This Will Put You Into Shock Muslims stand with Palestinian Christians under Israeli occupation

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Basically, you're not allowed to breathe unless you take their permission. I want you to watch a few clips of me, especially this first one, where you see Muslims and Christians standing together in solidarity against injustice for justice.

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It's very sad that the Christian Zionist have forgotten about their own Christian Brothers, but it's the Muslims who are still standing by next to them caring about them, and who care about us, the Muslim, Muslim Palestinian they care more than that Christian in the world. So our brother that on the Palestinian, Muslim, Christian in the world, for those Christians who are supporting this oppression against their Christian Brothers, they're not following the way of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, some of the most basic rights of human rights are not given to us. Neither are those who are denying their basic human rights following the example of Moses, my name is Marwan harp on a

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Christian living in Palestine. When I hear that Christians in the West are helping Israel, thinking that they are helping Christians in Palestine, I think

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they're mistaken. Israel is to blame. They took everything now they took all your life since your child's following the example of Moses. No, actually, they're not. They're following the example of the actual atheist the Satanists who develop this movement, the Theodore hurts so and his gang in the like, they took everything they took all your life since you're a child. Now, these are the Christian speaking, because usually you'll think, okay, these are just Muslims down there who are being oppressed. But these are also the Christians, they won't even give them breathe air to breathe. Basically, you're not

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allowed to breathe unless

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you take their permission. I really want you to imagine someone controlling your electricity, food, fuel, even your water, they control how much water we get. So we did the water, like one day in the month. So I've been probably no one know about that. And no one cares about that. You often hear this slogan off and just repeat it. It's the only democracy in this part of the world. But what do the Muslims and Christians, what's the heartbeat of the people have to say about this? I would say that's the biggest book I've ever had freedom of movement. Freedom of speech, is freedom in general, we don't have it. This is the situation here. Christians and Muslims are suffering. It's not just

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this in here. It's not democracy in here we are treated like a low plus people here in this country in Israel. We face all kinds of discouragement, discrimination everywhere, wherever we go, I feel like I don't belong to here you are asking is relevant to leads Christians or Muslims different, though it's exactly the same, you are under the same occupation. You don't have like a human being right. And is this all Christians generally or anybody who was like my Jewish opening? Now if you're wondering where this is at this is in the heart of Palestine in Jerusalem, where when Muslims I know most of you don't know history, but if you check into the history, you'll see that for over 1000

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years when Muslims rules, Jews, Christians, and Muslims live together in peace.

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Muslims protect them the Christians protected the churches and that's why churches are existing Muslims could have destroyed you know, all of the churches that killed all the Christians 800 years ago go to Bethlehem seen shrubs besides the other Muslim and the Christian, you know, the Middle East you know, and

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this whole area you know, many minorities lived under Islam, you know, even Jews you know, we all know the Jews were protected by Muslims in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia from the equation and position you'll often hear this term Jizya being repeated by the Slama phobic industry the hate provoca tours no they did not pay taxes you know when the Muslims gang something that's pretty much nothing it's nothing of a tax compared to what you're being taxed today and what they're actually a man right now so you got nothing very minute tax very you're paying taxes all over the place everywhere you go you're getting taxed but look to what they're doing to them with these type of

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extortion airy tactics and taxes that they're hitting them with and nobody's talking about.

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Shears has been closed because the

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Jerusalem municipality shores

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The churches hear a tax on the property tax, which was about $190 million after 50 years to change the law and make us pay taxes from the beginning of Israel existence. Still today, when the Israeli government closed the Luxor most there is a lot of Christians was standing side by side with Muslims. The same as well, when they closed the church of Holy Sepulchre, you could find a lot of Muslims are standing with their brothers, Christians with the high taxes will become a very heavy burden on Christians, when they just like living on donations, they can't pay taxes, and it comes down to one thing, and it's not a religious thing, or the holy story is about one thing that

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Israelis stole our land. That's the whole story. It's political problems, not religion problems. Now for our Christian friends, colleagues and neighbors. Who are seeing this right before eyes, you've often heard the slogan never again. But you're seeing it happen right now. What will you do about it? Will you speak out? Will you say something but you say I can't? Because it's part of my creed. I'm sinful if I do. You will. You've been brainwashed, you've been duped. You've been fooled. It has nothing to do with these endtime prophecies, false teachings that been pushed down to you by many of these pastors and evangelical Christians, and the light I will bless those who bless you, and the

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one who curses you I will curse Why did God choose Israel? Let's look briefly at Bible history. I was amazed to find out when interviewing the Christian pastor himself. And looking more into this this term dispensationalism or its Scholfield ism. This was this actually was put together by a con artist, someone who spent some time in jail, came out, got his DD and then got these teachings from a John Nelson Darby. And they put these into the Scofield Reference Bible. And then it was funded by this Oregon Zionist organization. And then they put this out into millions of churches were given this, these teachings, the Scofield Bible, and over the years, it grew, it grew a grandson, it got

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some traction, and it was pushed into into books, and into series Christian series. And now it's become an industry. It's become an industry, this whole fake made up and ties prophecies, and now they're connecting certain verses, that for 1800 years that was never connected to the modern design estate, not at all. And you've been duped, you've been fooled. So it's up to you, you can stay full, stay in it stay duped. Or you can look into this a little bit further, because I guarantee you that this is actually this goes against Christianity has nothing to do with Christianity. We don't have to sit there and sing Kumbaya. Of course, there are differences. We as Muslims, we love Jesus revere

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him as a mighty messenger, just like Abraham, no Moses, and the list goes on Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon just flashed in front of messenger they all were brothers of one another, delivering the same message of submission to the will of the one creator God Almighty in Arabic, Allah and the Christians. They're the Arabic speaking Christians. They also say Allah, they call on God Almighty, Allah, the Creator to heavens and earth. So of course, there are differences, but the commonalities are much, much more we have so much more in common. So you can be on that side that focuses on those things that we have in common. You can discuss the differences you can agree to

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disagree. But you agree that we should live together in peace, try to preserve our families. This is what the Muslims want. This is what the Christians want down there. This is what history has shown before these these lies that are now perpetuated, that it's Muslims against Christians and Muslims against Jews and all of this is hogwash. All of this is propaganda that's been pushed out there deliberately to try to divide us. And I hope that you can see through this thank you very much for tuning in and subscribe hit that notification bell if you haven't already, so you can get exciting, informative programs like this sent to you. Thank you, peace be with you. A Salam aleikum. I cannot

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leave without giving you a gift. If you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about, and you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you and if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then, Peace be with you as salaam alaikum