Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P15 150C Tafsir Al-Kahf 13-14

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses Islam's use of calf and how it is beneficial for those who want to grow and improve their understanding of their struggles. They emphasize the importance of learning about one's " conduct and leadership", and the importance of setting rules and rules for one's life. The speaker also discusses guidelines that cannot be changed and encourages people to keep the matter private, as praying in a quiet room can cause fear and confusion. They emphasize the importance of finding people who believe in Islam to continue praying.
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insha Allah will begin from is number 13 of surah. Tool calf.

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We were learning about the story of the most horrible calf, the people of the cave, national nakasu la cannibal, whom we relate to you their story, whose story, the story of the people of the cave, who is telling us their story here, who's telling us a story? Allah subhanaw taala. So when Allah is telling us about an event about something that occurred in history, then what does that mean?

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Is it true? Yes. Is it beneficial for us? To know that? Yes, it is. Because if you think about it, so many things have happened since other money center was created, isn't it? So many amazing, extraordinary events took place. But Allah subhanaw taala selected a few incidents. All right. And he informed us about them. And he preserved them in his book why for us to recite, for us to learn from for us to take benefits from those incidents. So don't take this as any other story. Know, Allah subhanaw taala selected the story made it part of his book for our benefit. So the purpose the reason why Allah subhanaw taala is telling us a story is also beneficial. Being there's good for us

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in learning about this incident. So nakasu Are they gonna buy a home Bill Hawk, who were they in the home fit yet on? Indeed, there were some Utes some young men who were strong and able in body who were strong in willpower, who were strong in their faith. And what was special about these men, Amma noburo Be him they believed in their Lord. They believed in Allah was in our home and we increase them Hoda in guidance. So this story is a story of young men who believed in Allah. And Allah showed them the way through their struggles, Allah showed them, Allah guided them, he increased them in their guidance, as these men faced struggles. Don't we all want that, that when we start something

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good, or when we want to become better, Allah subhanaw taala shows us the way.

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Because whenever you do something good, remember there are problems. There are challenges, internal, as well as external.

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Many times I come across people, you know who graduated from a Houda. And they go back to their world, you know, of school of University of work. And then when I see them after a few weeks, they say, you know, it's so difficult to go to school, it's so difficult to go back to work, because there's so much pressure and there's so much everybody's so different and there are so many fitness and so on and so forth. Life is difficult. And only Allah can be your guide

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was in the now home Houda Allah guided these people through their struggles. And if we ask Allah for guidance, Allah will also guide us through our struggles. And remember that every person their struggle is unique. One person is struggling with his family, with her family, with her spouse with her children. Another person is struggling at school with their friends. Another person is struggling, you know, with their co workers with their boss or the kind of work that they're doing. Each person is struggling in their own way, because each person is being tested by who? by who? Allah subhanaw taala remember the beginning of the surah what did we learn? What did we learn about

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life from the beginning of the surah

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Lena Birla home a new home Sano I'm Allah, this life is a test. And the thing is that our religion Islam is a religion that requires constant growth and constant you know, spiritual development. You never reach a stage where you can say yes, now my Eman is perfect. And yes, now my fear of God is perfect. And now my Taqwa is really good. Now I'm stable. Now I'm good. No way.

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This is a religion that pushes us to constantly grow and improve and become better. For example, taller. I'm sure there must have been a time when you performed your salon you thought, yeah, you know, that was good. That was good. And then what happened five days later? What happened a month afterwards? Where did that Hoosier go? So can you ever reach a level of Yes, who you are. And now I'm good. I don't need to worry about who you are anymore. Now I need to worry about other things. Never.

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You know you were struggling with for instance, your language and you

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force yourself and you develop a habit of using good words, using polite speech, watch your tone, everything. And then what happens? You reach that level and then after a few weeks, you see, you're going down again. Right? So what do you need always heard, that Allah is constantly guiding you. You need two things for improvement, knowledge that you keep learning about what to do, how to improve what else you can increase in. And secondly, you constantly need ability, ability to implement what you know, ability to seize the opportunity that has come your way so that you can improve and Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gives knowledge and Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gives ability

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now these guys what happened with them. Allah says am a newbie Allah be him. Was it the Nahum who that Allah increase them in guidance, both types of guidance, guidance of a shadow of a lack of knowledge and guidance of their field of ability of Aman? Was it an AHA muda both knowledge and ability come from Allah subhanaw taala. But when, when a person trusts upon Allah, He strives to do his best. He has a desire and a yearning to improve, to become better. He is doing his utmost than what will happen, Allah who will also guide him, as we will learn in this story. Because these guys once they embraced Islam, they didn't just sit back and say, Oh, Allah will guide us, Allah will

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protect us, Allah will take care of us. No, they made a plan. They said we have to do something. And then they left their homes, they went secretly to the cave. Did Allah guide them? Yes, he did. Did Allah take care of their affairs? Yes, he did. But did they have to do something as well? Yes. You have to want to remain guided. And if you want to be on the right path, Allah will keep you on the right path.

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When you go to school, and you see everybody is doing strange things and you say, Oh, this is too difficult to find the only one who's different than what does that mean? You're agreeing to become like them. And when you will agree to become like them, you don't mind then what will happen is just a matter of time, one month, two months, five months a year, what will happen? You will become just like them but when you will want to remain guided you said no this Quran I do not want to leave my salah I do not want to compromise on ya Allah you protect me, Ya Allah you save me and you act upon what you know. Then Allah who will also guide you was it in our home Huda? What are batana Allah

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Kulu be him Roberto Anna from robbed. What is Robert Amin robata is to try to fasten to bind. You know, for example, we learned the Quran about rebuttal Hale tying horses, you know, keeping them ready and prepared. So what about wanna Allah Kulu be him, we tied their hearts meaning we made their hearts firm, like the mother of Musa alayhis salam, when she had to put her baby in a box and then put that box in the river. What happened? Allah's punctata says Lola, a Rabbana. Allah could be if we had not died her heart meaning made her heart firm. So Allah made her heart firm. Likewise, these men, Allah made them made their hearts firm, meaning he gave them strength in their heart,

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patients courage, confidence, when it camo when they stood. When these men, they stood up, despite the fact that the entire nation was different. Despite the fact that the entire nation was doing something completely opposite to them. The nation was engrossed in Schick and these men had renounced Schick. So they stood up for all who and they said, Rob buena. Our Lord is Rob Buscema. Wealthy Well, He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. Imagine the entire nation is doing shake and what are these men saying?

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Our Lord is who? Only one The Lord of the heavens and the earth, they are saying something that is, first of all different from what the rest of the society is saying.

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And secondly, they're saying something, which will definitely, you know, bring a lot of problems to them, which will definitely put them in a lot of trouble.

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So what made them so strong? What gave them the confidence?

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Who gave them the confidence? Allah gave them the confidence why? Because they wanted to remain guided.

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They wanted to remain guided. Because generally what happens as people

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We become afraid when we are alone.

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When we stand out when we are different, you know, if we're dressed differently, or if we're doing something different, we're saying something different, we're eating something different than what happens, we begin to feel alone. And when we feel alone, we feel afraid. And because of that fear, what happens is that we want to give up what is making us different from the rest of the people. And we want to become just like them.

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Now, the thing is that with regards to many things, it's okay, if you're like the rest of the society, you eat, they eat, you go to school, they go to school, you work, they work, fine, no problem. But then there are some things where you cannot be like the rest of the people, where, where Allah subhanaw taala has given you certain commands, he has given you certain limits, that you have to abide by certain restrictions that you have to remain within. So for example, when it comes to eating, just because everybody's eating something, or drinking something, doesn't mean you can also indulge in that doesn't mean you can also indulge in that. No, just because everybody is

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dressed in a particular way doesn't mean you can also dress in that way. No, there are some guidelines that Allah has given us. And I'm sorry, but many of these guidelines are very visible, tangible, because they're not just the state of your heart.

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They are about your body, about your actions about your dress. And as much as you would like to keep this matter private, it cannot remain private, it becomes public. Right? And there we have two options. Either become afraid of people and given or stand firm. Hold on to Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah who will give you firmness Allah who will give you strength, Allah will keep you firm on what is right. If you become just like, the rest of the people, you become like them, there is nothing different between you and them. Is there anything wrong about that?

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Is there anything wrong about that? What is? What's the problem with that? If I dress the way people in my school are dressing, what's the big deal? So what if I don't wear this hijab? What's the big deal?

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Because if there's no problem, then let's go home without hijab today.

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Is there a problem? What's the problem?

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Okay, you're disobeying Allah. So, yes,

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you're compromising your religion. So

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tell me like some consequences. Am I going to be in trouble? I mean, I think I'll be having fun.

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Show my hair. You know, look nice. does fit in so nicely with everybody. There are no serious consequences, at least in this life. Yeah.

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Exactly. Metatron Khalil,

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it's temporary enjoyment. You will have friends, okay. You will look cool, fine. You will look like that model. Okay. You will look really nice, fine. But this is all temporary enjoyment for a few years, you will have fun. But then what are you going to say? When you face your Lord? And he asks you

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the I have blessed you with this and this and this. And I asked you to abide by these rules. Did you observe them? Or did you fear people more and you wanted to please people more?

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The thing is, that when it comes to the matters of Deen, we take them very lightly. We become afraid of people we want to fit in and we forget that there are serious consequences in the

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Salah. If you're getting up in your school, in the middle of your class, to go and pray. You look like a total weirdo.

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Because everybody else is having fun. Everybody else is sitting and here you are getting up in the middle going to the washroom, taking your hijab off and washing your arms in public. You look strange, you look different. One option is leave your Salah and just pray everything at night when you go home.

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And the other is that no, you pray there. Even if people laugh at you, even if you feel very very scared. You remain firm. You know Allah will give you firmness if you try to be firm. Because we're Latina Jaha do fina Lana Deanna who Solana those people who strive for our cause. We guide them. Allah guides them. Allah shows them the way

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but you have to take the first step.

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And all you need is the strength in your heart. You need to believe

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If that what you're doing is right. And once you believe what you're doing is right, then you won't have any fear of people.

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You won't be afraid of people, if you believe you are right, Allah will give you firmness, what a batana Allah Kenobi him.

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Slowly, they will just leave you alone and be like you don't know, she's like, I just leave her, Oh, they won't even invite you to Marcia, they will consider you are those people that we will always remember Allah and that you will always rule their gathering or their circle. When you set your limits, right and you set your rules, nobody has to define your rules for you. You decide what you want to do in your life. If something is important to you, you do it, regardless of what people say. I mean, these days, especially in the winter, many people have this issue, you know, with low Salah and our salah, at school at work, what do I do? What can I do? How can I leave in the middle? You

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know, there are many people who will say I can't, you know, get out for the hood, or I cannot leave my work at all. So I will have to join or I will have to delay.

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Once in a while it's okay if it happens, but every day,

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every day is not okay. You cannot keep joining your prayers, nor can you keep delaying them deliberately. In fact, that is a major sin to delay your prayer deliberately is a major sin. But there are other people who will go to their principal, who will go to their boss or whoever, and will speak to them. But look, I will get my work done. I promise, I will do my work. I will not waste my time. And just excuse me for five minutes. Give me time for five minutes. And I will just pray and get back to my work.

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And if you try that Allah will make a way for you. Are there not so many examples of children in school? Finding a place for prayer? There are right. Recently I was watching a video about this Irishman who was a teacher, right? And he said that in the month of Ramadan. He was a teacher in a school and he said in the month of Ramadan, there were some Muslim kids who requested their principal, if they could get a room to pray Salah in. Because he said it's Ramadan, we're fasting and we really need to pray. So anyway, they were given a room to pray in. However, the principal appointed this teacher, that you have to keep an eye on these kids when they're praying because

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they're kids. And they will say they want to pray but they're not necessarily praying. So he said that for the whole month of Ramadan. I was sitting at the back of the room when the kids would come and pray. And that was my job to watch them while they were praying. And he said for the first few days I watched them and it was like, Okay, interesting. And then he said after a few more days, I realized that, you know, they're doing something interesting. And he said that while they would be praying I would be searching about Muslim prayer. What is it that the Muslims say in their prayer? Why they're praying that way? And he said that became one of the main reasons that led him to Islam.

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Watching school kids pray.

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Watching school kids pray, these are kids, and they're taking their prayer seriously.

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This is how you do Dawa. Also. But you know what our problem is? We will go speak to our teacher. Can I have five minutes to pray? And we'll go hang out somewhere. i One night, they call me to go to another center. So I was thinking, the center I work for so that center. They know I pray every time so they're fine with it. So when I have to go to another center, then that night they call me can you go? I said okay, I'll go. But I was just thinking about my pray how I'm going to pray over there. So as soon as I reach there, the director came to me and say, Oh, well, I'm really happy that you came. If you need anything, just call me. So I told her like I'm absolutely fine, but I just

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need five minutes to pray. She sees that. Oh yeah. Don't worry about it. Then she said okay, whenever you need to pray, just call me I will come. So I called her and she opened her main office for me. Then I went to her office and I pray in her office. So after my prayer, she came to me and she had a little bit conversation with me, like, why people wear this kind of hijab or like scar for display. So at least like she opened her main office for me to pray. So hamdulillah it was really great. And she was so nice. She said, don't worry about anything. Whenever you need, just call me and go to pray.

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And when you have to talk to someone and ask them Can I please get five minutes to pray? It is such a daunting task. It's like you know you're dying almost. You're like sweating and you have no life and you feel so afraid so nervous. But, you know, ask Allah for strength make the rubbish Riley slithery? Who is silly, Emery. Allah, you know, make my tasks easy for me while I'm Melissa Annie, you have Cocconi you know, make it easy for me. Ask Allah for help.

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To the I've personally felt so much Heiser, Allah subhanaw. Taala has guided me to do the right thing. Just yesterday I was at the library because I had to go for a meeting, it was five to seven. And like, I asked my dad to drop me at 430 because he had to go to the machine. And then there was a matter of where do I pray Maghrib salah, and the library was kind of packed like there wasn't a private place you could go to. And you know, just for a second, I got the thought that maybe I can just pray when I go home, even if it was seven. And then I said no stuff rather. That's not right. So anyways, I tried finding the meeting room. And there was no one there yet because it was 445. And

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there was a leader who was in charge. And I asked her, you know, can you please tell me where NE is I just have to pray? And she was like, Yeah, go ahead. I'm just gonna step out for five minutes. So you can take however long you want to pray, it was completely empty was completely silent. And, you know, I really felt like at home, the last one really does help you Yeah, but you have to take that first step, right. And if you don't take that step, then what you think like a somebody's gonna come out to you from nowhere and tell you Oh, would you like to pray you can pray here. But you have to take the first step.

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Just a quick, because I've worked in the corporate sector for years. So I just want to share my example of are propelled for years a big company, right. And I have seen how they have accommodated people like white people, non Muslim people, they go above and beyond. So we have a direct room, we had a quiet room next to that to the VP room, anybody could go and pray. And I used to manage people. And there will be special accommodation made for the breaks for the, for the Joomla slot for the people. What I'm trying to say here, if we ask or if we step up to people will come ahead and they will accommodate. My husband works for IBM and he said there's a mosque. And there's this

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Islamic washrooms in the basement. So Subhan Allah, anybody can go and just pray. Right? It's just, it's everywhere. It's just we should never should never be afraid. Exactly. We should never be afraid.

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Sit on my ego. I was also I recently I noticed where we pray in the vice principal's office every time for Lord Salah and Alhamdulillah. We've been consistent. So we go every day, even if the girls can't breathe, or the guys go in and they praise Allah. Initially, vice principal is very hesitant, right. But now she's gotten used to it. She's like, if it's busy, she gets it, she guides us to another room. So the other day, there's a portrait of like the founder of the school, and we normally remove it down and then we praise Allah. We left and one of my friends came in late, so she sort of broke the portrait. So at first she sort of cried, and then later on, she went to the vice

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principal's room to confess. And she wonders, the vice principal and she's all nervous, because the vice principal needs to remove it because you just put it up carefully. So she went in, she confessed, honestly. And she told her that, you know, we sort of broke the painting of the founder, and the vice principal Subhanallah she wasn't, you know, mad or upset. She's like, it's okay, stop crying, you can go no problem. And the lesson that I took was, I think she saw that, you know, whatever we did, we were sincere towards it. And if we had to do something like remove the picture, it was something that was necessary. And because she saw how dedicated we were, she didn't take as

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such a big thing. 100 Allah

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Asami come in our school we have a large Muslim population Alhamdulillah so we have Friday prayers, and my last class on Friday with all the Spanish and in my Spanish class. There's a lot of Muslim guys and girls and the guys are very like guide they don't like listen to the content, but they always go to the Muslim parent. And the teacher always on Fridays even if like usually in a homework and such we get caught up and sometimes we forget and the teacher she's not Muslim and she reminds us you have to go to find a player. And I think she knows like how important is for us. And I like last week I forgot because I had a lot of stuff going on. And she came in she like you said I don't

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you have to go to fight it period and Alhamdulillah you even these non Muslim they get caught up in they have the even like she has a lot of herself to do but she reminded me to see you set your rules. You set your boundaries. You tell someone what is important to you what you have to do and at the same time what you cannot do at any cost ever.

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So what about on our on our Karoubi him if camo for call Rabona or bossa nova fuel up. They said Our Lord is the Lord of the skies and the earth Lemna the rule we shall never call min Dooney he besides him Isla Han or God meaning we're never ever going to call upon any God besides Allah. We are going to ask only him when we are in need of something and we're going to worship only Him. Look at the color certainly we would say it and then when if we were to call upon other than Allah, then we would be saying a statement that would be sharper, sharper up from the root letters CIM thought thought

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shuffled is basically to go to an

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Extreme to go too far. For example, the word shoot from the same route is used for a house that is very, very far, like in a remote place

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very far in a remote place. And sometimes you see such houses in the middle of nowhere. There's no main road that connects to it. And then even if there is a street, then the driveway so long, right? You wonder how they put their garbage out? Right? Honestly, if it's such a long driveway, how is it that they bring their garbage out, especially in winter? So anyway, she told us a house that is remote. Now from this the word shuffled is used for something that is exceeding its do bounds that is far from what is right. So they said that if we were to call upon other than Allah, then we would be saying a statement that is far, far from reality. It would be extremely unjust, it would be

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extremely unfair. So what do we see that these men, they believed in Allah, they believe that Allah is the Lord, he is a rub. So they believed in his Rubia. And they also believed in the fact that he alone deserve worship. They believed in Allah, Allah here. And they made this assertion of the hate and rejection of Schick when, at a time when there was a very tyrant king, who was, you know, ready to kill anybody who believed in Allah Alone. So this shows that when you're alone, and you're doing something different from what the rest of society is doing, it's very important to find like minded people, even if they're a few, because these were seven men, right? And they're talking amongst

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themselves. So when you talk about these things amongst yourselves, and it increases you in faith, it increases your determination. You know, for example, this discussion that we had just know about making your prayer a priority, no matter where you are, and don't be afraid. Does that make you stronger? It does, right. It reminds you and it keeps you firm. So likewise, these men were talking amongst themselves in order to be more determined increasing their determination and strengthen one another also, that's listen to the recitation of these verses. No, no, no.

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Bill help in fifth year, don't be wrong be more

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is for more for Call of

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for the

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sharper ball

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