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Now you guys know Russell Brand right?

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Now Russell Brand just made a video called why he wears the cross. And He says, I'm interested to hear what you think. Okay, Russell. So let's go ahead and watch your video and I'm gonna let you know what I think the reason I wear a cross is because Christianity and in particular, the figure of Christ are, it seems to me inevitably becoming more important. As I become more familiar with suffering, purpose, self, and not self, it occurred to me that if instead of always talking to myself, inwardly, I could replace one of those voices with an indwelling God, I'm very interested to hear what you think because for me, my heart is open, let me know think Why do you wear this cross?

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And we ask this question with humility, sincerity and love, truly wanting the best for all of mankind, not with any hate, or trying to put somebody down. We are just sincerely trying to get people to intellectually think why, if Jesus, who we love dearly, by the way, is one of the mightiest messengers ever sent by God, who was calling the people to only worship the one Almighty Creator, not himself, or his blessed, mother, Mary, but only the Creator long without any intermediaries? Now, back to the question, why do you wear the cross around your neck? Have you really thought about it? Or are you just blindly imitating and fitting in?

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Someone might say this represents his sacrifice, and his dying for my sins on the cross. Sidenote, Jesus never ever told people to worship him as a god, literal Son of God, or that he was coming to die for people since this has nothing to do with his true message or teachings, which we'll get to in a moment.

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If Jesus, as you say, was killed, just for an example, on an electric chair, would you be wearing a miniature representative tation of an electric chair around your neck? Or if he was hung? Would it be a rope killed with a machete or if they had guns at that time, and was killed in front of a firing squad? Would you be wearing a 30 caliber Winchester rifle or bow and arrow around your neck? You see, the cross has become a good luck charm and idol in and of itself, which totally goes against Jesus's true teachings and message. So by wearing the cross and worshipping Him, you are totally doing the opposite of what he told you to do. We see rappers gangsters, fashion celebrities,

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wearing this modern day idol around their necks while doing the most evil things. The cross at the end of the day can't help you. Only the Almighty can help you. If you turn to him alone. There are some very sincere and good people whom REALLY love JESUS. And as those people whom we want out educate, and let them know that this is exactly what Jesus in all the messengers home the creator sent warn people against.

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And that was against idol worship, or anything that can lead up to it against human worship, Saint worship, and any kind of creation worship. They all call people to worship the Creator alone and not his creation, at your worst of times, and the best of times, to only call on the almighty alone without any middlemen, to stay away from Black Magic spirit worship, suppose it good luck charms, and these strange and weird incantations and superstitions to think and to not blindly follow your ancestors and popular cultural traditions. If you really love Jesus do what he told you to do. He only worshipped the creator and called people away from creation worship. There is a statement that

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we can confirm he said, because it matches the consistent message all the prophets and the messengers that the Almighty sent. It's in John 17, three it says, Now this is eternal life, that they may know you referring to the Almighty Creator to the one God, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. That is Islam, the shahada, this is the truth, submitting to the fact that there is nothing worthy of any kind of worship except the one creator alone. And Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him is the last and final messenger that would automatically include the belief and all the messengers that came before him including Abraham, Moses and Jesus

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the Messiah, the Christ. This is pure monotheism. I

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tell people that a great place to start is in the heart. You got to be sincere and earnestly asking the almighty alone to guide you to that which is pleasing to Him. Start doing that today. Well, there you go, Russell, this is what I think about the whole situation you got my sincere advice with respect and love, give that some thought. And I'd like to hear what you guys think go ahead and leave that in the comments below. And one more thing before you go if you'd like a free copy of the Koran, go to the deen I'll get you one for free and you've liked that video. You can watch this one here and you can watch this one here. hit that notification bell subscribe if you haven't

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reward all of you