Wisdoms in an Earthquake

Ammar Alshukry


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When devastating events like this earthquake happens. Some people may ask the question, what is the wisdom behind these events? When God is perfectly good and perfectly wise, there must be some wisdom. Well, there are a lot of wisdoms of them is that you that appreciate the stillness of the earth underneath your feet, it's a blessing that we take for granted every single day of our lives. And then when you see the earth shake, and the devastation that comes, you are reminded of the blessing that you experienced. Allah says when Eddie Giada Docomo, other than Luna, Allah is the one who made the earth subservient to you. Allah is the One who makes this Earth still. And so it's a

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blessing. Number two, you also get scared these major events, these major natural events are events that should cause us to remember Allah to return to the prayer to seek forgiveness for our sins. Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you have national taco, Robocop innocence Zilla society shake.

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Allah says all mankind, Fear your Lord, the shaking of the hour is an incredible event that remind you of the Day of Judgment. And we all know it as zealots in all disease. And so we shouldn't become materialists in the sense that these events, we only look at them as natural events. And we don't pause to remember the power of Allah as well. Number three, of course, is to take them as martyrs. The province the light is in them said that the person who are building collapses or dies due to the collapse of a structure over them that that person is a martyr. And we've asked Eliza to grant those individuals who passed away martyrdom, we also hope and ask Eliza that it'd be forgiveness for their

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sins. And of course, the fourth and we'll just end with this one is to test those who are alive, that we respond with assistance that we respond with support. May Allah Azza den, protect us all, have mercy on those who have passed away and bring closure and healing to those who survived