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Alaa Elsayed
AI: Summary © The history of the Yemen region and the importance of practicing taqwa and not being afraid of the source of provision is discussed, along with the importance of learning from history and sharing experiences to build a better understanding of Islam. The speakers emphasize the need to trust oneself and not give up on one's plans, as well as the importance of being a good person and not just a victim. The history of Islam includes the rise of Islam in the Middle East and the rise of Islam in the United States, as well as struggles with the H seal movement in Syria and the use of black people as a means of protecting their religion. The speakers emphasize the need to hold onto one's religion and not be afraid of evil behavior.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, and welcome to the story of the best of creation, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So you're formally invited to a beautiful journey, journey back in time to find out what really happened to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And the lessons learned behind it. And the reason we learn to see the, what is the Quran all about? And the Tafseer and the verb in the zoo, the reason of Revelation, who was prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what can we learn? And how can we deal with people, especially out in the Western

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world? And how could we follow suit the role model, the best of all, the best of creation, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam? And how is it that we can build a bridge from the past, to have a pleasant future, and the best present and short law is the one we have. So let's make the best of it. That is go back in time and find out the history behind the Syrah of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and find out the origin. And let us go back to Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam, and find out what the history of the Arabs and the environment the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salam has come to change for the best the best of generations are Dullahan image nine, the Sahaba the companions of

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Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam a lover pleased with all of them the best of generation that is, in that essence inshallah we'll find out that the history repeats itself. And one of the most important lessons we learn in sha Allah, that we will have to take that wisdom behind everything we do. It is not just a matter of history, anybody can buy a book, and anybody can open it and read and find out what exactly happened. But we are going to take the Sierra brothers and sisters, to find out who we really are, look in the past and find out where we come from our origin and make sure that we follow suit and we will understand that our goal inshallah is to find out how Prophet

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Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam lived, so we can follow suit. And now the companions may Allah be pleased with all of them lived, so we can follow them in gentlemen sha Allah, Allah homestyle. With that I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who listen to speech and follow the best of me.

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Going back in history about the Arabs that we know that allows upon Allah to Allah give a command to Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam

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to take hago rajala Anna, and take her to that massive land, which is supposed to be where everybody else will be going to migrate.

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And that is story in itself is a beautiful story. But we're not going to stop in too many places because we want to come to the essence, but we'll give you a brief background inshallah, going through history to find out the environment that surrounded Prophet Mohammed Salim, and the origin. That is Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Karim, that the child of a generous man of a generous man of a generous man, this honorable lineage of prophets and messengers, the father of all the prophets and messengers, Ibrahim Allah is that is find out how Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, given the command to take Hagar, and go to a place where nobody else would have accepted. But the lesson learned from

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that a few T. One Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi Salam took Hagar to a place where no one was, and she asked him when he was turning around walking away from her. Are you leaving me here to narration one He did not say anything and walked away. And the other You only said one word, man. Yes. But what did that beautiful strong, faithful woman See? Did she say who you leave me to? What are you doing? Have you done and so on? Did she question that level law he just Allah America This allows of Han Allah to Allah give you the command to leave me here. When you said that word now I'm the strength of Eman showed with two colors. That's what I'm asking the sisters in sha Allah have faith in a low fee. if

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if if your husband gives you a command in the command of Allah soprano, GLF Yoda, do not hesitate to

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do like Hagar red, yellow and how Allah has to love needs to do. She said, even lay Yoga urina when she asked him that allows of Han Allah to Allah give you the command to leave me here. When you said yes, she says he will never lead us astray. And that is a strength of Eman, Aki it's priceless. When you have that in your heart will Allah He nothing will stand in front of you. And with that the story began

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this Mariela Ali Salaam when he was born,

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he was born in a place where no one was. And going back in history, you'll find out that the

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Arabs origin was actually in Yemen, and Kabira schools go home when they had their own water well taken out, and now they had to migrate. And when Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wanted to get the source of nourishment and the source of provision on the tip of the wing of a footer that profits smile a lot is when Hagar gave birth and she started to run between the Safa Mandala and that's the reason we do the same thing when you perform Hajj Genova May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant you if you have not performed hogenom Allah, may Allah accept from you if you have performed Hajj and Umrah insha Allah. And now when she's running, looking for a source of nourishment and provisions for her

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newborn child, you breathe out a Salam on the tip of his wing. Zamzam was born. Zamzam is the word Zamzam itself who came from Hagar says Zim, Zim, meaning that she wanted to Compass doesn't want to lose the water. And even though Prophet Mohammed Salim says will law he if it letting if she let it go, it would have been a river running so apparently Allah, but it wasn't meant to be but the true miracle of this world that is still running up till now, quenching the thirst of millions of Muslims around the world, and no one's still up till now does not know the source. Allah subhana wa Jalla. Allah knows best. But it's another miracle by the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Coming back

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to the history of Yemen, and that tribe of Judah home when they left Yemen, looking for more provisions after the water sources now taken out of Yemen, as they were traveling in the desert. They saw birds hovering, and they were very smart travelers, they knew that the when the birds hover, they knew there was a source of water. So they came toward it. And who did they see the saw a woman alone with a newborn. But look at the beauty of the Arabs at the time of the generosity and the moral conduct. They could have easily killed her. They didn't have to ask for her permission. But the ask for her permission, can we live amongst this water will and the laws of Han Allah to

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Allah give her a source of provisions. Why? Because she passed the test. She had taqwa and the proof is in the Quran of tea allowance of hanging out with Allah Jalla Viola says when a year 13 year gyla who Maharajah loyalzoo in Haifa said those who practice piety, consciousness, love and fear of Allah, Allah will provide for them from a source that they did not expect and find a way out from difficulties of hardship. So if you're going through difficulties and hardship of e and T, all you have to do is practice taqwa. I know Allah, it's easier said than done. But it allows upon Allah to Allah grant you that blessing of taqwa. Be thankful to Allah and hold on to it with your hand and

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disappear. But how you will know you have Taqwa is only one time you will find out whether you have to coordinate when you're all alone in Sharla. When all the doors are closed, and only a loss of Hannah Angela Viola is the only one that sees you. You will know whether you have Taqwa or not. It's not our topic, but just a quick reminder.

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So the scholar says fellas,

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don't make a loan Subhan Allah to Allah is the least of your worries of those who can see you. glorify allows upon Allah to Allah, Allah will provide for you. So look at the beauty of the story, allows of Han Allah to Allah and then just give her a company that will keep her safe. But also the give her sustenance is like rent or fees for using the water. So Pamela, the honor so how are we doing? Are we honoring our words? Are we taking things that don't belong to us? Or should we do the right thing as Muslims living Islam to fully and you will see it shall in this era how prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the best of moral conduct as a testimony of a loss of

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Hannah jela Viola in Quran nuclear in this Quran was recited from the seventh heaven though judgment de war in Nicaragua Hola, Avi. And indeed you are that best of all conduct for us as a role model with loan was done.

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Again, when we know that this Marina a Salaam was not among the Arabs, he was called that Arabic

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Meaning that he learned Arabic from that Nabila Judah home, the tribe of Judah home that came from Yemen, and he grew up with them. And he married from them and as such, hence the Arab peninsula at that time it came from Yemen originally, but they descended Okay, the pork sure that was this man a slob would probably prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, when Ibrahim alayhis salam came back

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and we know the story about what happened

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But it was time for him to build the Kava. There is different divisions, we're not going to go into too much into different integrations between the two. And what are the stories behind it? One narration said it was Adam alayhis salaam that built the Kaaba, and it was rebuilt by Ibrahim alayhis salaam Allahu Allah from the son of Adam sheath. And Ibrahim now was actually asked to rebuild it on that foundation of sheath, the son of Adam alayhis salaam, Allahu Allah. Now is my Elijah is Salaam comes in to do what? To help his father to do what to build this beautiful copper.

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And it came to that xillia this corner of the Blackstone

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and Ibrahim Ali Salaam looked for his money and he didn't find him. And all of a sudden this beautiful stone was there. And he was given by him. And it was narrated that it came from heaven, Allahu Allah, and it was supposed to be white. In one narration said it was blackened by the sins of the mankind. Now Allah subhanaw taala purifies from the sins and shows that what is right and follow it and show us that what is wrong and stay away from it means

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when Ibrahim alayhis salam put the edge of this black stone in its place, olanzapine Allah to Allah give you a command give him a command to do what was given and give a call to people why to come to perform Hajj. Look at the beauty of this lesson. Allah Subhan Allah to Allah gives a command to Ibrahim alayhis salam to only declare called people to come to perform Hajj.

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And Ibrahim Alayhi Salam says, Oh Allah, I'm only one man and the world out there, how can I relay the message onto them? So Allah subhana wa tada says, Yeah, he in la calidad y la la la la, oh, Ebrahim. All you have to do is take the effort, the ASVAB take the causes, you just call and we will relay the message, we learn a few things at the end of it, we cannot sit back and do nothing. And say we are metallic blue and we are now one those who put our trust in Allah, there is a fee, no fee, there is a major difference between telecoil and terracotta. You put your trust in Allah Subhana Allah after to heaven as well as you learned, after you put your efforts, you do your

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planning, you do your best to seek or ask for the sustenance of provisions. And then you put your trust in Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, but you can sit back and do nothing and say no matter what can I put my trust in Allah. And this is the one at the farm hopper. This is the wrong ideology and the wrong understanding about this whole method in sha Allah, this call to Lockwood I'm sitting back and do nothing blah blah blah. He the scholar says, you put your plan and your effort, even money in Allah instead of Allah subhanho wa Taala asked her to shake the trunk of the palm tree that you will get the dates so we can learn from that to allow homes that the true miracle of it is that Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah give a command to Ibrahim he did not question he did it you obeyed but look when the people came back 1000s of years later people come back and see let bakerella home with a beak Suppan Elia he 1000s of years later a call is given and people come back and see the beak I hear I am Ola and sing You call that call. So what do we learn from that f of t we learn patience my brothers and sisters from the drama The supplications and the prayers that you do. You asked and asked and asked and Hadeeth is the same. I asked an ask and didn't get anything but we said john, we were in rush we want things green for your coin B and it is lovely to have that as birth take your

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effort and plan and upload matana takamasa Java our Prophet Mohammed Salim said that they have a lawful source of foods you will be answered your prayers and chocolate. But now look at Ibrahim alayhis salaam, that beautiful miracle People come from all over the world. Say the same batter, the bacon love and Mullah bake, whether they speak Arabic or not under the same banner at the end of it. We all have one Lord 111 Prophet, one goal, one sustenance and from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah we submit that Riot, the banner of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah they actually have an image on it we live and die in we did we made a loss of Hannah Angela Viola. Let us unite in sha Allah under

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that one rather at the end of the and be in that inshallah so we can be resurrected under that show.

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And now when the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam went to do it, and people are the Arabs at that time they were actually wanting to do it. They actually among the monotheist the followed Dean Ebrahim at a salon

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All that time, so can Allah. So it was time from some of the people that change you will see that story that leader job. I'm going to say youth community because

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he's the one that started to struggle with that tribe of Judah home for what for leadership, and that's when we lose it. The fear of the oma is one we'll have the reader, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, In the Alma Mater wahida, we're looking for another verse we're looking for takuan this oma is one an arm you Lord, so worship Me, another verse, this oma is one we are reiterating that fact that we are one we're lucky. This almost one has no boundaries, the boundaries were done by our enemies, but the loss of Han Allah to Allah says, this is one and I am your Lord. So worship Me and other verses I am your Lord. So have Taqwa, as if allows upon Allah to Allah is connecting the unity of

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this oma with the act of worship and the act of taqwa, piety and conscience of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala make us the two sleeves and stew worshipers to olanzapine Angela viola, and give us the blessing of Tuckwell insha Allah behind me. So when I'm ready to eat, the master and the leader of Hosea of the tribe of Hosea started to struggle with that tribe of Judah home, hence to run Mecca. And of course, the hedge and adara, the administrator of the pilgrimage and cabin itself, at that time, who's in a Georgia home, drove home lost the battle with Hosea.

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So what they did, Jen home said, if you are going to take it now what happens we are going to run, we are going to cover this the zones in the world of Zamzam because if we're not gonna have it, we're not gonna let anybody else have it. And from that time, Zamzam was actually buried beneath it. And tell Abdulmutallab, so Pamela Halford Aha, he started to dig for zum zum. Again, he did see

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a dream, a vision.

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But Hosea control MCE for 300 to 500 years difference of narrations and Amrit Nieto. He was a very generous man used to feed the people quench their thirst. He used to look after the hygiene, everyone that comes to visit the Kaaba. He used to look after them. So Canada, Europe, so no one refused his command. He was among the honorable society. And because he was such an honorable man and a generous man, he was the leader of their community, and everybody respected him and followed his order. I'm going to negotiate. He traveled to a sham, a sham, what is known now to be all these countries that we're not going to go into that Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and so on. And he

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went to find out cadila COVID Amelie,

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meaning the giant ones. They used to worship Islam, the prostrated and worshiped idols, statues. And now they said that these people feed us these people quench their thirst. So I'm going to do a, he bought one. What did he get? He got hubel. And he commanded people when he came back from a sham coming back to Mecca, he says, This is now your Lord worship it, as he was known to be the leader. No one questioned him and every bottle followed. So Pamela, we cannot be just followers Sdlt we cannot be followers to anything that goes against the Quran and Sunnah. Your husband or wife? We will take traditions, we will take the cultures with no problems will lie Islam admires that and

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takes it man Have you heard of Muslim sorry, what I heard you say? As long as it does not contradict a clear verse in the Quran, or Hadith that is authenticated, we see we are Muslims. We submit a world to God Almighty. We see now that allows them how to data give us an annual this beautiful for ad, do this and don't do that to me prosper. Luck readers knows best what's best for us. Could you imagine?

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If you buy a car, the man that invented this car, or the woman that invented this car, told you to put the gas here, the oil here and the water here? Could you imagine say no, I don't think she knows or he knows what he's talking about. I'm going to put the water here, the gas here and the oil here how far the car will run. Imagine my brothers, Allah Subhana Allah Allah created us, and he knows best what's good for us. Give us this manual and we say we will take some of it and negate some of it. Whatever according to our whims and desires. How could we call ourselves Muslims Muslim you submit yourself to God at the end of the day.

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iraq will teach us that Sharla to see what the prophet Mohammed Salim do to be the Messiah and take the lessons learned. So 100 No, I told him to do that and he submitted and what did he do? He changed that Elvia. He says singtel the abbot, he says eluxury Cunha Wallach some Look who am I am Alec. notary collect except there's one shitty click you own him and he doesn't own you. So Pamela, it makes no sense whatsoever. That's why prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, I see.

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You're joining me. Now.

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I see if I can see that man that changed the Dean of Ibrahim alayhis salam. Imagine taking the sin of everyone after that? Is he an OT?

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So be a key that opens that doors of righteousness and be a key that closes the gates of evil, not the other way around. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who listen speech and follow the

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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Don't be a follower. Well, what do you know and fusa can be steadfast and hold on

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in accent and ask

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if people are good, be good to them back. And if they were bad, agenda, boo is at home. Stay away from that. But we at least have to hold on be firm. Don't sit on anybody's lap, because the first one that will fall off is us. But you can understand now, if you join good and forbid evil, everyone that will follow your command. According to the command of Allah Prophet, Mohammed Salim, you will get the reward for that till Judgment Day. But could you imagine being like a villa, asking people to start committing shift, and we understand that it starts that way. We will finish with this and Sharla this episode, because it's that important. We understand that even things that start that's

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why the scholar says this innovation is among the worst is some quoting the scholars is the second worst acts of disobedience. The number one is should we know that because Allah subhanaw taala said that, in the left eye, you should look at the

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meaning of the interpretation. Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala forgives not the act of schicke to ascribe partners on to Allah. And he forgives everything else other than that to whomever he wishes. But you can understand my brothers that allows the panel data even says in the ship, coloboma, Navin, this act of ship is that grave oppression is that greed is oppression, you oppressed yourself, to stay away from heaven and to go to * fire that's the greatest oppression you can do against yourself, though motivating

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yourself and others so don't be that and that's why when we say Dean ality balancer it is the origin of this Dean is to follow that innovate. This path was already given to us. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah told us that he says, I acknowledge to the convener como

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de la cumbre Slava Dena, today I have completed my favorites upon you, I have completed the deed this religion is done what happened during that, and I have chosen Islam to be your religion. So for us to follow, even that he used to cry, the followers of the Sahaba rajalakshmi used to cry Why? Because they said how could we be like them? in gender, the deal has to it the sysmon sada Allah. So those who follow their footsteps will meet them in general inshallah. So I asked Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us among those who follow them to meet them in general and sha Allah. Allah Allah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam O Allah, Allah Most of us have been the second law Hayden was

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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