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After that, the author Rahim Allah tada says that it is also important for the Muslims for every Muslim, to learn from Surah Zilla

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until Sora chinesse sora deserves Allah which is the 99 chapter sort of endocrine, up to sort of finance which is the 114 chapter endocrine. So every Muslim should learn these sources.

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That is how to recite them, should memorize them, and also be conscious of some of the meanings of the map.

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When the earth is shaking with its final earthquake, and the earth discharges its burdens. And the man man set and man says, What is wrong with it? That day it will report its news, because your Lord has inspired it, that day that people will depart separated into categories to be shown the result of their deeds. So whoever does and, and Adams weight of good, good we'll see it and whoever does and atoms weights of evil will see it.

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This Sora sort of dissolves Allah, also known as

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the scholars of Tafseer differ

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about whether it is a medini sora or a meccan surah.

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And what that means is that the meccan sores are those sources that were revealed. Before the prophets of the law. It was some of them made,

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even if they weren't revealed in Mecca. And the madonie sources are those sources which were revealed after the province and the lie that was selling made. Even if they weren't revealed in Medina, they're still considered to be madonie. An example of that is the Iron Maiden where a lot of hammer data says Aloma XML to local Nina comb words mem to an equanimity what are the two local Islam Medina today I have perfected the omec mal to the convener calm today I have completed your religion for you from MIT and completed and perfected my favorite pineal

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gland Medina and I'm chosen for you and pleased

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for you with this lamp as a dean as a way of life this ayah was revealed were

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one out of three wheeled on out of her

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but it is considered to be a madonie

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because Danny, that is that it is considered to be a Medina and I because it was revealed after the age of the of the province of Laos and anyway, this Sora that is sort of Zahra is said to have that it is madonie that it is Medina and, and that it was revealed actually after sort of 10 Nisa and before it's sort of a lady. It's 35 words, and it has 149 letters without any difference of opinion amongst the scholars. So if you resorted Zilla as the reader just did,

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and you multiply 149 times 10

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because we talked about yesterday for every time and we should be conscious of this because it will encourage us to read the Quran. For every letter for every how tough.

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It is multiply 10 times that 10 good deeds. So 149 letters 1490. Good Deeds being the light for the one who resize sorted

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the way that we've got to deal with these the upcoming chapters in shallow tada is just to deal with the major themes

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of the of the chapter of the surah. And not to go into a word for word explanation of it, like we did with Sora Fatiha. So here Allah subhana wa tada is mentioning that before the hour is established before y'all know piano is established, that the earth is going to shake violently, there's going to be a violent shake of the earth known as oiselle.

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And when it shakes, everything on earth is going to become level, Danny, the tallest mountains, buildings, everything is just going to become level and the earth is going to eject everything out of the inside of the minerals, bodies from the graves to the end, all of this is going to be ejected from the earth.

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And men will say what is going on this is something that we have not witnessed before Danny is going to just imagine the scene

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everything crumbling, and everything spitting out of the earth. And so man will say what is going on and people will be scattered into groups. Some of those groups will be from amongst the people who go to genda and others will be from amongst those who go to the Hellfire everyone will be shown their deeds the good of them, and the bad of them. So the major theme of this order and actually the three sources that are accurate as well, MADI, x cardia and a to Castle, all of them deal with the subject some way or another with the hereafter some aspect of the hereafter. So this sorta this sort of especially deals with the issue of accountability.

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So when a person and why is this important because if you don't know Arabic And I encourage all of you to do your best to learn Arabic, but if you don't know Arabic, it's going to be difficult for you when you hear for example the man reciting sort of Zelda going to be difficult for you to follow every single word.

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But if you can follow the main ideas, the first thing that you do when the man says he does zillah till Outdoors is

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that you remember that there is going to be this major shaking of the earth of fierce earthquake and you remember the concept of accountability

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that everyone will be held accountable for what they do in this life and the promise of life Some days I put two eyes here there's two eyes in this in the in sorta two cells Allah that the prophets of light it was Selim described as an affair that will Jeremy

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this in this comprehensive all inclusive is the browser extension called the insoluble cardia Mr.

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Do you know what i that is? Two eyes for me with color.

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With color doesn't want to show one euro whoever does an Adam's wait of goodwill see it in whoever doesn't have his weight of evil will see it the prophets of light it was Selim described this idea as being comprehensive and all inclusive.

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And a person uses that and thinks about that. When he thinks about the concept of accountability and standing in front of Allah subhanahu wa tada

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as the province of the law it was set himself it took him now while ob should be to

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protect yourself from the fire, even if it is when they have a date and whoever then the province of

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Illinois Teddy do Furby Kenny Mateen Paiva and if you don't have even a half a date, then with a good word, say something that is good. Say something that is good even if you can't even if you don't have anything to give protect yourself from the fire

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and the province of the law it was also instructed his wife Aisha by the Allahu tada and he said yeah,

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one will have Pilates.

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Be aware of mahaki rotted do know that that which is known as the be little since those sins which people say oh that's that's like

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that's a small sin. Be aware of those sins. Be wary of those sins. What why did why why is one aware of or should be cautious of even the little sins because as they say as CEO

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yonni every evil deed calls for its sister, that he has a partner just like it, and then another evil deed and then another evil deed. And likewise when one does good, so then the prophets of the light it was sent him said, for him to let him in Allah.

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Because Allah azza wa jal will take account of them, beware of those,

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because every evil that one does, even if it's very small, he will see it on that day, and everything that is good. He will see on that day.

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The there's a part in this sort of

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where Alice Hana data informs us that the earth

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that the earth will begin to talk about its news.

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And some of them who are sitting have said, and it is also narrated on the prophet SAW Selim, but the idea itself is not authentic.

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It's news is that it is going to bear witness

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to everything

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that the human being has done on it.

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You are sitting here right now,

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in a measureless, or a circle of knowledge, the earth will bear witness today. But if you go somewhere, that is what on earth is also going to bear witness for that. For them walk upon me to a certain place that was hot.

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And the earth is going to bear witness today. How does that happen? We don't know. We don't know how that happens. But a lot of data informs us and other is endocrine.

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That mankind is going to bear witness against himself.

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At either major

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shade alley him similar

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to him,

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can we I'm alone, so a lot of data informs us and this idea that a person's summit, his own ears, his Faculty of hearing, his Faculty of hearing and his own skin, his own skin is going to bear witness against him on the Day of Judgment. Call only Julia mentioned it to Medina. They are going to say to their own skin. A person will say to his own skin. Why did you testify against us? Notice this is why we are talking about the judge. Allah subhana wa Tada. Witnesses are going to be brought forth

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and you all have anything to say you can't trick us.

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You can't bring a false witness to witness on your behalf you can't doctor up the camera,

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Photoshop or whatever to make it look like it was something it wasn't that doesn't work on yo piano.

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Allah azza wa jal will cause one's own skin to bear witness against him. Call to lead you ludie in the mentioned to Molina they're going to say to their skins, why did you bear witness against us callooh talkin Allahu la dee,

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da Osaka como la ma,

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they will say it is a la

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who has caused us to talk.

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And who has given everything the ability to talk, it has a low was caused us to target wasn't our choice in the first place. So a person will testify against his own against himself.

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Type so when we look at this is when we look at this sort of Zelda, then we should automatically remember the issue of accountability because this is a prime issue in Islam. And how does one take account of himself

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The issue of taking account of oneself is something that is

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of utmost importance in Islam,

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that a person sets aside a time actually

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where he takes account of himself the same way, if he was running a business, anyone who runs a business there are certain times of the year, perhaps even of the month, perhaps even of the week, where they take account they look at the inventory they match does does the product that I have remaining matched with the inventory that I have? Where did the money go? How much was actually profited? Or was there a loss all of this a person does for the dunya all of this a person does what does a person do this for his here after If he doesn't, he should, he should take account of himself. And this is why probably a low tide and who said in his famous statement has Cebu and pusa

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coverlet. And to have Sabu was in a

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coma and today Zen

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take account of yourselves take account of yourself before the day comes when you will be taken account of and weigh your actions before the day comes when they will be wait. Danny, you can do this yourself. You can take time before salon or after salon Malaysia at the end of the day. And look at what you have done that is positive. And ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give you the ability to increase and whatever is positive and ask him to aid you in that and assist you in that and make that a llama, llama and yada decreto clickers de vida to

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aid me in remembering you and thanking you and worshiping you properly. And look at the things that you have done wrong during that day. Or perhaps that you could have done better. ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive you actually says something that you shouldn't have said.

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Perhaps you went somewhere where you shouldn't have gone.

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Perhaps you spoke in a manner that was inappropriate to your parents.

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Perhaps you did something to your wife that you shouldn't have done in the province of light it was something said, Hey, it'll come. It'll come to you as well

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the best of you, or the best of you to his wives, and I'm the best of you to his wives.

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And likewise, just look at your day.

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When you were driving in the car, and someone was driving

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inappropriately, erratically. Did you do something that you shouldn't have done? Did you make a gesture towards him that you shouldn't have made? Did you say something?

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So all of these things are things that at the end of the day a person these are these are about a person's actions. What about a person's heart? Do you check your heart

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Are you arrogant? Are you proud?

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If someone criticizes you,

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do you become?

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Do you treat them? In an inappropriate manner? Do you deal with them disrespectfully, just because they're trying to advise you with that which is better, but you become hearty and proud, because you believe that you are above being advised. For example, see, these are diseases of the heart that you know better that you have than anyone else, but it takes it takes the ability to take oneself to account. If you look down on other people,

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do you look at someone else to say that you are better than them?

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Danny, all of these are issues that need to be checked. Do you become jealous of others easily? you envy them? Do you wish that they didn't have some of the things that they had? And that you had him instead?

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Do you wonder why I love blessed Flan with this and didn't bless you with it, that is a disease that is a disease.

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And these are things that a person has to take himself to account for because everything that he does,

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he will see it in every evil that he does, even if it is the evil from the heart is going to come to the next sorta

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then these are things that a person has to take account of himself for every time you hear now. Every time you hear,

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he has a zealot he loses Allah.

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You read it and your Salah, think about these meanings remind yourself to take account of yourself before that day below it was so low.

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And then Amina Mohammed,

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pecan, whatever.

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A person forgot to create the two records after two of what is upon him.

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After two off after the person is going around the cabin seven times, it is the sun for him to pray to rock guys behind the macom of Ebrahim and the four limbs have said that it is Mr. Heb that it is desired for one to recite, sort of alkaff yourown after so little fatty and the first record and sort of kololo after Fatiha in the second record, and it has also been attributed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as it comes in Sahih Muslim but there is some discrepancy as it relates to that particular wording. As for someone who did not pray to records after too long, then there is no sin upon him because these two archives are sooner. They are not waiting. They are not waiting,

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especially if a person forgot and if the person didn't leave them off intention, we shouldn't just leave off the Sunnah intentionally and come and say, Oh, that's just sooner, that's just sooner. So hannula Danny, everything that the province of the lady was telling him did is going to get us closer to Allah subhana wa tada we shouldn't have this attitude of something being just sooner. This wasn't the approach that the early

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you know, the early Muslims had from almost as having been and those who followed them within righteousness. So we shouldn't look at something as being just so know that but in this case, where a person has left off, praying to rock as because they forgot to do so. There is no penalty there is nothing that should or can be done because they have left off a Sunnah not something that was obligatory upon them. They're so lonely they come should we recite Seurat and 31 praying and congregation if the man is resigning out loud, the one praying behind any man there are three different scenarios. The one is that the Imam is not reciting sorbitol Fatiha out loud the saliva

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itself is not a saliva one recite out loud. So you're talking about door and you have the other scenario which is the logical fetchit where the man recites in both rock guys out loud and then you have Mazel Tov and Isa, where the Imam is reciting where the man is reciting in the first two records and then in the last rock our two rock guys he is not reciting allow. There are different opinions amongst the scholars as it relates to this issue. Some of them hold that when the man is reciting that you should not recite anything fancy how or otherwise. So if the man is reciting, then the person should not recite anything behind the man. And this is the opinion of shackled Islam

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empty me about him all the time in early scholars as well, prior to him but I only mentioned his name because he did a very thorough study of all of the or most of the evidence is related to both

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And came to the conclusion that when one is behind and he Ma'am, who is reciting that he should not recite anything there are other scholars however, that whole that the Salah or that read is sorted till 31 should be recited in every circumstance. So even if the man is reciting out loud, then he should also recite sorta till Fatiha behind the Imam and this opinion has its strength, and it has its evidences and for those who feel that it is the stronger opinion than for them is to do so. And for those who feel that they do not want to recite or that it confuses them, and that the evidence seems to be stronger in the case that we do not recite while the man is reciting aloud, then for

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them is that then that is they don't have to recite behind the email as for when the Imam is not reciting, then you should recite sorbitol Fatiha and another sort of for that matter. So it's sort of it's a lot of lore, for example, then you should recite to yourself resigning to yourself means that you have to move your lips, you have to move your tongue.

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You have to move your lips and your tongue in a manner that you can hear yourself, but so that you do not disturb your neighbor so that you do not disturb your neighbor, you shouldn't do it, in a sense, where now the person two or three people down from you, he can hear you reciting facts and he can't concentrate on his own sort of

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Danny, this is not you should say it in a manner that you can hear yourself and not disturbed the people that are next to you. Sit alone in a coma if someone had a period, that they

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that they not do their daily prayers should he make up for them. And when if the person wasn't able to pray in that period, example a convert that doesn't know how to pray.

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in this situation for a person who was excused from prayer, a person who is excused from prayer like a woman on her menses she doesn't make up her prayer. Someone who was unconscious for a long period of time, for example, they were in a in a coma and then they came to me and there is no making up of that prayer. If a person however, likewise, a person accepts Islam a convert and does not know does not know that it is obligatory upon him to pray five times a day. And that is conceivable that does happen depending on where the person accepts Islam and under what circumstances and who is teaching them. If that's the case, then this person is excused in the first place. There is no way to make up

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for that. However, if a person

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for example, they went through a period of their lives where they stopped praying, they stopped praying for years, for example, a year, two years, three years they did not pray, then the correct opinion is that when they left off the salaat in totality, then at that point, they left the fold of Islam. That is the correct opinion. That is what the below it was Hello Simon robotica and Amina Mohammed subhanak along shadow nyla