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A student from a university in Africa called for a clarification on the source of the statement about "has been a woman" in Islam. The representative explains that the statement is not true and that the source of the statement is not the source of the discussion. The conversation ends with the student asking about the source of the statement and the representative providing information on the source of the statement.

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being women who are raising their children and being in the household. So then when it comes to the women's issues, the role of the woman is more important than role of a man. Because when I come and talk to non Muslims now they're like, yeah, he's just saying that I'm saying to our Muslim are happy and they like who they are, when they actually hear it from our Muslim women, and they stand up against these false accusations. This is actually much stronger. So it's your role as women in Islam is actually bigger than ours. And Allahu Allah. Okay, I have a question from the back please. Say hello Hola, como la hora de la barakato. My name is Mohammad nurudeen. I'm a student from Malaysia.

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In your lecture you mentioned about Shaheed My question is, how can we die as a Shaheed in this modern age of 21st century, just like on

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any day of Shaheed is there in the path of Allah subhanaw taala and obviously that one no source when it's mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah being Shaheed is choosing the act of jihad when you're fighting and war or Islam. However, there's other things that you could do that you could be a shahid for example, even and hopefully Allah will accept from us if we're giving Dawa and we are killed in that line that maybe he will accept this cheat. But in general, when you look at the source of the text of the when it talks about being Shaheed in the path of Allah subhanaw taala, it's on the battlefield, but what's important is that a Muslim always has the intention to stand up

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and to die for his religion at any time, under any circumstances, for so long. Okay, we'll take another question from the front here are Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is telethon. Sorry. I'm from Nagpur. I'm an unforgiving faculty. My question is that some of the Islamic practicing group says that it is confirmed that Islam will be victorious, it will enter every house. So it is not important to spread Islam to present Islam to non Muslims. Is it kind of what is your opinion? This is obviously incorrect, because how can it spread? If we do not show Islam to other people, it will enter but it's going to enter through our efforts and that's why I

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mentioned in the verse that if we do not implement a religion that Allah he will get rid of us and He will come with other people who implement the religion and then spread the religion of Islam, in the province of SLM when you look in his sunnah, when he went to Islam to spread in Medina, he didn't look at it like this. Like okay, it's going to spread throughout the world so we don't have to do anything. He sent me Sacramento mayor, to Medina to call the people of Medina to Islam, the first teacher the new Muslims, who had become Muslim to teach them Islam to teach them Quran and then to teach the non Muslims about Islam and to call them to Islam as well. And so Islam entered

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every house in Medina not everybody became but it is some one person or more and every household in Medina became Muslim after that, so it's through our efforts similar so that's not correct that it just gonna spread and we sit back and do nothing. Okay, we'll take one more citizen about consola salam ala JazakAllah Sheikh for explaining the path to victory I want to ask you that can you explain us the Islamic way of celebrating victory? I don't recall anything and how they will celebrate I know I know we do is we make tech there a lot but other than that Allah Allah many we do the sugar that's in the Sunnah. Anything that good happens to you. If you make any sudo sugar for

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that this will be the proper way to celebrate victory. Also making big beer thanking Allah subhanaw taala this would be a proper way all of this inshallah but other than that, Allah How am I don't know anything else will know on him. Thank you very much for coming. Take care. And we'll see you again soon. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.