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The speaker discusses the issue of pride and arrogance in Islam, which can lead to loss of power and confusion. They stress the importance of learning about false accusations and false accusations as monsters and the need to learn about their qualities to avoid them. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding a moderate course to alleviate symptoms and finding one's own success. They also emphasize the importance of the heart in bringing people back to their natural identity and avoiding confusion.

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Hello, there was deficiency in that belief because it's impossible for a person to have

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the proper belief in Allah subhana wa tada in total, and then worship other than Allah, right that rubia is, as they say, mu stepz Malin UI, right it necessitates that a person. And if they have the proper belief in the left hand side as their rub, right, it necessitates that their actions will manifest that in their worship of Allah Subhana Allah as Allah.

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Now, so here, it says, if he is a slave to anything other than a loss of Hannah Montana,

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he is a mushrik. Right?

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We just

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keep going.

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And everyone who is stubbornly proud and arrogant is a place that that word in Arabic is mystic bit, which comes from Cuba. Right. And, and earlier, a couple pages back, the office says that what is diametrically opposed to Islam is two things. Right? And what are they?

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Okay, what is Islam? What do you say Islam is? Right submission, right? Islam Lila

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right. So if a person submits to Allah and to other than Allah, then that person is called a mushnik. Right, that person has fallen into should, and if a person refuses to submit to a loss of parents at any that is out of their own will otherwise they have to submit to some aspects of, of a las pantallas laws, right? Whether they be the cosmic laws and Kony, or whether they be is Sharia law, so that is that which Allah Subhana Allah has legislated? So the person who refuses though they just too arrogant, that person is why, and we'll stick with it. Right. And both of those are diametrically opposed to to Islam. Okay, so one may either be a mushrik, or a mistake. We'll see.

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The reality is, is that everyone who rejects this man is both is both a mushrik and an enemy. That is that they are both polytheists. And they aren't. And they are arrogant. Right? But one quality may be more dominant than the other quality and more and more apparent.

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as Ron was one of the most arrogant people and most stubborn and his refusal to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he was emotionally lost.

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So what did he say about about fit around here? He's both way arrogant and mushy. But which quality was dominant was the arrogance. That's what he was known for. In fact, in fact, not to belabor the issue. But there are scholars including shapeless name himself and other works, who say, who say that fit our own was not actually a mistake. for Canada, your Abed? Well, I would. And that is, in fact, in a tuber. He mentioned this on, on the authority of an AI best on the low tide and human that fit around, didn't worship. He didn't worship he was worshipped but didn't worship. Right. But there's, anyway, as we go, we'll see why it can be appropriate to call him a mystic, but at the end

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of the day, he was known for his arrogance. Like he would tell his people malim to the comb maynila him highly. I don't know that you have any law other than me. That's what he told his people. I mean, so panela I don't think you can get I know he said, one of the most arrogant of all people I don't think you can get more arrogant than that.

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I really have not.

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lost power. Tyler says of old we set musante to sit down with our signs and authority manifest to fit our own man and bottle. What they called him a sorcerer telling lies. Moses said, I have indeed called upon my Lord, and your Lord, from every arrogant one who believes not in the day of account, Thus does Allah subhana wa tada set up every heart of arrogance and

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seal seal up every seal every heart

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letter, it says does does the law not set up seal of law seal up every heart of arrogant and obscene obstinate transgressors. So here he's saying he says couldn't know. Now, could that be advocate autobahn law couldn't be it couldn't be Muhtar Kent being in Japan motor carrier. He that's what he and he's referring back to later on. So he says that he's a bit arrogant.

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Bonnie's, he's a tyrant In fact,

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and that Allah Subhana, Allah seals seals their hearts. So here, the author brings this to show us that what caused his heart to be sealed was what? His his arrogance and his tyranny. Right. And this is important for us because as we were talking about a little Buddha, right, we're talking about being true slaves to Allah subhana wa Tada. And we can't be true slaves to Allah subhanaw taala. Without what, without Islam, right, there's no way that we can be true slaves to law without submission, it doesn't mean that a law won't be our master, it doesn't mean that we won't have to follow the rules, right? But there's a difference between following the rules because you have to

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and following the rules, because you've actually submitted is to two totally different approaches. Right? So for us to be true slaves of philosophy hands on, we have to submit what is it that comes in between us and submission,

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arrogance and shift

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those two things. So we need to learn about these qualities so that we avoid them. And also if we begin to see them and people that we love people that we care about, we'll recognize these qualities and we can pull in you know, pull the coats and listen Be careful because this leads down a different road right now.

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And the last panel data set, this was an anchor.

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Remember also on Pharaoh and their their came to the Moosa with clear signs, what they behaved with insolence on Earth, yet they could not overreach us.

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First step, first step bubble fill up. So just just the note.

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Sometimes, a translators using different words like here, they use insolence in the, in the previous AI, they use arrogant, but it's actually the same within the same words here. And because we, the author is trying to prove a point, it's important when you translate to keep the words the same,

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to follow what the author is saying. Otherwise you can get really confused. And so that's just a side note for those who translate not

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truly around, elated himself in the land and broke up it's people intersections, the pressing a small group amongst them, their sons, his slew what he kept alive their females. And the last part, that sense of the number and they surrounded his people rejected those signs in iniquity, and arrogance, through their souls were convinced their own. So see what was the end of those who acted corruptly?

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There are many other similar references in the Quran Allah soprano describes around as an English trick in the eye.

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Yeah, okay. So so he's saying that there's many other irons in the Koran that describe their own as being arrogant, right at the end of the day that he was multicap bid one mistake. Right.

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He says but he was also described with a shoot Kyani also described as having that trait of shipped and where is that in the statement?

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said the chiefs of ferons people will you leave moose and his people and spread mischief in the land and to abandon one second one second to spread

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and to spread mischief in the land and to abandon you and your Gods ah time was fear own describe what should an eye

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somebody else

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he said look, that the Chiefs now we're calling mela Omen comb filter, all right, the the chiefs of his people said to him said to Pharaoh, are you going to just leave moose and his people to cause corruption in the land and leave you and your guy

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they describe theater owners one No, they said and leave you and your guides. So they said that fit our own work. Why not? Well, yeah, the Raka le high tech and leave you and your and your guys

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so that saying that one, the future

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has an idea that he has deities that he worships, besides a loss of habitat.

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And then in the end, the too fancy if

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it mentions that, that fit our own used to worship Bukhara, and he used to worship cows.

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And Allah Subhana, Allah knows best. I mean, it's just, it's actually kind of strange that he would claim to be the Lord the most Hi,

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I don't know that you all have a god other than me, I have a guy, that's the cow. But I don't know that you all have another guy. He wouldn't allow them to worship. Allah subhanaw taala. But I mean Subhana Allah.

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Normally what happens when a person turns that far away from a loss of humans at it, you will find a very clear sign that something is wrong with them.

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Even if everything else seems to be in place, you just say something is not right about that particular once a person turns away from the last time, because they're turning away from Allah Subhana Allah means that they have that their fifth or is no longer working properly. And if a person is fitted as often something else is done, you know, it's going to be a parent is going to be something apparently,

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indeed, all of the evidence indicates that the more arrogant a man is, in his refusal to worship Allah, the more guilty he is of associating others with, read that again, let this sink in, keep reading again. Indeed, all of the evidences in all of the evidence indicates that the more arrogant a man is, in his refusal to worship Allah, the more guilty he is of associating others with

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you No. And why is that?

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Yeah, go ahead. He's gonna tell us why.

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Because the more arrogant he is, in his refusal to worship a law, the more dependent he becomes on the desired goal, which is the ultimate focus of his art. And so he begins to worship that which has enslaved panela. Alright, so let us break that down. Because these are like,

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these are rules for life, the shape of his name is given us right? And it's very important for us to understand. So he says that the more arrogant a person is, right, the more

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the more arrogant they are, in terms of their refusal to worship a loss of power. Right? That the more one

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the more they are actually committing Schick. Right.

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And this is also important, because some people say, Well, can you describe an atheist who claims not to worship anything? Can you describe an atheist as being a mushnik? And the answer is absolutely. Right. The atheist rejection of a loss of habitat, it is definitely arrogance, okay.

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Which would take a discussion for a different day. Okay. But basically, they're skeptics that they worship skepticism at the end of the day, right. And so what's happened is they become so arrogant and turning away from a loss of habitat, and refusing to accept that they have a creative which is

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almost is almost unbelievable, right?

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To the point that I many atheists are not pro or professed atheist or not really atheist. They just don't say that they believe in God. But deep down inside, they know that there's that even their own theories are not plausible, right?

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And they believe in.

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Anyway, I don't want to go too far now. So the point is here, that what the more they become arrogant, the more they become mushnik

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the more polytheism enters, how is that the case? It's because they become more dependent on other than Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So once they eliminate a loss of hands out of from the equation, their focus is on something else, whatever it is that their focus is on, they're either dependent on that particular thing to help them achieve what it is that they want, or the other means that may exist to help them get to that get to that end goal. And so they become dependent and needy.

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Even if it's simply them depending on themselves.

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Right. Which, which is a big, big problem because there's a difference between being independent, meaning that

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like, if a Muslim says that I'm

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I'm independent, I'm not relying on other means that they were not relying on other than a loss of habitat, it means that they put their trust in a law, they seeking a loss of habitat as hell. But people don't believe in a loss of habitat. And they talked about independence, what are they talking about?

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Depending on them on themselves, it's too much pressure.

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It really is, it's too much pressure because you don't control anything.

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You your sphere of control is very limited, it's limited to what you can actually do. Right? But right, they're not things that can come in between you and your goals.

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That you have no control over.

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Absolutely 10 spots for medical school.

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You've done everything, you even got a 4.0

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does that mean you're going to get that spot doesn't mean that it's other people who also have over four point O's, and they did extra credit stuff. And they have all too and they've got connections.

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I mean, you know, just all types of things, and it's outside of your control. But you know, what somebody would do because they didn't get into the school of their choice. I mean, they'll they'll literally go nuts

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and begin an addiction. And I mean, all types of things. I mean, that's if they don't throw themselves off a bridge. And so the reality is, is that this is what happens because society, beer,

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this is one of the most and you can look this up for yourself.

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America, right, the land of the free, home of the brave

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is one of the most depressed nations in the world.

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The amount of people that take antidepressants, you can't just say that everybody, right? Just has a chemical imbalance, okay? Because mental illness is real. And some people do have chemical imbalances that cause them to have mental. But that's just not everybody, when you got a third quarter of the population on antidepressants, that means something's not right, something's going wrong. Yes, part of it could be because people are being pushed in that direction by Big Pharma, who's making a lot of money out of doctors making those type of referrals and insurance companies and all of the, you know, things that come I mean, that's the beauty of capitalism, right? And when

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it's all about the dollar, then you know, we need to get people addicted on legal drugs.

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Anyway, the point is, that the fact that we have such a depressed society does that tell us something, even though even though, you know, we are the land of the free and the home of the brave, and everybody is supposed to be, you know, all of the self help and motivational talks and all of that other stuff?

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Doesn't seem like it helps too much.

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And if it does, it's like a high, it helps for the first 10 or 15 minutes, then it's doing nothing. And you go real low. And that's usually what happens with highs, right, you get a high and then you get a crash, you go even lower than you were when you first first started. And then it said that crash with a fine comes in and call us. You start popping pills.

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And alarm, Stan, but that's what happens when you turn away from a loss mentality. you depend on what on myself, because I can do this and because I'm smart, and because I and I and I. But when a person puts their reliance upon Allah subhanaw taala. And they put forth that effort.

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And it happens. And when it happens, they think a lot.

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They don't look at it as I got this because I am so smart. Because I type even because you're so smart. Where did you get your smartness? I mean, isn't his intelligence inherited? Okay, if it's inherited, you had nothing to do with it.

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Right? And if it's because you, you worked hard, who was it, that puts you in a situation, right? That allows you to be able to work hard.

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I mean, at the end of the day, it all goes back to bellami for person blocks that out and it's all about them. Okay? It's sweet while at last, and then when it when it's not going your way anymore, that you only have yourself to blame, right? And that sense, and as an S when that depression kicks in. So it's very important that the Muslim travels a moderate course. You know, with all of them, they put their trust in the last payment. And when it goes well they think a lot when it's not going the way that they thought that it was going to go. They they recognize that this is the last payment as the creek they keep studying on a path that's going to bring them about the result that they're

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looking for. Be the last

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Allah inshallah to come, it'll come when it's time for for it to come. And and so we don't get these these super highs and super lows, you know? And so panela a Muslim realizes like even

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when he was asking, when when do you what do you want to rest? Like what are you doing? People look at you look tired, what do you want to rest, he said the Muslim men he said doesn't find rest until that first foot and two gentlemen.

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As I said, you just keep working work for it Nina will last man out of work to bring about the results that you're looking for. And you'll find the fruit of that you'll find the fruit of that in the hereafter. If you don't find some of it and is doing inshallah analyze what just out of his kindness and his and his Rama and his mercy, Allah Subhana, Allah allows us to see a lot of the fruits of our labor right here in this dunya.

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But that's not what we're working for. And so our work is actually for the hereafter. And if we have that certainty, then no doubt about it, a loss of data will allow us to benefit from our labor they're not.

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The heart can never be independent, other creative beings, unless a law is its master, and it worships none other than him. That is because the heart is created to be dependent. It's the nature of the heart, the same way that your your organs function a certain way, right.

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They were created for that the heart was created for the worship of Allah fantastic, and it's dependent inherently. So it's going to depend on something and it was not a last minute, then it will be something else. And that's why it says it can't be dependent of the creation, unless it is totally subservient to Eliza Magellan. It recognizes that Allah subhanaw taala is its master.

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And never be independent of other creative beings unless a law is its master and it worships none other than Him, seeks help from none other than Him places its trust in none other than Him, rejoices only in that which he loves, despises only that which he hates, loves only for the sake of Allah hates nothing except for the sake of Allah does not give except for the sake of a lot of is not old, except for the sake of Hannah law. I mean,

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and this is called what when a person, the prophets, Eliasson himself what whoever

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loves and hates her law gives her law withholds from a law for what God is stec man, the man he has reached a completion of, of his faith, and that is the complete servitude to Allah subhana wa Tada, it's only one way to get there.

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And that is, the focus of all of what you do has to be a lost paradigm.

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The reality is, is that most people, the centrality of their focus is themselves.

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You will never reach true udia until you give up your interests

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for a lost paradigm, and you make his pleasure central in your life.

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That's very much easier said than done.

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And I mean, the examples are examples of many, most of us love who we love, because they were kind to us.

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Not because we know or what from what we see of them, they are close to a loss.

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And we don't like people not because of their situation with a loss of Hamilton. But because they did Santos so don't like

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even though even though they may be people who from all we know, there are people that are close to a loss panda but something happened so I don't like that person.

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Because it's about what it's about me it's not about a loss.

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So that's just as it relates to people but as it relates to things food and drink,

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and accidently bad. And until Subhana Allah everybody that strays away from the Sunnah of the prophet is a lot to say

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and does something that allows paradigm that they worship Allah not on a laws terms but on their terms right

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I'm going to do this I'm going to go after Salatin fetcher

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wants to say this particular do I 64 times because my shape said

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that this is how you do such and such. And if you do it 64 times, or 1003 times or you know, there's different numbers that they come up with.

00:25:23--> 00:25:25

And in doing all of that,

00:25:26--> 00:25:36

in lieu of the Sunnah of the Prophet it is allowed to sit and because the reality is, is that none of us have the ability

00:25:37--> 00:25:49

to do with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did in a day, in his worship of Allah span of time, like, we don't have room for bid, I really, it just doesn't exist. If you look at, for example,

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several of the mahad de Thien, have scholars of Hadith have written books about the day of the prophet Isaiah slots are saying what he was doing the day and what he was doing tonight, it's called Yomi when Liga and what the actions of the night and the day and what the prophet SAW Selim would do throughout the day, in the night.

00:26:13--> 00:26:42

And if you went through it, and you actually try to do everything that the prophet SAW the light, it was some did, by way of salaat by way of Vicar, recitation of Quran, and so on and so forth. You would not have time, okay, to do anything, you won't have time to do that. Not to mention introduce something into the dean, but, but it's not about, it's not about for some people, it's not about unfortunately,

00:26:44--> 00:26:47

I know this may sound harsh, it's not about the pleasure of the law, so it makes them feel good.

00:26:50--> 00:26:54

So celebrating the birthday of the Prophet it assigns was saying makes me feel good.

00:26:57--> 00:27:14

And in fact, if I didn't do it, I would feel kind of weird, right? Because I've inherited this tradition from my father's right, or I've inherited this tradition from my chefs. Right? And so it makes me feel good.

00:27:15--> 00:27:18

It's not about whether law legislated it or not.

00:27:20--> 00:27:31

I mean, this is the reality. And so the I, the me becomes Central. And what pleases a lot, is almost an afterthought. It's secondary.

00:27:33--> 00:27:38

I'm saying, even if even sometimes when it comes to worship, and this is why, you know, as we've covered

00:27:40--> 00:27:53

through over the years, what the worship of a last palitana on his terms, the way that he legislated for himself to be worshipped, not the way that you think is good.

00:27:54--> 00:28:06

Right, not the way that we've inherited it from this person or from that person or from traditions, I'm talking about, you know, from family traditions, or even traditions of a particular Toriko or country or whatever.

00:28:08--> 00:28:09

And so,

00:28:10--> 00:28:17

so many people have notions of right and wrong in their mind, right.

00:28:18--> 00:28:20

Look at us, you know,

00:28:21--> 00:28:22