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How Can One Make Up Months Of Fasting

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Faith IQ

Channel: Faith IQ

Episode Notes

Shaykh Yaser Birjas answers

Episode Transcript

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So minister said they asked a question about days they miss from Ramadan because of pregnancy, you know, child, nursing their child and so forth for many years. So what do I do with these days? You talked about maybe three, four months of Ramadan, that's about you know, it took about 100 plus days, can What do I do with these days?

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Now, it really depends if at handler you right now you reach that level of, of maintaining a healthy lifestyle handler, but I mean, and you're able and capable of making up these days, it's better that you make up these days because you still can count it hamdulillah

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that means, you know, you look for the

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you know, that the short season that's in the winter, and make up these days, do I have to make them up all in one on one year? No, you don't have to do the Mashallah at your convenience. The sooner the better, obviously, but if you can, but if someone reached a level where they're unable to make up these days, now let's protect you someone, you know, develop, let's say, a certain sickness or illness, whether it's like diabetes, for example, something like that, not protect you. But if a person develop the situation, this condition and in this case, they pay failure, which means they pay or feed a needy for everyday that they have missed from the month of Ramadan. Now, obviously,

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that's a handler, but I mean, it's an opportunity for you to take the concession on the roster. But if you can, still fast that is better for you. Now, if, for other reasons, you're unable to fast these days, then you should should give the video and shallow data and you should be fine with the last