Taha Karaan – The Dangers of Assimilating for Muslim Minorities (2 of 2)

Taha Karaan
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam have been highlighted, with every generation carrying a responsibility to preserve the great deen and act in a consistent way. The need for deen preservation and oil preservation is also emphasized, along with the importance of sharia and deen values. The need for acceptance of differences among individuals is emphasized, and healthy behavior and proactive communication are emphasized as crucial for achieving deen preservation and oil preservation. The importance of constant communication and cooperation is emphasized, along with the need for constant communication and cooperation in face of differences.
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Before she used to have my cousin, he stayed for a number of years passed away on these shores. But when he left, his position was filled afterwards by men of learning a man or men who could dispense guidance to others. There was initially him thereafter there was a young guru there after the old Alama that some of the other fought and preserve. No generation was there, except that they had been men imbued with the spirit of Islam, imbued with the spirit of perseverance and preservation, who dedicated themselves to the task that whatever happens, this Calima will not disappear from the hearts of our children, whatever happens this Deen will remain. And for 300 years, it has been

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maintained. Because in every generation, there was care and attention given to its preservation by men who might not have been the most learned at all times. But definitely they were seized, they were possessed of a certain spirit. And that's what it was that we have a purpose in life. And that purpose is to preserve this great legacy which Allah Tala had given us in the years that lie ahead.

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From 94 onwards, certain doors that open certain liberties that crept in from being one of the most conservative nations in the world, South Africa suddenly became one of the most liberal jurisdictions, it became became the first country in the world to legitimize same * marriages, it became in just about every sense, a human rights through his jurisdiction, were all ties with revealed truth as the anchor and the guard and the custodian of morality were cut. It was now something morality became something to be determined in, in light of each person's own intellect, his own reason it became a rational exercise, rather than one of Revelation. Reason was given

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preference over revelation. And we are living in that particular society in which the role of reason is constantly being elevated above that revelation, religion has been relegated to the corners of private enterprise, this is what you do on your own, but at the level of state at the level of its organs, at the level of society, it will be reasoned in it's an anchored sense, that will determine the cause that society will take the time such as this, with challenges such as this facing us, what do we do? Where do we go? In the following 300 years that lie ahead of us? Will we will our descendants one day be able to look back and say Alhamdulillah, they were people who have taken upon

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themselves the duty of preserving this deen and therefore, we are still eating the Kalima La ilaha illallah, will they be able to say that, or will they be like those others who says, Well, my father, or my great great grandfather had been Muslim once upon a time. But we had left that behind us a long time ago, every community has this important duty, something that doesn't lace up on the shoulders of some unknown, it rests upon the shoulders of every parent, it rests upon the shoulders of every teacher, it rests upon the shoulders of every responsible member of that community, that in whichever way I pursue my cause in life, there has to remain within the back of my mind, on the

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front of my mind, there has to remain the idea that I have a dean to preserve, I have to impart that Dean to those initially will have in my household, and thereafter create the necessary structures within society, the massage the modalities and all of those things, they need to co exist, they need to be preserved, they need to be sustained, in order that the next 300 years will bring the same kind of results of the first 300 He has brought

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a simple blueprint. A simple blueprint would be let's have a four or five point plan for example, nothing that we can enforce upon everyone but let's start discussing around the issues and looking at ways in which this particular minority can not only preserve its existence, but use its existence as a springboard for the very Dharwar for which Allah Tala had placed us upon this earth. First and foremost, everything starts from where from the columella ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, much has been said about the schema much will still be said about the schema from forums such as this from platforms such as this, I just want to bring two specific points out of that Calima to your

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attention today. The first is that is not just efficient, La ilaha illa Allah and Muhammad Rasool Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is Allah is what we speak, but within our hearts, there has to be not just one but a multifaceted understanding of what it is all about. Two of those facets I need to bring to your attention today. The first is that La ilaha IL Allah must be spoken in the sense of what the love of Allah Allah

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Taqwa of Allah, Allah, Allah in place, fear of Allah these plays, all those are specific angles, specific aspects that will necessarily have to be there. But there's one specific aspect that I want to speak about and that is the love of Allah Allah. The Quran says we're loving a man who shall do Balilla those who have a man they love for Allah Tala is most supreme above everything else. So that idea of love of Allah Allah while we inculcate into our youth into our children into those will be our future.

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become the next generation we inculcate several things into them. They need to be together with that the love the recognition that leads to the love of Allah Allah. Together with it. Muhammad Rasool Allah also the love of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, not just recognizing and knowing his name and knowing his sila but together with inculcating that sentiment of the love of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam because as he says himself, now you're

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gonna have but really he meanwhile he whenever he wonders as human, until you do not love Rasul Allah Allah Allah Allah is Allah more than what you love your father weighed more than what you love your children more than what you even love yourself, then you Iman is not complete when those two elements of the love of Allah Allah and His Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah Allah in place, then the next aspect of this Kalama becomes easy, and that is obedience and submission to whatever Allah and His Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam have decreed, without the love of Allah and His rasool Allah, Allah Solomon placed, Sharia becomes a burden. You'll find it difficult, but why should I do it this way?

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Why can't I just do it? Why do I have to get up early in the morning before dawn for failure? Why do I have to fast in this particular way? Why is our inheritance law structured in this particular way? Why can't we have it more aligned with something else? Something more along human rights, something more along the lines of gender equality? No. If you love Allah and His law school, you will take pride in obeying Allah and His Rasul because it will something it will be something that sustains and that feeds that love of Allah Tala and His Rasul Allah, Allah Allah was the age in which we are moving towards the age towards which we are moving is one that says, you should make the decision on

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the basis of your own reason. Whatever you decide in life should be made on the basis of what you reasoned out with your mind. And if you feel that my son should get the same as my daughter gets, and you will feel that is equality then that is what you should do. That is what reason demands Allah and his results Allah Allah Allah selendy Man something else, Allah says hamaca and any more meaning one minute in either called Allahu wa rasuluh Amana Yeah, Cornella homophobia, Rahman Emery him, when Allah and this was all sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have proclaimed and promulgated any particular law no Muslim man or woman no believing man or woman has any right to decide anything

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else the money which I have earned, if I look at that money and say well this is what I have earned. And I want to spend the money in the way that I wish and I want to give that money to whom I wish in in the in the proportion that I wish then you must remember the money is not yours because your app says what to whom may Manila Hillary, come it's not yours. It is Allah give of Allah's wealth.

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That which Allah Allah has given you Allah has given it to you you are merely the agent that should distribute according to what Allah Tala had set out. So first of all, the love of Allah nice Rasul, leading them after doing acceptance of the Sharia, as Allah is Rasul Allah Allah is Allah has given it to us. And as the succeeding generations of Muslims from the Sahaba to data we are in to the very present day that successive chain that continues of the transmission of ailment continues up to the present day through which it has been handed down there in lies the pleasure of Allah is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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With that in place, after understanding the need for the need for the love of Allah, Allah is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the need for unquestioning EPS acceptance there off, we move to the next thing, one of the major ingredients of the preservation of our deen in these parts has been that we have made our ancestors have made the necessary arrangements for modalities massage, to continue. These must be these must be kept alive, we cannot start diverting our attention to other things and say no other things are more important. We need to ignore this for a while. As long as illness preserved in in particular community, Dean will be preserved that they are

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Ill miss neglected the day the doors of the institute's of Ireland, close the door, the institutions have closed their doors. On that day, we can prepare for the janazah of Dean in this country. Wherever Dean has not been preserved. It was because it had not been preserved. Here we have an example in front of us, we can see what happened to others. And we can see how we have managed some of the other islands ancestors manage. Sometimes it was a very low level. Sometimes it was a matter of slave lodges in the Cape in which you secretly go and impart to people. You know what, you're a Muslim, and this is the Kalima, at times, it was just an afternoon madrasa. At times it went up to

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the level of the dialogue looms. But all of these are part and parcel of the secret the recipe, which is the secret of the success of the preservation of the in our parts of the world.

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Another factor that's of importance. Another factor that's of importance in the preservation of deen is that

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in the pursuit of alien, and in this in the preservation of oil in evitable II, not from today from the time of Sahaba to the present day, there have always been differences of opinion. There have been there

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differences of opinion and they will continue to be difference of opinion, consensus is something that appears very, very attractive consensus is also very, very difficult to achieve. So, while we are not always able to achieve consensus on each and every point, what needs to be understood is that there will be differences. And the question is how will we negotiate difference in our ranks, certain Alama will go this way, another argument go the other way, what needs to happen thereafter? Will we then embark upon a campaign to slander one another, just because of the fact that we differ in opinion, there needs to be an understanding that as mother hip differ, as individuals will

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there will always be these differences of opinion, there needs to be the understanding that we need to respect and negotiate differences give it a specific place, what OSHA or a booker La Jolla Nasaan Matunga. If Allah Tala has a wanted, you would have made everyone want everyone believing in the same thing, everyone following the same opinion. But while I as Aluna Mata defin, people will always differ. This is one of the greatest tests that Allah Allah plays in front of this ummah, you will never you will find differences amongst yourself, you will find for different mother him, you will find differences within one particular Mother, you need to understand that at times the point of

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view where you stand is not quite based upon the same kind of principles where a person of a different method or a different community would stand. So there needs to be the large heartedness and the latitude to contain difference and not to condemn difference, differences will always be there. And lastly,

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in any society, where there's a minority and a majority or even two equally numbered communities, there will always be a certain dynamic in existence, that dynamic is one of attraction, the one will try to attack the other towards itself. The one will try to attack no one is static, no one is static, the one is always drawing the other towards itself. So this particular community of ours, if you do not become proactive, you will become the victim of that particular dynamic. If you do not stand up and invite towards your way of life and live the kind of life that Allah Tala had ordained you to live, live the kind of life that Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and set the example for, then

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you will inevitably become attracted by that particular force of attraction, which inevitably exists within various different communities. If you do not invite if you do not fulfill the function of Dawa, for which Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent when Allah Tala said What are en Illa Allah Hebei, if ni here was the Raja monniera, he was sent as a as one who invites towards Allah and his community by extension was also given that very same duty to command what is right to condemn what is evil and to bear the flag of guidance brought by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if we do not actively fulfill that role, then we will passively be drawn towards the other.

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So, a simple plan of action is that maintain some of the other sustain the love of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam before the love of Allah Tala in the hearts of every member of the community, most most, especially our church, our children, so that by extension, what will happen, it will become a matter of pleasure, and not one of difficulty for them to live according to the Sharia, which Allah Tala has put in place without asking any questions. Thereafter, maintain the tradition of ailment, whichever in whichever form, it exists within society, from the most primary levels up to the most tertiary levels, the preservation and the transmission of alien needs to remain alive

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only then will Islam continue. And then we need to know that in this exercise, differences will arise. We need to know how to negotiate differences, how to accommodate differences, not how to condemn them. And lastly, to constantly be proactive in conveying our way of life, by word by deed, but more especially in the way that we live ourselves in the way that we project, the image, the lifestyle of our NABI sallallahu alayhi salam to others, thereby becoming those who will call others towards Allah, not necessarily by publication, by writing by speaking but just by being the Muslim that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam would have wanted us to be, when on the day of Tiama he will look

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at us with that smile and say Alhamdulillah this particular follower of my OMA he has acquitted himself well in the task of conveying my message to others. Allah Allah give us all the Tofik and the hedaya to work for the preservation of our deen in these ways mentioned and so many other ways, as are not mentioned here, all towards the same ultimate purpose. Lita guna Calima to Allah He He OLALIA the word of Allah Tala be supreme above everything else, legal hero who Allah de Nikoli so that Allah Allah will take this Deen elevated above all other at the end all other religions that task depends upon how well we acquaint ourselves of our lives as Muslims working with Dawa Anna and

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in family law here I'll be lying I mean, what's Allah Allah say the number how many mah earlier so here's mine

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