Ramadan Reminders – Why Would he do That To His Brother

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters in Islam to an alarming new console Hello, man. The standout lesson from tonight's story that I would like to share with you obviously every is a standard error and it's less than is a standard lesson. But in terms of our series together is the story of the children of Adam alayhis salaam, his two sons and the jealousy that happened between them. And then that jealousy led to one son, stretching out his arm

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in an evil way to his blood brother and executing his blood brother, brothers and sisters in Islam. Jealousy is an evil is from the qualities of SharePoint and really shape our downfall

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was jealousy. He was honored by Allah subhanho wa Taala. He was given entrance into paradise he was given entrance into the spaces of the melodica of the angels. he worshipped Allah subhanho wa Taala in an amazing way. And then in one moment of madness, he dissolved all that goodness, he dissolved all that worship, he dissolved all

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his amenities, all his privileges. In one moment of madness, that moment of madness was when he was consumed by jealousy. He was under the state of being jealous, Allah Mr. And then he said in a halal manner, so jealous he was, he did an answer the commander of Allah who he worships so diligently before. Why Allah because I am better than him.

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What happened that to his downfall?

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When we come on Earth, we see the first sin created the sin of killing. And it stemmed from jealousy. Right? Yes, the result was a soul was taken. But let's backtrack. Right, let's do a root cause analysis. Right. Let's go back here. And let's see what led to this final catastrophe, this final disaster. It was Genesis, right. And we see this today, brothers and sisters in Islam, this jealousy consuming our communities consuming our families consuming our homes, causing our homes to become disunited, causing our communities to become disunited, causing Muslim organizations that all want to do good for the sake of Allah and, and and the benefit of the Muslims they all share a

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common purpose, a common goal, but Subhan Allah, they become jealous of each other, and then they work in the downfall of each other. So Pamela, and then you know, it is sad that it's it's it reaches a stage where one says that the the enemy of my organization or the enemies of Islam or not the non Muslims, the Muslims themselves at the Muslims work harder than the non Muslims in the downfall of the brothers and sisters and the efforts of the brothers and sisters brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in al hacer de Koolhaas la ku narrow help. I say this headed after telling you about the downfall of Chopin even though he had so much good the

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downfall of the son of Adam, even though he had good before that has said jealousy, eats away your good deeds just like fire. It's refiled burns, it is annihilated. Brothers and sisters in Islam, it causes your deeds to never exist, or even have an identity of existing before a long time. And then don't forget that when you jealous over you know, it's not it's normally directed to a fellow servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala which means the whole cuckoo bird come into play the rights of the worshipers of Allah, the servants of Allah and with regards to these rights than if you wronged someone, Allah will not forgive you until they forgive you. And brothers and sisters, we live in a

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day and age where people are not quick to forgive. It's becoming a rare trait. People are happy to hold grudges. People are happy to say I will meet you on the day of pm. We will sort this out on the day of karma. Right? People are not quick to forgive is not like the past at the time of the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu many times have changed drastically. This is especially not the time where you want to go about becoming jealous of people and then exercising that hatred on people. Because nothing comes after you exercise that hatred.

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Nothing comes after it except regret.

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And then when you try to rectify it, you're probably going to get that wall. That answer that will meet on the piano. You wronged me I'm not forgiving you along with that.

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All right. So brothers and sisters in this lab, again, it's going to eat all your good deeds cause your good does not have an identity, then if you if you if you if you exercise it, you're going to put yourself in a situation where you probably won't be forgiven, and this man is going to be taken to Allah on the day of pm. On the day of our brothers and sisters in Islam.

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The payout is done with deed, right? So you burning your good deeds here and the few deeds you meet allow us they're going to be used to solve

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the problems between the Ummah on the deal. These are serious consequences brothers and sisters in Islam. And I didn't say every IRA is important. But the standout IRA for me, especially in my travels and meeting different communities and dealing with different family issues across different societies. You know, I always try and contemplate the cause, do this root cause analysis and it boils down to jealousy. And jealousy then gives growth to the ego and that's a discussion for another day. Brothers and sisters in Islam, the action point this Ramadan. Remember, we said none of these messages are meant to make us depressed. They went to inspire a better application in a better

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Ramadan, this Ramadan, sit down and again, be your best friend. Remember that statement of mine. Don't call

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a spade a big spoon, call it a spade. call yourself out for who you are. Make a list of the people you have jealousy towards. Understand why and then understand that what they have that's making you jealous Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them and Allah subhanho wa Taala is not stingy with the builder. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is not poor when he has a builder, if he hasn't given you, it's because he knows what Allah that if he gives you it will lead to your downfall allows you to go to Jen La ilaha illa Allah. So when Allah doesn't give you so you can go to gender, brothers and sisters he's actually giving you even when Allah doesn't give us he gives us ilaha illa Allah

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because Allah is perfect, unless perfect, right is that like when human beings hold back from giving us maybe they're poor, they can't afford it, maybe they're jealous of us, they have a problem with us, they don't want to give us they don't want to support us. It's a different scenario. When Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't give us he's actually giving us because he doesn't give us with a wisdom, which is divine, which also dictates our success in this world and the next brothers and sisters in Islam. So do this root cause analysis, and let's start fixing it up. Let's start fixing it up. And let's take the step forward by making Salaam to those people who we probably avoided simply because

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we're jealous of their success. There's nothing to be jealous of anyone brothers and sisters in Islam, because you are also successful in the fact that I did and given you just as they are successful in the fact that Allah has given him and who knows, maybe I was testing them by that which he gave them. If they're not thankful it will be a punishment for them brothers and sisters in Islam. And if you realize that, then exercise your right to be a brother to a brother and a sister to a sister to go and congratulate them for that which Allah has given them and then remind them to thank Allah. This is the way of the Maha masala while he was telling him, this is the way of the

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sun. Don't be jealous of them. Be a means of the gifts that Allah gave them being a means of their entry into agenda because we want our Muslim brother to go into agenda. Brothers and sisters celebrate the successes of other people as if it's your own success and feel hurt at the failure of other people as if it's your own hurt. I leave you with this message as I love you all for the sake of Allah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh