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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of the phrase "the hang of the heart" to save the lives of people affected by the loss of Hannah Montana. They emphasize the importance of remembering these phrases to save lives and the success of Islam in addressing poverty and creating a platform for fair and affordable medical care. The speakers stress the need for a culture of passion and commitment to free will and education to address poverty.
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Early, he was happy he woman Why Am I bad?

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First, before we get into any talk

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with this light here, I can't say anything just to be honest with you. I don't know how she saw me coming.

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But I can't see anything. So, but I do need to notice by show of hands. Are there any people in the medical profession here? Like doctors? Okay, have you ever had to go to the hospital for a procedure yourself?

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As a doctor? Yes. How would you feel if you walked into the hospital for, you know, you're trying to go see the doctor. And then they say, oh, you're a doctor, we need you to work on some patients while you're here. That's how I feel right now. I didn't come here to talk. I came here to listen. And it's important to realize it's great. It's important to know that all of us, these people will come up in front of you and they speak. All of us are servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala trying to nurture our own souls and trying to connect to Allah subhanaw taala, which is the theme of this particular conference. And so, in keeping with that theme of connection to a loss of Hannah hula

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Tada, I'd like to share with you a very important Do I have the prophet Isaiah salatu salam

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because the connection to a loss of data is never more prominent than it is in prayer. This is why Eliza was obligated upon us to do that which is most important for us which is a lot in terms of connection with him subhana wa Tada. So it's obligated five times a day.

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And salon is built on a very important

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pillar and that salon which is sort of Tel Fatiha and fancy hat is a doula again, again, the doula is your connection with the loss of Hannah Montana and the more you are remembering Allah subhanaw taala and calling upon him and asking for his guidance and asking for his favors, the more you will be connected to a lunch of Hannah who will China so I want to share this with you.

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A companion very famous campaign

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his name was Abu but what

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I will back

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Come on front row front row, don't worry about anyways, Abu Bakr

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Abu Bakar no Abu Bakr writer, a coffee while the Allahu teilen he he had a son.

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son's name was Muslim Muslim had been heavy Becker. And he said, I used to hear my father at the end of the salon. He would say Allahumma inni through the weekend in the world fucker. What we'll cover

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is I used to hear my father say this all the time.

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And so I was in salaat one time without my father. And he came by and he heard me saying at the end of the Salah Allahumma in Neo to become in a coup de Waal fuckery why they will cover he said so he came to me after the salon and he says yeah, boom, a min aina hut, hula and Kelly met Where did you get those words from?

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And he said, Yeah, but a heart to Hank, I got them from you.

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He said felt them when

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he said then stick to them stick to those words. Because in the similar to Rasulullah sallallahu it was telling me yet to be heavy duty coup de Sala, I used to hear the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam make do with those words at the end of every Salah.

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This do

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the translation of it is Oh Allah I seek refuge in You from disbelief. Cofer from fucker poverty and from the punishment of the grave.

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And if you can't memorize this in Arabic, at least memorize those meanings in English and save them at the end of your prayer, your sunlight. Even if you have to say them in English, though it is better for you to learn them in Arabic. Now, that being said,

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it's important for us to understand the depth of what the prophet Isaiah selected was Sam was actually seeking refuge from because it gives more meaning to the duyst and allies of the jungle does not accept to do it from a heart. That is McKelvin

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Having a heart that is

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distracted and preoccupied. So if you don't know the meaning of what you're saying, most likely your heart is not going to be in it. It's very difficult to mean something. And you don't know the meaning of it. I mean, I guess that's kind of pretty obvious. So, the prophet it is Salatu was Salam here is seeking refuge and a lot of us we say, we live, but do we really know what is the either means when we seek refuge in something? So right now, in the United States, there's a, a crisis at the border, right? What kind of crisis is people

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seeking refuge? refugees, right? So people seeking refuge, they want to take shelter in the United States, and be protected from whatever it is that they're running from. So when you're when you're seeking refuge with a loss of Hannah Montana, you're seeking Allah azza wa jal shelter, you're seeking His protection. Subhana, who was Anna, from whatever it is that this thing that is that you don't want in your life? So you seek refuge from that thing. And so the Prophet idea selected was Sam would seek refuge in a loss of habitat it frequently for many different things. Here, we have three things. The first of them is called.

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And coffered linguistically means to you, it means to cover something.

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And I think the first time I realized that was when I was first started studying Arabic In the mid to late 90s. And I was in Medina at the time.

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most must have a salad format. And so the the teacher was going around the room is asking the students to tell him something about themselves and their family. So the one the one student says to the to the shape, he says, Yeah, my father's a fella. What's up? Does anybody know?

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A farmer? Which, which? Totally side note, if you say hi, little fella, huh?

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Sorry, we'll get back to the point. So.

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So he says, Yeah, my father is a farmer. So then the Shaykh says, ala boot catfish, your father's a catfish. And we were like, what? No, really? That was like that. Really? I'm telling I never forgot this lesson. So yeah, boot camp. Father's a cafe. man that was like, wait a minute. That's over the top. We can't do this here. I mean, you know, think back that was a talked about people insulting other people. I mean, that was it was really insulting. So he says no, a calf is a farmer, somebody who, why why do they call a farmer a calf it because he, he puts the seeds in and he covers it. Right? So, Cofer linguistically, linguistically means a tulta. And, in fact, some etymologist claim

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that the word cover in English comes from Kapha in Arabic, and it is a similarity alumnos. But the point here is, what does that mean for for the believer when we say coffee?

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We obviously know that COVID is a rejection of faith, right? Or what we would say is disbelief. But some of the scholars say that the camford was called a Kaffir, because his heart was covered. And he man was not allowed to penetrate that cover. And so we seek refuge in Allah subhana wa tada from disbelief. And

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when we seek refuge in Allah Subhana, WA tada from anything, then we're seeking refuge from that thing, and those things that lead to it as well. And we have to be careful of that. So Allah subhanaw taala did not just prohibit Zina, and adultery and fornication but he was that Tucker boo, don't go close to it. The means that lead to that are also forbidden. So when we think about seeking refuge in a loss pants out of from anything, as you're making that do I think about those things that lead to comfort, you're also seeking refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from those things.

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And your Eman is the most valuable thing you have your Eman is what defines purpose in life. And every human being needs purpose, which is why you find people and it's really sad. It's really sad. When you hear people say, I found my calling in life I'm supposed to make people happy through singing. Not really, they and they honestly believe that for four or five years or whatever it might have been a waste a large portion of it, looking for their calling as Muslims will lie. Eliza gel has blessed us because we know what

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purposes and we know what the endgame is, a lot of people don't have that. And by leaving off faith and going down a path of disbelief, your purpose gets altered.

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And therefore it messes with the psychology of the human being so panela so when you sit you seek refuge in Allah subhana wa tada from,

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from disbelief and everything that leads to that. And we have to realize that the things that lead to that in this society are many I'm not going to go into, we don't have enough time to talk about all of these things. But just be aware of everything that leads to copper, and especially those things that alter the identity of the Muslim that that play with the identity of your children, when they begin to think that there's another way that may be equal to or better than Islam.

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And that's what happens a lot of time when we throw them in the middle of the ocean of secular education and so forth, that it begins to reprogram or program them because maybe we haven't done our own job of teaching them the value of Islam. To do I have use of Rs lm to work for any Muslim. Oh Allah allow me to die as a Muslim well, honey, sorry, he put me in the company of the righteous and we hear in every hook but yeah, you already know I'm gonna talk Allah, Hakka Ducati, wala Mouton, Illa lava into Muslim and don't die, except that you are Muslims. And so living as a Muslim in submission to a loss of hand with Anna, we can't get away from submission we will submit to

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something the human being is frail. So we either are servants of Allah subhana wa tada The one who created us with servants of something else.

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And being servants of something else is COVID. So we seek refuge in Allah subhana wa tada from that. And by seeking refuge in that you are implicitly asking Allah subhanaw taala to make your image stronger, Salama, any other medical, well fucker, and I seek refuge in You from poverty. Poverty, by definition, both in English and Arabic is to lack something to be deficient. And something if you say this water, for example, is

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is poor of minerals or something like that. It doesn't have enough mineral poor, it doesn't have enough minerals. So when we say that when we when we seek refuge in Allah Subhana Allah from poverty.

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This is two types.

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There is Falco knifes father and Mal. There is the poverty of the soul.

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And you we actually use that this terminology by the way in English we say Oh, what a poor soul. Right?

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You know how poor this person is. But there's there's poverty that is well known, which is that you don't have enough wealth, enough money, and there's poverty of the soul. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam here was seeking refuge from both and Allah Subhana Allah knows best

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power, poverty of the soul

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is to never be content.

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This is why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Lisa Latina, and Catholic salado were Latino Latina in enough's, that being rich,

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being wealthy, does not mean that you have a lot of materials, a lot of property, but it is the wealth of the soul. Meaning that you are content with what Allah Subhana Allah has blessed you with. That is real wealth. So you can imagine and you probably know people like this subotica law, they have a lot of money.

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They get a brand new car, how long are they happy with that new car?

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A month, two months? And then they like, Ah, yes. Okay, but I need another one. You don't need anything. But because your heart is attached to dunya.

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And it's attached to these material things you feel like you need so when you feel like you need something, then what you're not satisfied. So you don't really you have a lot but you don't feel like it. And what is it that actually makes you happy what you have or how you feel?

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Seriously, how you feel.

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And so a person who is content with what Allah Subhana Allah has given them that person is rich, because their heart is attached to a loss of Hannah with data and Eliza Jill nourishes them, and they don't feel the need for external, you know, validation.

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And so that that's the problem.

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Poverty of one soul.

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And then is

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really being impoverished in terms of wealth, and acquired brothers and sisters, don't take this lightly. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam sought refuge with the loss of parents Allah from poverty. Because there is a correlation between poverty and violence. There's a correlation between poverty and bad health. There's a correlation between poverty and inadequate education. All of those things. Do you know how many people here in the United States of America live below the poverty line?

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how much

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to 22% 22% about.

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And some big cities 25% of the population live under the poverty line.

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you know, the fact that the prophet Isaiah is Salatu was Salam sought refuge with ALLAH Subhana. Allah from poverty is important. Because it shows us that there is not a virtue. Some people believe this, by the way, that there's a virtue and being poor.

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There's virtue and being patient with your circumstances. But the virtue is because of the patient's not because of, of the circumstances. And so, as Muslims, we need to actively try not to be poor.

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Not so that we can have a whole lot of money to brag and boast because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also also sought refuge with the lust parents, Allah, Min pfitzner Tila Hina, from the pfitzner of wealth, because some people with their wealth, they become arrogant because they have wealth. And some people with their wealth, they brag and they boast. And some people use it, if they didn't have wealth, they would not be able to do some of the Haram things that they do with their wealth.

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So wealth can also be a fitna and the Muslim seeks that middle ground. And there were many of the companions of the Prophet Isaiah Salatu was Salam who were rich, and that was considered to be a father, because they use their wealth to benefit Islam. So we want well so that we can benefit our Deen and so that we can leave something for our families as well the profit is a lot that was sentimental sides of me will cost for you rather low tide and who for you to leave your family with wealth so that they don't have to get to Kapha fullness and that they don't have to go out, put their hands out in front of the people, this is better for you than to give it all away as suck.

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Okay, so the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam sought refuge with ALLAH Subhana Allah from alpha, and everything that leads to poverty, therefore comes under that. And one of the main causes of poverty in the big wealth gap that we have here in the United States is inadequate education.

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And, and the the, in fact, they call education, the great equalizer. And it doesn't mean that if you have a great education that you're necessarily going to be, you know, well to do. And it doesn't mean that if you don't have a good education, that you can't be like a very prosperous businessman. But education is key. And I think that is a very side note, side note. I think that as Muslims, we have to create our own platforms about what we think is important. And not just align ourselves with the right or the left.

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Because the reality is, is there is no platform that exists right now that a Muslim can buy into wholesale, you look at the right, they don't want us.

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They don't you look at the left, they want us but only in as much as we will, you know, push their agenda, which may be against our own morality, but because they have accepted us and because we are a minority, and is because we say okay, okay, we'll play along. And it's not okay. We have enough of a minority, we have a critical mass, or we can create our own platforms. What if we, as Muslims, did, like Lyndon Johnson did in 1964

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when he declared war on what does anybody know?

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I know some of you were alive in 1964. He declared war on what? on poverty 55 years ago, when the when the when poverty had risen so much in the United States that 19% of the people were living under the poverty line. Well, here we are 55 years later, after the war on poverty, and we got 3% more.

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And he In other words, he didn't succeed he didn't do so well. But as Muslims, we could get behind a platform of a war on poverty. that pushes better healthcare, the most of the middle class who have declared bankruptcy in this country do so because of for medical reasons.

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Medical bankruptcies have broken the middle class.

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The majority of people who declare bankruptcy in this country is because of medical reasons or something related to it.

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So we could get behind a platform that pushes for better and more fair medical care, better education, those type of things, because that is part of the prophecy sometimes do I allow me to be criminal fucker, I will be committed to free will. The last thing that the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam sought refuge in the last title from in this particular Heidi was I that will cover punishment in the grave.

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And, again, when we seek refuge with the loss of humans, either from anything we're also seeking refuge from him,

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with him from those things that lead to

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that thing that we're seeking refuge from, and what is it that leads to leads to punishment in the grave? If don't pay him, or him or her, Allahu taala

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he gives us a very comprehensive answer.

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And he says, that there are three things a gentle Bella

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while ivali Emily law

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what take care cab mausi

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In other words, ignorance of a lost parents adder,

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neglecting to fulfill His commands, and doing those things that he has prohibited.

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So we have specific hobbies about people who have been punished in the grave, but that is the ultimate, you know, summary of it.

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How do you not get punished in the grave? You know who Allah subhana wa tada is and you connect with him

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and you fulfill His commands, and you stay away from his prohibitions. If that is the case, then you will be like that Muslim, who though the Hereafter is a very scary

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event, if I can use that term, a very scary stage. But for those who fulfill a loss of Hamlet's Alice commands, they will be like the one who in his or her grave.

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A person will come to them has an n which has an A Thea poquito de this person is he has a nice face, handsome,

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wearing nice clothes and from him emanates a great smell.

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And he says men and who are you? And he says, No, I'm a Lucas solly I am your righteous deeds. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us from those who remember him because he held on to remember him Allah subhana wa tada I implore you to memorize this to Allahumma inni I was a Vika you all know that so I want to hear you say that Aloma in the eye with a beaker.

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Everybody knows that all I seek refuge in You mineral cover.

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While fucker why they will cover? Say that at the end of all of your prayers. And be in think about what you're saying? Before you do testily.

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So after you as the prophesy sound rude at the end of your Tisha hood, and at the end of the sentence align Salaam upon the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam. For you to hire somebody at a higher minimum quality measure, they let him choose from whatever he likes to say. Make sure you say this do I love them and you know to be committed to free will. Why they will come up szczepanik along with hammock shadowline Island to stop Rico to be like

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this middle here

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