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In Alhamdulillah

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in Alhamdulillah

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takahara de la Himanshu roarin fusina woman Dr. Marina de la Fernando de la la la vida de la wanna shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah hula hula Sri Kala wanna shadow nessa Donna wa Maulana Mohammad Abu hora sudo Amoeba protocol a la junta Baraka Watada image evil for corneal Hamid altavilla immunoassay Ponyo rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rahim. Allah who masala in Korea, Gannett Amina tomato MA in Yachty

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cola maka *a Farah to be anomala

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lovely basil jewelry will hopefully be McCann who is known. We're calling the BU Salam O Allah alayhi wa sallam men Fatah to masala nama booty Ron Lu Amato Oh c'mon color and in his Salatu was Sarah, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders, a lot of bullies that he has repeatedly emphasized in the Quran through various verses, his absolute authority and sovereignity to snatch the bounties and the privileges he has favored individuals and nations with it reads it remains the absolute control in the prerogative of Allah. However, coupled with that Allah has also mentioned that whenever he has stripped in individual of his previous privileges and advantages, he has done

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so with reason and was wisdom, that he can be an Allah Allah mia komova Iranian mutton and I'ma holla comin Hata Yoga yiruma B and forcing him when Allah has semi Ronnie never did a large change prosperity to adversity and health to sickness until that individual did not forsake or abandon a lot. On the last page of the 20th, juicing surah and Kabuto Allah explains it much more in detail for cooling off or the nappy, them being every individual we took him to task because of his crimes fermina humann aka that was coming home and our Santa Ana enhanced Reba, they were those will be destroyed with violent wills. One minuman after that, who saw her there were those who were seized

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by the awful cry of an angel woman the woman herself Now there were those that because the earth to split in some of them when we knew whom and there were those that we drowned them in the ocean. Allah then concludes this verse by saying before you arrive at the conclusion that this is such a cruel a lot warmer Ghana lovely of Lima one when I can can oh and fusa Miyagi moon in the above manners in which Allah destroy them. No injustice can be attributed to Allah. Rather it was them who were wrong themselves and earn the Azov of Allah through the actions in the sense they had perpetrated.

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If you look at the drawers that Nabi sallallahu Sallam had made often and common. One of the drawers that featured in his life daily was along in Santa Rosa became in zavod in aromatic water humble enough to take our law I asked the divine protection, that I must never be deprived of the privileges you have given me a lot. And let not your mercy and your blessings be averted and diverted from me what food are at a pneumatic and Allah let me never become a victim of your displeasure. A true believer is one who constantly fears whoever fears that at any time I can be deprived of the bounties and the privileges that Allah has afforded me with the grace of Allah last

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week, I had the opportunity to go to Indonesia, and in particular to Banda Archer, the prime area which was struck with the tsunami, and I thought briefly I share with you my humble experiences, so that it serves as an eye opener to myself and is one and as well to one in all that have gathered here. But before I narrate to you my brief experiences in my short stay, let us look into Quran and Hadith and objectively analyze without becoming judgmental on the Indonesians, or any other nation for that nature. Let us look at those reasons as a result of which nations are deprived of the privileges that Allah has given them. And likewise, those good actions that if carried out, then

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Allah tala will secure the privileges given and likewise Allah will multiply. McGee hryvnia Sharia law narrates himself used to saying push corpsman and Amara Lake be grateful to the one who has favored you for in the hula Baka le Neon is aka photo. Voila either Jakarta because the rest assure no bounty will ever remain with you if you ungrateful and no bounty will ever be snatched from you if you are grateful.

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What did McLaren nashoba the Atlanta say? For inaho la la nueva musica para

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As long as you are ungrateful, nothing will remain Allah will take everything I will tell you and then you can think we met with brothers, who were first one hand tsunami victims, who showed us where their homes existed, who showed us the dwellings and with tears in his eyes. He said, This is the house where I lived with my parents, there's very water and I can tell it to you and it was an emotional and he just broke down into tears.

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So, we will never become judgmental. We will never become judgmental. We make dua for the Muslims wherever they are. What I'm saying is what are our lessons What do we deduce? And we should also think that we are in a comfort zone. Remember, if nothing has happened to us, not because we don't deserve it but because of the sheer Mercy of Allah. Otherwise our actions justify more than anyone else. I can look into my heart You can look into your heart

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well up for in the hula baka lineham there is no no helmet will remain with with ungratefulness and no Namath will be snatch. When there is gratitude. One person came back into an era salami sauce and gave him a date. He dropped the date and he said tomorrow tune one lousy date What am I going to do with it? Let me on instagram picked up the date another person came back in let me add a salatu salam gave that very day to the second beggar. He took it with a spirit and with passion. And he said you know what this got sentimental value tomorrow 10 min rasulillah a date from Nabi sallallahu. wasallam levier is from Tarun masala you know you have that 40 denims give it to this

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beggar he is grateful. Give it to this beggar you know in English they say very beautifully said do not destroy what you have. By desire in what you don't. Do not destroy what you have by desire in what you don't. And remember what you have today was once upon a time amongst the thing is you ever hoped for the day Allah gives me a son the day you allow me to grandfather now nevermind a son. Today Allah gives me a car Allah give you and your wife today I own my house No you own one private in one at a resort also in one at some scenic view, the day and remember what you have was once upon a time what you what you desire. But there's 111 deal of ours goes back. And then you know we feel

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our whole castle of hopes are shattered something to admire these people they in Indonesia, how they've embraced life, we went right into the rural area. And we try to take some interviews of course language was difficult to communicate, but out of embrace life and they are living with reality in in the minimum provisions that they have.

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Allah tala speaks in the Quran about those actions through which we can secure the privileges he has given us. And likewise, Allah speaks of those who disobey the law and is the result of the ingratitude Allah snatch whatever law had favored them. Allah speaks about two brothers in Bani Israel, one who enjoyed the vast Kingdom in dominion. The other one was a simple poor person a pauper. So one day the poor brother went to visit his rich brother. So again, the wealthy brother with great arrogance with great arrogance, you know, when you stand around, and you look at these houses, and people have pitched up tents where their homes were, and children are standing in that

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very water, which claimed the lives of their parents were a little twine, why my child goes fishing as a hobby, your children at the age of eight in that very water, and with tears, they tell you their mother died here, the father died here, the house was destroyed here, and you look at them and you don't know what to say. And the child drops that twine, and we sit there, you know, when we came, there was a capsized ship right at the water. So I told the brothers let me just sit here for a little while. And I reflected and you look at the calm waters, and around it is just devastation, absolute devastation. And yet you see those machines that have been preserved and have survived the

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attack. So we need to realize that what we have is Allah's mercy Allah can see seize and snatch at any time. So this brother takes his brother into the garden with great arrogance. So what does the Muslim Brothers say? Well, Allah is Dakota Janata, Kakuta, Masha Allah La quwata illa Billah. Listen, my brother you could show me your garden without arrogance. I would still be impressed. Why are you being so arrogant? Why don't you think Allah that He gave it to you? Muhammad Ali Rahmatullah used to say, Man I'm Allahu Allah. machine. Whenever Allah favors an individual with any bounty, and he realizes that I enjoy what I enjoy because of the favor of Allah, Allah Khattab

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Allahu Allahu Shakira Pablo Escobar. Allah records that is gratitude on his part before he verbally exercises or expresses his gratitude to Allah that Allah has given me this year and that is why I enjoy it.

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So this is the drive that needs to be recited Masha Allahu La quwata illa the light comes in the Hadith. Whenever a person sees his house, his car, his children, anything that Allah has given him which he enjoys and brings joy to the heart. Then he should resign this door very soon.

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Withdraw by virtue of that Allah will protect that person that that house that guard against divine tragedies and calamities. So let us make this a common practice that we recite this inshallah. Furthermore, Allah speaks about the nation of sobre la causa can and you suffer in famous Kenny heemeyer. And some particular areas we went to in bondarchuk, which was really very wealthy places, because the certain houses that survived the attack are still double storey massive mentions. And that gives you a glimpse of the nature of the houses in the surrounding area that it will not small sheds or little huts. They were massive homes double stories. But again, like I say you admire one

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particular house, I can actually see it's vivid before me. The roof had fallen half the building had collapsed, the windows had shattered, but that families still will live in in the remains of that dilapidated house. There was absolutely nothing more they could do. There was there's no opportunities, there's no economic growth there. As it is they suffered an economical crisis child labor is common. Can you imagine what this has pushed them into?

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So Allah speaks about the nation of sobre la katakana. Lisa in famous Can you hear Maya Jenna Tanya Yemeni Mishima brothers look at what we enjoy and think about this year. Allah says indeed in the dwellings of Sabah, there was a garden on the right there was a garden on the left. But there were a boon for a wonderful city and a forgiving a law a wonderful city and forgiving Allah. Allah says I gave them everything for our although for our Santa Elena him singular him, but then they showed me their arrogance they pride their haughtiness and overnight I reduce everything to ruins Danica just a noun Bhima cafaro Allah says dusted we recompense them because of the ungratefulness while New

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Jersey lol Carrefour, and if we deprive anyone it's done grateful one. If we deprive anyone it's done grateful one was thought of on Long Island periactin cannith Amina Allah speaks about the people of Makkah, Amina, they will have been in peace most of my inner they feared nothing. They feared nothing. That brother who was our driver in in bondarchuk, he was actually a tsunami victim. He says I was there in the morning. We were outside it was a Sunday morning we went to the waters and I literally seen the waters and I seen the earthquake. Don't ask me how Allah saved me. I ran from there and I went into the masjid and I performed namaz but with my own naked eyes I seen people

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drowning in how buildings collapsed.

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Allah says they enjoyed all privileges. Yeah, it

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doesn't mean Colima can wealth effluence for comfort right to be an army law. They chose to be ungrateful to Allah as boundaries for adakah love when you ban selling jewelry well hope Allah says then return the poverty, prosperity into poverty, they comfort into fear. And likewise Allah says what happened to this nation? They were ungrateful. They were ungrateful to the normal delivery of Allah was amongst them. Alam para la la Vina del una Mehta la he cofra Hello comun doll bar. So we have to see how we become grateful to what Allah has given us. How do we become grateful the Quran says kulu mean play Bertie Mara sakana con

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la kumada be it from the wholesome provision that Allah has given you and don't transgress there in scholars explain what is meant by transgressing to eat the wholesome provision, and then to channel that ability in Allah's disobedience, to channel your resources in endless disobedience. So you come home, you have a good meal, you have a wonderful sleep, and after you are fresh and healthy, you go and come and see now you go to a casino and you gamble or you commit any other crime to channel the abilities that Allah has given you against a law against Allah. Allah says I will seize what I have given you.

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Let me tell you three an incident that comes in Muslim Sharif and then I will tell you my experiences. Now VSA law lives and speaks about this hadith it appears in Muslim study of second volume in the philosophy Bani Israel. very opportune to tie it up with our discussion. There were three people in Bani Israel perhaps we heard the incident, opera, wah, wah, but listen to this very closely. One was a leper who suffered leprosy. One was blind and one was bald. He had no hair for the lung epithelium, Allah decided to test them for Bertha illenium Melaka Allah sent an angel to the person suffering leprosy came to him in Abu LA, what do you love the most Loenen Hassan, Hassan

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that are like in give me a beautiful appearance with wonderful skin? What? Yes.

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Ronnie and NAS and Allah can kill me against this illness for which society has shunned me. The angel took his hand and gently passed it over this person gently passed it. Allah cured him instantly. Are you in Mali, Africa in a? What form of wealth do you love? He says, Well, I always loved camels, but I can only dream for it. I never owned it.

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For Thea, ask Nakata nasra he was given a pregnant camel he was given a pregnant camel Bunny, this angel who came into disguised form of a human and then told him barakallahu li ke ha, may Allah bless you in your house also And may Allah bless you in your wealth also set this and moved on came to the man that was bald, I asked him what do you love most Sharon Hudson, I love the hair. I always say this is the short sightedness of men. This is the short sightedness of men, that he assumes the next man has no problem because he doesn't have my problem. So we might think, well, if a man is bald, What's so wrong about it? I'm just giving an example. But each man in his own life knows. But

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literally brothers when I went there, you know, for a moment I was thinking I said, I hope my own children were with me. Yeah. And I suggest to you at times now we had the holiday vacation. Many of us took our children abroad at times it's leave the parents in the New York to Dubai in Malaysia, and let us take them to these areas also. But believe me, Allah forgive the heat itself is so intense, and that's the least concern for them. I mean, I know for myself the heat was unbearable. The humidity was extremely high. And I'm saying I wish my children were with me my own children to see how children are living in tents literally intense with no water, no sanitation, absolutely

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nothing. Parents without children, children without parents was just about the common sites was just about a common sight.

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So he comes to the person that is bald, what do you want? I want beautiful hair. He loves his hand a lot gives him beautiful talk of laser treatment and this treatment, Angel money. What well do you like Barker? I love cows. I love kettle

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rotten harmala he was given a pregnant cow barakallahu like Athena, may Allah bless you in your health and your well. He comes to the blind man. What are you most passionately desirous of a Rue de la la epicerie that if the almighty can ever restore my gaze, I will be the happiest man for myself. Haha gently rubs his end. Allah instantly restores his sight. When it comes in Muslims are you are you in Mali? Africa Lake, what do you love? I love sheep. He was given

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not shotgun walidah he was given a pregnant sheep. And then he was given huami Allah bless you in your health and your wealth. nebulae Sallam said the angel said this and he went away. FinTech Gianni, voila, hada sakana. Lee has the mineral eBill. While he has the mental Parker. Well, he has the mineral common one. In due time they have grew their wealth prospered. And then the first man had a value of camels. The second became a cattle farmer, the third had herds of sheep, Allah then send that Angel again to them. Allah send that Angel. And this is what came to me I could visualize that Angel looking at me and asking me, the voice was subtle, the implications were clear. But when

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I looked at the catastrophe that stays at the Muslim there, and I look at the comfort zone from which we come, I could visualize this angel telling me and talking to me, and hence I thought, I share it with you. The angel came to the first person and he said, put in Qatar to be a bar. You know what I'm desperate. And actually, my provisions are exhausted for la palabra de la Yo, I doubt I'm gonna make it home. As I look, I've been living out our colonial house and what the law says Hassan barrier on

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a safari, Allah has given you a health Allah has given you Well, I asked you from all these, get all these camels. If you can spare me just one, just one. I'm very desperate. I want to mount onto it and make my way home. So this man snaps the angel leaves knowing what's the outcome. He snaps the angel today that angel is in the form of the Indonesian children. It's in the form of the Iraqi children. It's in the form of the Palestinian widows, yet that angel is coming snapknot this angel my brother before law sees is what he has given you.

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He's not that Angel. I'll whoa Coco kathira you man I got so many commitments. He says I must get a new one my brother no no nothing comes for nothing comes free. So then the angel said Okay, wait, can I talk to you say talk quickly the Hadith is in Muslim can revoke if you don't mind. I think I know you. And I'm talkin our us if we can just rewind into history when you're not demand suffering leprosy, 40 year and a poor person, sub suffering poverty and penalty. opercula Wilma, Allah didn't give you health and well he says no. Now in nama brief Toma copyright and copywriting. I was born in the lap of comfort. I inherited a handsome legacy. Never did I see sickness in poverty. Your facts

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are muddled. The angels say Well, that's all I have to say. That's all I have to say in Kentucky zeba for Sayaka la Hui lahmacun. Allah this man is blatantly lying. Allah snatch both health and wealth from him.

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When the angel said it, he loved that man thinking but unless it was too late, he came to the second person spoke to him again, very similar.

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remarks I'm too occupied and to engage I got too many commitments. Yes Go and see what is happening there. Then you will realize how how we have made trivial things major issues in our life trivial petty petty things.

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Again, they Angel curses the second person comes to the third one, the blind man, you asked him, you know what, I'm desperate here. Can you spare me a sheep? Can you help me? He says, Listen, my brother and I had nothing. Nothing. I was blind. Allah had mercy on me and restored my gaze to me. hos Marsha, Marsha. Do me a favor, don't take one sheep take as many as you want to. It was from a lie belongs to Allah, that Angel pet him and he said, I'm sick. Moloch hold your money I needed not Allah sent me to test you and your companions, you will see how Allah will multiply your wealth and increase your health. And you will see how instantly Allah will seize whatever he is given your

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companions, brothers will lie could actually visualize that Angel talking to me when I see in the crisis. Let me run you through my thoughts quickly. I left from here and I was flying direct to Singapore from the area connecting flight to Madden. Unfortunately, we had a hiccup here at the airport the flight was delayed by the time I got to Singapore. The onward flight to Maidan had already left. I was rerouted to Jakarta. I didn't have much time because I was on my way to Australia. I was relieved rerouted to Jakarta. I spent few hours there. As a matter of fact, Jakarta was not affected by the tsunami. After spending few hours I got on to the next leg from Jakarta to

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Maidan. And this is where my interaction started with tsunami victims. When I boarded the flight, you know, strangers, foreigners in the country has becoming a common sight for Indonesian aid workers relief workers. So the brother next to me greeted me and we started speaking, I told him, my intentions, my whereabouts where I'm off to why I'm here to link up with him that foundation that we're working from South Africa in bondarchuk. So I just seen that it became moist. And I said y'all, I hope I haven't offended demand in any way. And then he took a deep sigh and asked him what's the metric was a two hour flight from Jakarta to Laden. So he says no, my daughter is married

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in Bandar j and I have four grandchildren and two have died in the tsunami. Now I'm not against Baron but there are many grandparents here and I know for my parents how much they love my children. And there are many grandparents here. You know what you experienced? What love what passion there is, it became difficult for me to sit next to them and for the next two hours. What do you talk what do you tell them and how do you consult? I got to Maidan? I made namaz hop back onto the flight. It's a one hour flight to Bondi Archer. This is the prime area one was Banda and one was nias. But the thing is the place where most of the Muslims are staying at this is where the greatest

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devastation took place. As soon as I got there, owing to the lack of time and my short stay. Immediately, we started moving about going into the areas where this devastation took place. As I mentioned, our driver was a tsunami victim himself. So he had a great passion in explaining to us communication was a major problem. But every time he spoke, he said tsunami either zillah de la rue de la. That's all he used to say. Every time you ask him what happened here ethos, Zilla t larvotto says aloha when the earth will be shaken, and it will throw forth his treasures. And people will say what is wrong with this earth? We've been working on it for decades, never has it done this way and

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not back? Oh Ha Ha today your Lord has inspired you to throw out. That's all he would say. And he would drive we move deeper and deeper till we came to the water itself. But as I said by a kept science ship like I told you, and at that moment, this is flashed through my mind. What is the strength of a law? What is the mindset of a lump? And this brother was telling us that after it happened when we came to the waters the waters was so calm, the waters was so calm and passive. As if the water was talking and saying Don't look at me, I did nothing. As if the water was these were his words the water said Don't look at me. The watering is claimed land that which was land has now

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become part of the ocean for kilometres. Brothers, we've seen a ship that has been thrown five kilometres from the ocean. tons. I can't tell you the weight of that. In fact, when you look at that ship, You'll never believe that it could be thrown from the shore. But it doesn't make logical sense for it to be anchored onto land. And beneath this year, I can't tell you how many mess graveyards we pass. On the right is a mess graveyard 1000s of bodies lives 1000s of what is lives on that side. One place they took us a mess of both resting on the roof of a double storey the house and the bed and whatever it is they just abandon it people have left and gone. People have pitched up little

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small tents at the places where their houses once upon a time existed sitting there in small little tents and carrying on with life facing reality as it comes.

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Massage would have been protected while on numerous massages many people perhaps had seen on the internet and photos, but we literally seen masajid that were that close to the water where houses kilometers from the water have been sucked in destroyed yet the musty just at the entrance

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Short, not very far, still standing in tech still standing in tech as it is, what slight, you know minor cracks and that we went into those massages. We tried to interview people as we carried on. I mean, I want to share this with you. And this was very, very emotional for me. It became the time of Margaret. I was rather tired and exhausted Oh into my long journey. But believe me my tiredness and my fatigue we had disappeared in seconds. When I seen this reality. We came there to this machine and I wish I wish I could take you in my thoughts. I can still picture that must need it was time of Madrid around the mosquito a lot of 10 speech so it makes it central for the people staying there.

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At least there's a bass they can perform the Salah, and they go back to those times. We came into the masjid, we performed McGriff namaaz like I told you the heat was really at its extreme. After Maghrib namaz dAlembert foundation had a base year where they had quite a bit of the food hampers here. So we decided that we will now formally distribute the food. After McRib namaz was over, you know, how can I share this with you it's like, it's like a family that has got together. It's a mistake. The men in front there's a curtain behind that and the sisters in front of the children, children without parents, parents without children, they all sit in their homes no longer exists.

00:26:11--> 00:26:45

They are tense around the masjid. They look at you they smile, you look at them, you want to cry, you can talk the language they can talk your language. After animals was over, they decided we will now distribute the hampers. I was given the task to give a talk, you know many times Alhamdulillah Allah has given me the opportunity to speak at many venues. But if I was really emotional, and I was tongue twisted, was when I had 1000s of orphans looking at me, and I must speak the translator you're not very adequate in English. So I had to keep myself very simple. And I look at these children and I'm crying and I'm trying to contain myself. And I have to say words. I started off by

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praising a lot. And then I said, Listen, children, I conveyed to you the salaams of the children of Africa. I conveyed to you the salons of the people of South Africa. And then all I said there isn't much I can tell you. I have to learn from you more than you have to learn from me. But I share with you one incident of bashira de la one who revised comes in Elisa Buffy Tommy's the Sahaba that this young boy came to Medina and his mother had passed away. His father joined NaVi Salatu was Salam in the battle. And when the result of autism returned, his father passed away. As was common amongst them they all would come on the outskirts to go and receive when bashira Yolanda came he says I

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looked for my father I couldn't see my father. I came to nearly Sarah my said era sola llamada fala abhi whenever you have a lava is my father and son turned his gaze. And then I realized my father was gone and I started crying, and then a bit of a laugh at me and he said our motto Dr. Bashir akuna rasulillah. about why he said Omar Bashir, are you not happy from today? Mohammed is your father in Asia is your mother. I said Mr. Shah, Wallah brothers go to Indonesia, there are 1000s of machines line, go to Iraq, there are hundreds of machines line who will stand up and father these machines who will stand up in mother these machines, mother, their menu would not be in gentlemen,

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follow them and you are with the profits in Gentlemen, I said this. And when I said this, I just seen tears coming out of those children's eyes. I seen those elderly people crying, I cut my my talk short, and they have to restart it. What an emotional, it will never leave my thoughts, indelible. I'm standing here, someone calling out the names. The child's name is called out the child comes forward. And then the system. I mean, we give out little sweets and our children jump in, they fight and you get frustrated. A child says very calmly, very patiently, the child is called up. The person calling out would say Listen here, this child has lost both father and mother. And you see that five

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year old child come. It was basically a box like this year. That was basic provisions of three weeks, which would cost 70 South African rains, the child comes the child smiles at you you smile at the child. The child is so small the child can carry the box. You know look for a guardian. The child is no mother, no father, no senior in that family. Not one not 10 not 100 1000s the child comes in for a moment I thought to myself many times I had the opportunity in Genesis to call a child forward and give him a certification and then give him a prize and he's happy. His father is watching his mother. He's listening. And I said y'all this child, no mother, no father, No brother,

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no sister, No uncle, no. Hon, you hold the child you pet the child you kiss the child and you give the child very commonly The child takes the box with the respective guardian and goes Allah Allah knows over 100 hampers we gave out like this Your brothers. I cannot tell you what an emotional side. There was one man sitting in the corner. I seize the opportunity. I went to speak to him. He said can I tell you he took photos of his brothers. He took photos of his sons and his daughters. He said this is my one son. We were six in the family. All of these are gone. My wife and my three children are gone. It's me and this one that remains how many like this Allah Allah knows. Let me

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briefly tell you the next morning. I didn't have much time. The next morning. Again we went we went to a particular Madras and this is what I want to share with you. We went to this mattress also tsunami victims. small small children lost their parents. I'm saying small 456 years old. What are they sitting there? They stood up when we came becoming happy as I spoke to the teacher

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In Arabic, these children, they recite the Quran. Our children have comforts they have luxuries. I echoed these very sentiments in Australia. I spoke to youth in many campuses at many colleges and many youth came back cried and said, well, ah, we need to appreciate what Allah has given us. Really brothers, it is way beyond comprehension to set them the extent of the devastation, but Subhanallah there is no begging amongst them. Not one child comes begging, you know discipline not one child came Ronnie that give me this yo give me this year. They just sit at you and they look at you and they smile. You don't know what to say how to talk. Over right up till Isha, we stayed there. We

00:30:36--> 00:31:09

distributed this we set with people we set with children. It was a nice sight. And I thought of that incident of Satan or Omar, when that woman was tendered in the night. And then they gave food and he said, Now I want to see how she sits with joy. After giving them that food, not not that they go back to our house, not that they go back to a family they go back to a small 10s. While we have lot to learn, our children have lot to learn. We make dua to the Almighty Allah that He don't ever deprive us of the privileges he has given us. Allah give us the ability on my return from Australia. When I got back to Singapore I was performing namaz and Indonesian brother came to join me in the

00:31:09--> 00:31:44

Isha Salah had a chat with him. He was from Sumatra. His parents were living in bondarchuk he lost his parents in two children. He lost his parents and his brother and his sister in bondarchuk. Another one on one experience as I boarded the flight from panda Archie to Madden brothers sitting next to me. He asked me what you're doing. I said no, we just came to join hands with some relief workers. He said 140 of my own family members have passed away for this cause you have pride over your car Alaska some cars were destroyed never you never seen in my life and excellent destroying cars like that. What are we going to forget about this you see 1000s of cars, you drive on your

00:31:44--> 00:32:05

right there cars, cars on your left, nobody wants to look at it. It's time we hold on to value the numbers that Allah has given us. Let us dig deep into our pockets and channel our funds to those people that are needy and destitute. Allah Allah gives us the ability and once again make it easy for the Muslims in Indonesia and across the globe. Welcome down on Al Hamdulillah Hello belong to me.