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Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The transcript describes Moosa's journey towards Makeon, where she found a bounty of Allah as a means to ask for more. She was walking towards a place called Makeon, where she found a three and was using the bounty of Allah as a means to ask for more. The importance of rewarding women for their work and finding a strong partner is also discussed, along with the history of Islam and the holy month ofhair. The segment emphasizes the importance of patient behavior and staying on time in Islam, as well as the need to reflect on the importance of staying on time in order to make changes.
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I seen the perfection of all creation and every creature in the and I don't understand any woman who denies the ones who believe there is only one God

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in the kondalilla mother who want to start even who want to start film, when I will do Billahi min Sharon fusina woman sejati amarena Maja de la, da da

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da da da Allah, wa shadow

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Illa Illa Allah.

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Allah, wa shadow anessa Donna one aviana Mohammed Abdullah hora solo, brothers and sisters in Islam will come again to the best of stories from the Quran. The story of Moosa and his journey to a place called madeon. After Musashi Salaam entered into the town, when the people are not paying attention to him, they did not see him getting into the town, because they were busy doing something. And immediately he spotted someone from Benny Surat, he, from the children of Israel, fighting with an Egyptian. Say now Musa alayhis salam wanted to help the children of Israel, the person who was from the children of Israel, he pushed the Egyptian accidentally killed him.

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he repented. He asked Allah subhana wa Taala to forgive him. And he vowed that he will not be a supporter of an oppressor afterwards. Brothers and sisters in Islam The following day, he found the same person from the children of Israel, fighting with another Egyptian. He was shocked. He said, in nacala, will you move in everyday you're booting a fight every day you're ruling a fight. And as he's approaching the fight the person from the children of Israel the one who moves a hill yesterday said Oh, huzzah. Are you gonna kill me? Like you killed the Egyptian yesterday, your Allah He betrayed Mousavi Salah. He told the Egyptians that he's the one who killed the Egyptian yesterday.

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Immediately the people learned that Musashi Salah was the one who killed the Egyptian yesterday. They met and they decided that they are to arrest Musashi salon. But someone who believed in the message of Moosa in the Dallas in the palace came running was Roger luminox on Medina TSR Kalia Musa and a man came from far away after he learned what the Pharaoh and his people wanted to do again is Moosa he came advising Musashi Salah in Alma I

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have to look for hora in Nila kameena, NASA, hey, they already plotted to kill you. Leave down Go. Because I'm giving you a sincere advice for hollow German for if a Takada Musashi Salaam left Egypt in a state of anxiety. And then he made this call out of being a genie meenal como bollini Oh my lord spear me from the oppressors from the wrongdoers the Pharaoh and his gang.

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While I'm Elijah

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Medina color

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be a nice serving, he found himself walking in the desert towards a place called madeon. And he needs to ask because he did not know where he's going. He did not have food or drink with him. He had to leave,

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leave right away. Otherwise, if he was called, he would have been killed.

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And he made this law or Allah guide me to the right way. He arrived into Midian

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and he basically arrived into an area where there are a lot of shippers

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watering their flocks,

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while I'm da da da da da da da da dee

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da see a spoon. Wah wah Jimin Guney mo Marathi Nita Gouda. He found the shepherd watering the flux

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And he found two women to the site.

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Course look at the caliber of masala sullen, he's dead tired, he's been traveling, he had no food he's been walking.

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And in the desert, he's so thirsty. He's so hungry. But yet he saw something that is not right. Remember, anytime that Musashi Salaam sees something that is not right, he has to do something about it. Regardless and this is the caliber, this is the caliber that we want. This is what we want our mothers to prepare for the oma people like Musa de Sala people who do not see their own thing and then in the last column, I cannot see I do not hear them speak. People who join good and forbid evil, but enjoying good with good, forbidding evil without evil. The understanding of how to do this and that how to do both. That's what we need moosari salon so that those women are standing by the

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side, they are not watering their flocks and those grown men, they are not allowing them to water the flux. They are not having some sense of humanity of human to help these two women

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immediately approached them. Call Anna Haku Kuma he said What is wrong with you? Why are you standing like this?

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Look what they said or let us be hot.

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Well buena shaggy whom Gabby, they said listen, we do not water our flocks until those men leave the water.

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I say this to our sisters who go and mingle with men mix with men, men who are not supposed to be around them. Look at those two women, two women, they the one to mix with them and they are waiting until they are done and then they will go to the flux.

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immediately say no. And also they said what what are we gonna show you one caveat and the reason we are out in the first place because our father is an old man he cannot do this work and we're helping him out. So they should not be there. They are saying that we should not be out but we have to. We have to do this work in order to

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provide for the family because our father is an old man and we do want to go and mix with them and look at the caliber of masala Salah. Look at the caliber. This is what we need. This is what we need. Now mother's father's fessor Paloma

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Isla will

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be in neelima

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Li Min How are you buddy? He voted the flux. And then he's so tired. He found a three. He went and he laid down under the three. And he made this Doha well I love this guy so much. He said, Oh Allah in neelima and delta.

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What higher is he talking about here? There is goodness, oh Allah in spite of what I have of all these goodness that that you bestowed upon me. Imagine Moosa is a stranger, he does not have food has been eating leaves of trees in his way from Egypt, all the way too many. He's been walking, but yet he is using the the bounty of Allah as a means to ask for more in nilima and delta is grateful to Allah. He secured now he's not being harassed by the Egyptians. He's, he's seeing that the bounty of Allah on him in spite of the little that he has.

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He asked Allah subhanaw taala for more, Oh ALLAH and pool to move immediately as soon as he is done with his beautiful supplication. verger

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woman she is

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one of the girls, one of the girls of the righteous man, keep walking what shyly

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man would how much our women are in need for this, who can shine

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yellow on one side and the other is authentic, that she was covering her face, walking shy, she's not showing her body and covering her face. And she said to him in the Joe Kelly a Jay Z aka Jonah Sakai sacai talana. Our father wanted to invite you to reward you for the favor that you did to us earlier for watering our flux.

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Of course the two girls they went back to to the father's to the Father and they shared with him what Masada has landed. And immediately the father told one of the girls go one of his daughters to go and invite him in order

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reward him for what he has done for you.

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Of course masala Hassan walked to the righteous man a lot of people say it's shy but the jumbo No he's not shy because the time is too far apart. He was a righteous man from meridian

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una casa de Lucas also call of Nigel tamina leuco mill Wally me when musala sam arrived at the righteous man's house, and he narrated with him married to him, the his story that is from bunnies through email and the Pharaoh and he told him about his birth and told him all this stuff, that he accidentally killed an Egyptian and they tried to arrest him and then he fled. The man the righteous man right away, given Prophet Musa alayhis salam assurances that he is now spared from the oppressors from the Pharaoh, because the kingdom of the pharaoh does not reach a tomb again, they are not under the rule of the field. They are independent from the field and his kingdom. So let the

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half fear up. He assured him Nigel terminal coma volley mean, you are saved state from the oppressors. One of the daughters said to prove to her father,

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Paulette F. The

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other kids do in Romanies that Jonathan, Luca Will any one of the daughters of the righteous man told her father, oh, my father, hire him to work for us, instead of us girls, leaving the house and going and shepherding and flocking and all of that stuff. Huh? Can you hire Musashi Salaam to do this work for us? Because he is the best? Why? He's strong? How did they find out that people have knowledge that people have said that they saw him lifting the cover from the will? And they saw that he's a very strong, built individual? I mean, how did they find out that he's trustworthy? The best of recording of wording that he did not speak to the daughter, one word, imagine SubhanAllah. All

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the conversation between Moosa and the girls and the daughters of the righteous man, not Hakuna. What is wrong with you call it a lettuce, tomato.

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That's it. And then the girl came to invite in Abuja, he did not speak to her one word. He basically went with her to the house, and in one of the others, that he did not walk behind her. He walked in front of her, and he said, Just throw a rock if I need to turn right or left. Hmm. Because if you walk behind a woman, you end up seeing her body. Like these days they tell you ladies First Ladies first. Ladies first you want to look at the body. That was Elisa was trustworthy. He did not walk behind her. This is how she found out. Of course the father figured out that the daughter wanted to marry him. She liked him.

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And there is nothing wrong with you finding a righteous man who's strong and trustworthy and asking him to marry your daughter or your loved one face or elbow hi Elena. I'm at hafsa when have some of the Allahu anhu

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became a him her husband passed away? I believe the semi died. He went to off man went to work. Would you like to marry hafsa? Would you like to marry hafsa and say no because we know from the story that he learned that the Prophet sallahu wa Salaam is interested in marrying her and later on the Susannah asked her in marriage and say no no habla de la given hafsa to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in marriage have Salah viola, Juana Amin. So there is no harm for you. If you find the righteous and a good person, that you actually initiate the marriage. There is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with that. Immediately. The righteous man asked Musashi Salah,

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would you like to marry me? In the UI doin kiya haka, Natalia Tony Meola and Juanita Manya. Hey, JJ, I want you to marry one of my daughters. You see, Satan knows he's a smart man, say the busara salam. So the two it is right for Moosa to choose one of the two. But in return you have to work for me for eight years. That in Atlanta, ashlan feminine deck if you make them 10 this is from you.

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This is a given from you. Let's take a short break brothers and sisters in Islam and find out what Musa alayhis salam said to the righteous man regarding his offer of marriage to one of his daughters. Let's take a short break and come back again to the best of stories till then Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. There is only one God, the

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Lord about the earthen sky who knows all the answers to why there is only one God la isla.

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virtues of Ramadan.

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The month of Ramadan is the best month of the entire year according to Islam. It has many virtues that Muslims should benefit from, to not lose the chance of this blessed month and to join Dr. Haitham al Haddad in his program, virtues of Ramadan.

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Ramadan is a very unique opportunity for all of us. It is a very unique occasion for all Muslims all over the world. We are going to discuss certain issues related to family and how to observe the night prayer. We are also going to speak about Zika in sha Allah, we are going to speak about Southern

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virtues of Ramadan in Ramadan on Hooda TV.

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There is only one God, the

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Lord about the sky who knows all the answers to why there is only one God la isla.

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters in Islam. Welcome back to the best of stories. Before the break.

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We heard the offer of the righteous man to Musa alayhis salam to marry one of his two two daughters in return, that I worry because masala is Salam him from Egypt empty handed adultery is one of the mandatory things in Islam, where aqualisa subtle party hidden and give the woman their dowries. It's a mandatory thing in Islam. Yet say now Musa alayhis salam came empty handed from Egypt, he does not have anything. So the righteous man asked him in return as a dowry, that he would work for the righteous man and the family shepherding for eight years. And if he complete them 10 if they are 10 years, this is a given from Prophet Musa alayhis, salaam Subhan Allah, it is the will of Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah, for Prophet Musa alayhis salam to go through what a prophet goes through.

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Remember so far syedna musala Salah is a normal person, he is not a messenger, he is not a prophet yet. Allah subhanho wa Taala did not call upon him yet. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that Naveen Naveen illawarra alvernon, all the prophets and the messengers, they Shepherd it, they work as shepherds, why brothers and sisters in Islam, because prophets and messengers are people who are leaders of communities, and they need to be patient, they are normally in arms, they need to be patient, in basically leading the people. And that is why Allah subhana wa Taala ordains normally for them to end up to do this job, which is to shepherd because shepherding teaches you a lot of

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patience. If you Shepherd you get a lot of patients going, because normally the the flocks of of sheep and sheep in particular, they have a very sticky a very

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strong skin. Even if you beat them up, you'll get nowhere. So you have to be patient and and try directing them Come, come come come this way. You know you always do like this, and this how you deal with your own money. You will find this brother doing this and you'll find this, this person doing that you have to be patient and just have to keep the oma together. And this is the work of demands. You know, I really recommend for all the moms right now to go and Shepherd, this will help them in any rate, Prophet Musa alayhis salam

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said to the righteous man, that whatever term I'll spend, it will be okay at

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10 years. There is a beautiful other piece of Al Bukhari. a Jewish person came to Saudi Arabia, him alongside one of the lead assessors. And he asked, yes.

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How long did musataha salam spend in Midian? How long was it the eight or the 10 years? So a Wu Wei Rahim Allah said, I will not answer you until I come to Hebron oma, let me go to the scholar of the oma of the Muslims, which is Satan. Abdullah have not asked about the Allahumma sorry, the newbies asked as if not best are the Allahumma you have not that? How long did Musa alayhis salam spend serving the righteous man in Midian, but not that of the Allahu anhu man said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying that Musa alayhis salam spent the complete term for another school of law he was because a messenger of Allah, when he promises he fulfills his promise, even so

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satana musala Hassan did not make a full commitment to the thing years, but because he has mentioned that he has fulfilled the 10 years and he served the Egyptian. He served the righteous man in madeon, who basically spared him from the Egyptians

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10 years before he returns back to Egypt, brothers and sisters in Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in certain classes that as soon as Musa alayhis salam finished the term he started traveling back to Egypt. And in his way back to Egypt.

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It was very cold

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and rainy. And he saw a fire from a distance his family were called.

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And he said to his family who were traveling back with him to Egypt, hang in here or hang in there. I will go find some fire in order to warm you up to for us to warm up. Say now moosari Sara approached that fire and he was surprised. He was called by Allah subhana wa Taala in the area of the mountain for poor. And Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke to Moosa alayhis salam, one on one. What can lamola who moves at Lima, one of the special things that Prophet Musa alayhis salam was blessed with Allah subhanho wa Taala told him in Sorokin, aarav yahooza. In this trophy Toka Allen Massey varicella to be kalami or Moosa, I have chosen you above mankind with my speech.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala to musala his Salam yamasa in Knoxville Guadalajara, Atlanta, la in la cabeza de la casa de Soto, take off your shoes, because the place you're in is a sacred place. We're an authority to confess Tamia, Alina, Johan and I have chosen you in order to deliver my message in any Ana law. I am Allah La Ilaha Illa Ana, La Ilaha Illa Anna, there is no other deity worthy of worship and obedience but me would me worship Me and obey me what Aquino solitary victory. And the best way to praise me with to remember me me with is to pray is to establish the Salah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala told him about the hour. And then he told him that he has a mission that Allah

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Subhana Allah has prepared him for all these years. And the mission is, is to deliver the children of Israel from bondage. I want you to go back to Egypt. And I want you to speak to the pharaoh in order to let the children of Israel go in order to release the children of Israel from from slavery from bondage. Prophet Musa alayhis, Salam brothers and sisters were briefly it was revealed all these years for that mission. Again, I want to stress one fact. One fact. The fact is that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to deliver the children of Israel from bondage from slavery. Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed Moosa for 14 years

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To do the work of Allah,

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we as Muslims now, we need to reflect upon that story. And we need to realize that there are certain ways through which a change occurs in earth.

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We must see the means, and I stress again, my brothers and sisters in Islam, and I'm speaking to the mothers and the fathers. You have a Moosa in your home, prepared him. He could be the one who could help the Muslims come back to become the best oma brought for mankind. enjoining good, with good, forbidding evil, without evil, and calling people to Allah, calling people to La ilaha illa Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted us in theological classes, to understand that this is what it takes to make a change. Let's do it. Brothers and sisters in Islam. It is never linked. The story of Musa alayhis salam will continue till then Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh there is only one

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God, the

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Lord about the sun sky.

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