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The speakers discuss the importance of praying with a certain token to symbolize a relationship with Jesus, and share experiences of people reciting sermons and experiencing similar experiences. They also discuss the importance of not feeling the pain of throbbing feet and not interrupting one's re citation. The conversation emphasizes the need to constantly re-re rebuild oneself to see the path to achieving success and to not give up. The speakers also stress the importance of understanding and rewinding oneself to see the path to achieving success.

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A few case studies and examples of people who prayed with who Sure. You will notice that these examples by the way are from the past, but I promise you there are many people who pray with crucial in this masjid, I won't say in our times today somewhere in Mecca or Medina in our times today in our city or Cardiff, and in this particular visit Israel, you don't have to look far to find them. Today. I was praying next to one or two of the mashallah in the masjid and it made me really belittle myself when you see there at least their outward outward levels of wushu Allahu Akbar, this OMA produces high and there is good in it to the day of judgment.

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I share with you a few examples of people who prayed with kosher just to humanize it and let us put the theory aside for just a moment

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whose Salah was defined by greater who show them the salah of our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu

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nobody ever recognized his Lord more than our Prophet Muhammad Ali who salatu salam, nobody glorified Allah greater than he did.

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Look at him as he prayed.

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Allah Maha Isha. She said,

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Ken Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either Salah

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Baratza who are I'm sorry, he and I went out. She said Whenever the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would pray. He would lower his head

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and he would fixate his eyes on the ground,

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a humble slave of Allah agenda.

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And she said,

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calm and Vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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Biya in mineral karate like that. She said on one night.

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I remember that he spent the entire night in Salah, reciting only one idea over and over again. One idea over and over again from after Salah to Russia, until the future

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she didn't mention which area it was from the Quran.

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However, in another Hadith, which Anessa in rates above 35, he was sharing with his companions, his students this same narration and they said to him, which I have the Quran was it and he said to them, it's the ayah from Surah tuna eat our Allah said, quoting who Prophet Isa Alayhi Salatu was Salam Jesus, who will own the people who worshipped him besides Allah on the day of judgment, and a cell will say to Allah in to ICBO home for in Nahum Agha, if you choose to punish them, Oh Allah, then they are your slaves

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or interfere Lucha but if you forgive them for inaccurate analysis or hacking, you are the mighty and you are otherwise. So our Prophet alayhi salatu salam is remembering these words.

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And he is repeating the words of Asa hoping that you and I will be forgiven and Allah will have mercy upon us Subhanallah and I think out of his chef aka His compassion towards us.

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So this is his for sure.

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In Salah

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and another companion by the name of Abdullah him Nisha here, he said, Are you to Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Well who are you sadly I saw the Prophet once when he was praying while you Joshi he as easy as easy Mira jelly mineral Boca, and I noticed that his chest was making sounds like the boiling pot

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kettle that was boiling a pot that was boiling, because of his intense weeping in Salah.

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Allah like.

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And, as for the Koshu or of Tamim a blouse, a diary, this is another companion who was an ex Krisztian he was the companion who famously saw that the job during one of his trips and his friends before he became a, a Muslim.

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And to me was a diligent worship of Allah and His Salah was one of hula and to me, he spent the entire night once in one side

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reciting only one iron from the Quran and repeating it over and over again what is the I?

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It is where Allah Jalla Jalla who said hassy Bella you know, Tara who say, the and Julia hotel that I know I'm, you know, slightly hard

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to hold on I have to warn.

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where Allah says, do those who commit sins, think that we're going to make them like those who believe and they do good deeds, the same during their life and the same during their death. So comun How ill is that judgment, they are not the same.

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And he is repeating this in Salah over and over again, not feeling the pain of throbbing feet. Why because of who I am

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and you have a

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And Jose in Sun Valley, Utah, they probably Allahu Anhu. And there was a condition that would affect him every time he will do little, they would notice the color of his skin would change. He would be he will turn pale.

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And they would say to him, how come this happens to you every time you do and he would simply say to them, daddy funebre you know, God meant what do you do at home? Don't you know who it is that I'm about to stand before? Subhan Allah? Don't you know who it is that I am preparing my son alpha that is Allah

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affect their blood circulation as well. illallah kushco And as for Abdullah Agnes Zubaydah, the great young Sahabi

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there was a man by the name of Yeah habenula Saba, who saw Abdullah who's been praying and he said when he would prostrate in the Haram when he would prostrate birds would fall, and they would stand on his shoulders during the breath. Birds would sit on his back while they were thinking he's a trunk of tree

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when he's a block or a boulder of some sort and inanimate object because of what the horseshoe and one of the meanings we said is what stillness, sukoon stillness, now you know,

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and another one he is a tabby ie by the name of Tabitha Bonanni. He said Wallahi in Nila Adolphe Salviati

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for me Luhan the whole regime and

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he said Wallahi I begin my prayer. And instantly I am struck by a major concern the thought of having to end the salah Subhanallah the thought of having to end this

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what carries a person to enjoy the Salah in this way?

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That vehicle is called Crucial there is no other vehicle.

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And there is an amazing narration I think again, some of you will hear it for the first time,

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which are common rates on the authority of Jabil. And some scholars have said it has a Hasson sound chain of transmission. The Prophet sallallahu sallam was traveling with his companions in an expedition to the battle called husband to that record, and they were camping in the evening. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to his men that we need some of you to stand on guard during the night, less than enemy should come and infiltrate our ranks in Hamas.

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So two men volunteered.

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One man from number had your own the immigrants and another from the Tsar. We helped us

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the immigrant of course was Ahmad, new Yasser.

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And the unsavoury was a man called Bad evolution or bad inhibition.

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So everyone fell asleep.

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And Ahmad, he says to her bad, we need to split the night between us. So I will take half and you take the other half, which half of the night would you like a bad set? Let me take the first half of the night then I will wake you up and you take the second half of the night to God the Muslims during their sleep.

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So Ammar fell asleep, and how bad he noticed how it was a calm night. It was still there's tranquility and peace and he's alone. The same seclusion that a lot of people will use it as an opportunity to trespass on the limits of Allah and commit a sin. The Sahaba would see it as an opportunity to worship Allah and draw near to Him.

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Yeah, Allah I am alone, and no one can see me in this night. It's a perfect opportunity to pray with no distractions, yes or no.

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So he turns to the Qibla and he says Allahu Akbar and he begins

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and he is reciting. He is reciting Surah Toluca.

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Lo and behold, there was a man who came, and he saw the Muslims camping and he was one of the pagans and his wife had been injured in one of the skirmishes, skirmishes with the Muslims. And he had taken an oath that he will not return from his journey until he spills Muslim blood.

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So he sees the Muslims camping and a man who was standing.

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But it looks like a shadow. It's still it's not moving.

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And so he takes out an arrow from his quiver, places it in his bow and he pulls the string, and he launches the arrow and lands in the body of a bad

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bad there's something bizarre, he pulls out the arrow and places on the floor, and he continues to solder

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and now he's bleeding. Now the man is thinking that I hit him did not hit him because it whatever it is, it hasn't moved.

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So he takes out a second arrow from his quiver and puts it in his bowl, and he pulls the string and he and he releases the arrow. It hits a bad Subhanallah it pierces his body. And so he somehow takes out the arrow and he places it next and he continues his

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and then the pagan he's still unsure about what to do here and so he takes out a third hour

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And he launches it and it hits Habad in his body.

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And so he pulls it out of his body. And now he realizes that he's about to lose his life.

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And so he falls into Balbriggan frustration and he ends his Salah

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and then he wakes up Ahmad, he said Mr. I've been struck, and Ammar he looks at the body of our bad. It's like a red idol. Just drenched from blood from head to toe. He's really injured badly. He said to him, may Allah forgive you. Why didn't you wake me up from the first ROIC three

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and then here's the response that could only be uttered by a man or a woman who carries out Salah in a state of Chihuahua.

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And that inhibition he said

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I was reciting a surah from the Quran. And I really did not want to interrupt it. And then he says Wei Mala I swear by my load, Lola Andy, although you run Amarante Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and behaviorally he la Papa infc. A couple of papaya wouldn't feed.

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He said I swear by Allah if it wasn't for the fear of failing in a task that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had entrusted me with I would have stayed in my place till I die instead of interrupting my re citation during salah.

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That's the only thing I was just worried about letting you guys down otherwise my soul is cheap in the path of Allah the sun eyes, as I know of course you look at what it does for people.

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So these are examples of people whom you could see them when they are praying, their physical presence is there their emblems, their bodies, it's there, but their their role. Their souls are up out of this universe is transcended everything that you know, and they are, they are circumambulating around the Throne of Allah Allah God Allah Who above the seventh heaven, worshiping Allah calling upon Allah feeling that nearness and warmth to Allah Jalla Drago where they have disconnected momentarily from everything that you and I call life.

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This is for sure.

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See, our brothers and sisters there's a very important point here.

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A lot of us we read that sunnah.

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prevents people from sin

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and obscenities Have you not read that in the Quran where Allah said in no salata turn her and in fascia even monka Salah actively prevents a person from obscenities and sin, Salah prevents you from sin. And then some people they say I don't feel that really. I mean, I've been praying someone will say for a very long time, but my habits or habits since our sins and social media how I present myself hasn't changed hijab listeners as a hijab listeners, relationships are stuck with the law, pornography, maybe drugs or smoking haram money. It hasn't changed but I pray.

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So what are you trying to say?

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There's really one of two conclusions. The first of them is impossible, however, but there's two logical ways of looking at this. Either the Quran has told a lie,

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stuck Fetullah

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either the salah does not prevent a person from sin as the Quran has promised.

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Or either we are yet to carry out the type of Salah that prevents people from sin.

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Which of the two must it be?

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Has to be the second one the last one because Allah does not speak alive. Therefore if I am praying

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and I'm not seeing an effect of it in my life, it's not causing me to grow. It's not changing my habits. Then there is nothing wrong with the Sunnah. There is something wrong with my version of sada

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it is devoid of course you are and that is why I'm not enjoying it. And that is why it's not causing me to grow and transforming me. That's why I'm saying no change.

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See, when you complain, we go back to the introduction when you and I complain that I don't enjoy Salah it's boring, it's repetitive. You and I don't actually have a problem with the salah itself. We have a problem with what our Salah has become.

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If you and I had felt that yearning nearness to Allah Jalla Jalla Lu, when we worship Him in Salah, you wouldn't say that, but what we dislike is what our Salah has become.

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And yes, so now without who is burden, it's a burden. It's a headache, it's hardship.

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And that is why Allah said we're in the Holika we are in the huddle house you're in Salah is a burden Allah said except upon those who pray with crucial

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how much your Salah gives you

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depends entirely on how much you give your Salah.

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How much your Salah will transform you my dear brother, my dear sister, depends on the effort that you invest in transforming your Salah.

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How much your Salah will purify you and change you depends entirely on how much you actively play a role in purifying your Salah from distraction, half heartedness and neediness and absent mindedness. Then the salah will cause us to grow and that is a Salah with who you are.

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How do we attain kosher? What are the detractors of who sure why does who should leave us so frequently? Why is it so difficult apparently to attain? These are some of the questions that we want to address inshallah in this holistic Salah rehabilitating program. This is not a lecture series. I really believe this is a really a rehabilitation program for hours. And that's how we should approach it. Let us conclude with this.

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We want to address a very common misconception when it comes to the topic of culture.

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That misconception says that culture is about focus during Salah some of you said that

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it's not entirely wrong.

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But we should not limit our understanding of Osho as being focus during Salah that's just entry level for sure.

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That's the very first layer

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whereby you keep your mind focused, riveted on your Salah, and you centralize the salah such that if you think about work or friends or family or business, right, you bring it back to the Sunnah. Some people think this is the aspiration, that's the goal to achieve. This is this is Pico, sure, that's entry level.

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To keep your mind focused on Santa, it's a great desperation. But that's just the beginning.

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There's many other levels and meanings and values and depths and layers to work towards. We're going to add these layers inshallah as we go through the weeks.

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But first, realize that keeping your mind focused on the Salah, and bringing it back when it takes left and right turns. That's just the beginning of your understanding of who you are.

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And don't give up.

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Don't fall into despair. Don't say to yourself, oh my goodness, if that is entry level who show and I'm struggling with that. I have no hope in applying and learning about the other layers and experience in my life. So you don't give up.

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Don't have a defeatist or fatal and fatalistic mentality. No, there's no need for that. You're able to pray with who you are, if you want it. You can say I don't want to pray with kosher that would make more sense than saying I can't pray with bushwa. You can. It's a choice.

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And what's the evidence? The evidence is how you and I behaved when we went inside and examination theater

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GCSEs A Levels whatever it may be. Have you ever come across someone who comes out of the examination theater after an hour or two of exam? And then he goes

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to how was your How was the paper? He goes oh my goodness, I left it blank entirely. I didn't even write my name. How come I lost focus? No one says that

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no one says that. You're you are laser focused during your exam meaning you can focus if you want to.

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Similarly if you're watching a captivating film, in the cinema at home, Netflix, whatever it may be, even if it's two or three hours long

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and it's gripping, you will not lose focus.

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And that's why you see people running to the bathroom when the film finishes why because they were so focused they didn't realize they needed the bathroom.

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So that is proof that you and I are able to focus if we wanted to focus so it's impossible it's inconceivable that Allah who will instruct you to pray a Salah would show up but he knows that you can do it you can we can.

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So entry level kashua Is what

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is what my dear brothers is to focus. Let's add another layer and we will conclude with this.

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The second nail for sure is what do you think you'll be actually

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what is what would be the second layer? What would come logically after

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What would help you focus

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okay to imagine paradise.

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We are your asset. Okay. Yeah, good.

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Yeah, that links in with what I want to say really anything else?

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Your interest, okay, but to be interested, what do you have to do?

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You have to

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envision envision how

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Do you envision something?

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What do you need to envision something

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you need to

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You need to understand,

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isn't it? Some people may be able to be focused in Salah I'm bringing, and you're focused on your salon, but you don't understand anything that's going on.

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So a lot of brothers, they will say you actually I don't enjoy my son, I think I'm a sinful person. Sometimes it's not about sins. Sometimes it's not because you are a bad person that we're not focusing on so simply because we don't understand what we're saying. Understanding

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Allah is a rough man and he is a Rahim you say in your Quran Rahman Rahim, what's the difference between the two?

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Why is it that you do not bow in once but we prostrate twice? How come?

00:20:51--> 00:20:59

What does this mean when you are in the state of the Shahada? Speaking of the Shahada? What does it mean when you say adhere to the law he was allowed to work for you. But what does that mean?

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Why do we send salutations upon Ibraheem Alehissalaam along with our Prophet sallallahu sallam, How come when you begin your Salah, what does it mean that you raise your hands and then he prays to the right over the left somewhere on your torso? What does this posture mean? Why are you doing it?

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Why is it handled by another human being? Subhan Allah, Allah in frustration, how come?

00:21:22--> 00:21:25

All of these things have wisdoms he can understand them?

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we're not the only things that worship Allah subhanho wa Taala in this universe.

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Allah said to Serbia hola who are similar to several will outdo woman fee in the seven heavens and the earth and everything between them due to speak of Allah glorify Him. We're in min che illegible Serbia will be handy while again a lot of home that has to be her home and everything in creation glorifies the praise of Allah but you simply don't understand their glorification. Everything worships Allah and does Salah for him cool loon are the early Masada what is behind Allah said everything knows it's salah, and it's this be Allah said LM Tara and Allah Allah yes doula who monthly seminar wealthy women don't you see how everything in the heavens and the earth for

00:22:13--> 00:22:27

straights to Allah was Shem su on camera and so does the sun and the moon when numerology bad and so do the stars and the mountains were sheduled over the web and the trees and the moving creatures, what a few of them in a nurse and so do many people everything frustrates to Allah to Allah Jannatul

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Okay, so bearing that in mind, what makes your frustration different to their frustration? What makes your test to be different to their test we have the understanding.

00:22:40--> 00:23:07

So, praying sunnah, with attentiveness with that first layer is great. There's another layer which is to understand what you are doing and that will be part of our programming Shala we will take that bit by bit piece by piece and understand what we are saying understand what we are doing. And that will take your Salah to a higher dimension of who you are. But then there is a third and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth layer you shall notice all of these layers we are speaking about before the sun app

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Subhanallah there is so much to learn so much to digest so much to appreciate. All of these layers are still before we say Allahu Akbar, I'm beginning as Allah Subhan Allah. So let us continue our journey in the lighthouse next week. We will stop there was something lower than me, you know Mohammed Al Hamdulillah