Peer Pressure Creates Beer Pressure

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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim, the number of youth out there addicted to drugs, porn and debauchery is simply scary and staggering. Honestly, speaking, a day does not pass in my life without me receiving an email or a call from a young man, desperate and frantic, seeking guidance and counsel. In my brief clip today, I want to share a generic response for all of the above. So I say to you, my young brother, the first thing you need to do is instantly detach from your circle of friends about their data. The Allahu Anhu said, your worst friend is the one who says to you, is that Ben? Not cool? When I shut up whenever we're popular and the mood. Let's go drink party Mary make and

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celebrate before death overpowers us. I often say peer pressure creates peer pressure, and beer pressure creates blood pressure. We all know the story of the person who killed the 99 people, and then he decided to change. So he went to a pious person seeking advice from him. And that pious person gave him two advices number one La Ilaha Arabic for him, to sue him in. Don't go back to the location of sin, you would relapse. Don't go back to the circle of friends you would collapse. rather find a place where people are noble and they are worshipping Allah, so you get positive energy from them. Brother we make some mention of a narration a person came to Mr. Ravi Allahu Anhu.

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And he said that even when toppling a yoke that Allah Yeah, I am repenting to Allah before I am apprehended. Amara the Allahu Anhu asked him, Who are you and what is your offense? He said, My name is Maya. My father's name is Habermann. I am the son in law of Musa Lama. And I was a former ally of Musa ulama, who we all know was the person who falsely laid claim to Prophet would so you asked the Ummah for some advice or meta advise me through which I can change myself and Amara, the Allahu Anhu said, is the hub for NZ Allah Allah, Al Medina, adopt the company of the noblest resident of Medina, for Nestle to Allah Tamim dari will the Allahu Anhu and he says I then adopted the company and the

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Sahaba of the legendary companion Tamim dari Radi Allahu Anhu and leave you with the words of Abdullah. He said your best friend is the one who says to you is have been Nuzum Cabela and no mood. Oh, my young friend while we hail unhealthy. Let's exploit the moment and observe optional fires before old age grips us and what better days to force Oh, my young brother than the days that align ahead