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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the themes and references in the Hereafter movie, including the depiction of the Herbs and Clays, the Herbs and Clays' influence on the visual and cultural context of the movie, and the potential consequences of the Herbs and Clays' influence on the way people think about money and wealth. The movie also includes references to the Herbs and Clays' influence on the way people think about money and wealth.
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of us have elements that allow me to implant into this guy, and he says, I guess and herbs and blocks, striking them with stones of like clay and he made them like he chose to draw

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There is a change in

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themes, if you will come here until the remainder of the

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90 the remainder

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is not like what has proceeded in juice.

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So, as you see, like the stores that we started with, which is what they

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All of them have been dealing with the here accurate in some way or another.

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These are not necessarily even though there are

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some type of indicators and things that deal with the year there's not the major theme of any of the sources that are coming now until the end.

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All of them, in fact, are some way related to the Prophet Muhammad.

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Sort of the field, for example,

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the year when they don't what is known as Island view when this happened, was the same year that the prophecy was born.

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But this is

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in fact, the main theme of this actually does relate to this.

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Because houmas is talking about dry air, the result of that will be in the hereafter.

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But this is a warning for everyone who has possessions and thinks that these possessions make them

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that otherwise would have

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made punish you with this life before the euro.

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See the front of the Hereafter is something that is a constant theme and the bride

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is specifically showing

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that there are some who will meet there

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as well as the

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disorder was revealed about what about that Yemeni team or the team that wasn't given at that particular time or he was the deputy governor of Yemen, following the king of

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his name was abroad.

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he wanted to take advantage as this as you know, Mecca was a place where the Arabs make pilgrimage to even before they make pilgrimage to Mecca.

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And that has that they made to Mexican that film is that they made was a source of economic stability for the people are affected.

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And it was a place where the Arabs gathered to trade the goods and these type of things like that.

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And I wanted to take advantage of that. And I'll make a new center for people to come in here

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and get rid of the house of a loss.

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And what did he add that the Arabs didn't know about at that particular time he had elephants.

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And so he was going to take his elephants and he was going to go to the Kaaba and he was

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to trample

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over the people, anyone in his way, and destroy the gap. He had already built the mega church

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under the auspices of the king of the city at that particular time. So he got permission from the key to take the elephants to Mecca, and they would want to go and they would want to destroy anything that was in their path.

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haven't been and Mohammed, do you not know that he's talking to the province?

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Do you not know this word?

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In Arabic, sometimes it's used for what you see with your eyes, but sometimes it deals with what you know, as well.

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So do you not know what your

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means? What? A review of

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creator and sustainer and provider and manager of all the affairs in

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the United States update to the campaign's of the elephants?

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Look, how about

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the next

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planet planning to

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make their plan and

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basically what that means is that they fly that they plan

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to travel from Yemen to

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a planning that went into a very long time.

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Maybe even longer than that today, when they asked us to plan and

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all of that to be in vain.

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It didn't avail them anything.

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And he said for years, they're virgins.

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Look at this.

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This is his

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he could have chosen anything to destroy

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his army of elephants, he could have made the elephant stop in their tracks and turn around

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chose out of his wisdom

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and it is a

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look at the wisdom ring was the one

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that used burns, burns these very

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weak creatures.

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And now that they were sending down

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heavy rocks or

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or missiles or bullets

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and they didn't have iron at that time, so

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they have these things available. Clay Clay

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So I was sent the birds

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in flocks, different flocks, one after the other, so they didn't stop look at the power that comes with

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them flock after flock. And they were

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stoning them dropping these these display on the

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look at how it was destroyed this huge these huge army of elephants with with birds and clay to show you that

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was capable of everything.

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Godspeed we met

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year. But what this means, and the closest feeling below it is, is that it is the leftover crops. Like for example, when an animal eats some type of problem.

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It doesn't use everything, even when little children when they eat the crumbs, right.

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So it's one of the animals eating the crops in the food that is falling out is known as the last.

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All right, that's leftover food that it dries up

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fast. So just imagine now if they were eating leaves, fresh leaves, for example. And then there's leftover

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from them, so it was eaten.

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And then it dries up and something walks over, crushed.

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their intent was to trample and to crush to crush the house.

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And so they were met with the like advantage.

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And then we're left like this crushed, he left nor dry the props.

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So we see how our data handled those who

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were Hardy. They were arrogant and they thought that their possessions would allow them to be raised. And so this shows us here that their wealth was futile and they didn't avail