Moutasem al-Hameedy – In The Light Of The Quran – 13

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The light of the Quran is discussed, with emphasis on the concept of the perfect and the influence of the Bible on people's behavior. The speakers describe the believers in this light as the ones who walk with humility and do not get into evil speech or return back to evil behavior. The believers are warned of the consequences of their actions and the potential for their lives to be destroyed, and the importance of living in a heavenly light and forgiveness is emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to show in the light of the Quran

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hamdulillah I believe we have taken so much light from the Quran, and they asked a lot to help us implement it, so that we can see this life in this wonderful light, the divine light that came to us from our Creator. Today's light is about the description of the believers. Allah loves the believers so much, and the last prepared for them a lot of dignity and a lot of honor. And because a lot of them so much, he describes them in the Quran with lots of descriptions, so wonderful descriptions that serve as an encouragement for every Muslim to try to fulfill to try to meet these descriptions. So inshallah will be from those who will abide in the highest ranks of paradise. We will start with

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the recitation of these number of verses few verses, so I'll take it from the surah of alpha Pon. So how much is the surah of the criterion? The criterion because there's a lot of information there that really opens the sight and the eyes of the believers to the truth about how to sail through the ocean of this life.

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We'll start with recitation as usual inshallah after this we'll get to the to delve into the meanings and life that we can take from this wonderful soul.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back.

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These wonderful verses that describe the believers in a very precise way in a very wonderful manner. It's so wonderful and it really puts a lot of encouragement in the hearts of the believers. If raised

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is the spirit of the believers to worship a lot more to meet this description. So then shall we be entitled to enter Paradise. As Allah says right at the end of these verses unlawfulness. The first description he gives to the believers is that they are the servants of the Most Merciful. They are the servants of Allah. Imagine this beautiful description, we are the seven, Allah has said, they are the other servants of the Most Merciful, that shows that he will show us him with mercy. This is a special kind of description for them here. Then he says, He talks about their behavior, he says they walk on Earth, with humidity, with humbleness. This is the description of the didn't walk

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arrogantly. They look they don't look down upon others. The believers have humbleness, because they know this life is nothing. It's only a test and I only want to please Allah, this is the this will be the attitude of the diseases. So they are the ones who walk with humility. And when the arrogant people were always the ignorant people, when they speak to them, or twice and sell them they say to them, or what they say to them is that Peace be upon you. We don't need to get involved in what, and this evil talk. We don't want to get involved in this nonsense, peace be upon you. They don't get involved. They don't indulge in these evil speech. Even if someone insults them. They turn away from

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them, that's fine. They don't return back they don't return the evil. Because they are what they want to come from themselves is the good behavior, the wonderful character and it's how we should be see how the wisdoms that are luggages us and they are so powerful. They're the potential that they create for us in this world is so amazing, and so wonderful.

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Then Allah describes them as they spend the night they spent the night prostrating for Allah and standing in worship. Now this is something that has become very rare among the Muslims. We don't stand in night we don't spend the night standing before Allah prostrating yourself for him. The time of flight is so pure, and is so wonderful for the heart, that we can focus on it so much.

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To an extent that we cannot reach during the day because the day we mixed with people we have to pursue our needs, and so many things, our responsibilities and our commitments, but at tonight, we can be free our minds can be free and focused on praying and standing for our Creator and supplication to him. Then Allah says that they always supplicates Allah, single Allah ward off the punishment of the Fire, Water out, walk away from us, save us from that punishment, because it's punishment is everlasting. Spanish punishment is severe, and it brings humiliation. And they say the Hellfire is a very evil abode interesting place. We don't want to end. And then you see what's on

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the minds of the believer all the time. It's not getting more wealth getting more achievements of this world. No, it's about getting closer to Allah. It's about saving oneself from the hellfire. This is the attitude of the believer. This is what's on their minds of the minds of the believers all the time, day and night. They know the purpose of their lives, they know their goal, and they walk in the marching steadily towards it.

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And shala This is how we will try to be these are the Muslims that Allah has given us. Then Allah describes them as when they spend from their money. They don't, they are not excessive, and they are not miserly, then they do not squander their money and wasted, but they use it moderately. They buy what they need, according to their own needs. They don't go as I said, they don't go to access. They don't do they do not fall short. So they do not act miserly. They follow the middle course, analysis, and they do not supplicate they do not call upon other God, other than Allah. They only worship Allah and this is the most important aspect, as we always say, and the Muslim character. And

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then Allah says, and they do not slow to vigil not murder people, except the ones that Allah prescribed to be killed. And this is this has certain regulations, which is by the government, the Muslim government, and people who do certain crimes that destroy that have a lot of destruction in this society. Then Allah says, and they do not fall into fornication.

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Do you see the beautiful description of the believers, they walk with humility, they don't do not fall under these evil actions. They're always mindful of Allah and the reality of this world. It's a very peaceful life. Well, like the I emphatically enough assurity that the believers really live in paradise on earth before they get it on the Day of Judgment. So let's try to live in this paradise is try to please a lot more be more attached to Allah and Allah will give us more of his help and more of his life.

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And more the strings that we really need.

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And unless is anyone who falls into these evil actions like associating partners with Allah, or killing, murdering people, or falling into fornication, Allah says anyone who does these actions, then the punishment, then he has fallen into sin and the punishment will be doubled for him on the Day of Judgment, and he will dwell in this punishment forever with humiliation. Why should we fall into sin and enjoy these fleeting aims, the pleasures of this world, then go to the Hellfire, why it's not worth it.

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It's not worth it. Let's be patient in this life. And then let's get the wonderful blessing, the goddess of love prepared for the believer. So Allah says, These people will fall into these evil actions into these sins will dwell forever into paradise. Especially, definitely with disbelief. And then Allah says, except for those who repent, and then do righteous deeds that did not close the door for repentance, it's open. So at any time you'll recognize the truth, renounce your sins, okay, give them up. And then Allah will help you and support you. So Allah says, anyone who repents and believes and then does righteous deeds, we will forgive them, and Allah will exchange their evil

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deeds, Allah will remove them and then a lower place in their place.

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righteous deeds, more credit for them on the Day of Judgment, ALLAH is forgiving. And Allah says about them, that they do not fall into false justification or full witness, they do not do that they do not lie. And even if they pass by people who waste their time in idle talk, they do not get involved in that because our time is precious as believers, time is so precious, more precious than gold. This is because it gets us more closer to Allah, if we utilize it right. And Allah says, and if they hear the word the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala they do not turn deaf ears or blind eyes, they benefit from that. And they say, Oh Allah give us or grant us from our wives and our

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children. Grant is delighted that I grant us peace and security and safety and happiness from them and make us guides for the righteous, make the people be guided by us so that we can more reward Allah says these people will get the highest ranks in Paradise and they will get a lot of peace and a lot of respects, they will live there forever. So this is the description of the believers. This is the wisdom of today. The light will try to live by apply these verses these are at the end of sorts of upon this read them in this wonderful light and benefit from them. So we live in this wonderful light. And until we meet next time with another new light from the Quran. I leave you in

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peace for Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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