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Brothers and sisters in STEM, we are still on our series dealing with the MFI hone those who are successful. And those who are successful those of us who have a data set are successful in the Quran. It's not about what people think in the secular world, those who are heavily influenced by the materialism of these here, United States of America, or this humanist view of the world successful are those whom Allah Subhana Allah described as being successful in the Quran, and he used the word mostly hoan or falaj, or their derivatives of that over 40 times in the Quran. So that we will be aware of who are the successful and we are still dealing with the verse called the FLL

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mummy known alladhina whom he sold it him Haji own, and the they are successful, they are the muffler hone who cut the hair, mineral analysis, the successful ones are the mean all those who have amen and that is the basis of that is the basis of success. But those who don't have a man, they won't have success in this life, and definitely not in the next Elijah Joe says Allah Dino salata, him Kashi, all those who are who have who assured those who have the quality of who sure and their prayer, and this is the fourth hookman. Dealing with who sure in the salon is going to be the last one in Charlottetown, at the end of the show in the salon, before we actually get to the horseshoe

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and the salon, you will not have to shorten salon if you don't pray at all. In other words, there is no such thing as having something in something unless that first thing is present. So you will not be successful unless you pray. And on top of that you won't be successful unless you have who you are and your Salah. And this is important because this is a very actually, when we look at what is important for the Muslims to focus on now as we move into a new school year. And all everybody, everybody's going to be home now. And nobody's going to have the excuse of I miss July because I was in class. Everybody's home now. And this is an issue for us, especially here in Philadelphia, where

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we have 10s of 1000s of Muslims in the public school system, not 1000 or 2000, but 10s of 1000s. And some of them it is an obligation not all of them. But for some of them. Those who have reached the age of puberty and are males it is an obligation for them to pray Juma in the masjid.

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And for so many parents, they wonder they come to the masjid My child is not doing this, I'm having problems with my children. And the fundamental connection between the children and a loss of habitat and which is the salaat is not being established or encouraged.

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And so we wonder why we have these other problems and we have drug addiction amongst teens, in the Muslim community, and all of the other issues that we deal with. But there's no connection, there's no spiritual connection between this person and the Lord Subhana who was added and if that connection doesn't exist, then Believe me everything else that follows from problems is going to be the basis of that problem is going to be that there is no connection between them and the Lord Subhana horchata so for the parents that are out there for the children that may listen, your obligation to Allah subhanahu wa tada is to establish the sohbat, five times a day. And Juma is the

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most, the praying Juma and the messenger

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is the most tragic of those Reggie bet. And he is the strongest and strict of those obligations. And so it's very important that we don't send the wrong message to our children by saying, Oh, you can miss Jamaica for this reason or for that reason. Don't miss your mind, praying domestic. And even when you go back to school, if you establish the habit now be it nilang Tada, once they go back to school, you can talk to their teachers and, and principals or whatever else and get them out of school so that they begin to develop their identity as a Muslim. It's very important that the helmet be known Allah Dino homefree seletti him hajian. They are the successful, the believers, the ones

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who have assured in their prayer, and we covered up to the sujood and some of the meanings of the sujood and the importance of understanding each position and what is said in each position. And why that has an effect on your prayer. You are not going to have short which we says to means. It means that you have to focus in your prayer that you have humility in your prayer that you stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala broken. In other words, if you're fidgeting in your prayer, and you're rubbing your eyes and you're scratching your head and you're looking down and then when you go into court, you scratch your feet knowledge, you don't have to short that is a clear sign of not having

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to short into prayer like some of the some of us to say lo hush I palapa hula Khashoggi Wario. If his heart had who short then you would see that on his limbs, but when a person is already

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over the place, and then sometimes a person may and who should actually actually when you go back to the linguistic route, it needs to be still. That is who should. So if a person is not still and they're moving in the Select, then that's an indication that something's going on with the heart. But a person may be still in the Salah, and that is that they're showing who should, but their heart is all over the place, their heart traveled,

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their heart traveled to the market, but something that came back went on Amazon and purchase something, the heart was all over the place.

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And so in having who short and the supply is both from the limbs and the heart being still being focused on Allah subhanho wa Taala. After the salute, you say, Allahu Akbar, and you sit in that position between the such detain between the two Jews, you sit on your knees, and that position is a position of humility. It's a position that you show a loss of Hannah, who was honored that you are his adult, that you are his slave, and you recognize him as being the king. And for all of those who don't do that in this life. They will definitely do it in the hereafter. Alonzo Joe says Go for it. What's Mateen jatiya

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kulu matching Li ke tambien yo. So a lot of hamadryad says in the hereafter you will see every moment there's a there's actually a surah in the Quran. The 45th chapter in the Quran is named Lj Thea What does that mean? You will see every oma Jaffe

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that is that they will be on their knees. Every oma will fall on their knees. Everybody will fall on their knees. tafsir McKeon. Rahim Allah tada he mentioned that even the prophets will be on their knees at that particular time on the piano, what sort of Allah Almighty jatiya every nation will be on its knees in that same position that we're in between the such detain, again acquiring don't just look at this as being arbitrary. When you are sitting in between the two sides this think about that piano, think about being in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. Think about answering for what you've done in this life. Like Don't let the motions don't just go through the motions of prayer without

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thinking about it. And that thinking means you can't rush it. So panela some people bounce up from sujood bounce back into suju so quickly that you wonder did they actually sin

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which may render the prayer and valid because you have to have some level of Sakina in your prayer, there has to be some level of stillness. But I'm at Nina. So when you say Allahu Akbar sit in in that position, when you are on your knees,

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sitting in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. You say, Bill Phil de la bill Finley at least twice. So which means Oh Allah, Ill feeling my Lord.

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Forgive me.

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So we say this a lot. But bill fiddly, Allah forgive me a little law, but do we really understand what Rafa means haftorah from a linguistic perspective covers two areas a sitter, and require that means to conceal and to protect, to conceal and to protect. So when you wear a helmet on your head, it conceals, nobody can see what's beyond that helmet, and it protects you from other things from external threats. Right? And so that helmet is called a mill farm, a middle far from that same route, love Allah. Okay, so when you say a stokfella law, you're asking Allah subhana wa tada as even okay him by him Allah to Allah said the man with the note that you're asking him to erase the

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sin. Right? That you're asking him to remove the traces of that sin and to protect you from its evil, meaning that you are not punished for that sin. So to erase it to remove the traces of the sin and that you are not punished for that sin. So when you say a bit fiddly, a bit fiddly. This is what you're asking a loss of habitat as you sit in that position that everybody will be in on normal piano. What's her level Metin Jackie, all of them will be on their knees, just like you sit there. Nobody sits like that. Normally, that's not a normal sitting. Right? Normally, people sit cross legged or something like that, because that's it's really not a comfortable position to be.

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You, you learn how to make it comfortable. Right? But that's not a comfortable position to be and this is why nobody is sitting like this right now.

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I'm not telling you to look around because it's tomorrow, but nobody's sitting like that right now because it's not just a normal position to be in so you're going to be in that position in the salon for a reason and it's because it shows your humility to Allah hands out and you say I'm a bit fiddly bit fiddly. Now, there as we've mentioned before, one of the keys and one of the overarching themes to have who sure and use a lot is to not say the same thing every single time. So where the Prophet somebody was sent him said things differently, right, then we should also say things differently from time to time, so that we don't do things mechanically. If you don't switch it up, it becomes

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mechanical. And so from the do ask that is reported that the profit somebody would send them would make between the size of the team between the two such This is a bit fiddly what hammy was Dini when he was opening Allah forgive me and have mercy on me and guide me and wifey me and pardon me and all that which is of two types alive here. Right so that alpha is a well being for your physical well being and your spiritual well being your emotional well being lafley was zucchini, and provide for me and from the provisions of a loss of hand with Adam because a lot of times we think provisions we only think material provisions, your food, your drink your your shelter and your clothing and so

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forth. But also from the hydroset is a tuck was a lot antagonistic your piety is from the best of your provisions. So you're asking a lot of parents out for provisions you're asking him also for knowledge and for tough one so forth. So this is from the do as with the prophet Isaiah is selected with Sam is reported to me between the such the team. This is also this dude, Aloma Infinity War how many waveny What did he what zucchini, this the practice of it was seldom used to teach to anybody who would accept this land. And Sahih Muslim is narrated that the practice of it was centered when somebody would accept this lamb he would teach them the suit salaat teach them the salon, and he

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would teach them to make do with these words along with me to the end of that. So this is also something that you can say, between the such detain

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and then you say Allahu Akbar. And again, Allahu Akbar is recalibration for the believer. So even if something was going on, as you're sitting between the two sides of this, and your mind goes somewhere else, Allahu Akbar colosse you focus back again focus back because Allah Akbar whatever it is that that took your mind off of Salah allow at work and that's it. Allah subhanaw taala is greater than everything greater than whatever it is that was distracting me a lot. Why don't you go back into Sudoku? And look at that. So Pamela, how are we say Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar, throughout the Salah, to keep us to keep us focused. And then you go back into sujood and against Jude is our

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album and our can, it is the greatest of the pillars of your salaat in everything else is built as she is allowed to address it. It's built as a makishima. It's like a prelude to your sujood because you are putting the most honorable part of your body, that is your face, on the lowest place that you can find that is the ground. And you only do that for Allah subhana wa Tada. And so you go back into sujood and you make the do eyes that we've talked about that the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam would make in his sujood

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in this sujood the prophet Isaiah select was sent and sometimes we'll call salaat sujood. So when the man who was serving the Prophet that companion who served the Prophet idea, a lot that was sent in

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arriving at each when he asked the Prophet it is selected was sent him when he was serving the Prophet the prophet SAW I saw him said to him, asked me for something. And he says, Luca, Morocco chick fil a gender. I want to be your companion and gender, the only son of said, Our arithmetic, is there something else you want? He said, who would that that's what I want? I just want to be with you. And Jin Subhana Allah and the highest stations of gender. The purpose of it was someone said to him, what in the island of sick be Kathy sujood helped me to help you by making a lot of sujood This does not mean none of the scholars have interpreted this to me You just go around making sujood you

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think about that? How do let me just make sure to let it means to do a lot of salaat but the promise I send them call the salon. sudduth. Right? Because in every record, how many times do you mix it up twice? Right, but you only make record once you only sit between the two suit. So the point is you're sujood the prophesied Some call this allies and allies or just send the Quran about the believers see Mount fee will do in him. mean effort is sujood you see the traces

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In the face there, the signs and the face from the traces of sujood.

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That does not mean the prayer mark, snap with that ayah means, as the companions of the messenger somebody was seldom said and their students, they said that this eye refers to the light that comes off the face of a believer because of his attitude,

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the humility, the humbleness that you see in him

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the reverence that you see for a loss of health Allah in His face because of his sujood and that's only for Allah subhana wa tada because when he lowers himself for Eliza, which aligns with your racism, he's not going to lower himself for any other human being.

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And that is the strength of the believer so your strength is in your core and your strength is in your sujood as we get so heated, because it's for Allah subhanho wa Taala alone so you don't bow to anybody else or the systems that is for lies which alone so this is the Salah, from tequila Tilly Han, prior to the things that you're supposed to do, getting ready for salon to get you in and to prepare for your salute, all the way up until the end of that second sujood. And then there is one final city and that is the sitting for a Tisha hood, in that Tasha hood, like some people say, Tisha hood, so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was sick for that final to share. In that final Tisha hood,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told his companions to say, the lager mushroom or the local China angle, he said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam taught me a Tisha what he taught me yet, he said, in my hand was between the two hands of the prophet Isaiah selects was sitting. While I lemony a Tisha hood can make you angry, masura terminal Quran like he would teach a sorter from the Quran. That's how he taught me how to shuffle, which means that we have to pay attention to the wording it's not just something you want to play with.

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It's not just something you can make a mistake with. The Prophet sallahu wa sallam taught him the way he taught him a soldier from the Quran. And he said to here to the left,

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to here to the left, was solloway. To what event, said Mr. Malaika, you had maybe what a metal law he will, but I can't sit mo Elena, bad la sala hin shadow en la ilaha illAllah, WA shadow and the Mohammed Abu who are a pseudo This is the way that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam taught him as a Tisha hood. And there are other variations from other companions. But this is the day that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, or this is the way that the prophet Elijah was seldom taught even Mr. Buddha to shepherd and having who Sure, and this part of your prayer, being focused, requires that you understand what it is that you are saying, There's no other way, if these become just words that

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are coming out of your mouth, you could be saying them in Chinese or Japanese, then it's not going to help you focus and have who sure and your salon, it's not going to help you be humble. So again, you're back in that city. And mind you, this is the end of your prayer. So you've already done at least two records, if not the third record, like for mother, or the fourth record, like you would do for the hood, and acid and the shell. So you have the very ending and making your last ask, again, you're asking the loss of how much out of for something and that lasts less to shuffle. If you're saying these words, and you're not realizing that you're making that you've missed the point.

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So realize that you're making your ask here, and this is your final ask in the salon. And so this is why you start with yet. Okay, because a to hear, okay? The singular to hear is to give a greeting. So now you're sitting down in front of the King of Kings Subhanahu, WA Tada. And you're about to make your ask the way that people will go in front of a king and ask him for whatever it is they need in that land. And the king can grant its own because he's the king. And whatever it is that you're asking the last parents out before he can give it to you because he is the king of kings subhana wa Tada. And so you say to here to the left, all of these greetings with it, but what kind

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of readings are we talking about? We're talking about readings of Royal Majesty, like the way that a person would go and say in front of a judge today, Your Honor. And you don't just say something, Your Honor, Your Majesty, right? These are words to show that you hold the one that you're talking to in high esteem.

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But you're saying that to here to the left all of these words of praise when greeting somebody all of this for Allah to hear to lilla if we don't realize that that's what we're saying that we're missing out on

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thisara here to the left, was Salatu was pi event, meaning that these are also for Allah, what Salah was the five solar light that you bring, and anything else that you add to that, but salaat also means do I and so your invocation and your supplication is all for Allah subhanho wa Taala alone period, you don't call upon anybody else, a salewa, to what piggybacks and get you back, refer to your good deeds, your good actions because Allah is tight here like the prophet SAW, some say, He is good and pure will lay up below in that pie, even he only accepts that which is good impure. So when you sit down in the Tisha hood, and you point your finger out, and you're looking at your finger

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now, because as we said, part of your core showing us a lot is that you're looking at the place where you make sujood. When you're sitting, you look at your finger,

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the probability sample point his finger, and some narrations he would move in.

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And the price of the prophecy, some says up to he yet to lilla. So this is where you start. And this is very fitting for a slave sitting in front of his master or her master in front of the king.

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You start off by saying that all of these greetings of royalty and majesty are for a law and all of my prayers. And all of my good deeds are for Allah, set mo and he could be

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and so then you send the salams upon the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam and a Salaam, it is the meaning of peace and protection.

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And so you say So then why are you having to be now, the prophet Isaiah salatu salam taught this to his companions when he was alive?

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So they will say I said mid, you had to be and we say it the same way that the companions used to say it during the lifetime of the prophet Isaiah select with Sudan, because this is the way that Omar radi Allahu taala, and will from the member toward the Muslims How to say the tissue hood. And part of the reason is because an ulcer hematology knows best, but there's an authentic hadith where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says that when you send this allameh Pammi Eliza gel does what he restores my rule to me, restores my soul. And I returned the salaams back to you so every time you are in the salon, and you say Sam, Why are you hitting the beat? You get the response from the

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prophet Isaiah Salatu was sent in and that is a Do I have any do I you make for anybody that is not in your presence? The angels say well, I can miss Lou I mean, when I can miss Lou, Oh Allah answer that and for you be the same. So this is a derive that you're making for the prophet Isaiah Salatu was sitting while Elena was said, Mr. Malaika. You happen to be coming to LA well, but I can't. I sent him why Eileen,

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or love, send that send them upon us as well give us peace and protect us why a bed The lead is solid, and send the Salaam upon all of your righteous service, a low equity equality will lie I want you to think about what you're saying is a lie. Because the prophets of light he was sent him said here that you don't make this do I accept that every believer that his righteous gets a portion of it?

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So think about how many Muslims in the world right now. Almost 2 million Muslims. Okay, a loss of habitat and those best how many of them are praying five times a day, right? But think about it, even if it was a fraction of that 2 billion, even if it was just a 10% 200 million, making salad five times a day, which takes you up to a billion and every time they pray at least once but that's that's nine to shareholders and your five daily prayers they are making do I but think about it. 1 billion times you're getting if you are righteous. If you're righteous. This is an encouragement for us to be from the bad the less solid, because that means that all of these believers are making do

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it for us. If we're from the Badlands, sorry, he millions and hundreds of millions and perhaps billions of times daily. You get a piece of that.

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From the believers, it's amazing.

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Every single time you're in the shower, think about these things because this is what's happening in the salon. Sam Why don't you know why that a bed the left hand side of him a shadow on La ilaha illallah wa shadow and the Mohammed Abu hora, Sulu and then you end that part of the of the prayer by testifying that Allah Subhana Allah is the only one that deserves your devotion, that there is no other deity out there whoever whatever else people are worshipping none of it is deserving of that worship only Allah subhana wa tada and that you test it

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Mohammed bin Abdullah less of Aleppo it was send them is the one with whom Allah subhana wa tada completed his message to mankind and you're sending that also sending that Salaam by the prophet Isaiah select was sent him before you send it upon yourself because he's the one who told us sallallahu wasallam he's the one who showed us the path of guidance. He's the one who showed us how to be successful in this life and the next he's the one who brought that message from Allah subhanho wa Taala following the to share what you send us alignment Salaam upon the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam.

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And this is known as a salah and Ebola he Mija salani Bohemia, when you say allama Sunday, Mohammed Mohammed camisole Lita Ibrahim Rwanda and Ibrahima innaka hamidah Majeed, well vaticana Mohammed Mohammed

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Ibrahim awada le Ibrahim in nica, hamidah Majeed and there are a lot of meanings that are in the salon upon the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam, but if you just think about the fact that when you send us a lot of kinds of Prophet if somebody was saying, Are you saying Oh Allah, somebody, Allah, Mohammed, right? Allah send you or pray, right that this is the literal mean prayer suddenly, Allah Mohammed but the meaning of this is mentioned Mohammed Salah lohani was seldom in an mela in Allah in that in the greatest company amongst those angels who are closest to a loss of Hannah horchata and I forgot to mention before when you say Sam, why Elena, why don't you bear the lead sorry, he

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you're actually sending the Salaam upon all of the laws right to service that doesn't just stop at the righteous servants for mankind, that also is derived for the righteous from amongst the jinn. And also the angels solo lots of money was sent to him. So back to this point, which is the salaat so the salon is that Eliza gel youth need that aligns with your praises the Prophet it is Salatu was set in Phil Miller in Allah that He praises and mentions the Prophet sallallahu wasallam amongst those great angels that are closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala because Allah azza wa jal has also done that for Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam and Mohammed Salah was also from the family of Ibrahim

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because Ibrahim had both his happiness my aim, the majority of the profits were from the lineage of his half. And the Prophet Mohammed salado, his son was from the lineage is made. After sending the salaat apply the Prophet alayhi salatu was Sudan with the Sultan Ibrahim iya. The Prophet Suleiman was some of them told us if one of you makes the show, then let him seek refuge with the loss of Hannah with Anna from poor thing. And this should be done before you do the test leave the salon to the rank and to the left. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us these four he said, allow me to become an AI that will cover Alemany how to become an AI Debbie Jen woman either will

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cover women's fitness in a moment fitternity dounia sobre la. Now for you the purpose of life with some salami anyhow, that we come up

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with a couple of new fitness and momentum and surety fitness and mercy hit the gym. So these are the four things that probably someone will seek refuge from the first is Johanna. Why is this important?

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These these four things help us to focus.

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This a lot is about drawing closer to a loss of habitat. And as we draw closer to a loss of habitat, we are more likely, we are more likely to earn his pleasure in general. And so we seek refuge with the last parameter added from the fire. Everything in this dunya so panela and as we live in a society again, that has become increasingly less religious. I don't want you to think about the hereafter. In fact, people don't like to talk about religion at all,

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too taboo subjects, religion and politics. But our Prophet sallallahu wasallam is telling us No, this is important. Seek refuge with the loss of Hamlet's Atta, from what from the fire. Remember the fire so that you seek refuge from it. Don't do those things that are going to earn the displeasure of a loss of henna talent and perhaps subjection to his punishment. So you seek refuge with the loss of human data from the fire, and you also seek refuge with him from the torment of the grave, from the torment of the grave, because a person's here after their hereafter starts when they die.

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Not the yo metal piano but their hereafter begins the moment that they die. And so that punishment or that bliss in the grave will last until you're done.

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And so you seek refuge with the loss of hammer data from the punishment of the grave. And then you seek refuge with the loss and how it's added from those trials of life and death. Those trials that may take you away from the deen of Allah subhana wa tada because some people are tried. And when they attract, it doesn't cause them to grow closer to a lesson plan. Without it, it pushes them further away from the dean because they're looking for solutions to their problems outside of Revelation.

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Woman Shelly Fitz Nathan mercy had the job and from the evil trial of the false messiah, the mercy had been Jeff. And if a person was to give a hook, but today about the job, some people would come and say, hey, that's not even relevant. Why are you talking about the job? But the prophet alayhi salatu salam said there wasn't a prophet that came except that he warned his people from the mercy that a person has to be prepared for the job. And so the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam is teaching us in every salon at least five times a day, that we are going to seek refuge with the loss of hemorrhoids added from the mercy hit the jet, again at this point of your prayer. As you conclude

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your prayer, you can make any device that you want, this is a good place to make dua and this is why the Prophet sallahu wa sallam told me that after the Tisha hood Somalia to hire minute do I even share that a person can choose from whatever do I they would like to make at this particular point? And then you say to them why they come to LA to your right and a cinematic or to LA to your left giving salaams if you're in congregation that Salim reaches the person on your right and the person on your left and if you're not in congregation at any In any event, the angel on your right and the angel on your left you are sending that scenario and notice SLM how many times is mentioned from the

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childhood to the end of your prayer and then after the Select after you do is the father Aloma and to sell what Minka sent about it together Jannati with a crown Oh Allah, you are a salon You are the flawless source of peace and you select should bring you select

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you ask for Allah Salaam for the Prophet sighs sentiment for yourself and for the righteous servants and then you do Sadam so the right and to the left and then you say oh la usnm in from you comes peace, because the Select should bring you that peace. And if you have her sure and your Salah, you will find that piece and that piece is part of being from the MFI home part of being from the successful We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us from monster MFI. He will ask Eliza gel to guide us in this life and to give us light in the next life. Bye