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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Baraka Nabina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira some ama but if you guys remember what we talked about from last time, which we already Hadith, cabling, medical, the ultra animada when he stayed behind for the battle of Tel book. So this is part two of the story. Last thing we talked about when he was talking about himself, because the summer was nice. The food was amazing. The fruits are ripening right now. So if you're tempted to stay behind and he said I'm, I'm strong and young, I can catch up with the Prophet server to La he was at Emory. So part two because when he says call a cab for Colorado Neruda at 11

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Angelica Silva, Allah rasool Allah He SallAllahu wasallam remains to be why it says nothing, you know, because there was no documentation of who's leaving records of who's going out and who's staying behind. And there are many people going out so will be easy just to go not to show up and no one would notice you. Unless Allah subhanaw taala sends a revelation to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the people who did not go. He says and the Prophet left when the situation was very ripe for us to stay there, stay behind. However, he kept saying, I'll go tomorrow. I'll prepare tomorrow. I'll leave tomorrow. He keeps saying that according to NFC, and according to Allah Delica

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either. I can do it when I'm when I'm ready. Firm yesterday at Mr. B had a customer Robin Nassif. I kept delaying and stalling and postponing it until you start getting ready and getting serious and now everybody's about to leave. First of all, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mahajan, one Muslim Ummah. The next morning, the professor said he was leaving with the people and he says quite what I'm after them and you had your share. And I didn't prepare anything yet. So that will be ready. Did not so McGraw delta for Rajat what I'm asked to share, so I left in the morning to go and get myself ready. But I got distracted with other things. And I came back home prepared nothing yet.

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Same thing.

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Fell Amazon there's a delicate another be hot Astro waterfall, rotala zoom. egos. And this became my situation everyday say Okay, I'll do today.

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Tomorrow, today, tomorrow, until they all left and they're gone. And then they even arrived. He says we heard the news that we're arriving. Like it's been days since then and weeks color for Hampton or Tehila Vodacom. So I decided, You know what, I should be going now before they start coming back. I should be going now, Carla for going to the courage to

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let me directly However, unfortunately, it says, I wish I did. But I didn't. And that was my father to go out. It didn't happen. So according to the courage to Vanessa cologix Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Zuni and Nila Ali sweat and illogical Musa Nalli if NIFA or Raja men amendment, other Allah Allah may not like that. He said, and I was so saddened by the fact when I go out in the streets, I see one of two people, someone known to be a hypocrite, or someone who has an excuse, because they're weak. They're all something like that. Like I had no excuse. And I'm going to be kind of one of the hypocrites probably right now. That's what are you thinking? Carla Wollombi at Kearney

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had Bellavita book. He was a prophet didn't even remember me until he wasn't a book. One day he said for Karlovo Jerison silicone Greta Wu when he was sitting interviewed the destination where were they supposed to be? That's about a month. A month later. The Prophet saw Sam was sitting with the Sahaba for Clara Salah Salem con

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Marfan acaba Malik. Because

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what happened to capital Malik? What is it?

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For God Allah drum and Benny selama somebody from Venezuela massamba tribes and blue selama Tada rasool Allah have a Soho Buddha will never have a fight. Or he stayed behind because Marshall he takes his fancy with his two coats. And you know and his in his lifestyle.

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He was now basically back biting him saying he thinks he's too good for us.

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That's what he's trying to say. He is too good to be with us here right now. For Carla Carla who had forgotten why the new job and why the ones never answered that man. Called a bit sama felt a bit similar.

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I was a what a horrible state when he just mentioned what an awful thing you just said about him. Then he answered Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Yara sort of Allah ma liminality la Hara. We know nothing about him, but good. He's a good man. But basically, we don't know why he's not here with us. We just don't know. But he's a good man. Karla Sakata Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And then the Messenger of Allah went quiet.

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It didn't say anything. For for Secretary rasool Allah subhanahu, wa ala Delica Raja movie movie Ilan. He has Zulu be his salaam, the prophet Salah Salem as he was waiting there, he started seeing some shadows or you could say, more like a mirage in the desert. People walk in coming, coming through. What happened is that as the large number of people traveling some of them, they, their cameras got tired. They themselves got tired. So slowly and gradually, they fell behind. Not that they were abandoning the caravan, they just unable to catch up. So they were taking their time and their chance to move forward. And sometimes in the desert, especially in the heat of the summer. You

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can't wait.

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You have to keep going. If someone falls behind, they're on their own. Because you're not gonna kill everybody else just to wait for somebody in that situation because that's now in the summer. So the Prophet says I'm here so somebody walked in through for Karla Salalah. Some couldn't either hate Emma, may he be a bouquet Emma. Like I hope this is

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for God also of ADA Hua Apocrypha matter Ansari and the Sahaba said, Yasser Allah, that's

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when he came closer. That's him. Have a great day accredited mother Ansari, fader who has a metal on Saliba Data Set Data beside thermal Hey analemma Jamuna to cool this is a vitamin Ansari. He was a man who, when, when he would give charity, he gave a PSA of tomorrow, which is basically four handfuls of date as a charity. And then when you're gone, which was ALLAH mentioned that instead of sort of the Toba about them, you will Mizumoto wherein they keep you know, taunting the those who give charity, like speaking ill about their chair by saying, Look, Allah doesn't need this from you. What did you give him? That's what you're given. Like they're discouraging people from giving, even

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if it was the amount of song and thermo, he was the one who was given that much. That's all he had. And Allah revealed the I had to defend them against the hypocrite, defending him for his charities, against his hypocrites. Later on, Karla cab, from Bella Annie Anna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Macatawa confident mentor book, how not only Bothy. He said later on, which is weeks later, when we got the news, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is now heading back to Medina. He says, I got concerned.

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Now I realized oh my god, what have I done to myself? Now he's thinking about his fault and his mistake got 100 and a birthday. So I start feeling anxious, I was getting now anxious thought of your current credit. So I start trying to fabricate the story. What am I going to say? What? What excuses Should I give the Prophet when he asked me what am I going to say? What am I going to say? Call our whole

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day my Uncle Jim and Socrates was the you know Allah Delica we call it the raw human and and it was telling myself how am I going to escape his wrath tomorrow when he arrives? What am I going to do? So I start asking my people, my family, what do I say what do I say? So just something from him. And then he says calophyllum killer in the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, God Allah Allah Kadima, Zaha and Neil Basu are off to en Neelam Anjuman Hussain Abba. He said, When I heard that the Prophet said Allah Salam is now near Medina, suddenly, all this was was of lying and fabricating a story and make up something. It was all gone.

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And I realized I wouldn't be saved on that day with him unless I tell the truth. So I said plasmatron was DACA who, so I made my young I made I made it that I'm going to be actually going to tell him the truth. So Robert, Allah was Sarah Marie clarifies ma to cervical who was Baja Rasulullah Kadima, and the next morning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam arrived, but cannot either cardamom and suffer. embeddable Majid Faraj Kathy Hirakata, in some Majora suddenness, and when the Prophet used to come from distance from travel, he would come to the masjid pray to Raka and he sits down to wait for the people if they had anything, any concerns and to check on the people who who

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left behind sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for God. Fela Marfan Jehovah California today Runa Allahu Allahu Allah. He said when he did, all those who stayed behind, starts coming to him and swearing by Allah and making this oath to Allah subhana wa Tada about that excuses. I swear, I didn't know I swear my mom was sick. I swear this I swear that all given lies, just to be given the excuse not to go out with the prophets that Allah Selim cab said what can be done with the medina Raju radula. They were about 80 plus 80 plus strong men. We didn't go out with the Prophet salaallah Salah and they were throwing excuse out their car

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A cobalamin home sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Nieto whereby our home was stuck for Allah home or work at home it Allah, Allah to Allah. He said the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he kept selling them. Sure, you're okay. May Allah forgive you. May Allah forgive you. May Allah forgive you. Basically he was going to accepting from them for what they've said. But he left the truth to Allah subhanho wa Taala about them and Allah later on expose them in the Quran.

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Allah expose these people in the Quran afterwards, but the Prophet SAW Selim he couldn't do anything but what say okay go

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clarify Allah masa limped when it was my turn. And I came and I said salaam to the Prophet salaallah Salam Tebas Sen bas civil modem. He smiled. And as if he was there was a tinge of anger in that. He smiled with that kind of like smirk on his face about him like,

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like welcome Salam. Rahmatullah

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is not like welcome Salah Muhammad Allah nano

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Salam Rahmatullah like, Oh, there you are. That's what it means. Basically. He wasn't happy with him. So then, Karla Vijay, to me, he

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called out the Makara tan, he says, Come over here. Oh, man.

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Imagine the Prophet Salah Salem singers you are of all the people saying Come Come over here.

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Well, I don't know what happened to your drummer. It happened to me with Scheffler Sammy Rahim Allah to Allah one time, we were in the Mejlis in the class, and it was a big actually got about 2000 plus people. It was the seat of earnings session. And there's and I was waving in the fourth third line, you could see right right in front of him, and shares Rahimullah he doesn't like to be to see students distracted in the session. So somehow somebody was passing a question from behind. So I just turn to my right to see if it's coming my way so I can bring it forward. The moment I did this, shifts are not on the table. It goes you

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I knew it was me. But at present, I pretended it was somebody else. So I start looking down and then the my business and the checkups, Get up, stand up. And I'm just presenting us now me man. He's saying he looked like this. And everybody's looking behind us. They're looking behind me as well to

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find out the shifters. The guy in front of me goes, go right or left. So the gun for me goes like this, because get up. He asked me a couple of questions Allah it was the toughest, toughest question of everyone he had to answer. And then I get my excuse. I was just he goes, Allah HC Allah they sit down.

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Man I melted will lie. I was sweating. That night. I was sweating. And it was November and was freezing out there. When I left the method after the after the class. I got sick for three days and three now.

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Imagine now the professor's I'm calling can come over here. And cat Carla Fajita. Um, she had urged us to be needy. So I came through. I sat right in front of him. I sat right in front of him. So the lesson for quarterly macro level. What happened to you? Why did you stay behind

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Subhanallah This is shows how much the Rasul Allah valued and cared for the ALLAH and he was really concerned for him like what's wrong with you? Why don't you come with us? And that remind me with after the session that told you I was shocked I mean, I for me, I I lost my focus my concentration I said, this is a dish the chef hates me right now. But then somehow the moment the class was over, some of these students came to me and everybody was like a cheerleader for you. Mashallah, you made it you made it we made for what? Because the shed wouldn't pick on you almost he cares about you. I'm not okay, but that wasn't cool.

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He goes he wouldn't pick on you unless he cares about you. And his cabinet the province hasn't picked on him because he cared about

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he said What's wrong with you? Why don't you show up with us? Masala *a I'm taking care of Delta Hara. Didn't you have your right already? You have your right right. Carla called Yasser Allah in new Allah He just they'll just Wallah he

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tell us to underrated dunya are at aneesoft German software to Hebrew order. He said look at us. Well, I know myself. If I would sit with anybody else. I'm clever enough to get myself out of it.

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I'm very eloquent. I can speak well carvaka Marathi to J Dilla. I've been given good you know tongue I can speak well. I can get myself out of it. For God while I can anyway Allahu La caja Iam to learn how to call Yo Ma Hadith Academy in third RB and they usually can Allah Who Are you skeptical?

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Because I knew if I would lie to you, Allah will expose me

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and I will earn the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala and yours as well as a result of that. Like oh,

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and they are lying to you. That's what he said the professor lesson. I'm not going to put myself in this situation, or the hola Juan Carlos had that took a hadith as it can touch the Allah Yaffe in the larger view of Allah azza wa jal said if I told you the truth, and it would hurt me that you will hold it against me.

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I still have hope and ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna, that he will forgive me for this.

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Like even though you you are going to hate me for that. I still hope that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will will take care of me for Karla Wallahi Mac and aluminum other Wallahi Macintosh two Aqua water ice or a mini Hinata left blank is it I swear by Allah? Nobody the excuse is it I've never possessed so good means and I never had such favorable conditions for me as I had when I stayed behind. I had no excuse at everything for call SallAllahu wasallam um Harada forgot Sadat. He turns to the people. And he says, As for this man, he told the truth.

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What does that mean exactly? He's telling what about the others?

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They're all liars.

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They're all liars. He was this man. He just told the truth. Like he's right. He's told the truth right now. For Carlos Salah Salem, for calm had Jakob de la who fake it says you know what? Go and live until Allah subhanho wa taala. Judges in your matter what happened to him next we'll go discussion in sha Allah Allah. On the next session, Beenleigh hazarded hope for you and Allah on next week in Charlottetown, wala Jota, Allah Spano, Colombo, 100 Asha Allah Allah and stuff Luca