wa tada and this life