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The speakers discuss three types of people in the world: those who refuse to display their religion, those who do not, and those who refuse to do anything about their religion. They also mention a person named Mr. Teeraj who refused to leave his religion and went on to lead a group of people. The importance of praying for Allah's completion of the dream and fulfillment is emphasized, along with the use of a ceiling to protect one's ear and encourage others to pray for Allah's completion.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa

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sallahu wa salam ala should have his own view and mozillian while he was having his very

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well bad, last rounds, Allah said, when levena Amano eyeshadow, Allah,

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Allah said and the people who believe the believers love Allah subhanaw taala more than anything else. eyeshadow Belinda, Valentina Amano, eyeshadow vallila

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my brothers and elders, I want to remind myself and you that there are three kinds of people in the world.

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The first kind and May Allah

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protect us from that list are the kind of people who do not worry about the pleasure of display or displeasure of Allah subhanaw taala

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These are the people who deny Alex van de la commercial cannot commit all kinds of sins. And even if they are Muslim, they don't worry and take care of the photos of Allah subhanaw taala So, we will not talk about them.

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Then there is another set of people who tried to do their best

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not to display the line.

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So the time for select, they will come and pray and the time for our company will pass and the sample things like that and so on. So they complete their fire and inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will reward them in keeping with what they have done.

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But there is a third category, the third kind

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and that guy and

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he's not even concerned about

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the basic level in the sense and I'm saying not concerned. I don't mean they don't care about it. I mean, that that for them is a given

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that you should complete your fire for them is not even a question.

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They go beyond that.

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They will be on them.

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In the early part of Makkah.

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There was

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is a hobby, a young man called Mr. vinyasa

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and Abuja has

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caught hold on Mr. vinyasa

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and got hold of his father.

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And his mother, mother's name was Amaya.

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And his father was acid.

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got hold of the three of them,

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tied them up. And he forced them to recant and they said leave Islam.

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So under torture, Mr. vinyasa for the law, no theory can be

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left Islam.

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Later, he went Rasul of Allah Salaam. And he said, Dr. sola, this is what happened. And under this pressure, and under the pressure of torture, I had to say that I'm not a Muslim.

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Whereas my mother did not. And

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I had to say I was a Muslim, because I was afraid that I will kill me.

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And I told him that under such circumstances, if you have to say then this is permissible with Allah subhanaw taala. And you can

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you have not left Islam, and therefore this permission would have done it in a way of showing us what to do in such situations.

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Where there was a man,

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there was also the father of a man. Yes.

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Yeah, yeah, Kara Delano refused.

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When I was there, told him leave Islam. He said he refused. So Abigail, died, one horse each, to the four limbs of the asteraceae. One horse to his right hand, one horse to his left hand, one horse to his right leg, and one horse to his left leg. And he ripped him apart. Like

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then he went to the mother,

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the mother of

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Amara delana.

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So while you're on the run,

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and you get to the sunset jet was attempting to live his lap.

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And he refused.

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And I was scared to death.

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The first to Shahada of Islam as the parents of Mr. della Maria.

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So on the one hand, there is the position of Mr. della mirandola tabula rasa, they do not find any fault with him. But at the same time before Allah is also the father of a man is also the mother of a match. The level of the two are not the same.

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There are the other type of other life

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all of whom will build all their pies and more butter.

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Then there is one man when as soon as the buzzer when he turns around and says this is this is the sooner that we are trying to fulfill

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and he would ask, and one day he asked

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which of you have given charity today, meaning divorce or otherwise, and one man would react

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and he said, which of you has followed a janazah

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and he would object

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to several questions like this.

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And there was only one man in the whole gathering, who put up his hand for every one of these questions.

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And that man was able to get us a different dinner.

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So, that are all the time on one side, and there is our scissor on one side.

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The point I'm making for myself and my brothers is let us seek the pleasure of Allah.

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Let us not do minimalist thinking in our following of the where we only complete what is required to save us from the Hellfire

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under the law, even if somebody does that, it is not there is nothing wrong with that. But my point is, it is like saying that if I eat one chappati per day, if I get enough money to eat one roti a day, I will not die

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I will be able to live and if I if I have a one room somewhere

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to you know cover my head then that one room is the vision how many of us that that is white with one room? How many of us that is white with one Jeopardy per day or one roti per day.

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So in this dunya if you have to do

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you know sets of clothing? It is more than enough for the whole year. You were one us one?

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Why do you need that?

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If you have one pair of shoes or slippers, that is enough for several years, not one year.

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So why do we need more?

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So if we want to use this Milliman is Milliman is thinking

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they let us use it for ourselves in this dunya because no matter how much you have in we're going to do it.

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But what about the autonomous router? What was trying to get close to Allah Serrano's data? What about the hope of Allah Renata?

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For that why do we use this pyramid is thinking we pray only for another way.

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even sooner we don't want to pray. Now. I mean, who is

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that just what is that?

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There are unreliable isn't

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what would you want me to do?

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There are is a bonus. There is a bonus.

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The What about your own personal reading of the parent? What about reading more in the month of Ramadan especially because you're getting a special benefit for this? I remind myself when you that if we want to get close to Allah.

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Then think about the last round of data sets when the Xena armano are shut down.

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They don't just love Allah, they love Allah subhanaw taala more than anything else.

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And it is not the vision only to speak about the love of Allah subhanaw taala one needs to demonstrate that through one's actions.

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So give more pray more get closer to Allah subhanaw taala and there is no man which is better to do that than does not. I remind myself and you to take advantage of that. And to make the best of it in sha Allah. Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was heavy as main direct medica