Making checks before giving Zakah – Ramadan Q and A

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So a lot of people they give zakat directly to individuals they know in other countries, maybe the countries where their parents were held from. Yeah. One sister is asking that.

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You know, I know this this person he or she is is poor, but I don't know exactly how por do I need to make some kind of ask them? Yeah, you need to investigate. Investigate. What does Paul mean? What's the definition? That means? Okay, local enough to accept that Yeah. Look at the poor people in your country. In UK, no. Country in that country. Okay. Someone from here donating in India, for example. For example, looking What does poverty what is poverty that yeah, the poor people that see that? Do you have access to people who don't find food at all? Yeah. Okay. Then poor means not having food.

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Yeah, so give them start with the most needy, so not someone who maybe has a job but he's, they're struggling? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And I found that it is very unfortunate that many people are taking the matter of Zeca you know, in a very lightweight, yeah. And many,

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many speakers may be sure you are scholars, they might just give easy fact was recordings occur. No, no, no, we have to be very careful when we talk about Zika